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  1. How do i find or read sample chapters?

    I read that two sample chapters were released in two weeks, I'm assuming one is the Arya chapter, what is the other one???
  2. I wasn't sure if there could be any more significance to it as only a few characters have this feature. This is an amazing OP and amazing 2nd post on pg 9.
  3. "heart" tree , "heart" shaped face...
  4. Missandei is a Faceless Man/Woman perhaps Izembaro

    Something I found interesting, and I'm not sure if it's been discussed during my time away from this thread, but I'm doing my ADWD reread and when Young Griff is getting his history lesson they are discussing the following.... They are speaking of the Tiger's and the Elephants (political parties) … "The Tiger's held sway for almost a century after the Doom of Valyria. For a time they were successful. A Volantene fleet too Lys and a Volantene army captured Myr, and for two generations all three cities were ruled from within the Black Walls. That ended when the tigers tried to swallow Tyrosh. Pentos came into the war on the Tyroshi side, along with the Westerosi Storm King. Braavos provided a Lyseni exile with a hundred warships, Aegon Targaryen flew forth from Dragonstone on the Black Dread, and Myr and Lys rose up in rebellion. The war left the Disputed Lands a waste, and freed Lys and Myr from the yoke. The tigers suffered other defeats as well...." (fAegon) "And what lesson can we draw from Volantene history?" (Halfmaester) "If you want to conquer the world, you best have dragons." (fAegon) At this point Tyrion laughs, and the lesson is forgotten and over. I would think that there is a more valuable lesson though that the Halfmaester was trying to teach to fAegon. I get the impression that this goes deeper than just territorial disputes. We know slaves are abundant in Essos, but I propose that this uprising and war was about slavery. Aegon Targaryen and Braavos worked together, there were rebellions in Myr and Lys – I think it may have been a slavery rebellion. It puts Pentos, Tyrosh, Braavos and Aegon all on the same side of this war. Myr and Lys rose and were 'freed from the yoke'. If Braavos and Aegon were working together I think it was in some capactiy to either end slavery or prevent its spread. Illyrio is in Pentos, Pentos has an agreement with Braavos that they will not have slaves, and yet Illyrio undoubtedly has slaves- even if he does not refer to them as such. Lys slaves are well known as well as slaves from Myr. The Dothraki have slaves. I'm wondering if the entire war didn't have something to do with slavery in some way. I don't see Braavos getting involved in a war for “trade” (that really doesn't concern them) unless it's something that touches close to the heart- such as slavery as Braavos was founded by slaves. The Tigers wanted to dominate by sword, the Elephants wanted to dominate by trade – swords would mean they would use slaves to fight their wars, trade would mean they would be buying and selling slaves. Now I know I'm not making a lot of sense, and I know I really sound like I don't know what I'm talking about and that I'm not making a point. I guess the important thing is that when this war happened, for whatever reason, Aegon Targ. And Braavos felt the need to involve themselves- why??? Were they trying to abolish slavery, prevent it's spread? Curious as to thoughts on exactly what their motives were for getting involved as this could help to explain the “blood of the dragon” and the connections between Braavos and the Targaryens and any other connections they may have had in the past. I don't see any reason why they “had” to get involved , Braavos and Westeros are pretty far from Volantis it's not as though the war going on there would have had any immediate imminent threat on them or their lifestyle.
  5. Missandei is a Faceless Man/Woman perhaps Izembaro

    Honestly, I never thought of the current generation being a living reenactment of a past generation until this thread lol. I will have to look more into it, I have not read the D&E novels. It sounds like an interesting theory though!
  6. Missandei is a Faceless Man/Woman perhaps Izembaro

    I think if you search for "faceless man conspiracy" you should get the thread I'm talking about, it's pretty extensive. As far as bastard kings, have you read any of the Varys is a Blackfyre theories? I was reading One that speculated hi as a son of Aerion Brightflame. I think perhaps the dragonlord hated the Targs 1) for going against the grain and being anti slaves 2) because they bonded rather then binded their dragons. I think the Targs may have started the rebellion and when their involvement was discovered they knew all hell was going to break loose so they fled. I think they let them leave thinking since they were gone things would get back to the way they wanted. If that makes any sense.
  7. Missandei is a Faceless Man/Woman perhaps Izembaro

    OK, so not sure if this particular quote has been used yet, I try to pay as much attention as I can to this thread but sometimes I still forget what has/hasn't been said. Anyway, I would say that I found something that points to the fact that the Dragonlords were absolutely involved in slavery and were even the ones leading the slavery, and thus they are the ones the doom was aimed at etc etc which brings us back around to this Miss is a FM theory. “The Nine Free Cities are the daughters of valyria that was,” the kindly man taught her, “but Braavos is the bastard child who ran away from home. We are a mongrel folk, the sons of slaves and whores and thieves. Our forebears came from half a hundred lands to this place of refuge, to escape the dragonlords who had enslaved them. Half a hundred gods came with them, but there is one god all of them shard in common.” “Him of Many Faces.” “And many names,”the kindly man had said. “In Qohor he is the Black Goat, in Yi Ti the Lion of the Night, in Westeros the Stranger. All men must bow to him in the end, no matter if they worship the Seven or the Lord of the Light, the Moon Mother or the Drowned God or the Great Shepherd. All mankind belongs to him...else somewhere in the world would be a folk who lived forever. Do you know of any folk who live forever?” So the Dragonlords were definitely slavers, and I don't think the Targs were the only Dragonlords. I think this once again reflects upon the fact that somehow the Targs formed a bond with their dragons whereas others needed to bind their dragons. Now if you knew that someone was able to do something with great ease, whereas you had to struggle or even seek out sorcery (such as a dragon binding horn) to make the same thing happen, wouldn't you be jealous? If you were a Dragonlord who had to seek out other methods to bind your dragon, where it came naturally to one family, wouldn't you be a little ticked? Because even with your binding you're still only receiving a cheap imitation of what forms naturally for that other family. What if your family was the only family who naturally bonded with their dragons? Do you think that might gain anomosity and hatred from those who have to use other methods? I think it would. I would think others might even seek to wipe you and your line out, just out of jealousy and spite. Would you try to enslave that family? Or to take their dragons? We know from the KM that the Dragonlords were slavers, and I don't find it a far stretch to think that they were also using their dragons to their personal benefit (ie slaves) as opposed to actually bonding with them. Dany loves her dragons, she loves them, they are her world, they are what she holds most dear, what if all the Targs were that way with their dragons as opposed to other dragonlords saw them as something to just be owned or used to their own benefit? The other paragraph with the KM asking Arya if she knows of any of mankind that can live forever....well, I can think of someone...Wights/Others. The only way they die is dragon glass (or I bet dragon fire) and I think the KM probably knows this. Which would lead back to another conspiracy theory that is in another thread regarding the FM, the Citadel and magic. Also, in this same chapter Arya is telling the KM about one of the courtesans having dragon blood, her name is Black Pearl. “Cat told the kindly man about the Black Pearl too. “Her true name is Bellegere Otherys,” she informed him..... “It is,” the priest said softly. “Her mother was Bellonara, but the first Black Pearl was a Bellegere as well.” Now I know this is just one of the three things that Cat learned for the KM and was telling him, but does anyone think it may have more significance? She's rumored to have dragon blood (which could mean everything or nothing) , but I guess what stood out to me was her last name, “Otherys” , I have no idea why, I guess because it sounds like “Others” lol and I have no idea where I would go with that. That's the end of my crackpotiness.
  8. Missandei is a Faceless Man/Woman perhaps Izembaro

    Not sure if anyone has observed, but Miss. in the show does NOT look like a pre-pubescent 11 year old girl. This can mean everything, or nothing. Non book readers would have no reason to think anything of it, but for those of us who have read the books and realize that she's only supposed to be 11 and looks to be atleast 15/16...I think that's important. I also feel it supports the FM theory.
  9. [ADwD Spoilers] Perfumed Seneschal

    I never thought of this! But I think you might be on to something.... Reznak -He is a small man, fleshy and bald from age. He wears lots of perfume. He speaks the local form of Vastard Valyrian with a thick accent. His smile seems slimy and oily. Reznak's manner of speech tends to be excessively flattering towards his superiors. He is a small man, fleshy and bald from age. He wears lots of perfume. He has a thick accent.   Varys is a eunuch; he is plump, completely bald and effeminate. He has soft white hands. He powders his face. He prefers comfortable clothing, fine silks (often in outrageous colors), and soft slippers that allow him to walk without making any sound. His outward manner is obsequious, mysterious, and squeamish. He is a master of disguise and can easily change his appearance, gait, smell, and costume to become unrecognizable. His history of providing information to all sides, of aiding enemies, of pitting rivals against one another, and of manipulation to achieve his ends has earned him a reputation of being distasteful and untrustworthy amongst the nobles at court. In private, however, he claims to value order, stability, and peace above all, and professes loyalty to those who work for those goals as well.   I think it sounds like they have a lot of similarities!
  10. [ADwD Spoilers] Perfumed Seneschal

    I thought it was Varys, I thought it was Raznak, I thought it was the boat that Tyrion was on...then one day I saw this on the wiki while reading about the I'm wondering if the Seneschal that Quaithe is warning Dany of is actually a Maester. If there is a true Maester conspiracy as Barbary believes than perhaps Quaithe is warning Dany of that. "Seneschal The Seneschal is chosen from among the archmaesters by lot. A new one is chosen each year. The Seneschal is tasked with the governance of the Citadel. Most archmaesters consider it a thankless task that takes them away from their true calling.[3]"
  11. Missandei is a Faceless Man/Woman perhaps Izembaro

    This is true, however, when I'm out in the cold and see my breath I usually refer to it as steam, not smoke. Smoke and steam are usually two different things. Smoke usually occurs when there is fire, steam usually occurs when warm moisture hits cold air. I just think the fact that his wound was "smoking" much like Drogon's was "smoking" is pretty significant.
  12. Missandei is a Faceless Man/Woman perhaps Izembaro

    Another thing that is interesting, as pointed out by The Others Take Ya, Dany when saying she is "blood of the dragon" is saying it, but it's almost as though she's saying it by wrote, not because she understands the deeper meaning of it, which I think is important. She thinks that she is "blood of the dragon" because she is Targ, which undoubtedly is true, but I think there is much more significance to the saying. Likewise, the Starks saying is "Winter is coming" and "the North remembers" HOWEVER, similar to Dany, I think they say these things by wrote, without truly knowing/remebering the deeper meaning of the words. "Winter is coming" in the series, Ned says that it means, essentially, no matter how hard things get, they are going to get harder, and "The North remembers" is to remind those that do them wrong that they will get their comuppence eventually because, well, the North remembers. But I think the words and sayings go further than that. I think that both Dany, and the most recent generation of Starks, are saying the words without truly knowing the meaning, which I think will have a magical connection, something to do with the coming war of worlds so to speak. I also found it interesting during my re-read of SoS that Weirwood seems to be used everywhere, even for those who do not worship the Old Gods. In the Vale, they cannot grow a Godswood because the trees will not take root, but the chairs and doors are made of Weirwood. At the HoBaW in Bravvos they use Weirwood, same for the door at the Nightfort, I think I want to say somewhere in the LC rooms at KL perhaps a table?....there are some others that are slipping my mind but I know there were tons of references to weirwood being used for furniture/doors etc throughout (especially the end) of SoS, so the weirwood seems to be used all over Westeros and some other parts of the world...I just find that very interesting, especially as no one seems to worship the Old Gods in Westeros, yet they all use weirwood...maybe they used the weirwood out of contempt for the Old Gods? I imagine that would come with some reprecussions eventually, especially as we've seen how worshipers of the Old Gods flip out when the weirwood gets burned. Then too, burning is much different than converting it into another use.....I guess my point is, all that weirwood (and the fact that it's been pointed out at length) has to have signficance. I also think it's of worth to note that in some other threads people have related Melisandre's red eyes to the Weirwood red eyes, but Jon makes a clear distinction that she is not of the Old Gods at all, upon Ghosts return he is comparing the eyes of ghost to the eyes of Melisandre at which point he states that Melisandre's eyes are different, and that Ghost's eyes are that of a weirwood. Also, I wanted to clarify, which OP sort of did for me, I'm not saying Dany is "fire proof" I absolutely do NOT think that, as evidenced by the fact that her hands get burnt, her hair gets burnt etc...but the fact that the dragon fire did not burn the rest of her when it did burn off her hair, and burnt her hands...well that's pretty significant, especially as we know that Quentyn got burnt to a crispt by dragon fire. Perhaps it's just some sort of resistence, or tolerance to fire or as the OP says, scalding...but something significant is happening there and it's for a reason, otherwise, when Drogon blew flames she would have been a crispy critter like Quentyn. And back to the Targs having "relations" with their dragons, something that just popped into my head....Dany did not physically give birth to her dragons, they did not come from her body, but I find it interesting that she did nurse them, with her milk, from her body. Granted, it was available due to her stillbirth, but still an interesting tidbit I think.....also, there has been speculation on other threads that those who give birth to Targ babies have a higher death rate....Joanna (if you believe A+J=T), Lyanna (if you believe R+L=J), Elia, Dany's mother....just saying. I would also like to apologize for derailing this thread but there are just so many offshoots for different topic/theory development that relate to the OP and grew from there.
  13. Missandei is a Faceless Man/Woman perhaps Izembaro

    Targs and dragons toiling together is exactly the crackpotishness I was headed towards. I like that you point out about the islands! And I didn't even make any connections in similarities between Greywater and Naath until you pointed it out! I've always wondered what the "I am blood of the dragon" really means. There was a point where I thought perhaps the Targs and their dragons...ahem...literally had "relations". The reason I thought this was because of the deformity of Dany's son (resembled a deformed human/dragon concotion) as well as Tyrion (for those who are A+J=T theorists) the fact that his resemblence is relatively close to the resemblence of Dany's son (joke about him having a tail, monstrous, twisted, stunted etc AND he loves his bacon "burnt to a crisp") .... BUT... Now that I've started reading this thread I'm starting to really really question what the "I am the blood of the dragon" statement means. Obviously it's significant, can it be taken literally? Not sure. Symbolic, absolutely. A combination of the two, most likely. AND- I never thought about the horn "binding" Dany! That's an excellent observation. Oh, and as an afterthought, as you point out, the Targs and Dragons could have toiled together in the caves due to the Targs ability to be heat...resistent? I mean, we know from the KM story that the slaves feet and hands would burn but that it was insufferably hot. Dany's hands were burnt when she went to Drogon (but amazingly, nothing else was), and Jon's hands were burnt when he grabbed the torch to kill the wights but after his incident it is noted that his wounds are "smoking" much like Drogon's wounds were "smoking" when he was hit with the spears/arrows. So we know Targs are not "fire proof" but perhaps they have a tendency to be flame resistent? LOL I wonder if Dany's wounds would "smoke" if she were to get stabbed? Madness, this thread is absolute madness!
  14. Missandei is a Faceless Man/Woman perhaps Izembaro

    OK, so I am doing a re-read of the series and right now I am doing SoS. I'm reading a Dany chapter and some small tidbits just stuck out to me and reminded me of this theory. It's nothing major, just phrases and wording that I found interesting that could be slight foreshadowing or support of the theory. -"The little scribe with big golden eyes was wise beyond her years. She isbrave as well. She had t obe, to survive the life she's lived" (I know she's a slave, but she doesn't even flinch when she sees the other children disembowled on the trek to M.; and wise beyond her years...) -Dany refers to Naath as "the fabled isle of Naath" albeit, it's because she's heard of it and it sounds lovely and she's never seen it on any of the maps? then she swears she will take Missandei home one day and she replies "This one is content to stay with you, Your Grace, Naath will be there, always. You are good to this-to me" (I find it only vaguely interesting that Missandei would not want to return to her beautiful fabled isle, then again, that could easily be explained if she has a true attachment to Dany...also again, her change of this one to me) -"She heard the city fall from half a league away, though, when the defenders' shouts of defiance changed to cries of fear. Her dragons had roared as one in that moment, filling the night with flame. The salves are rising, she knew at once. My sewer rats have gnawed off their chains" (I find it interesting that at the same time the "slaves" broke free from their chaings that the dragons "roared as one" and Dany knew immediately that the slaves had started to rise. How would she, or her dragons, know that at precisely that moment the slaves had been freed?) -The use of Dany being called "Mother" she is not only the "Mother" of dragons, but of slaves as well. -"I want your leaders" dany told them. "Give them up, and the rest of you shall be spared." "How many?" one old woman had asked, sobbing. "How many musty ou have to spare us?" "One hundred and sixty three" she answered. ....The anger was fierce and hot inside her when she gave the command; it made her feel like an avenging dragon...It was just. It was. I did it for the children. (NOW- a few things with this passage 1)she felt like an avenging dragon, if dragons were indeed at one point slaves, who were able to turn on their masters, they would be avenging themselves. The last part "I did it for the children", who else says that in the story? That's right, Varys. To Ned. What could that mean? No clue as we have no idea what Varys plans are yet) -Missandei is the last person she looks at when contemplating who would betray her next. -Dany is on her balcony contemplating her city and the fact that there is "no one in the world she could trust" then Missandei appears at her elbow and Dany says "Never lie to me, Missandei. Never betray me." to which she replies "I never would, look, dawn comes". (Again, Dany is contemplating betrayl and Missandei appears right there and then when asking her never to lie or betray her...well that was a quick change of topic for Missandei! 'i never willl, look, dawn!') -Last but not least, "Your Grace, the slavers brought their doom on themselves" said Daario Naharis...(the slavers brought DOOM on themselves, I just found that an interesting choice word). I think the Targs bonding with their dragons as opposed to binding their dragons is going to be a big deal. I think that slavers would have used a binding horn, where as, like others suggest, Targs have a bond with their dragons like Starks have with their wolves, it's just a natural affinity. Part of me is starting to wonder if the two of them (dragons and Targs) were not in some form of bondage together, or if the Targs are the ones who initiated getting the dragons out of bondage. Just my mad thoughts at 3:30 am.....