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  1. The obvious would be pulling that piece of dragonglass out again. I know, volunteers seems to be scarce...
  2. Hound and UnGregor Quyburn not terrified but interested in the whight
  3. :-) Yes, but a simple plan is not the worst idea. And if you're undead you migt have enough time to walk in cicles for some thousand years...
  4. That's why John could escape - the whigts get the order to fetch the chains and pull the lizard out...
  5. This! Not more. Not less. (For me, the biggest plothole was/is the thin ice at the lake - how in hell could an ice-surface so thin in a land with temperatures below zero all the year? And conveniently it froze solid over night... Maybe this lake is called the lake of the false summer...???)
  6. OK, then your post starts to make sense... ;-) Same with Beric's "You don't look like your father. Maybe you're comeing more after your mother..." - Definitely a hint to the audience, not just a talk between two figures!
  7. Definitely not, Gendry was born long after his Dad killed Rhaegar!
  8. Well, did anyone asks the question, why the water was NOT frozen initially? Why the hell was there thin ice in a land where it's cold all day and night...??? for me, THAT is the mother of all plotholes
  9. The babies were alive as he "turned" them! The lizard was definitely a dead lizard...
  10. This! I think she's just getting older, becoming more experience, and she realizes that Snsa is no more the stupid girly anymore. The scene with the valyrian dagger shows that she wants sansa to trust her. She has remembered her dad watching her training archery, she will as well remember his words: "If winter comes, the lone wolf dies, the pack survives" I bet we'll hear this line from her lips the next episode!
  11. in an episode the Hound saying anything thius is a useless question... ;-)
  12. yes, most likely
  13. Saved by the TAF
  14. Red-haired grandchildren! ;-) --- As was mentioned before - something that get's him unexpected, something he does not know (what we don't know is usually what us get killed...) But most likely it will be the valyrian dagger, so Arya has the honour...
  15. Well, I think he just saw in jamie his only chance to get a reward. And if it's against a dragon, so it is against a dragon... Changing sides? Not a real option just after shooting and wounding that dragon... And, even if this battle was going to loose - up to now there was no reason for him to believe team Targaryan may win the war.