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  1. Yes so much to both of these! I'd also throw a vote out there for Wyman Manderly - he's so damn crafty. Plus, I think it would be hilarious to read his thoughts while the Frey pie banquet is going on. He also might give some insight into The Grand Northern Conspiracy.
  2. Rewatching this episode again and something struck me. I'm sure that this has been posited plenty of times, but is it possible that Sandor's ultimate act of redemption will be killing Gregor? "What have they done to you?" That somehow Sandor finds love of family, not his because Gregor is horrific, but through empathy and decides to end his life (by fire, it has to be by fire), to be merciful, something he has always lacked? Gregor is a complete asshole, but I don't think anyone deserves what he was turned into. It would be an interesting arc for Sandor. I'm sure there are plenty of ideas already about this, but I'm really bad at the search function. Always comes back with exactly what I wasn't looking for. Please point me to threads that discuss already if you know. Thank you.
  3. I find this highly doubtful. Ned spoke with Lyanna prior to her death. If he believed that she had been raped to death, it likely would have crossed his mind. I do not think "promise me" is about revenge. I also don't think he would have fought for compassion for the Targ kids had he thought that was the case. Pretty sure it is an invention of Bobby boy and his bruised ego, after all how could any lady prefer Rhaegar (or any man) over him?
  4. Agree 100%. I personally can't stand Cat. I think she is naive and annoying. Is she the worst person in all of Westeros? No. That goes to Cersie or Ramsey. But the way so many people go on and on about what a horrible person she was to Jon just isn't backed up by the text. People seem to imagine she's like the mother from "A Child Called It". She wasn't. There are plenty of reasons to dislike Cat, "It should have been you" just isn't one of them.
  5. No, don’t, don’t cut my hair, Ned loves my hair. - Cat I don't even like Cat, but that quote just cuts me up. No, now it ends - The late, great Ned.
  6. Because he should actually be the one sitting on the IT? Cersie obviously is not an option and we just watched the Mad Queen burn innocents alive (I don't care about Randall, but Dickkon????) From those two choices, yes I would choose the bastard son of King Bobby. I was so hoping they got to Winterfell. I'd have loved to see not only a Jon/Arya reunion but also a Gendry/Arya.
  7. I'm curious as to how many show only people picked up on how big of a reveal that was. I'm the only person I know who reads GoT or watches the show. I loved it because I'm a big fan that Jon is legit, but I honestly don't know if it blunt enough for people not well steeped in R+L
  8. This made me crack up. No way are they killing of Jaime that way. Random prediction, mostly based on wishful thinking, the most elusive of mythical beasts - Howland Reed - finally shows the fuck up. Confirms Jon's parentage (which Bran already said, but couldn't prove because he's just some weird kid who claims to have visions) WITH Robb's will. Jon is now confirmed as Lord of Winterfell and a legitimate Targ (R&L were married). Yeah, I'm a Jon fan. Or a fan of the north to be more precise.
  9. "I'm not a Stark" - Que Dragon fly/screech by. Yes it was over the top trolling by D&D, but I just about laughed my ass off. "He really was a cunt" "You look much better brooding than I do. You're making me feel like a failure at brooding over failure"
  10. This. So much. I would love him to be Jon Snifferpuffles, King in the North. But he is a Snow, and he'll remain a Snow regardless of his parentage unless Sam somehow finds a secret videotape (and VCR) of Lyanna and Rhaegar's wedding, along with the Maester who performed it, in the Restricted Section. Somehow D&D doing this would not surprise me.
  11. I think I'm probably not reading your comment correctly, but Roose legitimized Ramsey and he certainly was no king. I would think that Rhaegar would have the right to legitimize Jon, but not necessarily put him in the line of succession. Obviously a moot point though since he didn't.
  12. Yep. Agree with this. In my head Shadowcats pretty much look like this, which would make it a bad ass pet -
  13. You are not. Whether show or book, the idea of Jon ending up with Dany/Sansa/Arya is purely disgusting. I know that there are a lot of people who are hardcore advocates of one of those matches and I quite frankly do not understand it at all. Weren't Robb and Jeyne Westerling (Talisia in show) in love? At least in the show for sure, in the books I've always thought Robb was manipulated and possibly drugged, with Jeyne being an active and knowing participant.
  14. I fully admit that I have no fondness for Cat but this is a little on the extreme. She was in some pretty intense emotional distress during this scene. That does not entirely excuse her for saying such a deplorable statement, but I think all of us are guilty of saying something we don't fully mean at such times. I think there is little actual textual evidence that she "hated" Jon. She disliked him, had little use for him and was embarrassed that Ned kept him at Winterfell, but I think hate is a little to strong of an emotion to accuse her of. As for why Sandor kept Arya, or what he was planning on doing with her. He was drunk 99% of the time, on the run from the Crown, broke and screwed over by life. I think he was desperate to try and get some gold so he could get away from all the fucking knights and bullshit politics, buy himself a plot of land with a lot of chickens on it, a servant girl and a huge wine distillery. Live out his life eating chicken and drinking, far removed from all the bullshit he's dealt with. I don't really see him selling his sword to Robb.
  15. 1 - Welcome 2 - If you have only read the first book, be careful here as spoilers abound 3 - The show and the books are very different, there are forums dedicated to each. This is the book forum. 4. Wyman Manderly or Lyanna Mormont. 5 - I don't think there is one person who is liked most by the fandom. It's a very diverse group with each character having a fan base. With that there is severe disagreement all the time. But, for the most part, I think people try to keep thinks somewhat civil.