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  1. Wow that stuff with young Syd was fucked up. Easily my favorite episode of S2 so far though. I continue to love the music in this show.
  2. Should have done Agent Venom with Flash if they wanted to go in this direction.
  3. Agreed. That did nothing for me.
  4. And...Columbus has still never won a playoff series. Pens/Caps round 26
  5. yeah Philly showing no class as per usual.
  6. Jake Guentzel with 4 goals Not sure about the Pens goaltending going forward though. Thought Murray was pretty bad. Bet you guys wish you had MAF back...
  7. Watched War for the Planet of the Apes. Really liked it. Definitely my favorite of these newer Apes movies. Loved the little nods to the original like naming the young mute girl Nova.
  8. Tampa was just too much for the Devils. Even with Cory Schneider standing on his head. Lost a ton of respect for that Lightning team during this series tbh. Hope they get swept in RD2.
  9. Hamburglar
  10. Nice. I’m actually planning on starting Romanzo Criminale this weekend.
  11. This and Lazarus are a couple of my favorite monthly books that I hope get off the ground eventually.
  12. It’ll be the 2020 playoffs before we’re ready for a new thread.
  13. Doughty got a one game suspension for the exact same hit, yet Kucherov gets nothing. What a joke. George Parros can go fuck himself. No talent goon.
  14. Two veteran teams in the Ducks and LAK swept. Yikes.