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  1. firepoet added a post in a topic Who are the 3 heads of the dragon?   

    I think Tyrion is one of the riders, but not a Targ. Being a Targaryen is not a requirement. I also think either Euron or Victarion will be the other.
  2. firepoet added a post in a topic All Three Heads of The Dragon Revealed   

    Well fire is Dany, and Sea would be Euron/Victarion, so its not that crazy. The only problem is I don't think Jon will be a dragon rider, so I'm not sure who winter would be. I still lean towards Tyrion as the third dragon rider, who doesn't seem to represent any element.
  3. firepoet added a post in a topic Are you guys think that Stannis lose the battle of winterfell? (Spoiler)   

    I just wanted to add, that it seemed clear to me that Brienne didn't kill him. People are assuming she did, but I think it's a fake out. Which would make sense if Stannis is supposed to lead the fight against the Others, because back to the wall might be his only option.
  4. firepoet added a post in a topic Who will win the battle of Winterfell?   

    Just to clarify. He didn't say Stannis would burn Shireen in the books, he simply suggested it for the show as a cool idea.
  5. firepoet added a post in a topic House Dayne = Irrelevant?   

  6. firepoet added a post in a topic Jon's death- plot device to free him   

    It's probably where the story is going, but I think it's kind of a cheap loophole. The oath basically means you are in the NW until you no longer exist. If your heart stops beating, and then you are revived, that doesn't count. I feel like Jon is too honorable to use that loophole, unless he has a really good reason.

    Maybe as Ghost he'll see something in the lands of always winter, and it'll give him reason to try and get out of his vows.
  7. firepoet added a post in a topic The Blackfyre