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  1. Runaway Penguin added a post in a topic Hizdahr and Yunkia (Book Spoilers)   

    Second sons betray her - she gets more paranoid. Ser Friendzone suggests something stupid, Barristan outs him. Murders begin. Hizdahr presses his suit.
  2. Runaway Penguin added a post in a topic [Book Spoilers] Role reversal on the Wall?   

    It is clear that Thorne is trying to get Jon into open defiance and then on chopping block, but that is not the question here... The question is why an aggressive young man (who moreover knows that Wall can be climbed even by quite substantial group of men) suddenly turned into "let's seal off the tunnel and sit on the top"...Just cannot help to feel that a. this goes completely against Jon as LC in the books (after all the suggestion made much more sense when there were already no substantial human populations to the North and this mythical enemy coming in). Thorne's position is simply that of a skilled soldier who knows the value of tactics and reconnaissance, while Jon's idea (series wise) is the Maginot Line thinking.

    Yes, the Giant broke through the outer gate in the book. That just meant that had 3 more gates and a barricade to go - and he was stopped on the first of the inner gates, effectively blocking the tunnel. What was the bigger threat to NW was running out of weapons - and that threat would be much more pronounced if they had to stretch defenses over wider area than the mile or so to each side of castle Black, concentrating on the gate. Block the gate... And you then have to defend much bigger length of the Wall. Plus, if the enemy decides to move out and strike elsewhere (after all Mance MIGHT know about the secret passage), you cannot send out patrols to track him as the gate will be shut.

    Dunno, it just feels weird to me to have "cautious old men" emphasizing active defense and Jon going the "old man's way".this way, if the discussion gets ever revisited, it would seem that Jon changed his mind "just to be against Thorne again".

    (Another weird thing, as I already mentioned, is describing the process of blocking the gate like he was explaining an unknown concept... If anything, it should have been the First Builder to tell the method)
  3. Runaway Penguin added a post in a topic [Book Spoilers] Role reversal on the Wall?   

    For that it is better to barricade exit (which actually was result of the ice fall when the stairs burned in the book) - no need to block the tunnel, actually you want enemies in that killing ground. Block them at the exit, then pour all kids of nasty stuff through murder holes in the ceiling. Plus you had two additional grilles inside the tunnel.

    Kind of why sometimes garrisons of forts did not repair breaches, it was better to know where the enemy main effort came. So instead the breaches were trapped and mined...
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  5. Runaway Penguin added a topic in E07: Mockingbird   

    [Book Spoilers] Role reversal on the Wall?
    I think this one deserves a separate discussion. It might look like a detail, but I would say it is important for future up in the great cold yonder.

    When discussing how to prepare for the Wildlings, Watch hierarchy prepares to fight - with barrels of tar etc. What does Jon propose? Sealing the gate (even describing how to do it - which is kind of Cpt. Obvious for everyone). He is unhappy with Thorne deciding not to, because the Watch needs to keep ranging.

    So... Since when does Bowen Marsh look like Jon Snow? In the books, this argument came later... And it went exactly the other way. It was the First Steward who suggested sealing the gate and it was Lord Commander Snow who overruled it, because of ranging. So... Why the reversal in the show?

    One option is to allow Jon to change his opinion after the battle of the Wall, but that seems a bit forced. Really wonder how they will manage to turn the story to get all the conflicts Jon has with "the old guard" in... Unless they decided to focus just on the wildling issue - but that would take the depth off the entire conflict.

    It also bears another implication: Thorne and Slynt are for ranging here. That would make Thorne's remarks about Jon sending him on a ranging seem that less believable.

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  7. Runaway Penguin added a post in a topic Craster's: The Definition of Filler   

    Speculation here...

    The burning of Craster's keep will have deeper impact.

    Mance set "the biggest fire North has seen" as signal for coordinated attack.
    Now there is fire, roughly in the path of Wildling army. If Tormund sees it (and he is expected to by the logic of the show)... Opens door to first Wildling attack on the Wall.

    Now obviously most of NW need to get out - probably some dickish move by Thorne, leaving Jon behind as unreliable... Voila, we can jump to books again.
  8. Runaway Penguin added a post in a topic Wex   

  9. Runaway Penguin added a post in a topic Will Davos haft to kill Osha?   

  10. Runaway Penguin added a post in a topic Wex   

    One thing:
    I think Wex is legit.
    I also think not everything was revealed. Shaggy and Osha would probably pick up Wex, but since he was refugee - just like them - and direwolves are reliable character judges, he would probably be able to convince them he means no harm. Then they travel together until they reach destination.

    What would that be? Definitely not White harbor. BUT it might be on Manderly territory. Maester Luwin probably told Osha that Manderly or Glover can be relied upon. Osha finds passage to Skagos, but leaves Wex behind as a messenger.

    Alternatively, Osha contacts Manderly or Glover in secrecy and they provide passage - and keep Wex.
  11. Runaway Penguin added a post in a topic The Importance of Val?   

    She has to keep Mel's fiery hands off Jon. Jon needs to heal and get called back frm Ghost, he does not need Red Lot's Kiss.
  12. Runaway Penguin added a post in a topic Will Davos haft to kill Osha?   

    Because Manderly knows both of them went over?

    Besides while doggies seem to reflect their owners, they also seem to have good sense of who to eat and who not to eat.
  13. Runaway Penguin added a post in a topic Ser Loras Tyrell, did he secretly go to seek Dany as well?   

    Aurane Waters is on the con. Loras may not be with him, but it is highly probable whatever either of them is doing, they play together.

    After all... heavy war dromonds are not the best thing for pirates.

    Maybe... Maybe Tyrells want to have some striking power still at Crownlands, when the Redwyne fleet sailed to deal with the Ironborn?