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  1. Fourteen seems waaaaay to young to move out for me. No wonder she's acting out.
  2. Also that, yes. But in times of discontent, if there's nothing we can do about the situation, we'll have to make do with bitching. (Also, it's basically this thread's lifeblood, isn't it? )
  3. Oh dear, I thought this was PM Never mind. Nah, bitching feels good.
  4. I was drunk an hour before you posted that. But I've sobered up and am ready to enjoy my week off. (I'll be reading, drinking and playing Pokémon before visiting Spain for three days, score).
  5. Currently reading the fourth volume of the Akira manga series, and liking it a lot. I'm also wading through my massive Harry Potter: Page to Screen hardcover, which contains 530 beautiful pages' worth of background information about the movies. On the Caine novels: the second book, Blade of Tyshalle, is my favorite book I've ever read. The first third is indeed pretty slow and yeah, it's melodramatic, but that just makes it work better for me. It's not a perfect book but I'm willing the overlook some flaws because of the sheer quality of Stover's writing. I've read it three times now, and every page is still like candy. It's like Stover looked into my brain while writing it and rewrote each sentence until it was as rhythmic and hard-hitting as it could be. And that's not even mentioning the characters, action and world-building, which are all top-notch. So personally, I can't fathom how someone could possibly dislike it. The first book, maybe, but I feel like anyone who didn't like Tyshalle either hasn't read enough of it or didn't give it a fair shot.
  6. Belated happy birthday I'm sorry to hear that though. I'm pretty good, just extremely hungover.
  7. It's just one of Rhae's stream-of-consciousness posts I have a pretty important exam tomorrow but a party I can't miss tonight. The student's dilemma... (or not really, I'm choosing the party). Wow, Nym! Good to see you again. It's been like two years, where have you been? How are you doing?
  8. The implications of this do not bode well at all I'm really curious how they'll pick up on this when they return to the story. It really was. It made up for the somewhat lacklustre second half of season two. I can't wait for the revival now, fortunately it's only two months away. Glad to hear it. I intend to
  9. Buck is learning. I like it.
  10. In a month I'll be in London again for 5 days AND LES MISÉRABLES IS PLAYING IN WEST END THEN. I can die a happy nerd.
  11. I finished Steins;Gate, which was a unique, engaging and well-told time-travel story. I'm now going to pick up Attack on Titan again, since now I don't have to wait for season two anymore. I'm also almost done with Downton Abbey, which I guess has become a guilty pleasure, and I'm continuing Justified with season two. I've heard great things about the remainder of this series so I'm looking forward to it.
  12. I'm not convinced the grey route is the one they're planning on taking, as much as I'd love to see it explored more. I think Luke wants the Jedi the end simply because he's afraid of more Jedi turning into Sith. To quote a EU character, the Sith have always been born and reborn within the ranks of the Jedi. Luke has seen that happen twice now, and has seen the destruction Vader and Kylo have caused first-hand, and I think that's why he believes the galaxy would be better of without the Jedi (or, probably in his ideal world, without Force-users). To train more Jedi would be to train more potential Vaders, more possibly Kylo Rens. I think this would be an interesting way to go, and a more likely explanation for Luke's desire to end the Jedi than the flaws the Jedi Order showed in the prequels, which some argue for, since he wasn't even alive at that point in the timeline.
  13. Just finished the final episode of Twin Peaks. WHAT.
  14. Mark, Felice, stay away from Saga if you like your happiness