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  1. Jon Snow's Fate - Ghost / Ice Cell

    This theory is a good one. And has led me to re-examine a chapter in ADWD where Dany has a bizarre dream... I was nearly positive this was about Euron and foreshadowing of Dany being forced into a non pleasurable arrangement with him. But IF your theory is correct, it would seem to also describe the Jon Snow come back to life you have described in your theory would it not? It does fit with your theory, of a man submerged in an ice cell for a prolonged period of time, of which he partially but not completely decomposes due to the preserving factor of the ice. The part about the lips being "bruised" especially would sound like partial decomposition which would fit your theory on what happens with Jon. That's not comforting for me since I despise the Jon and Dany partnership theories and would not be a fan of that at all. So...I'm going to stick with the weirdo Dany dreaming about Euron... :thumbsup:
  2. How would you rate episode 301?

    7. Solid for a season debut. I think season debuts are likely the hardest to write and pull off. A nice effort. I don't rate it any higher or lower than season 2's to be honest. I felt the same after watching both. Solid but not great. As for Ros/Shae. I think it's necessary because I think they're swapping roles from the book. I won't go into any further detail than to say, I think Ros will wind up the Shae from the books, and Shae will wind up the Tysha from the books. So I think they're setting the stage for that.