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  1. At the beginning Meera and Bran are chased by the white walkers and it sounds like she is bending over Bran, crying and says "I am so sorry". Is she leaving him with the white walkers? I mean she already did it once, when she had to leave Jojen and leaving Bran might be the only chance to survive.
  2. Historical and Geographical references in ASOIF

    I suggest the Doom of Valerian reffers to the outbreak of Thera on Santorini, that caused the doom of the Minoan civilisation in Greeze (Crete). The Minoans were a cretan civilization that preceded the ancient greeks and Akrotiri on Santorini was their main trading port, the city sunk into the sea, when the volcano Thera exploded I also created a thread concerning refferences in ASoIaF to ancent tales (especially conerning Irish mythology, but also Norse and ancient greek):
  3. The magic of the Wall

    If you suppose a relation between the wall, the caves and as well the magic the CotF used to shatter the Arm of Dorne I think the Irish tales are very revealing. I created a new topic to discuss likely refferences of GrrM to old tales such as Celtic and Norse mythology. Especially the way the Sidhe try to prevent the invasion of the Milesians is very conspicious as well as their later fate!
  4. Bran and The Wall...

    I also came to the idea that the 3ER might be with the white walkers, by comparing ASoIaF with Irish mythology. The 3ER shares many features with Balor of the Evil Eye a god like figure that was supposed to be the leader of the Fomorians (also Tolkien drew on these tales). I made a new topic concerning GrrM's refferences to Celtic and Norse mythology It would be interesting to discuss with other readers:
  5. Are the Others really the big bad ?

    Similarities between ASoIaF and Irish mythology I think also point to the direction, that the Others might not be pure evil and the CotF might not be the pure and good defenders of nature. I created a new topic on the mythology subject, also concerning the role of the three-eyed crow etc. Feel free to join and discuss the traces of Irish, general Celtic and Norse mythology in GrrM's books!
  6. CotF and the White Walkers

    I created a new topic concerning the parallels between ASoIaF and ancient tales, especially from Celtic and Norse mythology. I created the thread in order to compile tales from mythology that GrrM is reffering to. I wrote most of the text more then two years ago, when there were also great theories in the Heresy and the Howl at the moon threads, but I couldn't find them again yet. The parrallels are especially interesting if it comes to the CotF, the Others, Bran and Bloodraven and the promised Warrior of Light etc. If you know of good posts, concerning the Celtic-Norse-mythology-complex, it would be great to post the links there (or if you have written one yourself), as well as to hear your opinion on these topics!
  7. ASoIaF and ancient mythology (spoiler)

    As I mentioned the parallels between the sidhe and the CotF / the Others have been pointed out by many readers. Here is a quite new fan video that illustrates thiskinship well: Still the relationship between the Others and the three-eyed-crow remains a mistery! I think there is something very strange and contradictory about GrrM's quote of the Celtic tales, there are some obvious similarities, but concernng the issue of the forces behind the long night, there are remaining many questions and it turns out to be very mysterious. Anyone with ideas relating to that issue?
  8. ASoIaF and ancient mythology (spoiler)

    Here is a blog concerning the paralles between ASoIaF and Norse mythology. From my point of view the author treats both things to much the same and does not explain why he thinks that Bloodraven equals Loki or what Jaime and Tyr have in common really, but anyway I also believe that GrrM drew on Norse Mythology and that ASoIaF contains also an homage to Ragnarök. I think the Three-eyed-crow rather equals Odin and Balor with his one eye, the connection to a tree and the relations to crows or ravens, but Loki is an interesting figure, being a changeling as well as him being the prototype trickster. I think the principle of a trickster is definitely present in ASoIaF quite prominentely. Tricksters are associated with warging and described as violating the social and natural order, they are described as animal like, godlike, half god like, deities or ghost like, one of their features is an ambivalent character. This lets me think of Ariya but also Jon and other characters in ASoIaF. If it comes to the Starks, they seem to be quite trickster family in general, being wargs (think of Fenrir) that swapped sides between North and South of the wall at least once (the tale of the Night's King, also think of the title Kings of Winter and their slogan winter is coming etc) I like the associations of the worhship of rhollor with the greenseers / the forces in the north in the blog (there is a lot relating the CotF to Essos in ASoIaF), but also I find it quite contradictory since Rhollor stands for fire and is not associated with the cold. According to the Norse mythology the world ends in a huge fire, which is interesting with reference to the worship of the red priests! In the Norse tales the ice and fire giants (Muspellr & Hrímþursar) attack Asgard together. On the other hand in the worship of Rhollor the evil conterpart of Rhollor is called the Great Other (a god of darkness, cold, and death), which makes it not very plausible for me, that there should be an alliance of Rhollor, the Others, the Starks and Danny against the humans in ASoIaF, as the author of the blog predicts.
  9. ASoIaF and ancient mythology (spoiler)
  10. Heresy 185

    There are just to many parallels and already Tolkien drew a lot on these tales, so with Martin who draws on Tolkien as well as on the old tales, it gets increasingly old talish! I think it would be good to have a thread that stays with the subject irish/celtic/norse mythology, because its so much content and very complex. It might be difficult to find the older posts relating to the subject in the Heresy threads, because there is a great variety of issues and ideas. If there was a seperate heresy thread limited to the subject I wouldn't mind to post it there, but we could also just use the new topic I created. If somebody wrote or remembers texts about parallels between ASoIaF and Celtic folklore or even Norse, it would be great to compile it there!
  11. ASoIaF and ancient mythology (spoiler)

    Yes, we know that GrrM studied ancient history, you can also tell some of the specific tales he studied, I think we all agree an that. To what an extent he takes over stories from ancient tales? I think in some cases he reffers to them to a quite a great extent! The question is, when is drawing on his own ideas, when is he reffering to ancient tales and when is he fusing different elements together. When the mythological elements are identified I think it becomes a bit easier to predict the developement of the story, but still you never know! But for an example concerning the Balor allegory, it would be strange if he would just apply the superficial features without drawing on Balor's associations with death and evil, so I would be really surprised if Bloodraven would be just a good old magician beneeth the Weirwood tree, aiming for peace and happiness in Westeros, I think he somehow must be connected to the others, the long night and the cold.
  12. Heresy 185

    Most of the stuff has been mentioned in more detail in other threads, also there were more files on my other computer, and some issues are only mentioned briefly, I just compiled what I had on my labtop now, but it would also be great to include older detailed texts from the heresy threads (moonsingers, Bael the Brad, Bran, the Nights King, the last hero etc) that focus on specific issues or add new ideas, but the thread should be limited to Irish mythology, then I think it could be a quite interesting discussion.
  13. Heresy 185

    There should be a link to my creation.
  14. Heresy 185

    I wrote a long text about Asoiaf and Irish mythology two years ago, wanted to post it here back then, but I didn't finish. A lot of it is probably not new, but it might be helpful to compile these related theories. Now I tried to put it back together (its a bit fragmental and missing some clues but anyway). If some of you are interested in disgussing Irish tales, that would be great. I didnt want to post it here, because its quite long and I also think the subject ASoIaF/GRRM and Irish mythology definitely deserves an own thread!