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  1. Is Stannis delusional to even think he can ever win the iron throne?

    No one knows that Ned Stark supported Stannis, especially not anyone in the North. If that was the case, Robb would've supported Stannis no matter what - instead of letting himself be declared king or trying to enter an alliance with Renly first. I highly doubt that Stannis will ever come south again, but I do have a STRONG feeling that he will meet Brienne at some point(which, with her character development, will lead to her not blaming him) because that's important for Brienne's plot to come full circle.
  2. Definitely. Alife Allen SINGLE HANDILY carried the second season. (at least, for me personally) Not even joking, if it wasn't for his performances in the second season, I would most likely never rewatch that season ever again. He deserved the Emmy, not Dinklage.
  3. Upon rewatching the episode, I think the actors are what carried this episode - not the fighting/effects. The actors who play Grenn, Pyp, Alliser and (surprise to me) Edd were all excellent. And Kit did a fine job as well. If only the fucking writers could pull their shit together,
  4. Yeah that was a cool moment. I laughed(out loud) and wondered if it was because D&D read online commenters complaining about the unrealism in the book, or if they only realized normal archers wouldn't work when they started filming the episode.
  5. Alliser Thorne was EASILY the best part of this episode. His delivery, his lines, his fight with Tormund - all of it, perfect. Definitely one of the best actors in the TV series, and one of the very very very few instances of the show improving on a character rather than urinating all over one.
  6. GoT Actors in Other Stuff - Part 2

    I know. What happened? I blame poor writing on this show.
  7. Best/Worst Named Characters

    Roose is one of the best named characters. I have a friend named Roose to, which makes Roose Bolton even better, considering he's the nicest/most genuine guy ever.
  8. Best/Worst Named Characters

    Surprised like no one has said Dany's name. Regardless of how much I hate her and her character, her name is absolutely gorgeous. Ironically, I don't care for any other Targ names. haha
  9. How would you rate episode 303?

    Easily the best episode of season 3 so far, and MUCH better than any of the shit we got in season 2.
  10. Guess who knows where Tysha is . . .

    And now I have a deep desire to watch the movie Oldboy. Best movie ever ftw.
  11. [Book Spoilers] EP302 Discussion

    To be fair, if you really analyze Cersei(in the books, anyway), she clearly is lying to both herself and everyone else about loving her children and just uses them as puppets for her own power. Sexing up in front of her son's corpse, keeping tommen from attending Small Council meetings, removing Joffrey from the battlefield, etc. But that's irrelevant, if you want more on that, there's thirty pages of this discussion in the re-thinking Cersei thread. haha
  12. [Book Spoilers] EP302 Discussion

    Hey guys, something to consider: If Mel is going to be going to the Riverlands... one of two things will happen: 1.) Arya will still be there, thus Mel will meet Arya. HOW, if in any way, could this change the show's events when they reach ADwD material and Mel begins seeing "arya on a horse" and all that? OR 2.) Arya will be gone by then, but we'll still be following the brotherhood / mel / gendry. Could this mean we follow Brotherhood till the end of the season/Lady Stoneheart? Or perhaps that we'll follow the brotherhood until Mel leaves? Just interesting things to speculate on.
  13. [Book Spoilers] EP302 Discussion

    A little? A LITTLE?!?!?! Seven hells, some of you guys are way too forgiving with your opinions. Also, I really don't know how I feel about those descriptions of those three eps. Some of these plots feel like they're moving way too fast, and others way too slow.
  14. [Book Spoilers] EP302 Discussion

    This is, hands down, the greatest thing i've read all week. I'm dying from laughter.
  15. [Book Spoilers] EP302 Discussion

    I would much prefer a single gruesome stabbing to the heart myself. Choking is always so uncomfortable and awkward to watch in any movies or TV because it always comes off cheesy, over dramatic or unrealistic - or any mixture of the three. It's a hard thing to pull off correctly in film, I think.