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  1. Wong Chia Chi added a post in a topic [BOOK SPOILERS] Discussing Sansa X: Cold never bothered her anyway...   

    Okay. So....the moment didn't play out in the show like it didin the books, but it was still interesting.

    The kiss in particular. I've always thought that Littlefinger didn't entirely understand his interest in Sansa either. In AFFV Sansa remarks on his seemingly dual nature. Petyr might actually view Sansa as his daughter, the one he should have had with Catelyn. While Littlefinger sees her as a replacement Catelyn and be sexually interested in her as such.

    I mentioned that because his mask dropped in that seen. Maybe Littlefinger had more practical reasons for the Purple Wedding, reasons to do with political gainand personal advancement but Petyr had personal reasons for murdering Joffrey that I believe had to do with Catelyns death at the Red Weddding.

    At least in the scene in the show his demeanor became less smug when he said that line. He sounded like he was speaking from the heart. Then Sansa smiles at him and he continues to talk about his personal feelings and he kisses her.

    When she pushes him away though, his face looks as shocked as Sansas. Like he knows he did something he shouldn't have, or at least that he surprised himself. He does that alot around Sansa, from touching her hair the first time he meets her, to telling her that her eyes are honest and true, as deep blue as a sunlit sea. And she thinks to herself that he looks at her as if hes seeing her for the first time.

    That was my take on that scene as it played out.
  2. Wong Chia Chi added a post in a topic [Show and Book SPOILERS] I don't understand [scene with Cersei and Jaime]   

    I read the scene as rape TBH. Although I understand how people say she could have resisted if she wanted to bc, he only has one hand. What made the scene in the show read as rape for me was how they changed the dialogue. "It's not right?!" ....WTF?

    Everyone has debated the differences and similarities between the two and that was the starkest one to me. Yes it's from Jaimes PoV but if it was rape, Cersei would have remembered it that way. To me it was clearly her wanting it, just being justifiably worried about doing it at that place and time. Reasons for bad time and place:
    1) It's a church, they could be seen.
    2) Her son is lying there dead

    She doesn't say "no" she just says, " Not here, the septons." Cersei is definitely DTF Jaime in the books. In her POV she says that the only good cock she's ever had in her life was her brother's. But they've also not seen each other so she relents and then they do it.

    In the show..all through season three she is pining for Jaime to the point that she refuses to marry someone else, even for the sake of keeping up appearances. Then when he's back in season four she's just like..."Eh...you took too long. Bugger off." I get that they're playing the break up of these two differently. For one thing she says to Brienne at the wedding, that that Brienne is in love with Jaime. So the show writers are clearly doing the "Jaime is growing apart from Cersei" thing, earlier. As evidenced when Jaime goes to Joffrey as he's dying and Cersei tells him to "Get away!" from his own, nephew/son.

    I get what the show runners are TRYING to do, but I think they just handled it horribly. For some reason, they really like depicting rape when it isn't necessary. And they also seem hesitant to show the relationship between Jaime and Cersei as loving, because its incestuous. And incest grosses people out. Their relationship need not be depicted as dysfunctional, in a way that it isn't, simply because we want to punish Cersei and rob her of her agency, and because modern viewers find incest disgusting. They even had Cersei add dialogue about Joffrey being a punishment for "their sins" meaning her an Jaime. When BOTH her and Jaime are perfectly okay with it, in the books, they just hate having to hide it. Jaime more so than Cersei. Thats what finally drives them apart, Jaime being tired of hiding their relationship for the sake of Cersei's desire for power through her children. And Cersei never allowing him to get involved in his childrens life the way he wants to, and her having to control everything in that relationship.

    The thing that grossed me out about the relationship was the obvious narcissism it clearly embodied. Fucking a mirror image of yourself doesn't get more narcissistic than that. When Jaime changes from resembling her even slightly, Cersei's turned off. Anyone who's ever known a narcissistic person understands their irrational need to control everything you do gets tiring. I've know people like that, and they get so tiring it annoyed me just reading it. But then, as soon as she needs someone to be her puppet, she calls him back, expecting him to come running. Cersei only sees other people as objects she can project herself onto, and do her bidding. When they deny her narcissistic supply by acting "human" and not doing what she wants, she immediately punishes them, or banishes them. Which is essentially what she did with Jaime, her twin.

    This whole fiasco makes me wary of how the show runners are going to depict the Sansa and Littlefinger scenes. Like instead of being slightly leering and a little pervy, while clearly understanding his limits. Littlefinger is going to try to full on fingerbang Sansa or....something equally worse IDK. I am not looking forward to watching that.
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  4. Wong Chia Chi added a post in a topic [Book spoilers] Sansa and Petyr   

    Aidan Gillen needs to just talk with his normal Irish accent, not whatever he's doing now, it sounds so forced. But now that I think about it even when he talks normally, he has a kind of grating growl to his voice.
  5. Wong Chia Chi added a post in a topic [Book spoilers] Sansa and Petyr   

    Oh there's not real reason plot wise, but for me it would be satisfying to see her take an active role, and get Joffrey back for all his jerkassness. He beheaded her father, beat her and humiliated her in front of the entire court. He threatened to rape her in the books. It seems more right that she should poison him, even though it's totally OOC. That's just what I hope. LOL
  6. Wong Chia Chi added a post in a topic [Book spoilers] Sansa and Petyr   

    LOL now that I think about it. It's really mean if he meant that about her.
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    The thing that confused me is Varys. So the Tyrells are going to plot with Varys and then turn around and plot with Littlefinger to kill Joffrey. So he's probably going to do something during the wedding to scare the hell out of them.

    It's not out of character for them but in the books it was planned well in advance. Doesn't Sansa get the hairnet at the end of ACoK?
  10. Wong Chia Chi added a post in a topic [Book spoilers] Sansa and Petyr   

    That whole scene was hilarious to me. I think Sansa suspects that Littlefinger is more fond of her than he says but she is trying to respect him as a friend of her mother's.

    The cuts were hilarious. Petyr and male prostitute, " Loras is getting married? To who?"

    Cut to Sansa and Petyr:" Okay, you don't want leave with me now? Alright. We'll talk when I get back."

    Cut to the Lannister's discussing the potential marriage. LMAO! Petyr wasted no time at all!

    After her marriage to Tyrion, he'll probably bring back the hairnet and say, " So Sansa, about leaving with me..."
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    to be honest...The Others and anything with Bran's storyline. Oh and Stannis and Melisandre. Although I LOVE Davos.
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