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  1. The Heresy Project: Tywin + Lyanna = Dead Girl

    Well I think it is interesting. Since no one other then GRRM himself really knows what happened, all theories are possible. I don't believe that Robert would have been involved though. I like the thoughts on Tywin though. This does sound like something he would plan.
  2. Twists that got you again on a re-read

    In re-reading ASOS I realized that As Jamie, Cleos and Brienne are gloing down the red fork they see a girl watering her horse at the river and when the girl sees them she shrinks back into the woods. That girl was Arya I think. They were in the same vacinity for awhile and just kept missing each other.
  3. All work and no play makes Stannis a dull boy.

  4. Twists that got you again on a re-read

  5. Twists that got you again on a re-read

    Son many things.. In ACOK - the three dogs of Cleganes sigil are the three dogs that killed a lion that was attacking Lord Tytos Lannister. This is interesting. Patchfaces mutterings (prophecies) about crabs being serving men to mermen eating starfish soup and Lord Celtigars (Stannis's man) sigial is three red crabs. Eddards favorite knight was Ser Author Dayne who would have killed him had it not been for Howland Reed. A new twist at the TOJ? I am trying to go very slowly this re-read and it has been fascinating to see how much I missed the first time.
  6. Patchface Prophesies

    Well, I really like the PF type characters in the series. I enjoy trying to solve all the prophecies. Not saying I'm good at it I just like it. Anyway, here goes (nothing?) If he was talking to Jon maybe he is saying I'll take you to the sea (after the stabbing) to drown you and revive you and the then the Manderly's warships are going to come and rescue both of us. Do the Manderly warships have Mermaids rams on them? He would know if the ships were in route because of his prophetic nature. I think this could explain "in and out of the sea" "seahorses" "Mermaids". Seashells could be horns?
  7. a quote i found interesting from the very first chapter

    The 1st novel AGOT is so full of fascinating intrigues. I think it is because the series was originally supposed to be only 3 books that the first is a total set up for the remaining 2. I still believe that GRRM has the original plot line in place regardless of how many pages and by that I mean books it takes to finish it. With that said, I do believe that Bran's thought about the pup has some significant meaning that will later come into play. At least I hope so. I hope it means that Jon is the leader of the pack so to speak.
  8. The Starks will Rise

    Maybe I have tunnelvision but I believe that the entire series is about Jon Snow (Ice = Lyanna, Fire = Rhaegar). Jon will definately rise again and songs will be written about him. It is epic. A tragedy of forbidden love, wars fought to deny the truth, revenge for traitorous acts, and evil everywhere against the few honest and noble. Jon may have the dragon's blood in his veins but at heart he is a Stark and he must survive til the bittersweet end. Stannis is too hard and no man loves him, he can not rule. Dany should get back something good for all she has given and had taken from her. All the Lannisters need to die. They can not be trusted. Even Tyrion and I like Tyrion alot, but he is still a Lannister through and through. I really hope good things happen for Samwell and Gendry too. Brienne is good but too stubborn for her own good. Jamie is learning what nobility looks like and I hope he and Theon can redeem themselves before they die. But in the end... THE STARKS WILL RISE.