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  1. The blue-grey guy in was supposed to be the Night King, but making him a turtle is much cooler. Thanks for hosting, Helena!
  2. It's just really not the kind of thing I want to do later. The subjects I write about are dull as hell and the people are boring. Fortunately it's only five more weeks. Moana has The Rock, that's something. Kvothe is probably the most divisive part of the trilogy. I have no idea how Rothfuss intended him to come across, but I reread TNOTW this summer, and arrogant douchebag sounds right.
  3. Today the internship was so shitty that I'm back to seriously considering finding a different subject to study. Yes! Been listening to Where You Are and How Far I'll Go on repeat for two weeks straight. I was always rather cold to Frozen (pun intended) but I loved Moana. Excellent use of theme, great songs, and the best love story Disney has written - there's no prince involved. Also the animation is really gorgeous. I've missed your sister. Also, holy shit, we have the exact same moms. I looked up the other covers and damn, I don't know what these people were thinking
  4. No. Only if you've been drinking since the night before, then it might be time to look at your life choices.
  5. I'll draw it tonight.
  6. That doesn't sound very fun, let's not. Well, mine certainly isn't nearly as bad as this. That really sucks, don't really know what else to say except that I hope it gets better soon How much longer do you have to go? And if it's really that bad, can't you look for something else? Eh, TTTNE is a place where we talk about our lives, no life is joyous all the time.
  7. Did I say emperor? Silly me. I am hungry all the bloody time lately. And tired like I'm getting 5 hours of sleep instead 7+. I'm very glad my internship is almost halfway done.
  8. Fixed this for you.
  9. Not at all, everyone decided that for themselves
  10. New TTTNE theme.
  11. Much preferable *sulks away* Just music. But musicals are good too.
  12. If you want to I never do.
  13. What the fuck? If you do take this up the food chain I can't imagine they'll ignore this.
  14. This disussion is held after every other race Nice