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  1. I watched it. The characters were flat but the King of Monsters himself was a delight. Also finished Fate/Apocrypha and Devilman Crybaby (which I highly recommend). Rn I'm watching The Ancient Magus's Bride while waiting for the next season of Wakfu and March Comes In Like A Lion.
  2. GRRM said F & B Volume 1 will be out either late this year or early next year so I doubt it will be pushed back till 2020. Anyway, if Book of Swords is any indication F & B V1 is in dire need of some serious expansion or else it will run the significant risk of being a highly uneven history. Beyond that it has always been my opinion that GRRM should actually split F & B into 3 volumes instead of 2, with the second covering Daeron I-Daeron II. Not only is there enough material in those 52 years to fill out a whole book but that would also allow GRRM to release more material without having to worry about spoiling D & E since THK takes place in the last year of Daeron II's reign.
  4. You mean Viserys II. Viserys I didn't do jack shit. Also, if the extended Westerlands writeup GRRM posted a while back is any indication, little of the cut material deals with trade, law, diplomacy, etc. Personally, I'm more interested in the 5K words cut from the Dothraki and Yi Ti sections of TWOIAF.
  5. You're right we don't have the full text. My point was just that the numbers need to be explained. If Jason Lannister only took 10-20K men with him the Westerlands shouldn't be thinly-defended like TWOIAF claims for example. The other option (Jason took the full strength of the Westerlands with him) also doesn't make much sense unless the Westermen fought a ton of battles before the Fishfeed. Speaking of which, the casualties for the Battle Beneath the Gods Eye do not make sense at all. One of the best ways to maximize casualties on both sides of an engagement is for one faction to completely encircle the other. Thus, the royalists should have lost way more than just a hundred and the rebels way more than two thousand.
  6. 49. The royalist commander at the Battle of Stonebridge is written as Loadows instead of Lord Meadows. 50. In TPATQ it is written that Tumbleton "was reduced to ash and embers, never to be rebuilt" (emphasis mine). This contradicts the ADWD map and the A World of Ice and Fire app, both of which claim the town is the extant seat of House Footly. 51. When did the Alchemists' Guild settle in King's Landing?
  7. 48. The Velaryon family tree needs some clarification re Aethan/Daemon/etc.
  8. 47. What happened to Wat the Hewer after Maegor's third wedding?
  9. This thread is for compilation.
  10. 45. Was Aemma Arryn really married to Viserys I at the age of 11? (Because there is an unhealthy number of child-brides in Westeros already.) 46. Where is the Great Fork of the Blackwater located? The Riverlands or the Crownlands?
  11. 44. Why are the numbers for the Dance so low? To elaborate: According to @Ran Jeyne Arryn sent 10000 men to fight for Rhaenyra but we all know the Vale can field way more men than that. Furthermore, there are some problems with the numbers for the Fishfeed. In TPATQ it says that 2000 men died on each side for a total of 4000 and that this was the bloodiest land battle of the war but this doesn't add up with what TWOIAF says or the actual description of the engagement itself. TWOIAF says the Lannisters alone "died in the thousands". What's more, the idea that both the Honeywine and First Tumbleton had less than 4000 casualties does not sound all that likely. Finally, given that the Westermen were attacked from three sides and driven into the Gods Eye most, if not all of them, should have been killed so unless the Lannister host itself numbered two thousand it doesn't make sense that was the number of casualties on the Green side. As for the Dance in general, I have seen two theories attempt to explain this numerical discrepancy: 1. The long years of peace under Aegon I and Jaehaerys I-Viserys I led to a population boom. The reason this doesn't add up is that 1) we don't get any hints in that direction from the text nor does said text hint that there were population booms and busts in pre-Conquest Westeros the way there were in RL history and 2) immediately after the Dance we see Daeron I lose 50-60000 men during the Conquest/Occupation of Dorne and another 10000 die on the Redgrass Field alone, not to mention the fact that Torrhen Stark commanded 30000 men before Aegon I's reign even began. 2. After the Conquest and the Faith Militant Uprising the lords of Westeros divided their armies into smaller chunks to avoid a one dragon wipe-out a la the Field of Fire. The problem with this theory is that it isn't reflected in the text either. If the lords of Westeros really did divide their armies into smaller segments then we should see for example multiple hosts of Westermen simultaneously or Westermen hosts getting defeated and replaced by new levies.
  12. Without speculation/an explanation of some sort it just comes off as too sudden IMHO. Just compare Visenya's physical deterioration to that of Aenys.
  13. I put that in the errata thread for F & B V1.
  14. 42. The text needs to make that clear is what I mean. Visenya getting sick (or poisoned) late in 43 AC would make her physical deterioration much more plausible. 43. I agree. TSOTD really is a mess.