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  1. HBO's "Westworld" (Fall 2016 premiere confirmed)

    Can't recommend The Leftovers enough. Best show on tv imo. It's a shame more people don't watch it.
  2. Deadwood

  3. I was slightly dissapointed with that one. Thought it would be funnier tbh. It had its moments though. My favorite part was the movie pictures at the end.
  4. Dany's Two Wingmen (Wingwomen)

    Have you read TPatQ? Bonding to a dragon is actually quite easy. It certainly doesn't require a horn, or any kind of magic. Anyway, Dany's bond with Drogon goes back before he even hatched. Not sure why this is even being debated?
  5. NFL 2016 Offseason: THIS Is The Year!

    @Mexal We finally cut Brandon Tate! I'm looking forward to seeing what Erickson will do for our return game.
  6. How is a girl who grew up a beggar "spoiled?" Dany remembers being able to buy a sausage as a luxury. Viserys had to sell his mother's crown just so they could eat, ffs. I have no idea what books some of you people read.
  7. I thought S2 was by far the best, with Nightcomers being my favorite episode of the show. S3 was a huge let down for me. Especially the last couple episodes. They underused Eva Green, which is unforgivable! @Theda Baratheon, not sure if you ever finished Banshee, but that was another great show that had a dissapointing final season.
  8. I agree. She was also the best part of that movie for me. She was great in The Fault of Our Stars as well. It's a shame she's wasted so much time with those Divergent movies.
  9. The Night Of (HBO)

    ^Completely agree wrt Chandra. I could have done without the kiss and the drug smuggling. Good call on those that called the finance guy. I was way off on my prediction. Solid series overall with great performances from Turturro and Ahmed. Loved the last scene with the cat. I thought John was goingto say I'm going out, but having the cat be free was even better.
  10. Mr. Robot (spoilers).... 'cause I suck at this stuff

    Probably Mr. Robot, himself. I've always liked Cristian Slater. Dom is growing on me too.
  11. fAegon is the Stallion who Mounts the World

    There is one character in this story that will unite all the Dothraki into a single khalasar, and that's Daenerys.
  12. Poor McNulty. Closest thing the show had to a main character, and he's nobody's favorite. I actually did enjoy him for the most part . Especially his interactions with Bunk. I went back and forth between Omar and Stringer as my favorite. Idris Elba was probably the best actor on the show, but Omar is such a fun character. There's a reason he's become iconic over the years.
  13. Rogue One: 2 Rebellious 2 Fail

    No disintegrations!
  14. (Book spoilers) American Gods on Starz I have to admit, I'm drawing a blank wrt this character. I assume he had a relatively minor part?
  15. The Night Of (HBO)

    Not really. I guess Joel Edgerton was decent now that I think about it.