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  1. I think this is especially true. It isn't that women might do it better, that doesn't seem to be the point being made. It's that there needs to be an opportunity for women's view, the Female Gaze, to be seen. Outlander does a good job of that. GoT is all about the male gaze, and that's a problem for me. It's catering to a sexist view of women. Not having women involved, at every level, has resulted in a deficit of the female gaze. And it's not just showing a butt or penis, it's HOW you look at a man that shows he's desirable. GoT doesn't get that right at all. And women and men provide different views, experiences, that make a show or book or whatever art form, great. It's their je ne sais quoi that matters.
  2. I think Jaime thinks he is saving his honor through Brienne, but that he really isn't, that's more about their relationship, what he thinks of her and she of him. In the end, Jaime has to account for Bran. Sure, he lost a hand for pushing him out the window, but was that enough? Especially for the show, don't we need something that truly rubs that in the casual viewers face?
  3. There has to be an evolution of the characters. From Point A to Point B to Point C. One the audience can follow. For Brienne it's from Renly and Loras to Catelyn and her vow concerning the Stark daughters, interrupted by Jaime. Then Brienne, for the show, to Sansa, interrupted by Stannis and Jaime. Then ________ (for the show?), interrupted by ______ and Jaime. For certain, it always leads back to Jaime. And that's how it will end. Not as a servant of Catelyn. Not as a servant of Sansa. As something else, that leads to Jaime, again, as always. For Sansa, it's the story of a spoiled young woman thrown to the lions. How does she survive? Who pushes her around and uses, what she calls her "stupidity", against her. First the Lannisters, then the Tyrells (and Littlefinger), then Littlefinger and his myriad ways of what amounts to punishment for the character (certainly on the show). How does she continue to survive? Where's safety? Where's the one who said he'd keep her safe? In what ways has she grown? She kills now or orders it done. But she's rejected by the Northern Lords for Jon. She may be a Lady still, but according to the first Leaker, she's going to work a reward / punishment angle (at the behest of Littlefinger?). This has to be shown as more mistakes made by Sansa. She's the one who never gets it right the first time around. Always makes the bad decision, even when it might lead to good. And she's definitely punished for her choices (moreso on the show). Will she get it right in the end? In the end, her bad decisions will lead her to where she needs to be, not a spoiled young woman, not one who does not understand this world, but one who does. Not one who's desire is to marry a prince, but one who has been exposed to a variety of men ALL of whom are chosen for her, and chooses for herself, the one she will love. In the books, that's obviously Sandor. We know, from the book story, that Brienne and Jaime care about each other. It has yet to play out fully on the show, and they like to hold back information that book readers already have, but in the end, the viewers of the show will be 100% certain that Brienne and Jaime truly care about each other. We know, from the book story, that Sansa and Sandor care about each other. This too is being withheld, just as above, that in the end, Sansa recognizes who her "dog" really is. Her dog is not Brienne. She has other story purposes, but not this one. The show has taken lots of shortcuts, simplified the plot and used current main characters as substitutes in their story to arrive at a similar conclusion. The conclusion that will be shown in the final season. Right now, we're hovering on the beginning of the end. And just because it's so now, does not mean that is the way it ends. In fact, it means, to me, that where the characters are in season 7 will be far from their season 1 selves, about to learn the most important 'fact' of their lives. How they act and react is what begins season 8.
  4. Just caught up a little. Wanted to go back and quote this -- I think that's well said. If the reader/viewer kept their view of the characters at bay, then Jaime and Brienne are a great team from the get-go, just as the show set them up fighting each other and, laughably, his wondering if she was family (haha!) at one point. But their characters fit together and that seems to be the point. As it has been the point of the story all along, imo, that Cersei and Jaime were not a good thing. This is the woman for whom he pushed Bran out a window. Which, obviously, was great for the straightforward plot, but emblematic of twincest being a negative construct. And while I believe the leak that Jon and Dany are going to find each other attractive et al., I also think the show has set up a great conflict (no!! not a love triangle!!) with Jon's mind over what happened between them. He is the 'son' of Ned Stark, and he's not going to want to deal with any potential bastard, says the show and books, but . . . what to do if she does get pregnant? I think that is likely only because I think that GRRM loves his Targs way too much not to have the line continued. They are his ultimate fantasy characters. I think that the "cognitive dissonance" mentioned, coupled with "incredible similarity" of background and role in the story also applies to Sandor and Sansa. If you remove their visual differences, you have two characters who add up in the same way as Jaime and Brienne. In the end, it's Occam's razor. GRRM is good at weaving stories but struggles with convoluted plotting, relying on diversion and mass amounts of detail while leaving out key points to obscure the real plot. So I buy the straightforward answer.
  5. What? Both leakers, though I'm pretty certain the second is a fake, the first definitely said Jon ends up with Dany and spends most of the season with her.
  6. I think the Hound is taller and said by the showrunners to be taller because it's important. And he pledged his life to Sansa. To come between her and Joffrey. I do find that romantic. And this look doesn't say intimidation.
  7. I disagree with everything @Newstar says about the Hound. And to quote: So Arya is NOT interchangeable with Sansa for the Hound. He is main cast. Bronn is a minor character upjumped in the show. He is not, was not, can not, and will not be as important as Sandor in the books and in the show. A mini episode of his own proves that. No Bronn mini episode is there. I'm sure, based on the book story, that GRRM will bring back the Hound. Nothing that @Newstar says proves anything to me.
  8. If the Hound is still on the show, and so many others have been killed off; if the creators refer to and list him as main cast; if they give him his own mini episode, then I'd say, ipso facto, he is important to the story. And that GRRM did tell the showrunners that he was and what his role would be.
  9. Just speculation based on the leaks. I mean, where do you go, dramatically, with a woman waking up in a bed of blood, screaming? Lyanna died. So maybe Cersei lives and Qyburn saves her. But it's not "completely made up": Cersei waking up in a bed of blood, that's the last scene she has according to the leaks. IF she dies like that, won't it suck? I'm just applying known leak and overlaying the valonqar theory. That's the title of the thread "Speculation, news, theories for season 7 (including leaks). I think I fulfilled that. Speculation married to theory based on the leaks.
  10. Well, doesn't the valonqar prophecy come true if she's actually killed by the "little brother', i.e. the child that she gives gives birth/miscarries, supposedly, at the end of the season? Sure it doesn't fit the prophecy exactly, but that part's not been on the show. So they just make it up as they go, keeping their highly paid actress until the final season. And since they've tried (and failed, but that's my opinion) to make show Cersei more sympathetic, then her death is likely sympathetic too. Season 8, she dies of complications. The little brother being the youngest of her children. It's rather melodramatic, isn't it? Show devolves into soap opera.
  11. I don't think that Jon is going to have any conflict at all in regard to the political plotline. The leaks indicate he kneels to her. I'm not a fan of that, but there you go. He kneels. She's the queen. He wants to save the world. He tries to convince all and sundry. OK. That's the tack the show will take. Jon is not a political being. He had to be led into being LC by Sam. There will be conflict though. They've set it up with their being related "reveal". The irksome thing for me is that we've been there, done that with Cersei and Jaime. And yes, I absolutely see an incestual relationship as soap opera and cheap drama. GRRM did Cersei and Jaime well because we were able to read their thoughts. When you see it onscreen, it's not so compelling. You've got lust and commitment between two characters that really ought to have reconciled their love for each other a long time ago (and its dragged on too long in the show). So now we have Jon and Dany. I don't think that's going to end in a happy ever after, bouncing baby to boot. And if it does --- soap opera X 100.
  12. The show had to give Sansa something to do. She's in Winterfell, hanging out with Brienne, her sister comes along, and then Bran. Both a lot more exciting than Sansa. She's the non-exciting, stupid girl, by her own account, and she's got Littlefinger to toy with, now that she knows he wants the whole shebang. Jon up and leaves, for 'reasons' (in order to further his Dany-centric story), and now Sansa's 'in charge.' So the show goes the whole mini-Cersei route with Sansa. Not surprising, given their poor treatment of the character in general. I don't think this relates at all to book Sansa. It's show-only invention to up the drama in Winterfell and give the character a semblance of motivation in a season that seems to lack motivation in the Winterfell plotline.
  13. Plus the show hasn't revealed Rhaegar yet. That's conspicuous too. They're saving that little nugget for Bran and Sam to find out and put together. Then TA DA! Look, he's really related to her! Right when they're having sex. That's an ultimate reveal. I don't care if they're out to 'save the world.' If they set it up like this, there's bound to be fallout. There always needs to be a change, a turn in events from scene to scene, from season to season, and ultimately, from the beginning to the end. Where we started is not where we end up. And having Jon and Dany having sex at the end, with the reveal to the audience, is setting up their 'best bad choice' that will come for Season 8.
  14. Hear hear! Cersei is crazy, absolutely. Power hungry and mean-spirited. ON THE SHOW. She unleashed Gregor Clegane on a septa and was incredibly pleased with herself for doing it.
  15. That's presuming that Jon doesn't agree they should be locked up for whatever reason Tormund had locked them up, and he overrides Tormund's decision. If they're just "stopped" from crossing on their own, why the dungeon?