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  1. Comics XII: All New, All Twelve

  2. Vikings 4B is up and down like the show has been for years. Worth watching for Ivar alone though. I couldn't get into Taboo. Quit after 5 episodes. Haven't seen Young Pope. Subject matter doesn't interest me much. I'm finally giving Hannibal a try. Couple episodes in and it's pretty underwhelming so far, but I know you and others say it's gets much better as it goes on.
  3. Best Stephen King movie/tv show adaptations

    Yeah, I'd definitely check that out.
  4. Legion (FX's Marvel tv series) [SPOILERS]

    Mojo.wouldn't fit the tone of this show at all. I'm not getting that vibe from whatever it is either.
  5. I used to love Northern Exposure back in the day. Wonder how it would hold up on a rewatch now.
  6. NHL 2016 - The Kids Are Alright

    Lovejoy is fucking awful. I wish you guys would take him back.
  7. NHL 2016 - The Kids Are Alright

    The WHA was no joke either. We had the Stingers here in Cincinnati, and although it was before my time, I know Mark Messier played here. Gretzky started in the WHA as well, iirc. Think that WHA team was when Howe was playing with his sons too. Imagine being old enough to have sons on the team and still being that dominant.
  8. I just binged this a few days ago, it's really good. My only complaint was Cuba Gooding Jr was horribly miscast as OJ. Everyone else was fantastic though. Ryan Murphy has teased me with a great first season of a show before (AHS Murderhouse), only to never live up to it again though. After watching OJ I learned the next season of ACS will be hurricane Katrina, which seems like a strange choice. I also feel like I've already seen that story in Treme. Not really too excited for the next season tbh.
  9. "Charming Taintman" is how I'm referring to him henceforth. Kind of a mediocre episode until the end. I loved the gang being so shocked by how dark Dee went though with the dude's daughter.
  10. You really should make it a priority. It's only 3 seasons, so not a massive commitment. It has the best dialogue of any show I've ever seen (which a Tarantino fan should appreciate ), and Ian McShane gave a performance for the ages. Don't let the non-ending hold you back either. Ofc it would have been great to have got more, but it's still plenty satisfying.
  11. NHL 2016 - The Kids Are Alright

    They should forgo the waiting period to get into the HoF when he retires. Put him in that day.
  12. NHL 2016 - The Kids Are Alright

    The Devils fired Julien in 07 with 3 games left. They were tied for 1st place at the time, iirc. I don't care what he says, Lou Lamoriello had to regret that one.
  13. Sopranos- so awesome

    I certainly always "rooted" for Tony. The simplest reason being his antagonists were much worse, Richie, Ralphie, Phil, etc.
  14. Legion (FX's Marvel tv series) [SPOILERS]

    I doubt it was just a coincidence.