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    Could Stannis lose the battle of winterfell?
    I'm on my third read of ASOIAF and I was thinking a lot about how often the story tends to not go in the direction you think it will. I could spew out a bunch of examples, but I'll just cut to the chase. I think there's a chance that Stannis will lose the battle of Winterfell because Martin tends to adjust the narrative so often in these books.

    I've considered the impact of the Boltons having Mance Rayder captive and doesn't look good for Stannis. The whole realm will know Stannis for a liar and some could say he was plotting with the wildlings, right? Also, the Boltons may use Mance to rally the Wildlings in Moletown to their cause. Could you imagine a Wildling army with good steel south of the wall? I can't picture the Wildlings being too happy with The Watch, after they crammed all of them in those tunnels. Way too overcrowded for the Free-Folk.

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