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  1. Did Davos actually drown after the Battle of the Blackwater?

      Mel saved his ass, She deposited him on the spear & stole his finger bones...
  2. Small Questions v.10103

    The Sheep are the tell that lets the reader know that Craster's Sacrifices are not being received by the Others...   The 6th picture at the link below is an illustration depicting Gilly's observations of "Cold Gods" acquiring Craster's Sacrifices...   It is quite clear that these figures are not Others... At least not the Others that were introduced in the AGOTs Prologue...
  3. Who are the Spirits in the Tent during MMD's ritual?

    Oh, great post!!!
  4. Jon is going to the Heart of Winter, this is where he will find Benjin & we will learn about the Others...
  5. Great guesses, the only thing that I would change is the Bran POV... I think that we will see Bran through Jon's POV & possibly through Theon's POV (though not directly)... The people who keep insisting that there are only 2 books left are crazy!!!
  6. [TWOW SPOILERS] Theon I, part vi

    I think that Theon will be taken before the Heart Tree where Bran will talk to him through the tree. Bran will tell Theon how to find the secret passage that Bran described early in GoTs (the chapter where he fell). Reluctantly, Theon will lead a small band of Stannis' Forces into Winterfell to open the gates... I also believe that the Frozen-Lake Trap will come into play... I think that there will of course be some surprises as well: Manderly has something up his sleeves... Stannis has something up his sleeves... Mance has something up his sleeves... Roose (most of all) has something related to sorcery hidden up his sleeves...
  7. - Roose Bolton has some sort of trick up his sleeve, that I think is rooted in sorcery... - The Mountain Clans Followed Stannis, so perhaps other Northern Houses would submit to Stannis as their KIng? Perhaps under the same or similar terms that Manderly requested. Though there are so very many parties involved in the North now that it is difficult theorize future events, especially with Stannis faking his death... -