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  1. MerGreyjoy added a post in a topic War of the 3 Queens?   

    I don't understand how sansa can be relevant as to be considered "a queen". At the most, she can have a high lordship or whatever that is women get not as high as queen, but i thought it was dany, marge and cersei.

    oh praise the seven, i loved how cersei's story ended in this book!
  2. MerGreyjoy added a post in a topic Dorne and the Iron Islands   

    I found that the Dorne chapters were the most confusing ones. I mean, we hadn't heard from Dorne pretty much at all up to this, and we had to learn all new names, remember some tales, etc.

    However in the Iron Islands everyone is known, and the true important ones are the Greyjoy brothers and Asha. I loved the kingsmoot and how strong Asha is for a woman! She's my favorite character and for one, a strong intelligent woman that doesn't fall for sex or money or whatever. Her sailormen truly respect her and would go to battle with her!