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  1. With all due respect I find PJ's theories to be utter shit.
  2. There's a league of difference between hair color and dragon-riding, particularly in a world like ASOIAF where genetics is oversimplified. Plus, there are no examples in the pre-Dance era of a Targaryen failing to bond with a dragon.
  3. Also, is Ser Owen of the Kingsguard a member of House Bushy or is House Bush a separate noble family? And what about Poore and Whistler?
  4. That doesn't make any sense. Anyway, another typo in TSOTD is Loadows instead of Lord Meadows in the section on the Battle of Stonebridge. @Lord Varys Apart from the Gerardys-Orwyle conundrum are there any plot holes or inconsistencies in TRP and TPATQ that can't be explained by a lack of access to the full text?
  5. Title says it all folks. I'll start off with TSOTD: 1. Missing details from TWOIAF and the Two Readings: Aegon I died with an orange peel in his mouth, the rumor that Visenya poisoned Aenys, the rumor that a mason who worked on the Red Keep murdered Maegor, the idea that Maegor was a broken man by the end of his reign and that he descended into madness because of the stillborn monsters his seed produced. 2. The use of slander is highly uneven and we are given no names for any of the sources. 3. What happened to Ronnel Arryn's Stark wife and did they have any children? 4. What was the relationship between Maegor and Aenys like in the years 37-39 AC while Maegor was Hand? Could GRRM insert a Dornish War in there? (My idea here is that Maegor attacks Dorne in revenge for the Vulture King after convincing dreamy Aenys of how great it would be if the sons of the Conqueror completed his life's work by bringing Dorne under the aegis of the Iron Throne only for Aenys to suddenly call it off either on a whim or because of a peace delegation from Deria in which he is reminded both that his mother died fighting the Dornish and that they had feasted as friends not too long ago.) 5. Why were Rhaena and Aegon besieged in Crakehall Castle? (Lord Varys's suggestion was to have the Poor Fellows launch a night attack on the royal progress, killing Prince Aegon's dragon and wounding/driving off Dreamfyre.) 6. What happened to Ser Raymont Baratheon? Also, did he save the entire royal family (as TWOIAF claims) or only Aenys (as TSOTD claims)? 7. Could GRRM please include Maegor's eulogy for his father and Alyssa's dirge for her husband? 8. Why isn't there any rumors about the effects of Maegor's head injury and coma a la Baelor I? 9. What happened to the Dornish Poor Fellows? (Lord Varys's idea was that they made up most of the Vulture King's rabble.) 10. What happened to the Warrior's Sons of Gulltown? (A few ideas here: They got taken out by pro-crown forces, they got taken out by Maegor when they attempted to launch an attack by sea on the capital, or they marched out the Bloody Gate to join their brethren in the Riverlands.) 11. Where is Maegor's army when he marches on Oldtown? 12. Is it just me or does Maegor outlaw the Faith Militant three times in TSOTD? Also, isn't Grand Maester Myres a bit of a rehash of Gawen? 13. Why didn't Prince Aegon and Prince Viserys have dragons when their older and younger siblings did? 14. How did Quicksilver get from Dragonstone to the Westerlands? (Lord Varys had two suggestions: That either a Velaryon Kingsguard or a bastard son of Aenys named Aemon mounted Quicksilver in an attempt to bring help to the two royals but died saving their lives, allowing Prince Aegon to claim his father's dragon for himself.) 15. Why is a random bastard from Barrowton fighting for Prince Aegon? Also, wouldn't it be nice if Maegor made a Bolton one of his Kingsguard? 16. Who were the two Kingsguard killed by the Fighting Fool at the Battle of the Great Fork? 17. How were Jaehaerys, Alysanne, and Alyssa able to hide for so long in Maegor's backyard at Storm's End when Tyanna found Rhaena's twin daughters halfway across the continent? (Lord Varys's idea was that they escaped on dragonback and hid on an island in the Narrow Sea for some time before contacting Lord Baratheon.) 18. How were Vermithor and Silverwing able to hide at Storm's End when Rhaena couldn't hide Dreamfyre in the Westerlands? 19. How in the hell did Lord Robar think Vermithor and Silverwing would be enough to challenge Balerion? Even with the addition of Dreamfyre a direct confrontation with Maegor would be incredibly risky and Alyssa was down to her last son, not to mention no plan as to how to counteract the Black Dread's OPness is mentioned in the text. (My suggestion would be to have Alyssa claim Vhagar. Given that she has Targaryen blood and Laenor/Laena had no trouble claiming dragons themselves that should be within the realm of possibility.) 20. How is Vermithor the oldest and biggest dragon after Vhagar, Balerion, and Meraxes given what we're told of Dreamfyre? 21. Why were the Faith's independent courts enough of a big deal for Jaehaerys I to deal with the issue when it never came up during the reigns of either Aenys or Maegor? 22. Given that in AFFC the Faith Militant is said to have included dragonslayers amongst its numbers shouldn't we see more assassination attempts on both Maegor and the dragons, particularly vulnerable hatchlings? 23. Who were the two Kingsguard that abandoned Maegor? 24. Lord Rowan is mentioned as marching in support of Maegor to the Battle Beneath the Gods Eye but then never shows up for it. Also, his heir is killed by the Faith Militant but he latter supports them against Maegor anyway? What the hell? 25. GRRM needs to make up his mind on whether or not Lord Baratheon is named Robar or Rogar. (Personally, I much prefer the former over the later.) 26. GRRM needs to fix the dates and Hightower family tree, including the fact that there is no year 0 AC. Anything else?
  6. AFFC-Cersei VI Lady Merryweather shared the queen's delight, though she had never heard of the Warrior's Sons or the Poor Fellows. "They date from before Aegon's Conquest," Cersei explained to her. "The Warrior's Sons were an order of knights who gave up their lands and gold and swore their swords to His High Holiness. The Poor Fellows . . . they were humbler, though far more numerous. Begging brothers of a sort, though they carried axes instead of bowls. They wandered the roads, escorting travelers from sept to sept and town to town. Their badge was the seven-pointed star, red on white, so the smallfolk named them Stars. The Warrior's Sons wore rainbow cloaks and inlaid silver armor over hair shirts, and bore star-shaped crystals in the pommels of their longswords. They were the Swords. Holy men, ascetics, fanatics, sorcerers, dragonslayers, demonhunters . . . there were many tales about them. But all agree that they were implacable in their hatred for all enemies of the Holy Faith."
  7. Glad you found that funny!
  8. Yeah. Ser Raymont Baratheon just disappears from the text after saving Aenys from those two murderous Poor Fellows, which reminds me: There is a discrepancy between TSOTD and TWOIAF re Ser Raymont Baratheon. In TWOIAF it says he saved the whole royal family. In TSOTD it says that he just saved Aenys. Which one is correct @Ran? Edit: Don't forget two of the Kingsguard were killed by the Fighting Fool at the Battle of the Great Fork.
  9. That or Gyldayn has a serious hard-on for the blood of the dragon.
  10. Re the Vale: I think it would work best if Maegor visited the place, there was a civil war there between pro-Maegor and pro-Faith lords, or the Warrior's Sons attempted an attack by ship on KL, resulting in an epic defeat at sea. Re the Dornish Poor Fellows: I second Lord Varys's idea. Re Balerion: Even if Dreamfyre or Vermithor were fast-growing the problem remains Maegor rides the f****** Black Dread and Alyssa by that point was down to her last son. It just doesn't make any sense that any of them would risk a direct confrontation with Maegor or that Lord Robar could convince the Stormlords that such a scheme had a decent chance of succeeding. Maegor not being broken and depressed the way he is described to be in TWOIAF only further compounds this issue. Now, if Alyssa claimed Vhagar after Visenya's death, then you might be on to something... Anyway, here are two more things I'd like to note: 1. Is it just me or does GRRM seem to have a predilection for keeping the Stormlands out of conflicts until the very last minute (Faith Militant Uprising + Dance of the Dragons)? 2. In AFFC it is said that the Faith Militant included "dragonslayers" amongst its ranks but that doesn't show up at all in TSOTD. Now, that tidbit could just be made-up but shouldn't we at least hear about a bunch of assassination attempts not just on Maegor but also the dragons?
  11. Agreed. @[email protected] Please bring these issues to GRRM's attention if it is within your ability to do so.
  12. Technically speaking you're right. However, my larger point still stands. Those details should be included in TSOTD.
  13. The text doesn't make it clear that is the plan, which is a problem.
  14. I agree. Where are the rumors on that?