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  1. Upcoming TWOW twist.

    Having a change of heart when he sees/knows about Jon Connington and Aegon coming? This if the theory of Aegon being a Blackfyre is still up and if the woman with them (forgot her name) is Barristan's long life love.
  2. [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    He could be waiting for Victarion to do all the hard work (marry Dany and get her dragons) and then just take them from him. His Valyrian Steel armour. Did he buy, stole or find it? Could he had it made for him? I don't know if there are Valyrian Steel lying out there in the world :/
  3. [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    Here's the cleaned up summary of "The Forsaken" by @arhythmetric
  4. Yeah, don't remember seeing Jon dreaming either.
  5. Oh my!!! This would be awesome! The Winds prologue theory I mean. Got it from reddit I'm not sure if it's a spoiler or not but better be safe than sorry
  6. [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    Thanks guys! This is one wicked chapter, gotta read it more calmly and see which crazy theories pop up on my mind
  7. You're right. I saw that as a book spoiler but it might not be one.
  8. So, if it's the case then we're assuming the coft created the ww after they signed the pact with the first men. The wiki says the coft and the first men were at war for a long time before signing the pact. Thanks! I got confused because the wiki says the others appeared after the pact but, as it's unknown from where they came from, they could very well been a coft creation.
  9. I have a doubt that's driving me nuts. Sorry if it's already been asked but here it is: About the coft creating the ww. I've read some explanations saying that the coft created the ww so they would protect them and the land from the first men. But hasn't the ww appeared *after* the pact between the coft and first men was signed?
  10. Jon off the PoV list.

    The reason why Jon never  felt the fourth knife could be because he had already warged into Ghost, that's how I see it.   As for the stabbings that connected, I read a passage in Dunk & Egg that mentions the dangers about a knife between the shoulder blades.    Did he die? I don't know. Will he come back? He has to. I mean, he's one of the story's main pieces, a very well build and developed character that still has a big part to play. Martin likes (a bit too much lol) killing his characters off but I just think he wouldn't have had spent so much time building Jon's arch to leave it unfinished like that. Jon, still has to learn about his parents to say the least.
  11. R+L=J v.153

      I don't have it marked on the book but, if I'm not mistaken, it happened in a dialogue Sansa had with her mother in book 1. She told Cat that she hated Arya and that she might be a bastard too because she looks very much alike Jon and not like her or Robb. Then Cat points to her that Arya has got Lyanna's looks.   ______   The way I see it is that the KG is sworn to obey the king and we know from Ned that those were the most loyal men, so, would they take orders from Rhaegar if those orders were against the ones they got from the king?   I'm a bit dumb when it comes to the timeline of events so pardon me :drunk:  but the king was already dead when Lyanna gave birth, right? How could Rhaegar and the 3 KG in the ToJ know that?
  12. R+L=J v.153

      I agree.     That's how I see it too.
  13. How can anyone think Jon will sit on the iron throne?

    I'm on the R+L=J side but I don't understand how Jon'd be king (I get the parentage part). He could, sure, if he fought for it like Dany's trying to do but would he want to be king?  I mean, he can't just pop up in KL saying that he's Rhaegar's kid and take the throne. 
  14. R+L=J v.153

      Thanks :)   Now that left me 2 questions:  1. Stark honor. Would lord Rickard take his word back?  2. On challenging Robert. Maybe Rhaegar thought it through and considered that he could die, which would make the prophecy impossible to happen. 
  15. R+L=J v.153

      I agree but I still think Jon has his share on the tittle. This is how I see his connection to the plot: Jon being reborn as AA will command the NW (Lightbringer) during the fight against The Others. His parentage is one of the key points on AA's prophecy.      Maybe Rhaegar  told Lyanna to name the kid after Jon Connington if it was a boy. Ned could've honored Aryn when he named Arya.       Maybe because she was already promised to Robert?  :dunno:    And I don't think Rhaegar was looking for a woman that fitted in the ice part of the prophecy either, it just happened that he met Lyanna and they fell in love with each other.