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  1. @Lord Varys I won't have time till May because of exams but alright. Anyway, do you think Grand Maester Aethelmure could be a Targaryen bastard?
  2. I agree with everything you said. In fact, this is why I love world-building so much and hope to one day publish an equivalent to TWOIAF for my own setting. Anyway, do you want to compile a list of notes based off this thread or should I? Also, it will forever be my opinion that Fire & Blood should be split into three parts: Volume 1 (Aegon I-Regency of Aegon III) Volume 2 (Post-Regency Aegon III-Daeron II) Volume 3 (Aerys I-Aerys II) This would allow GRRM to publish more material without having to worry about spoiling D & E. Moreover, it would tie in with the fact that "the dragon must have three heads".
  3. I saw that too. Hopefully all the work we've done here is of use to GRRM and co.
  4. @Ran According to these two links Fire & Blood: Volume 1 will be out in October of this year: Are these false flags?
  5. Nvm.
  6. @Lord Varys I disagree. Orys is the founder of a Great House and the BFF of Aegon the Conqueror. It makes no sense that the Maesters wouldn't write down where the hell his family name comes from. 57. One of the casualties of the Fishfeed in TPATQ is a Lord Swyft. Is this an error or was House Swyft demoted sometime after the Dance?
  7. 56. Where does the surname "Baratheon" come from? Is it Westerosi or Valyrian? Rn I have four ideas: I. It is the name of an extinct Valyrian (dragonlord?) family that Orys seized for his own usage. II. It is the surname of Orys's mother. III. Orys had a wife before Argella and since he didn't have a family name of his own he took her's instead. IV. Orys literally made it up.
  8. @Rhaenys_Targaryen @Ran confirmed that the Battle of the Burning Mill and the Capture of Stone Hedge are two separate engagements. Still waiting for confirmation on Rosby and Stokeworth. Source: Errata thread for F & B V1 in TWOIAF subsection
  9. Thanks for clarifying. If you don't mind I have another question to ask you @Ran. It says in the Aegon II section of TWOIAF that "Rosby, Stokeworth, and Duskendale fell before him" when describing the lead-up to the Battle of Rook's Rest. Does that mean Ser Criston won victories at Rosby and Stokeworth that were cut from TPATQ?
  10. 55. TWOIAF lists the Battle of the Burning Mill and the subsequent Capture of Stone Hedge as one event but TPATQ says they were two separate defeats. Which is it, @Ran?
  11. Plus it would mess up the lore.
  12. If there were they'd all have to be illegitimate or of the female line. Anyway, what I want the most from F & B V1 is for the plot holes in TSOTD, TPATQ, etc. to be fixed.
  13. TPATQ claims they were two separate defeats, which contradicts TWOIAF, hence why I said I wasn't sure of it.
  14. That would be interesting. Come to think of it, why was the succession if Aegon III died prematurely discussed by the regents when that exact same scenario had already occurred once before (Jaehaerys I being the last male Targaryen at the time of his ascension)?
  15. I direct you to this blog: