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  1. What I am saying is that comparing what ned says to what bloodraven says is falsely equivalent. and not relevant to the discussion about bran. You should really read the link I posted. It will help you figure this out. Plus you are making Mcgregor really upset by derailing his thread with parentage stuff so you should stop.
  2. and what would be that outcome buddy boy? no need to be obtuse. Remember son, if you want to keep something on topic, stop engaging on the off topic subjects. You can do it Again, I though the whole parentage talk was off topic. you are contradicting yourself son. the only thing you have on me is focus and fascination. It is why you persist on having me repeat the same answer over and over again. I am flattered actually. It is in the quote that darkstream posted. Go back and read it. By saying that Ned turns when bran says winterfell, you are in fact saying that bran can influence and therefore change the past. He cannot.
  3. Ned was not being honest nor dishonest. For the reason why, look in the general section for a pinned thread with 21 pages of replies. It has als the answers you seek. Also, read this link.
  4. First up, you replied to my post on Jon's parentage. Since it didn't seem to bother you when darkstream brought it up, it shouldn't bother you that I replied to it. What you said about adoptive fathers is dead wrong though, and I felt the need to reply, but since you don't want to speak about it anymore This will be the last of it Second up, I don't need to know you. I have what you have written. Cocky or no, I am merely replying. Again, if you don't like it, there is no need to reply. So Zip it if you so desire. That is your choice. Are we clear on that one? Back to Bran, I am not sure what part of "Cannot influence or communicate with the past" is confusing? you keep asking me to repeat the answer I have given. So there, I did it again. Bob asked about Ned's "common girl." The part about being Jon's bio mom came at the end from. Ned named her. He did not clarify that she is Jon's mom. There was no "Her name was Wylla, and I don't want to talk about my bastard's mother any more." That is called subtlety. It is a communication device. It shouldn't be so difficult for you to understand. Sad really........ I admit I am wrong all the time. I even did it a few pages back in this thread. Give it a look. I bet you can find it. Darkstream wrote somethign on the internet but he is a stranger. While you might enjoy taking something on the chin from a strange man you met on the internet, I do not. It also does not behoove you to tell someone to "Man up" especially when you are being as "stubborn" on a subject as I am. So lead by example, take the high road and admit you are wrong and that bran cannot influence the past or send messages to the past. I though you were really upset with me because someone else brought up Jon's parentage. Why are you now engaging with this?
  5. No, Bob says Wylla is Jon's mom. Ned Just names her and then refuses to speak of her again. Ned never says she is Jon's bio mom. He does not deny it either...........
  6. Since you cannot seem to read the text you quoted in your most recent reply, I will post it again. Secondly, I doubt your best friend is adopted. If he really was you would know his father was the man who raised him, taught him about life, was there for him when he fell or succeeded. You know, fatherly things. Of course there had to be a man that gives adopted people 23 of their chromosomes. But their father is the man who raised them. If this bothers you so much, why did you bring up Jon Snow's parentage? "
  7. No, they are not confirmed in the text. The only person who knows is Ned and he is dead. He never confirmed anything with Bob. He just lets Bob talk.
  8. I am taking this down the path you have set. And I am not sure if you know any adopted people, but the man that raised them would be their Father/Dad. Adopted folks buy gifts for the man that raised them on father's day. Now, I already answered that but I will give you another go. Yes, Ned did turn. No, bran can not communicate with the past. He cannot send a message to influence the past. Time goes one way and the weirnet only lets a greenseer look into the past, not influence of change it. That was the point of the OP and what I have been saying for many pages
  9. Wylla could be, as well as the sisterton fisherman's daughter. Ned has always been his dad, the one who named him, and raised him as a brother to Robb, even if he may not be his biological father.
  10. No, as shown by the quote you are so tired of seeing. Bran not actually being able to communicate with his dad is part of the sadness of his character
  11. mostly with a quote from a character in the books who has specific knowledge of the subject we are discussing. But hey, what does the last greenseer know? living in a tree, being 125+ years old and having done all the things the 10 year old boy is trying when he just started merging with a tree. You don't have to take the text from the book as gospel, but then, why read the book? I suppose you can say that Robb is still alive, or that Arya never killed anyone, or that Jon snow never joined the watch. Ignoring text in the novel can lead to interesting places. Tyrion never shot his dad. Jamie never screwed his sister. Hell, Bob never killed Rhaegar. So what if it is text in the novel? That doesn't mean or prove anything really.........
  12. No. Simply put, being able to communicate with the past would be a more than invaluable tool to fight the impending battle. Why would BR try to disuade bran from using the ultimate communication tool available. Also, BR will die eventually allowing Bran to do whatever he wants so disuading is moot
  13. I can and did. You won't admit to it, and that's OK, but it still does not change anything that I have said. Really, if you admit that bran will not time travel or influence the past or was not even able to speak to Ned, what is the point of saying he did. Ned didn't hear Bran. Period. Remember, you don't need to prove a negative as it did not happen
  14. "He heard a whisper on the wind, a rustling amongst the leaves. You cannot speak to him, try as you might. I know. I have my own ghosts, Bran. A brother that I loved, a brother that I hated, a woman I desired. Through the trees, I see them still, but no word of mine has ever reached them. The past remains the past. We can learn from it, but we cannot change it." This. Bran cannot influence the past. Period. As stated by the last greenseer. you can hope all hopes until the series is ended, but it won't make it true. If this changes, feel free to gloat, but as of now, no time travel, no messages no changing the past
  15. I will rub LmL's head for the answer. If that doesn't work I can alweays go back to reading entrails Except for the statement by the emminent master of weirnet and tree visions, The three eyed bloodraven himself