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  1. Why didn't Tywin Lannister remarry?

    Maybe it was a bit like in the show, that Robert thought it was fun to have:
  2. Why didn't Tywin Lannister remarry?

    Exactly, despite what Aerys said about it marriages with the main vassal houses are very common. And no risk for rejection there, they would have thrown their daughters at him. And if he wanted some distant relative, no problem Lannisport is overflowing with them. This is because he just isn't the ice hearted politic machine he's made out to be. But a vain, bitter man with many complex issues.
  3. Brindled men of Sothoryos..?

    Sothoryos, Ibben, Yi Ti, Asshai, the Jade Sea, the Summer Islands, the Basilisk Iles, the Shadow Lands and many more. There are simply too many exotic places for stuffing in any detailed information about them all.They are really just the background scenery of the story along with the non important (lowborn) Westerosi.