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  1. Star Wars Episode VII THE SPOILERS AWAKEN

    Okay now that I am on my computer I can type out my thoughts. It was a pretty good film. I liked it, the action looked more real than the prequels and I laughed at most of the jokes. I enjoyed it but I am critical of movies that I both like and dislike.  This movie has wasted potential. The cast for the most part is great and they mostly do a great job. But the plot to me suffers because it becomes A New Hope reboot over paying a homage. We can argue this all day but homages are great when they aren't most of the movie. Hero knows they will be captured hides important data on droid. Droid is found coincidentally by someone who has a connection in the story. Captured hero is freed by not-quite-a stormtrooper Heroes escape on the Millenium Falcon Hero is given lightsaber part way through film. Heroes skirmish with villain and lose someone important in one way or another. Villains have super weapon that destroys an important planet. Heroes have inside info how to destroy super weapon. Against all odds super weapon is destroyed.   Yes there are differences but this movie suffers because it switches objectives 2/3s of the way through. If you were to take the plot of all the movies of OT it more or less goes like this: A rag-tag group of heroes uses stolen plans to attack and destroy the enemy superweapon. The villains retaliate for the destruction. In defeat the heroes both try to hide out and learn new ways to defeat the villain. They find themselves at their lowest points. Having regrouped and grown as people the heroes make a list ditch effort to finish off their enemy for good. Force Awakens: Heroes are looking for Luke Skywalker but then realize there is a new super weapon and need to destroy it on the fly.   The whole movie could have been the search for Luke Skywalker with fights and chase scenes. Can anyone here say they would have been dissatisfied if that had been the movie? Heck most of the movie was exactly that and it made it enjoyable. Heck without the super weapon plot it would have made more sense. We see how strong Kylo Ren is with his force mental abilities. Imagine if instead of a super weapon we had Snoke controlling large swaths of the population with force powers? Or at least enough to make the Empire/First Order a viable threat? I mean honestly the Empire has been effectively messed up twice now yet they are still seemingly as strong if not arguably stronger than before. Snoke is in control of the Republic through sheer darkside and has the Rebels on the run again. They are obviously looking for Luke because he's the strongest light side user anyone knows. The dark side wants to kill Luke because he is the only threat Snoke faces. Heck this could even lead to Ren being a redeemable character who was mentally controlled by Snoke when he did the thing. And there's the movie and we can plug in most of the things that happen after the Starkiller reveal into that story line that we like.        I didn't dislike the movie and I enjoyed a lot of it. I particularly liked Kylo Rens struggle. He was a very human villain. It was pretty awesome and I remember taking a moment after he stopped Poe's blaster shot in mid air. I never felt he faltered even with the mask off. Removing the mask simply humanized him. I like the idea of Rey being mind wiped. I thought of that the moment she started being strong in the force. I don't hope she is anyone's kid though. I'm sorry but after all the coincidences of plot in the other six can we get a non-family tie in? I liked the idea of Luke, Han and Leia being split and separated by Ren's switch. It's rather believable and would feed better into a plot of a resurgence of the Empire. The three biggest heroes from the last war are suddenly torn apart by a close event? That would weaken the republic greatly. I liked the idea of Finn being a stormtrooper switching sides. Though I didn't like how he was terrified of killing and battle to only then kill and fight so well on the other side. I think it dampened his arc a lot. At the end he did feel a bit more sidekick than a full fledged character in his own right. Though his ability to use a lightsaber probably comes from a latent force ability. I mean if we were to draw comparsions Luke-Rey force strong hero, probably going to be the one to bring down the Sith. Leia-Finn force latent hero Han-Po smart-ass pilot    3.5/5 for me. The camera work is pretty great, the CGI blends well with physical world and stunts and most of the characters are well done. I hope that the fanfare isn't as bad next flick. I kind of understand why it was in this one. I just wish a little bit that it wasn't. There was a lot of potential and I felt it was squandered for nostalgic feel.
  2. Star Wars Episode VII THE SPOILERS AWAKEN

    Finn was totally messed up. Oh man I don't like killing or fighting.. Oh well guess I have to kill to survive.. If he can change that implies they all can change. Not a bad movie overall though I would have liked some different plot points. Oh well.
  3. Westeros Battle Tournament 8

    What a terrible update...
  4. Are we getting a mobile skin?

    Is there a reason i see a bunch of japanese esque characters?
  5. Why doesn't matter. If everyone is infected then there is probably no cure. No vaccination. Knowing why does nothing to move the plot forward.
  6. Ray Donovan [SPOILERS]

    I like the more centralized plot of this season... It's nice that they can tell a story without it being Ray go here, go there, go there, go back, go here.. all in thirty minutes
  7. The Great Panic was an idea explored by World War Z
  8. 1. The World War Z book didn't have fast zombies.   2. While we may say in our heads just kill them all it's actually not as easy to hit headshot after headshot when most armed people are trained to shoot center mass. Head shots are hard.   3. Even if most people in our culture know our culture we also protect our families. It may be easier for someone else to shoot your sister or brother but it will much harder for you to do even if you know they are zombies. Which we might now know at first. Most people would try and keep them tied up or in a room or something until a cure was found rather than just shooting them. We figure most of the old people dying and random deaths would be found by friends or family first who would quickly get bit and become victims.   4. We can only quarantine viruses now because most of these viruses have really obvious symptoms and start points. Ebola for instance was contained to a small area at first and that made it easy to track anyone going to that area. In TWD since everyone is effectively infected there is literally no quarantine. Roughly 6-7k die everyday in the United States... If thsoe 6-7k are getting back up and attacking one person then that's 12-14k a day. So not only is the virus spreading through bites as people die but it's also just people dying of everyday causes.   12-14k day 1, then another 6-7k die the next day but the first round can also bite someone, so day 2 could have 36-56k.. etc.. etc..   And this is happening all over the place. Which would stretch military and law enforcement thin. Instead of just having to respond to violent calls, police would have to respond to every call because a death= a zombie.   Urban areas would be hit hardest.
  9. I can't wait to see what happens. There is going to be military interaction and it will be interesting to see pandemic on the scale of thr greater LA area with a pop around 18 million, Georgia the state only has a population of 10 million. It's a much different scenario. Also every show is baaically about characters leveling up the diferencr here is that none of these characters show any firearm aptitude. Then again I've always been a fan of watching how someone depicts the fall of society
  10. Superman and Batman: The End of Humor

    MoS took place in what a week? He found the ship, then Zod showed up. He had little chance to embrace any of it. He still saved people in the beginning but saving people is easy when there isn't anyone fighting you. I think we'll see that arc unfolding in this movie. Superman struggling with being a hero and trying to find his new place in the world now that the secret is out. This superman still has to go through the "great power great rresponsibility" phase.
  11. ‘The Last Kingdom’ - based on Bernard Cornwell’s The Saxon series

    Yeah Isuppose that is true
  12. ‘The Last Kingdom’ - based on Bernard Cornwell’s The Saxon series

    Sweet I enjoy this series. A Grail series mini series would be nice
  13. Superman and Batman: The End of Humor

    They're probably changing his voice like the arrow has to change his voice in the series when talking to people he knows. Bruce Wayne would be a very public figure meaning his voice would probably be well known. To keep with the scientific/realistic theme I guess. I didn't find the voice any worse than Bale.
  14. Superman and Batman: The End of Humor

    People that except anything light-toned from Zack Snyder... honestly? DotD 04 300 Sucker Punch Man of Steel. I guess Owls of whatcha ma call it might have been lighter toned? I never saw it. Oh yeah and Watchmen. As soon as he took the helm I knew exactly what kind of flicks we were in for.
  15. (Spoilers) Vikings Season 3 discussion thread

    If they do go the route of jumping time for Alfred vs Vikings then they should grow the sons a bit better. Bjorn is the only one we've really seen as the others are kind of blank slates