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  1. Angrivarius added a post in a topic R'hllor, the Shadow Lands, the Great Other and the Lands of Always Winter   

    I agree with you, the distance must be comparable with the distance between the South- and the Northpole, there is no short way from the Shadow Lands to the North. I believe she won't travel to Asshai, but the knowledge (about dragons and the others etc) from Asshai could come to her, maybe Tyrion gets to Asshai or a priest or wise man from Asshai is on his way to her.

    One theory I could imagine is that Essos will be connected with Westeros in the north-east through the frosen Shivering Sea, an equalence to the Bering Strait, which was passable in the Ice Age, as well. Imagine Dany with a huge army (including 100.000 Dothraki) on an endless tramp through the vastness of snow! That would be a nice repetition of her walk through the red waste.

    But I still wonder why do the people in Asshai worship Azor Ahai?
    If he is really the same as the Last Hero, he fought his battles on the other side of the world. That's like if the Aborigenes would have worshiped Abraham Lincoln in the pre-modern age.
  2. Angrivarius added a topic in The World of Ice and Fire   

    R'hllor, the Shadow Lands, the Great Other and the Lands of Always Winter
    There are already some threads about similar subjects, but they all focus on special aspects of this topic, such as whether Daenarys will travel through the Shadow Lands to arrive in Westeros or not, or if the others ever conquered all af the known world including Essos etc.
    Thats why I opened this thread, to get all the theories, concerning this subject area together.

    In the first place I wondered why the worship of R'hllor, a religion about defeating the Othters is practicised in Asshai, a city located exactly on the other side of the world (North/West - East/South). Why do the people of Asshai care and know about the Others and the rising cold, if the Others didn't conquer Essos? The Shadow Lands in the south of Asshai are discribed as an equalence or counterpart of the Lands of Always Winter. The cold, the Others and the Great Other against, fire, dragons and R'hllor on the other hand. According to GRRM there will be no POV taking us to Asshai. When Quaithe prophesies Danaerys "To go north, you must journey south, to reach the west you must go east....", further she says " touch the light you must pass beneath the shadow". Dany refuses to go to Asshai and Quaithe answers that she will find truth there (she confirms Asshai). A prophecy is only concerning the future, not the past. When Dany talks to Quaithe they are in Quarth, but she never went east of Quarth if you take a look on every excisting map of Essos. http://cdn.serietivu...-ed-Essos-3.jpg

    Some of you might know the Movie Fire & Ice. Its about the rising cold and its armies, the protagonists flee in the south, where the final battle is fought. Did GRRM had the plan to let the final battle take place in the shadow lands as well and changed his mind later (because of the lack of time etc)?

    Another thought leading me to the east is that GRRM has equalences to almost every region or historical forces of our world.
    Geographical & historical: Westeros/North America; Essos/Eurasia; Sothoryos/Africa; Valyria/Greece,Minoan Culture (Santorin); free cities/Europe; Dorne/Mexico (salsa food etc); Ghiscar/old Egypt; Dothraki Sea/Russia (mongols, skyths, turks); Slavers Cities/Sumer, Babylon etc. The only missing equalences are China (Yi Ti) and India (Asshai?), the rising powers of our present age. This made me think, that we will meet a completely new force/area later in the books, but GRRM's statement not to go Asshai means the opposite.

    What do you think of all the wong (?) prophecies and misleading hints, what is your theory about the equalence between the Land of Allways Winter/the Great Other and the Shadow Lands/R'hllor at the other hand and finally what are your thoughts concerning the resolving of the story?
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  3. Angrivarius added a post in a topic The Doom of Valyria   

    Lan the Clever mentioned it before, the Doom of Valyria equals exactly with the island Santorin.


    In my opinion Santorini was what the egypians called Atlantis.

    The egyptians discribed Atlantis as surrounded by a ring of water, a wall painting found in Akrotiri (related to the minoan culture on crete, a pre-greek civilisation, as old as the pyramids in Egypt), the only remaing part of this epoch on Santorin, show a city in the middle of the island with a ring of water around, it is exactly like the old egyptian prist told Platon.
    Today only the outer regions of the island exist, because where the wall painting shows the capitol in the middle of the island, only water remains today, its exactly where the vulcano blew everything away. Afterwards the crater imploded, which must have caused a huge tsunami.

    So Akrotiri was probably only a suburb of this sunken metropolis.
    The people in Akrotiri used the heat of the vulcano for heating and had a very very high living standard before the eruption. They even had houses with 3 storeys, working canalsystems on all floors and amazing wall paintings... Its unbeleavable if you imagine how great the center of the capitol must have been.

    New expeditions showed how enormous this eruption must have been, the seven plagues in egypt where put down to this incident, a huge tsunami must have rolled south to Crete and the temperature all over the world went down which caused dramatic crop fallures.

    All of this matches with the Doom of Valyria.