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  1. Just think of her as the Donald Trump of Westeros, from time to time very evil and stupid people will raise to power. I guess she will be barbecued by the end of the season.
  2. You mean if he'll propose to Cersei in order to get on the iron throne? I don't see that coming, they would be a really weird couple though!
  3. I don't get the Jon is stealing Sansas birth right thing. - First I think for Sansa this is totally acceptable: For her Jon is a Stark, not a bastard. - Additionally Westeros still is a realm dominated by men. Thats why Cersei couldn't become queen after Roberts death, her only way to stay close to power, was to crown her sons. Now it seems that she finally got all the power, but her rule is not likely to last long. The traditional patriarchal political system of Westeros will go through some serious turbulences with Dany arriving, but this hasn't happened yet. - Even in medieval times and before, rule didn't come only through birth right. There was never a point in crowning someone, that lacked the abbility to consolidate power. Britain chose a distant related German (George I) over a Stuart, because they only accepted a protestant. So it was never that easy, like only the first born son inherits the title, then the sibling below etc. Julius Cäsar even became emperor, where there was no monarchy before. Later in roman times, times of war, the most succesful military leaders wer proclaimed as emperors (barracks emperors), without being heir to anything or anyone. Only at the very beginning of modern times the rule came through birth right unchallenged for a short period of time, when monarchies had almost absolute power. So I would suggest to look at it a bit more flexible if it comes ASoIaF, since GRRM rather draws on the time from the roman empire to the late medieval ages, where reign often came through political influence, victory, pure force or intrigue. If we apply this to the books and the show, the coronation of Jon makes totally sense. He is seen as the victor, the one who let the Stark forces into the victory against Ramsey (even if Sansa asisted in the backround by calling the knights of the Vale for help). These are times of war, winter is coming and therefore it makes pure sense to crown a proven military leader instead of a women that has no military experience. Also Sansa was object (not subject) to the political game waged by Lannisters and Boltons by being forced to marry Tyrion and Ramsey, which is to much of a burden for her to become Queen in the North... Depending on the Vale, its clear to me that Jon does not become Lord of the Vale, by Vale lords being present at his coronation. This idea appears rather foolish to me. The Vale is an ally, they fought together and now they are having a feast together which surprisingly turned out to become the coronation of the King of the North, but it seems rather natural to me that allies would be present at the coronation of an allied Lord or King, which does not mean that they abandon their own lord. Anyway I think with Sweet Robin as Lord of the Vale, this topic might become hot soon, since Sweet Robin is Littlefingers puppet already and if he is eliminated, the Starks would have a good claim. I hope Sansa is playing Littlefinger and does not make the mistake to side with him, because it would probably make her enemy to her own kin. I am very curious how Littlefingers character develops in the books, I guess he becomes the new antagonist after Ramsey is dead and Cersei being occupied with defending herself.
  4. Up to this point we know that Petyr Baelish is not only a good strategic thinker, but he has also aspirations to climb to the top of the career ladder, he wants a title that makes him a real sovereign if possible. These aspirations he revealed in his negotiations with Cercei (Harrenhal, Riverlands, Warden of the North..., what does he not want?). This is very different from Varys who does not aim for such things, Varys likes to stay in the shaddows, but not only in order to hide something, its just his nature and he is happy with serving in general. I think Littlefinger is likely to die earlier, maybe. How greedy is Petyr, the brothel keeper realy? Is he vain, is he resentful? How will he react towards Sansa's refusal? Many open questions, which makes him a valuable character for the show and the storytelling. I think he'll definitely survive this season!
  5. Most of your lists contain no Stark or another character that is popular with the audience, I wonder why! GRRM has shown before, that he likes to slaughter popular figures (never forget the red wedding)! Don't you think its likely that one or two out of Brienne, Jaime, Sansa, Davos and Thormund will die? I mean they can't kill Arya after the mess they did with her story, to kill Jon would be really strange as well as Bran. Tyrion is too entertaining, as well as Varys and Littlefinger, who are too important. I think Sweet Robin could easily die of an overdose of poppy milk, it would bring Littlefinger into serious trouble!
  6. Where can I read about this theory? I don't want to believe that he is dead as well!
  7. I think the ww will start the attack on the seven kingdoms next episode. The title of the season and the next episode would not make sense otherwise. Why call the season "The Winds of Winter" if there is only an attack on a little cave north of the wall by the white walkers? I think there will be an event with the white walkers next episode, that is desastrous enough to make all of Westeros freeze in fright! The two seasons ahead are quite short to cover all the remaining content anyway (the wights invading significant areas of Westeros, Brans story, Winterfell, Daenerys arival... the final battle).
  8. He is evil because he leads an army of undead human slaughtering and baby stealing zombies? I think on their own Meera and Bran have no chance of escaping the Others, thats why I think that the flaming ball guy aka Benjen will rescue them. Though I would find it more interesting if Meera would say "I am so sorry" and leave Bran behind. Then Benjen could rescue her afterwards and Bran would remain behind the wall and face the Nights King. I think Bran belongs to the North now. What if BR warged the NK in the moment he slew him? Or if he warged Meera and turns Bran over to the others? That would be surprising, but I doubt thats how it turns out. So assuming Benjen rescues Bran and Meera I wonder what happens next, does Bran enable the Others to cross the wall because of a slight touch of the NK or will he reach Jon and Sansa in order celebrate a happy family reunion (that would be strange somehow), what do you think?
  9. I don't think that will happen. As far as we know from the books warging other people is extremely challenging. Bran just showed his amazing capabilities when he warged young but probably not very powerful Hodor. I don't think he is strong enough to warg the Nights King at this point, the Nights King rather seems to dominate him, he just caught him in a vision and put a badass spell on him by his touch. Further on I don't see why Bran should take the risk of warging such a powerful, enchanted and evil creature, he could get trapped in there (we know already that this can happen to skinnchangers) or get consumed by the Nights King. It does not seem like a reasonable or healthy move to me.
  10. Did you even read the books? Thats where most of the speculations are coming from. One major indicator concerning the relation between the Starks and the Others is the tale that Old Nan tells Bran, where she suggests that the Nights King (not the one from the show), the thirteenth Lord Commander of the Nights Watch might have been a Stark. Other indicators are their former title as Kings of Winter, their words "Winter is coming" and various other tales. Its only speculation thats right and actuell events in the show seem to indicate that there will be no alliance between the Others and the Starks, but who knows, people change, people die, people arise from the dead, there is still a lot of room for surprises. Anyway, we should keep in mind what Tyrion says about prophesies: "Prophesy is like a half-trained mule. It looks as though it might be useful, but the moment you trust in it, it kicks you in the head."
  11. No, the FM used bronze weapons. Valyrian swords were manufactured in the Valyrian Freehold. I guess most of them came to Westeros with the Targaryens, they might have used them as a reward for loyal servants. I don't know if the Andals possessed valyrian swords when they invaded Westeros.
  12. I like the theory, but if he is bloodraven too, why would he be next to himself in his visions?
  13. I think its Meera, it sounds like her and it makes sense in relation to the wights that seem to be already snatching after their legs. Bran is in a dream, she pulls him on the stretcher, when she realises, that she won't make it with him. I hope they are not rescued by Benjen or Coldhands, because that would be so predictable and cheap like all the films where you know that everything is turning to an happy end. Meera could leave Bran, to be rescued by Benjen later. Also I think it would be disappointing if Bloodraven is really dead, I mean he is this really powerful greenseer and we didn't see him dying, he only disappeared in Brans vision as far as we know! If he would be this good old humanitarian, why is he north of the wall amid white walkers and all these human bones? I imagined him as being a reference to Balor of the Evil Eye (as I pointed out in this thread: and Sauron and not this old softie that shows Bran how to use the internet and then just wastes away. What if Bloodraven is this really badass puppet master and needs Bran to cut all ties to his former life (Ned, Cat, Robb, Theon, Rickon, Sansa, Ariya, John gone, Jojen dead, Hodor eaten, Meera next) to discover his real fate? Or do you want to see an allience of all humans against the wights and then Danny just turns up with her wonderful dragons and melts all of the cold away? Borring! Pls Benjen stay away and let Bran meet his new friends!
  14. At the beginning Meera and Bran are chased by the white walkers and it sounds like she is bending over Bran, crying and says "I am so sorry". Is she leaving him with the white walkers? I mean she already did it once, when she had to leave Jojen and leaving Bran might be the only chance to survive.
  15. If you suppose a relation between the wall, the caves and as well the magic the CotF used to shatter the Arm of Dorne I think the Irish tales are very revealing. I created a new topic to discuss likely refferences of GrrM to old tales such as Celtic and Norse mythology. Especially the way the Sidhe try to prevent the invasion of the Milesians is very conspicious as well as their later fate!