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  1. Veronika Lykke added a post in a topic Wanted: Super fans for interview about GoT online communities!   

    Hi Baroness! We are looking for both and preferably someone active on a fan forum such as this one. Would you be willing to help us out?
  2. Veronika Lykke added a topic in Brotherhood without Banners   

    Wanted: Super fans for interview about GoT online communities!
    Dear Game of Thrones Fans

    We are two fellow GoT fans completely new on this site :-)

    We are currently doing research on Game of Thrones and its online community for our dissertation at Uni. We are looking for a few super-fans who would be willing to help us out by doing an online interview with us (about 30 minutes) about online fandom.
    You would be completely anonymous – of course.

    We are two Graduate students from Denmark who are big fans of GoT. We are keen to know more about how the online fan communities are used as our dissertation is about interaction through online communities concerning GoT.

    If you would like to participate please email us at [email protected] and we’ll figure out the details together.
    We would be forever grateful if you would help us out. This we swear by the old gods and the new.

    Thanks for your attention

    Mona Mattle and Veronika Lykke Benzon
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