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  1. Wex

    Davos was for a short time, in a cell. Manderly probably did not want to put his lord into a cell, moreover with the direwolf. People talk and if howling sounded night by night frm somewhere... And Luwin probably would advise against going directly to WH as well. Too many eyes. Too many mouths. Lannister Maester. As for Northern Lords and Stannis, call me an idealist, but North remembers - and North will remember that when it needed external help, both at the Wall and at Winterfell, there was one of the IT pretenders who came.
  2. Wex

    One thing: I think Wex is legit. I also think not everything was revealed. Shaggy and Osha would probably pick up Wex, but since he was refugee - just like them - and direwolves are reliable character judges, he would probably be able to convince them he means no harm. Then they travel together until they reach destination. What would that be? Definitely not White harbor. BUT it might be on Manderly territory. Maester Luwin probably told Osha that Manderly or Glover can be relied upon. Osha finds passage to Skagos, but leaves Wex behind as a messenger. Alternatively, Osha contacts Manderly or Glover in secrecy and they provide passage - and keep Wex.
  3. We all agree that Jon IS going to be resurrected right?

    Not resurrected, as he ain't dead. He's just restin'. Pinin' for the fjords. Now seriously, he is not dead, but in coma and he needs to have his body healed before he can be called back from Ghost. Just hope Val keeps Mel off him.
  4. When did Stannis Baratheon become your favourite character?

    When he first ground his teeth :P Seriously, when he elevated Davos of house Seaworth to Lord Hand. Yes, Stannis ain't personally too likeable, but he is pretty sensible. Quite often, leaders who were liked brought ruin (in Westeros, Robert... On Earth, lots of examples), while stern strict weirdos often proved their worth (unless they went too far, but Stannis knows how to - grinding his teeth - compromise).
  5. The Winds of Winter , return of Benjen Stark ?

    He will come in as a human guide to Other host, sent out by Great Others to deal with the necromancer rebel Others. :P
  6. Jaime Lannister's death

    He will be the "unlikely" person sitting on IT at the end - in the same manner as it all begun - with bloody sword in his hand and body of another King at his feet, and with Northern host entering the city :)
  7. Jaime Lannister's death

    He won't be killed by UnCat probably, he might be used by her, though. Who is better suited to be let in Twins or Riverrun by Freys? Or to know the schedule of Edmure Tully... I am more worried about Brienne.
  8. Aurane Waters..

    I guess his Stannis allegiance may come into play. Along with Loras Tyrrel's suspicious injury. Maybe Loras struck a deal with Stannis' garrison of Dragonstone and Aurane...
  9. Dragon sighting at Winterfell?!?

    Interesting catch in this thread... Now I am intrigued :) And I have to admit I completely missed the winged snake before - I guess for the same reason Bran didn't notice it to the others: there were more immediate concerns (where is Ramsay, who is dead, who is alive, how will they get out, where will they go...) As for witnesses... There is only one, dying maester Luwin, who would see it. He might have told Osha, he wouldn't tell to the boys. And after the dragon is flown, it can fly to the Gift. Nobody lives there and area is big enough not to be seen from either Wall or normal Northern territory. So yes, it would be possible. Plausible? Not sure, we shall see.
  10. Stonesnake

    Stonesnake's goal was to get to the Fist. He probably witnessed the battle from afar, or just noticed that suddenly the fires on the mountaintop stopped (Mormont mentions that it will be visible from the foothills of Frostfangs). He would probably head for Wall then, but question is how long will it take. Crackpot: He will join one of the rangings sent by Jon Snow.
  11. Missandei is a Faceless Man/Woman perhaps Izembaro

    Missandei may not be directly set on Dany from the beginning, if she is FM - maybe she's just "Resident agent" for the Slaver's Bay? FM seem to operate worldwide and esp. in Essos - it would make sense to have key locations covered. Adn masquerading as slave girl is logical - they come and go, appear and disappear and noone cares much. In such case, she attached herself to Dany because she might have been alerted to her arrival and anyway she would recognize her as high-value target - whether for intel, for assassination or for protection.
  12. Randyll Tarly is an terrible commander

    Exactly, good commander would know when to call off his troops to re-form for their primary mission of being a vanguard. Actually this is somethign many commanders had problem with. Especially cavalry often tended to charge too far and spread too thin in pursuit, it was a common illness of British cavalry in the Napoleonics ofr example.
  13. Randyll Tarly is an terrible commander

    Tarly is hard, competent commander. Maybe not best tactical genius, but still "good enough", and with good grasp on operational and strategic aspects. He keeps lines of communications, maintains hold on strategic places... As the saying goes, "Excellent strategy and poor tactics is the slowest, most painful way to victory. Excellent tactics and poor strategy is a lot of noise before defeat."
  14. Jamie's reaction to Aegon

    Dany is but a young girl who doesn't understand the wilfdire... ;)
  15. Jamie's reaction to Aegon

    He would fly. He would know that even if Aegon wasn't "mad king", his LC career is at end and that Aegon would have lot of people advising him to off his granddad's killer. OTOH "New" Jaime might come to court if summoned, and stand trial for it - revealing the reason of kinslaying. He would have some evidence to back it up (wildfire stash found when Tyrion prepared the Blackwater trap), so he MAY save his neck for exile, but he would be stripped of ranks and titles. Maybe he'd have to take the Black... No, neither Aegon nor Dany are good news from Jaime. Stannis might actually let him keep the post and chop off his member :P