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  1. The future of Jaime and Brienne?

    It's just my opinion, I feel personally though that this will have more to do with Brienne's story arc and character than Jaime's
  2. The future of Jaime and Brienne?

    Although, It's pretty simple I've always assumed that brienne leads Jaime into the trap to save podrick and Hyle, then Brienne sacrifices herself giving Jaime an opportunity to kill Un-cat
  3. Which TWOW storyline are you most excited about

    I think the reason the hunt for Darkstar will be interesting is that it will probably take us to starfall, where we can find out more about the mysterious and awesome house dayne and their greatsword dawn, as well as the enigma which is darkstar himself
  4. Which TWOW storyline are you most excited about

    Interesting discussion guys it seems that a lot of the excitement is about northern storylines (just saying- not criticising) personally, I'm more interested in picking up the AFFC storylines about the greyjoys and the martells and whatever's going on down in oldtown
  5. At the begininning of TWOW we have a grand total of 15 storylines from the perspective of at least 19 povs (assuming that grrm has everyone from AFFC and ADWD in it together par Jon, and that Jon is not brought back in time for the end of the book - I get the feeling that that might be the last moment of the story) and that at the end of AFFC/ADWD all the storylines had been left on either a cliffhanger or the beginning of a new storyline, so essentially at the beginning of TWOW sh*t's about to go down. so out of all these exciting storylines which is the one you're most looking forward to. I've put them all (and the povs we'll be seeing them from) down below, in order location wise from north to south like ADWD and AFFC Bran- His continuing journey into becoming a greenseer, and the suspicious activities of the 3-eyed crow AKA Melisandre (and possibly Jon if he's reanimated before the end) - the events on the wall following the murder of jon snow and the encroaching threat of the others Davos- His adventures on skagos and revealing rickon as lord of winterfell Theon/Asha - the Battle of winterfell and it's results Aeron - what's going on on the iron islands and the activities of/rebellion against the crows eye Arya- Her continued training to be a faceless man and their strange secretive activities Sansa- Her marriage to Harry Hardyng and the Vale crowning her Jaime/Brienne- their encounter with lady Stoneheart and the consequences of it. Cersei - The Trials of the Faith and the weakening of the lannister-tyrell alliance after Kevans death Jon Connington- The siege of storms end and aegons Campaign Arianne - Her journey through the stormlands and her adventures with the golden company Samwell- His time at the citadel and the conspiracy surrounding Pate/the alchemist Areo- the Hunt for darkstar Daenerys- Her return to the dothraki sea and her time with Jhaqo's khalasar Victarion/Tyrion/Barristan- the battle of Meereen and the results of that Edit: after looking through all the replies here I figured I ought to put down what I thought. First of all I have to say that this was really really hard-every storyline in twow is gonna be epic, and I think it could be the best book in asoiaf. however, overall, it think I'm most interested in the affc characters especially the ones we haven't seen, but also the ones who were in adwd as I felt that they were a bit over-shadowed by the main adwd characters when they had only one or 2 chapters each in the final half yet people like jon snow still had about 5. But, out of them I think ultimately that I'm most interested in sam sansa and arianne
  6. Prince Lewyn's Paramour

    would have to be someone dornish
  7. [twow Spoilers] Arianne II, Part 2

    perhaps young griff has a lot greater chance of success than I thought storms end is said to be unsiegeable and yet he led the battle which defeated it although I think his true identity is to be revealed by dany who will be his downfall but until then he'll be one of the factors along with:the ironborn, Stannis, Sansa and the vale and growing mistrust between the 2 houses after kevans death and the trials by the faith that will break the already weak alliance between the lannisters and tyrells. Personally, I don't think dorne will ally with aegon as although arianne may choose to side with him I think doran would be wary of the golden company due to their history of siding with blackfyres who wanted to remove the dornish influence in court he is also likely going to see through young griffs disguise as he would be the uncle of the real aegon But it would be interesting to see aegons relationship with arianne as she would be his cousin but also probably married to him to strengthen a dornish alliance. The most interesting thing in this chapter is the presence of COTF runes so far south this surely must foreshadow something presumably the encroaching winter. It seems that a lot of the twow chapters are a bit slow as not much happened in theons chapter and from what I can gather little happened in victarions either just some more nonsense about binding the horn from moquorro. but then again not much happens in any of his chapters. personally, I would've rather heard the damphairs chapter as we haven't had a chapter from him since the middle of AFFC and neither asha or victarion mention his doings in their ADWD povs so I really wanna find out what hes actually doing
  8. [twow Spoilers] Arianne II, Part 2

    didn't expect young griff to survive storms end