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  1. The Grand Small Council

    Braavosi, I don't hate Eddard, but like Ducks said I made my "worst" list by considering all the interactions. Ned and Cersei working together would be a recipe for disaster (and in essence the rest of the "worst council" is just one big mess). Plus it came to mind as a humorous addition just as much as having Ramsay as commander of the City Watch :laugh: .
  2. The Grand Small Council

    Here is my list: King: Stannis Baratheon -Hand of the King: Davos Seaworth -Lord Commander of the Kingsguard: Barristan Selmy -Master of Coin: Tyrion Lannister -Master of Laws: Brynden Tully -Master of Whisperers: Melisandre (but with a restraining order from the king's chambers), otherwise it would be Varys -Master of Ships: Paxter Redwyne -Grand Maester: Pylos Optional Additions: -Court Clown: Butterbumps -Master of Works(Projects Overseer): Willas Tyrell -Commander of the City Watch (Gold Cloaks): Addam Marbrand -Court Assassin: Arya Stark (if only) and now for the WORST Choices Queen: Cersei Lannister -Hand of the King: Eddard Stark -Lord Commander of the Kingsguard: Osmund Kettleblack -Master of Coin: Mace Tyrell -Master of Laws: Stannis Baratheon (no more brothels) -Master of Whisperers: Dolorous Edd -Master of Ships: Imry Florent -Grand Maester: Qyburn Optional Additions: -Court Clown: Patchface -Master of Works(Projects Overseer): Wyman Manderly -Commander of the City Watch (Gold Cloaks): Ramsay Bolton -Court Assassin: Jaime Lannister Edit: I meant Imry instead of Axel.
  3. Introductions

    Thank you Stubby and Lord_Tyrion, but I have already been spoiled about a certain "tear jerking" event that happens at the end of ADWD. Even with the spoilers it's still a wonderful read, and the shocking parts are still shocking when read.
  4. Introductions

    Hi, I'm Alex from Burbank California. I'm 22, and I became a fan of the series when I picked up the Blu Ray Game of Thrones Season 1 set. Suffice to say I was completely taken off guard when I saw "Baelor". I've currently been plowing through the books on audio book during my commutes to school. I'm currently on AFFC, and halfway through the Captain of the Guard POV chapter. I think my favorite characters so far have to be Stannis Baratheon and Petyr Baelish.