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  1. locke and key added a post in a topic Giancarlo   

  2. locke and key added a post in a topic A Lannister Lover and Proud !   

    the lannisters are my favourite family, they're so complex
  3. locke and key added a post in a topic Game of Thrones Season 4 Trailer Release Date?   

    No, But I wouldn't expect anything until the new year
  4. locke and key added a post in a topic 12 gods of olympus in ASOIAF   

  5. locke and key added a post in a topic 12 gods of olympus in ASOIAF   

    Poseidon-Ned (although he has nothing to do with the sea, I've always seen Poseidon as zeus' kinda right hand man, but one who keeps his distance, and when ned get's angry he can summon the wrath of the north petty easily like how poseidons wrath created the biggest sea storms)
    Hades- Stannis (cold and often bitter towards zeus, he normally stays away from Olympus, and broods underground in the underworld, dragonstone is notable for it's caves. tywin Lannister would be a good choice as well there are caves under casterly rock he also holds grudges and hades was also associated with wealth under the earth, plus he's killed a lot of people)
    Demeter- Mace Tyrell (powerful-to do with gardening and if anyone does anything to precious margaery he won't do anything till she's saved kinda like Persephone)
    Hestia- Varys (often under-estimated but very powerful, and-seemingly-works to keep the heart of westeros (KL) stable who-ever is ruling)
    Dionysus-Jalabhar xho (an outsider who loves theatrics and parties)
    Athena: really difficult but I think Dany probably fits quite well being a strategist but also a city planner and hero to the citizens of the slaver cities the same way Athena was worshipped by the people of Athens
    Aphrodite: Cersei (beauty and she loves Jaime but has to marry a far uglier man the same way Aphrodite loved ares but had to marry Hephaestus)
    Hephaestus - Tyrion(discarded by his father, but someone who can cleverly build people up and manipulate them like a forger does with metal, plus his work with the chain)
    Ares: Jaime
    Apollo- Mance (the Bard)
    Hermes- LF (delivers false messages and could be seen as a thief)
    Nemesis- Arya
  6. locke and key added a post in a topic Jamie vs Dany: Is it too obvious?   

    I have an idea in my head of Jaime sitting on the iron throne once more as dany enters the throne room for the first time, at first she doesn't know who he is then he gradually explains who he is and why he killed aerys to her and then just as she's starting to have doubts about killing him someone else In her army (tyrion, or barristan or jorah if they're still alive) kills him leaving her wondering for the rest of her life whether it was right to have him killed
  7. locke and key added a post in a topic (F)Aegon wielding Blackfyre.   

    I have a feeling varys might have it and give it to him later to provide him with some legitimacy in front of the smallfolk
  8. locke and key added a post in a topic [BOOK SPOILERS] Will a certain young lad that Tyrion meets be cast?   

    (spoilers ahead)
    I think that tyrion's KL storyline can't last all that long this season considering most other characters will have moved into their adwd storylines and I'm pretty sure the PW episode will be episode 2 so we can't spend ages just having tyrion waiting for his trial by battle in episode 8/9, also I think it would weaken his storyline if tyrion had seen Jaime again before the night so D and D will have to get him out of kl fast so he doesn't get time to do so.

    for these reasons I think tyrions storyline this season will be something like this:

    Episode 1: meets oberyn and has some conversations with him and other court members as well as sansa
    episode 2: PW
    Episode 3: reaction from various characters to the PW and them confronting tyrion in his cell as well as Preparing for the trial
    Episode 4: Tyrions trial in front of a jury and his meeting with oberyn
    Episode 5: Tyrion's trial by combat
    Episode 6: His escape
    Episode 7: Tyrion arrives in pentos and meets Illyrio eventually agreeing to journey with Griff
    Episode 8: Tyrion travels through essos with Illyrio, meets young griff and the other crew members of shy maid and they set off
    Episode 9; Tyrion spends a day on the Poleboat and his suspicions increase culminating in the incident with the stone men and the reveal
    Episode 10: Tyrion swears allegiance to aegon and vows to take revenge on cersei and Jaime

    I think this makes a good storyline, it means tyrion and the other KL storylines (cersei and Jaime) don't drag on too long and aren't stuck behind the others, but at the same time don't get too far into adwd/affc that there still is enough material for season 5 so it doesn't push into un-written WOW. It also provides a nice cliffhanger (aegon's reveal) but is still a resolution (tyrion gains a new purpose) and if need be the reveal could be the "episode 9" moment of this season.
  9. locke and key added a post in a topic Hizdahr Cast   

    am I the only one who thinks he looks slightly too young, I always imagined hizdahr to be older
  10. locke and key added a post in a topic Five most well written characters in your opinion. (Could be a character you hate)   

    theon, Jaime, cat, arya, sansa and i'm gonna go for a wild card: sam
  11. locke and key added a post in a topic Lord Tywin the Mastermind: The Lannister role in the Red Wedding   

    Tywin was In harrenhal for a very long time, without seemingly doing anything, and only marched when things in the westerlands got really shit, he definitely has something to do with making robb meet jeyne, but how much of the idea was down to him and how much was down to sybell, I don't know
  12. locke and key added a post in a topic why was Jaqen in this cell   

    we still really don't know, It's highly un-likely that a skilled FM would un-willingly be captured by those loyal to Janos slynt, so I definitely think he was there on purpose, and I'm also of the belief that he didn't meet arya by accident