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  1. The German player that got called for high sticking cost them gold. Terrible penalty.
  2. Thought the Germans pulled off the upset against Russia. Gonna be a heartbreaker if they can’t pull this out in OT or the SO.
  3. Fuck he’s good...
  4. Patrik Elias’ jersey retirement was first class. Probably my favorite one yet. Next stop Toronto!
  5. Definitely going to be harder to come out of the East this year. Tampa and Boston both look legit.
  6. I watched Logan Lucky tonight. Really liked it. Very funny, and the heist was pretty cool. Folks here will definitely appreciate this scene, too...
  7. I call shenanigans on this Pens Brassard trade...
  8. Because all the best Canadian players are in the NHL, which didn’t participate in these Olympics.
  9. Ray Shero really is a maverick lol. I never thought I’d see the day the Devils and Rags made a trade between them. Devils landed Michael Grabner for Yegor Rykov (who’s currently playing in Russia) and a 2nd. Grabner will be a nice fit with his speed, and they desperately needed some goal scoring from someone besides Hall. Kinda pricey if he ends up only being a rental, but hopefully he’ll sign.
  10. Completely disagree. I prefer S1 over the later seasons for two reasons, 1: Andy Whitfield was the better Spartacus. And 2:
  11. USA women’s hockey takes down Canada for the gold!
  12. Does anyone read Brian K Vaughan’s Paper Girls? Thinking about picking up the first trade.
  13. Jessie Diggins first medal for the USA women in cross country skiing, and it’s a gold!
  14. So that’s a yes or a no? You have to at least love his tie.