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  1. nirolo added a post in a topic Why do some dislike Sansa ?   

  2. nirolo added a post in a topic Jon Snow: A mary sue?   

    What a splendid display of circle jerking. Bravo.
  3. nirolo added a post in a topic Are Stannis Fans conservatives?   

  4. nirolo added a post in a topic Are Stannis Fans conservatives?   

    This is how I stereotype American liberals/conservatives:

    1. Read the New York Times
    2. Listen to progressive talk radio
    3. Watch CNN/MSNBC
    4. Hate George W. Bush
    5. Adore Al Gore
    6. Revere Barack Obama
    7. Pro-Choice
    8. Anti-gun
    9. Pro gay marriage
    10. Adhere to the separation of Church and State
    11. Favor universal health care
    12. Favor some sort of government sponsored wealth redistribution (i.e. tax the rich to give to the poor)
    13. Believe global warming is real/human caused
    14. Believe in evolution

    1. Read the Wall Street Journal
    2. Listen to conservative talk radio
    3. Watch FOX news
    4. Love George W. Bush
    5. Despise Al Gore
    6. Abhor Barack Obama
    7. Pro-life
    8. Anti gun control
    9. Anti gay marriage
    10. Believe America is a Christian nation and that faith should have a place in public schools
    11. Against universal health care
    12. Vote against measures to redistribute wealth (i.e. don't tax the rich and redistribute it to the poor)
    13. Skeptical of global warming
    14. Believe Intelligent Design is greater than or equal to the theory of evolution.

    Anyway, my dislike for Stannis has nothing to do with my political affiliation. Instead, it's his willingness to kill his own brother over a petty claim and that he's a hypocrite IMO that cause me to dislike him.
  5. nirolo added a post in a topic So...did Cat know she was starting a war?   

    I'm with you on this, James.

    Clearly war was on her mind. Or at least that it was a distinct possibility. We know this because she was under direct order from Ned to fortify Moat Cailin in the event of a war against the Lannisters. Furthermore, in that very same chapter, but before she actually arrested Tyrion, Cat thought to herself, "It must not come to war..."

    If war was already a distinct possibility before, taking Tywin's son under questionable authority will only make war more likely. And I don't see how Cat could be ignorant of this.
  6. nirolo added a post in a topic Gender Bias And You   

    Men aren't afraid of rape?

    Just throw their ass in jail and see if they don't take extra precautions with their soap.
  7. nirolo added a post in a topic Gender Bias And You   

    Since you are asking for it, OP...

    I've convinced a few of my buddies to watch the HBO show by telling them it's essentially high-class porn.

    When it comes to female characters, I let my penis dictate who I like. For example, I like all the attractive ones like Brienne and Old Nan, but I hate the ugly ones like Sansa and Cersei.

    When it comes to male characters, I like all the ones with big cool swords. The bigger the better. If a male character doesn't have a sword (i.e. Varys) or only has a dagger (i.e. Littlefinger), then I don't like them.

    I hope this helps.
  8. nirolo added a post in a topic Joffrey: Tragic Hero or Misunderstood?   

    Yeah. I think Joffrey was well on his way to becoming the next Rhaegar when he got slapped by Tyrion, which knocked a few screws loose and made him into the monster he later became.

    Curse you, Tyrion!
  9. nirolo added a post in a topic Dany is not the Mother of Dragons   


    Do you also take issue with people referring to George Washington et al as the Founding Fathers? Because the United States did not come from someone's squirt.

    The Mother of Dragons is just a moniker used to entail Dany's importance in hatching the Dragons and her relations to them. It has nothing to do with physical labor.

    Not to mention mother could be used to refer to people who are not of biological relations, such as foster-mother, step-mother, or mother-in-law.

    This feels like a tongue-in-cheek thread.
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  11. nirolo added a post in a topic The friendship of Jon & Tyrion   

    Jon only thinks of Tyrion once in ADwD and it shows only incredulity toward the news of Tyrion's kinslaying: