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    I agree, I am still very enjoying it.

    My opinion on certain characters has changed a bit though.

    In the show, I didn't really care for Catylen, but in the book I kinda hate her lol. The way her attitude is torwards Jon, I don't think they showed that in the show or at least I didn't notice it.
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    Age of characters.
    Ok, so I got hooked on the show and bought all of the books.

    I started reading the first one and I'm really enjoying it, I'm on page 160 I think.

    So anyway, when I'm reading the book I'm imagining the faces from the show, I got a little tired and skipped to the end of the book to se the apendix only to find that Robb and Jon are 14 years old? What the hell? Wasn't expecting that : D

    That will be the last time a look at the apendix, I'm sure other characters are way younger than their show counterparts, but I do not wish to know

    It was especially weird to me where Robb and Joffery were in some kind off practice duel, since I was picturing Robb from the show, I was thinking to myself, what teh hell? Robb would bash his brains out lol.

    I do have to say though, since I've seen the first and second season of the show and know somewhat what happens in the first two books, it's really hard to resist reading the third book, but I'm trying to read the first two as well so I can get all the little details the show skipped.

    Anyhow, do you guys prefer their age in the books or the TV series?
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