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  1. Forgot about Yara. but I guess Theon is more likely - saving her.
  2. tyrion stresses tht she cannot trust them - and she does not. I do not think she would die - if anyone is in danger ir is Jaime or Brienne (unlikely both at the same time) and likely Hound in the Cleganebowl. Though I could see Dany being injured / knocked out... And Drogon taking clues from Jon. Also Dany is probably the younger queen csting Cersei down - if anything, Cersei being unseated and seeking refuge with Euron? Or even striking a deal with the Night King?
  3. To be honest in books we do not actually have wight vs. dragonglass. Also... Fire or chopping them to pieces
  4. They might if they have his heir as "honored guest". Was fairly standard practice. Heck, even in-universe just look at Theon (or book wise at various Reach noble families whose kids were in the red Keep). While this threat holds only as long as a danger is perceived (Balon Greyjoy probably did not doubt for a second Ned would swing the sword if the Ironborn made a mess). So yeah, granting Tarly sr. a parole would not be unusual. After all he would be suddenly the prominent person in Reach. Hold him by the heir and release all his and Lannister soldiers who do not want to join team Dany to spread the word (I mean even if they want to stay loyal to Cersei, who will volunteer to come back to her with bad news?). Heck, even do the dick move and release Tarly sr. via DrogonMail at the gates of King's Landing (which would fuel Cersei's paranoia... "How come this Tyrell, stooge is allowed to escape? Where is Jaime? Did he betray us?"). Best case you have Cersei murdering him or locking him up (in which case you have a poster for "look at how Cersei treats her allies"), or you have him retiring to his castle and sitting it ou, worst case Cersei keeps him, but not truly trusting him... And he with his obsession with fitness of his heir has still the nagging doubt about his son's survival. There were much subtler ways for Dany. But she painted herself in the corner with the inconsistent "I am not like Cersei", "I do not hold people in shackles" and "Kneel or die". Said with Monsieur Fouché, it was worse than a crime, it was a mistake
  5. Jon does not seem to care much about the experience though - maybe he does not want his little brother to go through the same. And Mel could have expended her "juice" on him.
  6. Dany's public speaking skills kinda stumble on the tendency to go to the "me" angle a bit too much. Kinda in line with Tywin's slap on Joffrey's "I am the king". Not prepared speeches without too much entitlement are better for her. Davos is a very good personal speaker. Did not see much of him publicly speaking. Jon is good for desperate attempts. Not much as a peacetime speaker. Too much doom and gloom. Tyrion at Blackwater and at trial was brilliant. Too bad the latter was for a rather tough crowd. Barristan's speech when "resigning" from the Kingsguard was pretty powerful and well delivered. Khal Drogo was very good in his cultural context.
  7. Tormund: "So... Brienne... Would you hit that?" Hound: "I'd hit that.. With a sword!" Jon: "Toros, what's your burned children score? Higher than Mel's?" Jorah: "Fancy seeing this sword. Give it here you dirty thief!" Still, the critical moment will come when there are any chicken to be roasted and shared
  8. she doesn't know he may have a claim, otherwise she missed an ideal opportunity in the last episode. Just one more "Dracarys!"...
  9. Westeros is a feudal system, based on that. Hence comparisons to Earth are eminently valid - not in details of law, but overall customs of war tended to be similar whether in Europe, in Middle East or in India (with the added twist of some regions in some eras using slavery - but then by Dany's approach the slaves also had a choice, become slaves or die).
  10. She should then amend to "breaker of chains - she prefers the smell of barbecue". Plus she did not have to put anyone in chains (or kill) until she let her inner Targ mouth off with "bend the knee or die". She should have rather channeled Henri V. Rather proclaim it, Westmorland, through my host, That he which hath no stomach to this fight, Let him depart; his passport shall be made, And crowns for convoy put into his purse; We would not die in that man's company That fears his fellowship to die with us. Giving choice between joining victorious army or be murdered is tantamount to slavery. And would be generally frowned upon in the medieval times. Heck, compared to Tarly and Cersei Danny had so much carrot to offer... but she went by default to the Targ stick.
  11. Especially as the revenge-fueled open rebellion was, by her own admission, just continuation of plot to murder the ruling King.
  12. Not at all. Then again she thinks only two state. "Kneel or die... Unless my dragon seems to like you and might refuse to roast you". Realistically, she can take him prisoner (please spare me the "I do not put men in chains" if you are going to burn them alive instead. Had she been Stannis, Davos would roast). She can offer him a parole - something not unheard of and used often. Keep Dickon as a honoured guest at Dragonstone and have Horn Hill sit out the war. Send all the soldiers who did not kneel after Drogon's roar home - minus arms and armor. Their homes were liekly in the reach on Tarly grounds or in the Westerlands currently held by the Unsullied - why not use their word about her mercy to weaken Cersei's hold? Tywin commanded respect by acts of terror and generosity, Cersei had shown the first one so far and she lost her main source of income from there. Heck do not stupidly burn the wagons, loot whatever supplies the Dothraki can take and give the rest to the surrendered soldiers. Odds are for each one who takes stuff to King's Landing, 10 will go home to their families. And if Tarly refuses parole and you really do not want him chained, just again go by local customs and chop his head off (and return bones to the family). Using the "kneel or die" was rather harsh by feudal standards and when it comes to it, was the same choice slavers gave to slaves. After all if the slaves did not want to obey, they can always die or be killed, right? It also is not a way how to get good and loyal troops. Re. the speech, it made sense in the aftermath of the battle. It did NOT make sense if followed by "now lkneel or die".
  13. Given how effed up she is, it could be Tommen for all we know
  14. Or absolutism. Absolutist monarchies in Europe broke the feudal system just as effectively and paved way to modern societies (well, at least in some countries). Guess where Dany is headed.
  15. That is the thing. If Dany didn't make her stupid "Bend the knee or die" thing (and did not burn all the supplies - total waste of dragonpower)... The best move would have been "Bend the knee... Or leave behind your arms, armor, pick up whatever you like from the wagons and go home and speak of the goodwill of Daenerys Targaryen breaker of chains blah blah blah". If you go home on these terms... Why would you oppose them? Baratheon/lannister whims are not that different, many of the soldiers might have had families around Lannisport and Casterly Rock (which the Lannister overlord gave up to enemy without much fight) and you know that she had you at her mercy, you defied her... And yet she let you go free. Kinda like lack of any serious resistance in Germany or Japan after WWII. Heck, Tarly would have been useful to that even. While his honor would forbid him to bend the knee... Would it forbid him a parole? That was another usual ploy. "Sit it out, go to High Hearth, your heir will remain as a ward on Dragonstone. And tell all the men who do not bend the knee to go home as well."