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  1. Who are the 3 heads of the dragon?

    I think Tyrion is one of the riders, but not a Targ. Being a Targaryen is not a requirement. I also think either Euron or Victarion will be the other.
  2. Who will win the battle of Winterfell?

    Well the show generally sticks to the major plot points. It's the details that are different.
  3. Yeah if it happens, it might be Mel and Sylese doing it on their own, and not even telling him. If after the dust settles from Jon's death, they end up in charge, who would stand up to them? They'd be free to do it if they thought it was the right call.
  4. I just wanted to add, that it seemed clear to me that Brienne didn't kill him. People are assuming she did, but I think it's a fake out. Which would make sense if Stannis is supposed to lead the fight against the Others, because back to the wall might be his only option.
  5. Who will win the battle of Winterfell?

    Just to clarify. He didn't say Stannis would burn Shireen in the books, he simply suggested it for the show as a cool idea.
  6. House Dayne = Irrelevant?

    Many people believe that the TOJ and Lyanna's bloody bed, were two different places. Ned's fever dream is not the best place for accurate information, and George has said as much.
  7. The Blackfyre

    Woah there. We don't know that. Firstly we don't know he is Rhaegar's son, we could be wrong. But you're also assuming Rhaegar and Lyanna got married, and so far we don't know that. If Aegon is a legit Targ, than he comes before Jon.
  8. I'm not sure I'd include cousin as kinslaying. As far as I know, the only kinslaying that has been mentioned in the books has been IMMEDIATE family, not just anyone you happen to be related to you.
  9. What's the point of Ulthos?

    This may have actually been part of his motivation. A lot of people have been expecting her to do that, and he may have wanted to make it more clear that it would be impossible.
  10. The Winds of Winter , return of Benjen Stark ?

    Which would be fine, but we really should have come across the corpse. It seems like it would take more effort to not show that he died, then to just have them come across the corpse.
  11. Yeah I think Jon is described as being the most "Stark" looking children of all of them with Arya being a close second.
  12. The Starks will Rise

    Well there's the whole Northern conspiracy theory, which has some evidence, and would allow Roose to be defeated without needing help from Stannis. Also there are at least two people who know about Robb's will that not only legitimized Jon but made him heir.
  13. 1. They may just need something to rally around and for now Jon Snow is the best they have. Especially if he's been legitimized by Robb and is now a Stark, oldest son of Lord Eddard. 2. Whether he is or isn't, these people don't know that, and Jon doesn't know that.