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  2. Small Questions v. 10102

    What was the original title of "The Kingkiller Chronicle"?
  3. Arya Stark’s plan and the Twins theory

    Arya has less aversion to killing than most people in the damn book. She is learning from the best of the best at killing. Even a fraction of their knowledge coupled with her moral flexibility will be extremely dangerous. She is also a survivor. Of any and all environments, cities, towns, wilderness, castles. If she goes AWOL and can make it safely to ANYWHERE in Westeros, anyone she deems an enemy had better beware. She is determined. Slowly but surely she will get to them and see that they die. That COULD happen. But it ultimately depends on how much she grows. Will she learn when/why to kill in addition to HOW to kill? Will she use her skills for the good of the realm rather than for her personal vengeance?
  4. Is Sansa going to die?

    i hope so...