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  1. Banshee

    Lili Simmons is going to be in HBO's Westworld as well. I was already planning on checking that show out, so that's just a bonus.
  2. The Night Of (HBO)

    I could be wrong, but iirc even a consultation with a lawyer is enough for a conflict of interest with another client involved in the same case.
  3. The Night Of (HBO)

    Wouldn't that be a conflict of interest?
  4. NFL 2016 Offseason: THIS Is The Year!

    If this doesn't hold up its a complete joke.
  5. The Night Of (HBO)

  6. Watch, Watched, Watching: The Final Cut

    Dr. Melfi also I'd count that as a pretty big moral action. And Avon isn't the only do-gooder in fictional crime land, remember when Tony gave the reverend the stolen turkeys to feed the poor at Thanksgiving?
  7. Watch, Watched, Watching: The Final Cut

    I'm not knocking The Wire. It's probably my second favorite show after The Sopranos, but it doesn't even come close in terms of comic relief. And while not all of the characters have depressing endings, a lot of them do. Seasons 2 & 4 are are both extremely bleak, and while they're brilliantly done as well as important, they're not quite as fun to watch compared to The Sopranos. Which had an absolute perfect balance of humor and drama imo. As far as likeable characters, I love Tony Soprano. The same way I love Al Swearengen, or Walter White, or Stringer Bell. Dr. Melfi was obviously the moral center of the show though, so it's not as if they were all terrible people. Bobby was a good person for the most part as well. Which made
  8. Watch, Watched, Watching: The Final Cut

    Couldn't disagree more with some of the opinions on The Sopranos here, it's easily my favorite show of all-time. Watching The Wire to "have a good time" also strikes me as a strange comment. The Wire is about as bleak as it gets tbh.
  9. Watch, Watched, Watching: The Final Cut

    I also highly recommend that doc. Crazy stuff. I was dissapointed with the feature film as well. It had plenty of other problems, but the biggest was I didn't particularly like Michael Shannon in that role (and I'm a big fan of his from Boardwalk Empire). James Gandolfini would have been absolutely perfect. Not only did he look like Kuklinski, but anyone who's ever seen the hotel room scene in True Romance knows just how perfect he would have been. The Sopranos too for that matter, with the whole two lives thing and all.
  10. Something to do with the spinoff series perhaps?
  11. NFL 2016 Offseason: THIS Is The Year!

    Denny Green died:
  12. Robert Baratheon isn't from a different house? Ok.
  13. This again? There is no way a distant relation like a second cousin from a completely different house would come before the daughter of the previous king. And Daenerys was introduced to us as Princess of Dragonstone at the start of the story, she was absolutely Viserys' heir.
  14. NFL 2016 Offseason: THIS Is The Year!

    Don't sleep on the Bengals. Despite the loss of a couple WR, they're still one of the most complete teams in the NFL. The only question mark for me going into the season is how the new OC will do.
  15. The Night Of (HBO)

    Thought the same thing. Turturro was good though.