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  1. Yeah RE7 was actually my first in the series and now I am kind of working backwards, it was pretty good- feels like a first person, less obtuse and simpler version of the the first game (REmake specifically). The first half was really good though I will admit the second wasn't as strong. Luckily the game is classic Resident Evil length so it never feels like it drags. As for the controls of RE4, I'l admit it took me an hour to get use to them as I never really had experience with tank controls as someone who only started gaming last gen. But once I got used to them, I really liked them- they worked well for the game they were designed for and perfectly complemented the mechanics. Like everything in the game, the controls felt like they were part of one coherent vision in RE4.
  2. till kind of bummed they seemingly combined Euron and Victarion, I much preferred Warlock Pirate Euron from the books.
  3. Just finished Resident Evil 4 for the first time... What have I been missing all my life. This game deserves all the insane praise it has been receiving over the years, it is one of the best games of all time.
  4. ...Which remind me I need to finish this damn game, I stopped playing and I think I am the halfway point. Level design was amazing, though the story was not as strong as say Bioshock, which it clearly takes inspiration from.
  5. Wolfenstein: the New Order really is brilliant huh? Had been sitting on my steam library for a while until the trailer for the sequel prompted me to play it. Its like if Tarantino wrote and directed a videogame. The over the top B-movie violence combined with very human characters in an absurd situation featuring villains that have licence to be as cruel and evil as possible without justification, all of it really comes together well.
  6. Yeah I loved Mankind Divided, probably my favorite game of last year. As for the two more titles thing.. yeah about that... Basically the franchise has been put on hiatus due to the poor sales of Mankind Divided, Eidos Montreal is working on the next Tomb Raider. At this point, the franchise may just be dead forever, optimistically we won't see another Deus Ex game for at least 10 years which sucks seeing how much meaning this franchise has to the industry, fans and myself. I blame Square, they truly botched every aspect of the release and development from the engine to the marketing. Truly a disaster looking back on it, its surprising the game came out as good as it did. Obsidian was once approached to do Human Revolution believe it or not, and seeing as how they are very much fond of these type of games, they are really the only hope for the franchise if Eidos Montreal is steered in a different direction because I sure as hell don't expect Square to bring it back of their own volition.
  7. I saw a rumor that we get more Dorne (based on scouting locations) and Dany landing there is the only way I could see that region being relevant again.
  8. Can confirm as a Canadian. Harper only seems centrist compared to the Republicans, and if the conservative party was ever centrist it was in the Progressive Conservative days. Can't really be muzzling scientists and spout originalism while still calling yourself a "centrist".
  9. Eh, even if y'all don't agree with the man Preston Jacobs has to be the most interesting thing to happen to the fandom in a long while- at least opposed to the same boring theories we hear time and time again his outlandish theories bring something new and fresh even if they may seem implausible.
  10. Really interesting to see Republicans bend backwards for Russia, what happened to the part of Reagan? Was it not as near as 2012 when Romney said that they are America's greatest foe?
  11. Avellone wrote like two characters (which also happened to be the most interesting), The Grieving Mother and Durance. Which reminds me I still need to finish that game, but I agree with you that it just felt dull, which is a shame because I really appreciate all the work put into it. I think as I grow older long games need to do more to justify their length, I am tired of these super-long RPGs that feel some need to pad out their lengths to justify the cost or something. Like the best games I have played this past year have all been less than 10 hours: Portal, Portal 2, Resident Evil REmake, Metal Gear Rising: Reveangance. Its a shame because RPGs in general are my favorite genre, but this excessive need to make a game as "big!" as possible really detracts from the whole experience.
  12. Dunk and Egg would be perfect, the show has a perchance for buddy-cop dramas anyways, so having a whole story that combines a smaller scale with a more whimsical, idealistic portrayal of Westeros could prove both an enjoyable show and a nice change of pace for the franchise.
  13. I feel like Sansa will be us undoing, fitting for someone like Littlefinger who thinks he has everything under control that his most unhinged passions, those he cannot keep in check are what end up doing him in.
  14. I hope Trump can get Kanye for his inauguration... truly a match made in heaven.
  15. Truly an icon of many generations. Rest in Piece...