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  1. Watched Nocturnal Animals last night. Not bad. Kind of a cross between Hitchcock and David Lynch. If you watch it be prepared for one of the grossest openings of a film you'll ever see...
  2. Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan again in a Star Wars version of a spaghetti western? Take my money, Disney!
  3. @red snow Brad was the drone.
  4. Much better episode. Herr Star, Featherstone and Hoover are working well so far, and the closer they stick to the comics the better it seems. Dennis acting like a defiant teenager was pretty funny. When he slammed the door and Cassidy gave the how dare you I was cracking up.
  5. Best voice on the show.
  6. Ennis is a better writer.
  7. I'd would have liked if Tyrion designed her a special saddle to ride Drogon with. But if it hasn't happened yet I guess it's not going to. We learned in TPatQ the Targaryens used saddles with chains to ride. Guess it makes Dany even more of a big deal that she's riding a dragon bareback. It's no wonder the Dothraki respect her so much.
  8. You need to get on that for sure. It's one of the films that puts 2007 over the top for best year of cinema for me. At least in recent history.
  9. Really boring episode. What happened to being on the road for S2? I guess we're stuck in NO for the foreseeable future. I really wish they would have just cut Arseface from the show. He's one of the weaker parts of the comics, and he's even worse in the show.
  10. Robert knew it as well "only a fool would face the Dothraki in the open field." They win even without Drogon. It looked like they greatly outnumbered the Lannisters and Tarlys anyway. That was A LOT of Dothraki screamers!
  11. I was wondering about this as well.
  12. Indeed. Huge props to the stunt guys working with those horses. Must have been a nightmare to shoot that stuff. The Dothraki were every bit as impressive as Drogon was in this battle. That's no small feat.
  13. Suburra is as good as @WarGalley said. A mixture of Gomorrah the film and the series is a perfect description. That's honestly one of the better crime movies i've seen in a while. And you weren't lying about them ladies...
  14. They're really finishing strong. Hope the finale is just as good.
  15. I'm going to check this out. Gomorrah the series is one of my favorite shows, and the movie was solid. Thanks for the recommendation.