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  1. I've got this feeling too (not the tv show part). I think Theon will die. Asha did nothing to try and save him and Stannis is under pressure to have something done with Theon. I don't see them backing Theon up either. I have the impression they just don't care a bit for him. Plus, he can't have heirs anymore if that counts for being "king". ---- If Euron is so eager to conquer everything, why did he give the horn to Victarion?
  2. Maybe she will do it after she kills Arya. She could wear Arya's face then and get inside more easily. I just don't get it, Jaqen seemed to favor Arya, there must be something more into this. Anyway, the waif is pretty much dead now. If Arya survives she will kill the waif. ------- Could Sansa's letter be to grandma Tyrell?
  3. I don't know if someone else already said this (I'm too many post behind) but what if Sansa was writting the letter to Theon? The "gratitude" we saw there would also fit him. As for Arya, I'm not sure about what will happen to her but some ideas that crossed my mind are: She'll die and the girl will wear her face to fulfill the theatre contract She'll die and the girl will go to Westeros disguised as Arya It wasn't Arya (not sure if you can have someone's face without killing him/her first) The theatre folks will help her I mean, she's been in the House long enough to know how things work there. She wouldn't be so careless and naive.
  4. So Littlefinger it is. Robin already said he'd help her some episodes ago but it all depends on Littlefinger's good will now. That if he even let Robin know about the letter. I don't trust LF a bit.
  5. That's what made me change my mind. It'd be pretty badass seeing Blackfish joining them but he wouldn't just leave the castle sitting around, would he? True that. But what is Brienne doing there delivering Blackfish a letter?
  6. At first I thought it was heading Sweet Robin/Littlefinger's way but could it be Blackfish? Robin is her cousin.
  7. Wasn't Theon about to be executed by Stannis as an offer to R'hllor when Asha told him to sacrifice him to the Old Gods of the Starks? :/ This is from the released Winds' Theon's chapter
  8. He could be waiting for Victarion to do all the hard work (marry Dany and get her dragons) and then just take them from him. His Valyrian Steel armour. Did he buy, stole or find it? Could he had it made for him? I don't know if there are Valyrian Steel lying out there in the world :/
  9. Here's the cleaned up summary of "The Forsaken" by @arhythmetric
  10. Yeah, don't remember seeing Jon dreaming either.
  11. Oh my!!! This would be awesome! The Winds prologue theory I mean. Got it from reddit I'm not sure if it's a spoiler or not but better be safe than sorry
  12. Thanks guys! This is one wicked chapter, gotta read it more calmly and see which crazy theories pop up on my mind
  13. You're right. I saw that as a book spoiler but it might not be one.
  14. So, if it's the case then we're assuming the coft created the ww after they signed the pact with the first men. The wiki says the coft and the first men were at war for a long time before signing the pact. Thanks! I got confused because the wiki says the others appeared after the pact but, as it's unknown from where they came from, they could very well been a coft creation.
  15. I have a doubt that's driving me nuts. Sorry if it's already been asked but here it is: About the coft creating the ww. I've read some explanations saying that the coft created the ww so they would protect them and the land from the first men. But hasn't the ww appeared *after* the pact between the coft and first men was signed?