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  1. Heresy 178

      The Highlighted, Bolded, Italicized, and Underlined sentence above suggest that it is not even possible to break the will of a wolf like it is for other animals...   Perhaps this is why Varamyr's Cat & bear are mentioned to have had their wills broken, but Varamyr'ss wolves are left off the list of 'will-broken' animals...
  2. Heresy 178

      ...Take... You Take one, that's a marriage    You mean kinda like the way the Stark Children Took the direwolf pups out of their natural environment & forced them to live an unnatural life amongst castles & humans???
  3. Heresy 178

    Wolfmaid7 (from Previous Thread): 1.He said he was and that his mind was made up about it. That's a good way to get caught in one of GRRM's traps... 2.Cat believed his mind was made up about it. That's a good way to get caught in one of GRRM's traps... 3.Your assertion that he would name Cat though she "just released the Kingslayer" makes no sense Fair point, but he waited a while before making the decision & Cat was only person to meet Robb's Criteria... 4.There's no progresion of the plot with regards to WF if Cat was named. That is for GRRM to decide, not us... 6.I'm not saying that he did name Jon only that the clues hint toward Jon or Arya Hmmm, now that I have never considered... didn't he think Arya was dead though? 7. You have failed miserably to present any logic or clues as to why he named Cat except your "feeling" I fixed that, please read up-thread [Page 2], especially where I disprove TBC's thoughts... 8.I don't throw my hat behind emotion,i throw my hat behind something tangible of which you have none in this case.I'm sorry dude that's the way the cookie crumbles. Word, Straight up gangsters like the 2 of us, we keeps it real at all cost... 
  4. Heresy 178

    I agree with Wolfmaid7's comment from the previous thread where she suggest that the "Strange Sorceries" mentioned in the Night's King tales are in fact nothing more than advanced Warging/Skinchanging abilities...   In this case, both the skinchangee & the skinchanger were humans... I believe that the Night's King collected hundreds of human skins & I believe that Jon Snow will fulfill that roll this time around & he will amass a huge army, primarily of wildings, and bind them to his will... 
  5. Heresy 178

    I wish I could remember how to spell Catlynn, I hate using the word Cat for a person's name...
  6. Heresy 178

      Well, not having any books, I have no way to help find the quote that I was originally referring to... I listen to the books & to be quite honest, I cannot even tell you which book it might be in - though I know it is not in AGOTs...   --- I suggest that we forget about the quote regarding "strong women thrust into leadership positions" & just pretend as if it never existed... & perhaps it never did...   I think that the Theory of Cat being named Robb's Heir has enough merit to stand without this allusive quote...   --- With all of Robb's bannermen who were present having signed the document, there is simply no way in Hell that someone has not already come to get Jon & use him as a rallying tool if he were truly named heir... That is pretty sound reasoning in my opinion, though 'Feather Crystal' will likely want to reach that conclusion on her own.   Couple that reasoning with this Q/A with GRRM:     It just really looks more & more like Cat was named Heir...   NOTE: I will concede that GRRM can often be tricky in his Q/A & SSM Sessions; however, I do not get the feeling that he is hiding anything here or trying to be tricky in the least... I think he is genuinely advising the questioner that the events that he is asking about never took place...   Besides, Jon has enough twists & turns in store for him already... I think that this bit of intrigue has been reserved for Cat...
  7. Heresy 178

      How is Bran's experience that you have posted above any different from Varamyr's experience with Loptail?   You may not be a proponent of the Theory that Varamyr is not a Warg but a mere Skinchanger, but some of the people around here are (not that there is anything wrong with that). In short, I believe that the two experiences can be summarized like this: Bran gets angry... Summer starts growling... Varamyr is jealous... Loptail & his friends kill Varamyr's brother... It sounds to me like Varamyr's first Warging experience is almost identical to Bran's first Warging experience... Which, in my opinion, would make them both Wargs... To me, this is really not open for discussion since the very definition of a Warg is someone who skinchanges with dogs, wolves, or direwolves...   Just because Varamyr is not as nice as Bran does not mean that their powers are any different...
  8. Heresy 178

    No, you are not supposed to accept my interpretations just because I propose them... We enjoy reading your thoughts & interpretations too, you bring a lot to this board... What is total BS is when people like you do not read the post that they are replying to... Let me attach the 2nd to last paragraph for you:  
  9. Heresy 178

    In the unlikely event that it was Jon who was named Robb's Heir, then everyone In Stannis's Party, & Everyone in Winterfell would know about it by now - Furthermore, it surely would have spread to the wall by now too... That is just not something that people would be able to keep a secret - that the current Lord Commander of the Night's Watch is the King in the North... Bannermen Loyal to the Starks would have already paraded up to the wall to inform their new king of his accent... Yet they have not... Why? Because Jon was not named Heir, the person named heir is thought to be dead by the Stark Bannermen, so there has been no reason for the information to spread... The information is null & void... ---   We can agree that Robb felt certain on one point: That he must name an heir...    So Jon was NOT thinking long & hard: Should I name Jon or should I name no one at all... Logic dictates that there MUST be a 2nd Option... A 2nd Person who knows Winterfell & who knows the North... The only two people who could possibly fit this criteria (& not be exclude by being thought dead or being married to a Lannister) are Jon Snow & Cat...     I do not understand how Cat's inner monologue could possibly be relevant to Robb's decision on this matter... So unless we have seen Cat express these feelings to Robb, how can they weigh in on his decision making process???   Cat & Robb have shared an equal amount of time living in Winterfell amongst the Northmen... The only difference is that Cat was Fully Mature during this 15-16 year period, Robb was a child... Cat knows Winterfell & knows the North quite a bit better than Robb does himself...
  10. Heresy 178

    It was the female Mormont Character... It might have been in the Stannis Chapter from TWOW...
  11. Heresy 178

    Lyanna Mormont... I just learned how to spell Maege Mormont (I think), not ready to give it up just yet...   It looks like Cat herself was actually named heir. Robb said he thought long and hard about the decision and also that it needed to be someone who knew Winterfell and the North. If he thought long and hard about it, there must have been a choice other than Jon, and the only person meeting the criteria is Cat.    --- Question: Will Jon Snow ever find out that Robb made him a Stark? Answer: “Well, we don’t know that that actually happened, but you know, I hope to tie up most of the loose ends.”
  12. Heresy 178

    How does this separate Bran from Varamyr? We learn a lot about communications through warged/skinchanged animals from Varmyr's Prologue...    Example: Varmyr tried to cry out through Loptail (I think his name was), but dogs cannot speak the tongues of men... We know, however, that crows can speak the tongues of men - they have the vocal capacity, they just lack the vocabulary... An above-average skinchanger like Bloodraven is probably capable of making a raven say a given word or two of his choosing, but that appears to be his limits (if we assume that he even toys with Mormont's Crow). Bran, on the other hand, who will no doubt surpass Varamyr's skill level by orders of magnitude will likely be capable of full conversations through a crow...   --- Do we know that Varamyr broke the wills of his wolves? We certainly know that he broke the wills of his shadow cat & snow bear... We know that Varmyr boasted of being capable of taking the skin of any beast & bending them to his will... However, Varamyr also explains that his wolves were different, his wolves were his brothers. Did Varamyr break the will of Loptail? Varamyr's wolves seems to be very loyal to him, even when all the other animals, who's wills he did break turned...   ---  Do the crows have a secret crow organization that is led by the High Crow? Does this Organization have an agenda? Are they taking sides in the Game of Thrones?   Unlikely, Unlikely, and Unlikely...
  13. Heresy 178

    Lady Dianna (previous thread):   Maege Mormont was talkinh to Stannis when she talked about strong women being thruster into positions of leadership...   Her words (which are really GRRM's words) were definitely foreshadowing something... They could foreshadow that Robb's chosen heir was Cat, not Jon... They could foreshadow that the Greyjoy girl will become a famous porn star... Or they could foreshadow both... --- It always cracks me up how the majority of posters here or elsewhere routinely fail to realize the complexities of GRRM novels... Yes, on the surface, it would appear that Jon was named heir - that fact alone would be a good reason to assume that Jon was not named heir...   --- I don't know, maybe I'm just incredibly smart... I'm like really, really successful at everything in life that I apply myself to - though admittedly I only tend to apply myself to things that I am good at... I have donated a fair portion of the last 5 years to analyzing these books. Sadly, their is financial payoff like there is in Oil&Gas Speculating or in the Stock Market, but I have focused on these books nonetheless & I have done so for quite a long time... There is no way (yet) to judge one's successes or failures, but judging from the success in my other endeavors, I am probably getting pretty damned good at figuring this stuff out...   I don't want to convince you or anyone that Cat is heir, that Jon will end up in Hodor, or even that the Red Comet will return... I'm not here to educate you, or anyone else... All I want is for you guys/girls to take note so that I can say "I TOLD YOU SO" when The Winds of Winter comes out... It's just that simple... Now if in the meantime people like my ideas & want to expand upon them, disprove them, or whatever; well, they are free to do so...    NOTE: I am not as arrogant as the above message makes me sound... It is just a FACT that when I donate significant portions of my time to something, I get really good at it. I don't see why ASOIAF should be any different... You will note that as time has passed, my ideas have changed & evolved as I get better & better at interpreting & analyzing ASOIAF... I'm not still clinging to & championing the same old ideas that I started with 5 years ago like many prominent posters around here...
  14. Did Davos actually drown after the Battle of the Blackwater?

      Mel saved his ass, She deposited him on the spear & stole his finger bones...
  15. Small Questions v.10103

    The Sheep are the tell that lets the reader know that Craster's Sacrifices are not being received by the Others...   The 6th picture at the link below is an illustration depicting Gilly's observations of "Cold Gods" acquiring Craster's Sacrifices...   It is quite clear that these figures are not Others... At least not the Others that were introduced in the AGOTs Prologue...