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  1. All I can think about when people are being critical of FG is Jay Baruchel slamming it in This Is the End, and getting labeled a hipster for doing so. But yeah, fuck FG. In what world is it a better movie than Pulp Fiction or Shawshank Redemption? Gtfo.
  2. I'll echo the praise for JDM. He was great. Possibly the best casting the show has had to date. The episode was tense af. I really thought they were switching Rick losing a hand to Carl for a minute. Andrew Lincoln was on his game during that scene too.
  3. HBO's Westworld- Enter the maze [spoilers]

    Another great episode. This one was co-written by one of my favorite comic writer's (Ed Brubaker) too. I can't get enough of the MiB. Glad we got a heavy dose of him after his absence last week.
  4. NFL 2016 Week 7: Nobody's Burfict

    Take Mike Nugent. Please.
  5. Deadpool v SkullpoopL: Dawn of Spoilers

    Have to go with Reynolds on this one, still can't see Coach Taylor as Cable.
  6. NHL 2016 - The Kids Are Alright

    Just in case some people aren't aware, Taylor Hall is really good at hockey. His OT goal was the perfect way to cap off Brodeur's statue night.
  7. Good movie. Although, I find stuff like that more disturbing than any supernatural/horror movies ever could be. It definitely stayed with me a while after watching it.
  8. Comics XII: All New, All Twelve

    2016 continues to suck. RIP, Mr. Dillon
  9. Logan-First R Rated Wolverine Movie?

    That looks really good. Mangold came close to making a very solid Wolverine movie (if not for the final act), so along with the R rating, and now a promising trailer, I'm hyped.
  10. NFL2016 Week 5: Somebody Needs A Bigger Locker

    It's come a long way from when I was a kid. Especially Over the Rhine and the Banks (the area between the two stadiums). *It's Cincinnati btw. I know, not the easiest city to spell.
  11. NFL2016 Week 5: Somebody Needs A Bigger Locker

    Fair enough. It's just so frustrating. He's too talented to waste his career like this. I'd blame our coaches, but it doesn't seem any of his coaches at any level have been able to get through to him. Sigh.
  12. NFL2016 Week 5: Somebody Needs A Bigger Locker

    I thought it was intentional at first too, but I don't think the front angle is nearly as good as the one from behind. It also didn't seem like Blount was in much pain like if a 250lb guy stepped on his leg with much force. If he does get suspended, it is what it is. He can't expect to get the benefit of the doubt after some of his past shenanigans.
  13. NFL2016 Week 5: Somebody Needs A Bigger Locker

    Hard to tell, but this angle looks more like he was trying to avoid one of the other Bengals.