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  1. Caesar beyond the wall added a post in a topic What if.....   

    I think Frankengregor has to prove his badassness first, and the obvious candidate to fight him is Lancel, who I imagine will get smashed into tiny pieces. That will establish him as unstoppable, which will make a duel with the hound next season that much more epic.
  2. Caesar beyond the wall added a post in a topic So I think we might have an unexpected death.... (book spoilers)   

    OK I hadn't heard the Tarly and Euron casting calls ([here]( for anyone who hasn't seen them yet). Looks like I'm wrong!
  3. Caesar beyond the wall added a post in a topic (Book Spoilers) The Eunuch   

    For those saying the show needs to provide a good reason for Varys killing Tommen, these are the writers who got Stannis to change his mind from protecting his daughter against the world to killing her in about 3 episodes using all of about 30 seconds of footage of a blizzard as an excuse. All Varys needs to say in his monologue is that killing the king will cause instability to help Dany and the show is fine. No one will question that further (other than the book readers but I think we're done at this point).
  4. Caesar beyond the wall added a post in a topic Sam's fate (spoiler)   

    I think both will die. Sam isn't going to Oldtown at this rate (there's been no real mention of it to pave the way for the unsullied unlike the million references about Braavos last season before Arya went there) and it adds shock value whilst getting rid of an extra character. D&D have shown already he's in danger at the wall, and we know episode ten will "break the internet". Of course, FTW will piss off non book readers, but throw Sams death in, and all asoiaf fans will go insane. Calling it now.
  5. Caesar beyond the wall added a post in a topic Is Myrcella really out of danger? (Spoilers all)   

    Who would kill her though? I don't think the Sand Snakes have been set up for it - typically, D&D have been pretty blatant at setting up who we're meant to think of as 'bad guys' an they've been made too likeable. And if it isn't them, there really isn't anyone available (other than Areo Hotah but he is directly under Dorans's command so wouldn't do it). Without a Darkstar like character I can't see who would kill her this season.

    The TV Dorne storyline really sucks :I
  6. Caesar beyond the wall added a topic in E10: Mother's Mercy   

    So I think we might have an unexpected death.... (book spoilers)

    Sam. He's not gone to Oldtown yet, and so far the show has been extremely unsubtle in bringing up places before people end up travelling there. Think about Arya last season - Braavos was talked about in pretty much every episode just to let the unsullied know what is happening. We have had maybe one mention of Oldtown all season, and no real focus on the importance of maesters. I think we would have had more if Sam was to be sent there next episode.

    In addition, the preview shows him with Jon asking him what he should do whilst next to a table with parchment on - I'd be willing to bet that this is in response to a show version of the Pink letter. All this leads me to believe that Sam will be at the Wall when FTW happens. If this is the case, there won't be anyone to send him off to be a maester.

    If he isn't going to be a maester, the writers have two options for Sam. They can either write a new storyline for him, or they can kill him. They already are struggling with too many characters as it is, and they haven't even added in the Greyjoys yet (and have completely cut fAegon and Lady Stoneheart). It would make sense from HBO's point of view therefore if he dies in the upcoming mutiny. I mean, it adds extra shock value (which would help "break the internet") and would correspond to GRRM's statement about some people's fates in this season differing from the books.

    What do people reckon?
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  7. Caesar beyond the wall added a post in a topic So about that George RR Martin and Robin Hobb event tomorrow?   

    I assume no news is, well, no news then? Did anyone here go? If so, was there anything interesting from GRRM?
  8. Caesar beyond the wall added a post in a topic Was it just me or did Ser Alliser Thorne earn at least *some* of your respect during The Battle of Castle Black?   

    I wouldn't go on these forums until you've finished the books. Just looking at the titles of the threads in the first page alone, spoilers are pretty unavoidable.
  9. Caesar beyond the wall added a post in a topic Noticed something in Mercy sample chapter from TWOW   

    I think Sooty Queen could also foreshadow Cersei burning down Kings Landing.
  10. Caesar beyond the wall added a post in a topic On a scale of Ned to Patchface.....   

    I'd say that I'm at aGoT Sansa level - hopelessly optimistic that it will be out before the next HBO season, despite all the indications otherwise.
  11. Caesar beyond the wall added a post in a topic What's Buried in Lyanna's Tomb   

    My problem with all the 'Proof of Jons parentage is found within Lyannas Tomb' theories is visualising why it would be there in the first place. Why would Ned, a man who has decided to raise Jon to be unaware of his own heritage, put something like a decree from the mad king or the crown of winter in the tomb? So to that extent, I have real trouble imagining a situation where the tomb is opened and something drops out which proves Jons legitimacy to the world.

    Saying that, I can see a situation where something is down there that confirms it in Jons mind - to that end I think it would have to be something linked to Rhaegar. Now, back to the burial of Lyanna. Ned would have buried her with something that carried some emotional weight either to her or to him. Rhaegars harp is not implausible in my mind, although I'm not entirely convinced by this. We shall see.

    Alternatively, the tombs might have some other significance altogether. Certainly they have some part to play, but there is no evidence that it will be to prove Jons parents as R+L.
  12. Caesar beyond the wall added a post in a topic Character(s) you have started to like in 2014?   

    I see I'm not alone with liking Ser Alliser. I am going to admit that a little bit of this was due to the TV series, but he started growing on me before then. I think it's mostly due to his Targaryean loyalist past - I am really hoping that he survives long enough to see Jon revealed as Rhaegars son, because that would be purely awesome.
  13. Caesar beyond the wall added a post in a topic Which character do you wish had a POV?   

    fAegon from aGoT would be very interesting. I wonder how many more people would root for him if we had followed him from the beginning...
  14. Caesar beyond the wall added a topic in General (ASoIaF)   

    How would Jon gain the IT?
    So, lets say Howland or someone does let R+L=J be known, what then? I know lots of people here believe Jon will be on the throne by the end of the books (it's who I'd put money on if I were a betting man), but how would he get there? He isn't that politically motivated, has no armies to fight for his cause etc - he might have a good claim, but what events would actually make him king?
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