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  1. The point is: You can disperse them in the Gifts, they do not need to kneel and at the same time are isolated form the NOrthern lords. They already lived in a very cold place and they survived a long march through wintry landscape (even as it was remarked it was unusually free of game etc.) - even in winter Gifts will be considerably better place than Frostfangs. You do not need to rebuild village right away. But house walls and bases will provide you with a far better place to pitch your tent than random wilderness - and villages tend to be built where there is good ground and where you can survive winters. Take Queenscrown (well, the only example we have, really): Small village, but with a stone tower and by the lake -> you can go ice fishing, you have a stone building and you have presumably game in the forest. That should sustain you better than Haunted Forest untilfirst false spring comes. Settle a clan there - there you go. Rinse and repeat all over the Gift. To stop them making nuisance out of themselves, cosnscript bulk of military age males and raiders to the Wall, to keep them busy. They do not have to organize and maintain large community. They are rather similar to the mountain clans and they have a HUGE space to spread out in, where they do not have to build and maintain large communities.
  2. For comparison, Lapland has roughly the same surface as the Gift and currently hsts 180k inhabitants. Far less in old times to be sure, but the Gift and New Gift should be pretty usable to house all the Mance's people. Norway around year 1,000 AD housed some 450,000 inhabitants on a surface of roughly 4 Gifts or 2 Gift+New Gifts. Lack of infrastructure would hurt, on the other hand Queenscrown is hardly the only place there where remnants of the village are relatively visible - and after all Mance's host survived a long march in rather cold weather already, so the Wildlings have what it takes to get by.
  3. Four thousand in exstremis, not in regular settlement. Danger made them band up, once danger passes, they would split up. There was plenty conflicts between them even when held together by Mance with a single purpose (getting through the Wall).
  4. They DO NOT have a leadership. Mance is the only person holding the tribes together. Leaders like Tormund etc. command tribes, small groups (in their natural form).
  5. "near their lands" = a generally empty 100 miles wide and 700 miles long strip of land. Drop 100k people into there, spread out across abandonded villages... They just vanish.
  6. Can you crush them more than Stannis did? Ned was not in favor of genocide - and note that while Watch pleaded for help time and again, no Northern lord really took that seriously. Facing with a solution that would settle abandoned region and provide manpower to the Watch... I dobt Ned would keep saying "no". Especially as Gift is, theoretically, for the Watch to dispose of. If Lord Commander of the watch argues that this is the best way to protect the Realms of Men (and given the situation, I have strong suspicion that Mormont would do the same as Jon - and so would Benjen or even Halfhand), there is not much to say against it.
  7. For example in accounts of comabt operations you often find people puking without being nauseous before - often for very paradox reasons (I recall a narration by one I think US veteran who described how, after a day of seeing death in all unpleasantness and being under fire, without much issues he suddenly saw a pile of excrement in the open - and that just made it). That is why I mentioned stress and not sea sickness/vertigo.
  8. I did not wrote she vomited because she was betrayed. I wrote she vomited as a reaction to stress of the entire evening, Joffrey's poisoning, the flight, climbing the rock... Crowned by yet another betrayal and murder. "But he was my Florian" is just holding on to her fantasy of being rescued by gallant knight etc., not specifically to Dontos.
  9. He is killed just after asking for the 10,000 dragons he was promised. ie Florian turned mercenary delivery boy, subsequently killed. She learns the details afterwards, but I guess the moment he asked for payment and was getting ready to leave was pretty clear.
  10. Unfortunately the main part of her learning the game is that if she lies about something often enough, she will start believing it herself... Re. the Dontos, not sure how much it shows empathy. It rather shows reaction to another shock after night full of shocks. Her Florian turned out to be not Florian... and just then he gets shot. That just after being in a rather stressful and unpleasant evet and seeing her ex betrothed choking to death... Even if she wished him dead, it was quite a lot. So no, I do not think she retched because of empathy for Dontos, it was just because HER Florian turned out to be false and dead and she was in a weird situation, not knowing what is happening. And yes, everyone has stronger empathy to "me and mine" That is not a bad thing - but Sansa seems to be awfully quick to stop being distressed about even "mine". And yes, it is understandable, I just do not see that much development TO THE GOOD in Sansa. She will have to go through quite some stuff to get over the cognitive dissonance. Maybe when Hound tells her that he did not kiss her and that as surrogate daughter he likes murdermachine Arya better?
  11. She doesn't really learn the lessons. That's the point probably to me - she still pins her hopes to the one man and does his bidding. and she still does not accept responsibility and shifts blame. And trusts the wrong party based on outwards appearance. Heck, the only reason she got married to Tyrion was because she blabbed to Dontos about the Tyrell plan - one would say that after helping her father to get killed (and make no mistake, Cersei might have been getting ready to make a move, but she might not have known about girls being sent away) she would learn to make her mouth shut. If she had such an understanding of the Game, she would also guess that actually coming forth in Marillion's trial and outing Littlefinger as both murderer of Lysa Arryn, as her lover and as the cause for Jon Arryn's death and even instigator of Joffrey's poisoning would definitely not get her extradited back to King's Landing. If anything, the Lords of Vale were spoiling for a fight besides Tullys in the Riverlands - so I very much doubt that Catelyn Tully's daughter would have much to fear apart from marriage proposals. Moreover in ideal setting of isolated Eyrie. However... She did not do it and went with LF's intrigue.
  12. Frankly, Jaime is working on redeeming himself (well, partially. he is still himself, but he now sees actions and consequences and he wants to try to be remembered for something else than Aerys. I mean... It was just one king after all :)) Sansa... Has yet to begin. So far it rather seems she is gone deeper and deeper into the Littlefinger's game, turning from a victim to accomplice. So far the main lesson she learned is that she can trust noone and that if she lies often enough, she will believe it herself.
  13. More Harping

    I do not really want to subscribe to Chekov's gun here - that is a rule for a simple, encapsulated drama, not for world building. Or not necessarily for stunning revelations. Kinda like the stone trolls in Fellowship of the Ring. If in the end every little detail is tied up in one huge Theory of Everything, I am going to be disappointed
  14. More Harping

    Wall was full of quite noble lords still by the time of Conquest, if the history can be believed. Kinda also makes Watch issues with equipping Brothers talk about either massive theft and embezzleement by Watch leadership, or GRRM not thinking things through, as there should be at least arms and mail enough for 10k strong army... But I digress. Presence of noble trinkets on the Wall should be expected rather more than on the Quiet Isle. Yes, I know none is specifically mentioned in the books, but you can easily have one even in one of the abandoned castles - good music instruments can survive in reasonable conditions. And in any case we saw the insides of Castle Black only and while it may strike weird that biggest garrison does have less lxuries, remember that Daeron was sent to Eastwatch to help in trade negotiations - with direct contact with the North kinda dead, Eastwatch and Shadow Tower are probably more important trading posts and thus need more entertainment.
  15. More Harping

    As unlikely as someone playing it in a hermitage/monastery? Also seeing Mance, no, Watch would not go out of its way to teach anyone anything (apart from fighting/building/whatever skills) - but Mance would just annoy the guy until he got to learn something