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  1. That first 2/3s was great.. The last third.. Not so much.. Marshala Ali ate those scenes and was probably the best aspect of the show in my opinion.. and well.. Not terrible in any sense but the plot felt very DD season 2 to me.
  2. To add to things.. My wife works in a pharmacy she said there is an inhaler type that can be read as Meth in a tox screening
  3. So obviously with Will spitting up the slug, and Barb showing a slug and the giant egg and Barbs body being untouched.. There's obviously a more powerful being of Alien queen proportions in the Upside Down. The demagorgon took Will to the school and stuck something in his mouth. Either to make babies or make babies for a master.
  4. What excellent pacing. I'm interested to see what Michael K. Williams character brings to the story. Also, if I'm not mistaken Wire alumni J.D. Williams is the witness.
  5. Also when you have to recap your first episode to remind people for a scene in your last episode you're doing something wrong.
  6. The saddest thing is. They killed Doran too take over and war with the Lannisters. Yet spent what.. a year doing Jack shit and then stole Doran plot anyway? Like come the fuck on.
  7. There it is folks the problem with most current media.. It's the emotional impact that matters not the story. Never mind a good story can have the emotional impact without giant suspension of disbelief.
  8. It's called suspension of disbelief like I said in my second post. The idea that Arya found or stole a face, killed the two walder sons, carved them up and put bits in a pie and baked it then served it and killed Walder all while inside a castle filled with Freys and bannermen and all their men is past the usual realm of suspension. A scene without the pie would have been better. She didn't even really need a face as no one knows what she looks like. In book and show men that knew her pre Neds death don't recognize her after. Never mind though the wounds she had last time we saw her. Yes there are such moments in all things fantasy but there's still a certain amount that can cause criticism. A better moment would have been a scene of Frey servants getting ready and Arya walking up with her new face on with someone pointing out some blood on her. She shrugs and wipes it away. Audience wonders what is going on . Next scene is arya in disguise killing Walder in some fashion sans pie. Reveals herself and we go oohh that's why she had blood on her and we avoid the logistic of Frey pie
  9. It's all about suspension of disbelief. If Arya had just slit Walders throat more acceptable then the whole pie baking event. If instead of the pointless Jaime scene we'd gotten a scene with the woman aeya impersonated having a scene with staff and one going you have blood on your neck. Quick wipe and a shrug.. See. You set the tone and explain something without beating it over their heads. The audience members are curious about the above scene and we don't deal with Frey pie logistics
  10. My theory has always been that the Bwb were finally giving up their outlaw days and we're enroute to pledge to Robb. And all the stuff about faces I'm pretty sure magic is involved in all of the above. With high level FM having access to a myriad of glamours when they go on a mission. I would even say the faces like Arya has applied in book has magic around it. Something they've been doing for centuries if not more. Given often in the story death feeds magic. It is not out from left field. Also as to the 9 year old comment. There are places in the world child soldiers are trained. Mentality and morals don't come from your age but your upbringing and your circumstances.
  11. Yes except it wouldn't make much sense that a character as defiant and strong willed as Cersei would willingly keep her hair the length that those who defied her and made her walk for shame made it From martin himself interviewed about the show: "There are symbolic aspects to the Walk of Atonement or the Walk of Shame," Martin explains. "You're naked. You have nothing to hide. All concealment has been denied you. Your hair has all been shaved off. You're completely vulnerable. There's nothing more to hide ... That's the spiritual justification for this sort of thing." "People didn't see the kings and their lords very often except when they passed by in their incredibly lavish items," continued Martin. “When you take all of that away from a Queen like Cersei, who, up till then has only been seen by her subjects as this incredibly beautiful woman attended by maids and protected by knights, it’s a way to strip her of all of the power that attends to her majesty.” So yes if a decent amount of time has passed I don't expect her hair to be still kept short... Never mind that if we consider the time it takes for... Jamie to return. Myrecella's funeral, raising the troops to attack the Sept, Jamie going to Casterly rock to get the army ((as if the Lannister army was at KL the Tyrell army wouldn't have been needed for raising troops to attack the sept. Jamie taking army from Casterly rock to rivverrun to lift the siege, then to the twins to have dinner with Frey. Then left at x-time to see the remains of the fire and the coronation of Cersei. We're talking a few months. Forget hair, why would her trial be so far away? I honestly can't remember if that is explained in the show or if the time of trial is said. Time is a fickle thing in a story. It might not seem important but it is for the sheer fact that eventually most of these storylines are going to start colliding. I mean you already see it.. Queen of Thorns knows about her families death yet the Maesters know nothing about Jeor Mormonts death and Jon snows succession.. which means in the years they say have passed in show no one sent a raven? Note hand waving about Aemon doesn't necessarily work either as he knew his duties as a Maester. Jeor died in the fourth episode of the third season Aemon died the seventh episode of the fifth season. Jon is elected LC Season 5 episode 2 while Aemon is still alive and lucid enough to at least hold the election. Doesn't strike you as odd?
  12. I don't know much about Miles Vorkosigan besides him being a result of some event and having a small stature and being extremely smart. Are those the only two similarities between the two characters? Because that seems like a vague trope over a plagiarizing Also... Ever since Game of Thrones got really popular, I’ve heard people say that if you like Tyrion Lannister as a character you’ll also like Miles Vorkosigan. And I know a bunch of people that started reading the Vorkosigan Saga for exactly that reason. Do you see similarities between the two characters? I have not read Game of Thrones yet, so I don’t know. I must point out that Miles came first. I wrote The Warrior’s Apprentice in 1984, so do your math, folks. I think that probably Martin and I were stealing from the same source. I believe that Game of Thrones is explicitly somewhat inspired by Plantagenet history and Miles is sort of ironically inspired by it. So I think it’s a case of similar sources, in this case. Great minds think alike, I don’t know.
  13. O still love.. "Diplomatic Meeren votes for their new leader" "I am going to go conquer and mAintain the monarchy in Westeros!"
  14. I think the saddest point is they ruined Cersei. She's such an evil yet sort of sympathetic character in he book. Not sure I'd believe Cersei would trade her kids for power in book