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  1. Deadpool v SkullpoopL: Dawn of Spoilers

    Lang was perfectly fine in Tombstone. He could play Cable.

  3. Deadpool v SkullpoopL: Dawn of Spoilers

    Too much of a pretty boy. Not sure he could pull off a grizzled war hardened time traveller like Cable. Perlman and Lang are both better fits imo.
  4. Deadpool v SkullpoopL: Dawn of Spoilers

    Apparently his casting choices are as good as his artwork...
  5. NHL 2015-16: We finally needed a new thread!

    Didn't the Pens win the Cup last time they made a coaching change midseason? Still like SJ though. Sharks in 7.
  6. Preacher- AMC Comic Adaptation

    I thought This Is the End was one of the funniest movies i've seen this decade. Nice to see Hollywood types poking fun at themselves. Superbad is damn funny too. Idk, I like the guy.
  7. NHL 2015-16: We finally needed a new thread!

    Congrats to @Bonesy and the Sharks on their first appearance in the finals. I'll be rooting for them to win it all. I want to see the veterans like Thornton and Marleau hoist the Cup.
  8. Deadpool v SkullpoopL: Dawn of Spoilers

    Hmm...I know everyone wants Stephen Lang, but Pearlman would be a good fit too.
  9. [Poll] How would you rate episode 605?

    Season 5 is easily the weakest imo due to the focus on newspaper and McNulty's shenanigans with the serial killer. Still had plenty I liked though (Michael's arc & Bubbles for example). I'm pretty fond of season 2 personally.
  10. Preacher- AMC Comic Adaptation

    Forgot about the Tom Cruise bit. It did indeed go right into Jesse in the comics. That was kind of an odd choice the way they did it. Especially seeing someone else use the word first.
  11. NFL 2016 Draft: To 6 More Rounds Of Misery And Joy!

    So Tyler Eifert does in fact need surgery. Kid is made of glass.
  12. Preacher- AMC Comic Adaptation

    Same here. Extremely frustrating. Let's hope he doesn't get his musical career in the show. To anyone struggling to remember names, the big 3: Jesse (Preacher), Tulip (Jesse's badass ex), Cassidy (vampire). Those are really the only one's you need to keep track of at this point.
  13. Preacher- AMC Comic Adaptation

    Thought it was a solid premiere. Cassidy is absolutely perfect and I like Tulip and Jesse even if they're not quite how I pictured them. I do share the concern of not having them out on the road though. Guess we'll see.
  14. Fargo Season 2: you betcha!

    Tatiana Maslany plays like half a dozen roles on Orphan Black, and she's tremendous at it.
  15. Banshee

    Solid finale.