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  1. Wish they didn’t even give them that point, but the OT goal (by John Moore who is just money in OT) was really satisfying after the Wild tied it up with Dubnyk pulled.
  2. Curb was extra silly tonight. Kind of reminiscent of the Seinfeld series finale.
  3. Finished. Loved it. Jon Bernthal is just so perfect in this role. The second half of the season is particularly strong, IMO. Episodes 10-13 were all amazing.
  4. I liked it. Hell of a cast. I’m not sure about the timeline, but I wonder if that movie helped get Ray Stevenson the role of Pullo on Rome?
  5. Those stats at the end were both heartbreaking and infuriating.
  6. You all have me interested in Fortitude. Might give it a go after I binge Punisher.
  7. I rewatched In Bruges recently getting hyped for Three Billboards. So good.
  8. My favorite film of the year so far.
  9. #1 for me right here
  10. Don’t care what the story is about give me more Deadwood.
  11. Satisfying ending.
  12. Wild one between the Devs and Hawks tonight (Devs won 7-5). Congrats to Miles “Mendoza” Wood on his 1st career Hat Trick.
  13. Hiding in shame.
  14. I still maintain it was a combination of things boiling over for Green. He's extremely frustrated with the state of his team. Ramsey is not the first CB to shut him down (Joe Haden has owned him for years) and as nasty as some of the Bengals/Steelers and even Ravens games have been over the years he's never reacted like that before.
  15. Hostiles looks really good.