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  1. A lot of people feel this way, but Pale Fire is a common fantasy trope to elude to magic. Jon sees Melisandre bathed in Pale Fire. She's a person bursting with magic. Cersei doesn't have magic powers. But she uses magic via wildfire and Qyburn. So her hands being pale fire make a lot of sense as imagery.
  2. I think there's definitely a problem of "theorizing fatigue." The books weren't supposed to take this long. The Starks, who you view as the good guys, think Lyanna was kidnapped. The plot twist is that she ran away for love. The problem is that the books are taking so long people are starting to over analyze things, coming up with more and more convoluted theories because the plot twist is so obvious at this point, we start to say "No, its too obvious. It must be something more complicated." But if the books had come out on schedule, it would have been fine.
  3. Dany was warned to not trust the "mummer's dragon" which we take to refer to Aegon. Now I agree it refers to Aegon, but I see a lot of people use it as evidence that Aegon is fake. A mummer is an actor, so they translate "mummer's Dragon" to mean someone pretending to be a Targ. But that isn't right is it? The dragon is Aegon yes, but the Mummer is Varys. He's a trained actor. So Mummer's Dragon translates to "Targaryen who is owned by an actor." It doesn't state one way or the other whether Aegon is real or not. Just something I see a lot, and thought it needed to be corrected.
  4. As far as I know, his only comment has been that a few different people will sit it before the story is over. But I do like the idea. If the story ends with an irrelevant nameless side character taking the throne, it would really drive home GRRM's point about how pointless the Game of Thrones is.
  5. Here's the end of the sample: “Valar morghulis,” Arya whispered, but Raff was dead and did not hear. She sniffed. I should have helped him down the steps before I killed him. Now I’ll need to drag him all the way to the canal and roll him in. The eels would do the rest. “Mercy, Mercy, Mercy,” she sang sadly. A foolish, giddy girl she’d been, but good hearted. She would miss her, and she would miss Daena and the Snapper and the rest, even Izembaro and Bobono. This would make trouble for the Sealord and the envoy with the chicken on his chest, she did not doubt. She would think about that later, though. Just now, there was no time. I had best run. Mercy still had some lines to say, her first lines and her last, and Izembaro would have her pretty little empty head if she were late for her own rape.
  6. Well he said its probably fire resistant, not that its a fact.