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    i'm a girl xDD but thanks

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    Varys, the Bastard's letter, and Jon Snow
    Hi folks! This is my first topic/post here, although i've been reading these forums since i've finished ADWD some months ago... but i think i've never seen a topic with this theory that i'm posting here, although it seems to make a lot of sense right now. So i've decided to register and post it in here so i'd know if it really makes sense or is it's just crackpot...
    before I start i'd like to say sorry for the bad english, 'cause it's been a while since i've been on an international forum x)

    WARNING! Wall of text coming~~

    Well.. this theory started with a discussion I had with a friend who is still reading AGOT... somehow the subject turned to Jon Snow's Parents and i was wondering if Varys knew about his mother or not(I go by L+R = J, that's why i though it was worth wondering)... for my surprise, she answered that he knew, when I asked why she said something like: "it's his character: he knows it all, he hears it all, if he didn't know something like that, wouldn't that be OOC?". At first I thought that was a little bit of a childish though...

    Then I remembered once, in a soap opera that we used to watch, when a character got killed and people started wondering who did that... they first though it was his wife, then his daughter, his best friend and hundreds of different people... but no one thought it was the shows' villain, who turned out to be the murder at the end... And EVERYONE was shocked by that! I mean...sometimes the answer is in our faces, but we start to overthink things and forget that sometimes the most obvious choices are the right ones.

    I started to think then: How long is Varys working for the crown? Wasn't he called by Aerys himself to spy? Aerys trust no one, not even his own son, wouldn't he put spies on Rhaegar too? You may hide a bastard that has already been born by a different name, but hiding a pregnant woman is a much harder task, so i don't really think it was that hard for Varys to find that out...this became clear to me when I was re-reading varys's dialogue with Illyrio, in AGOT:

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