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  1. TTTNE 469- A New Order of Imperial entanglement

    Nooo I'm sorry. Congrats!
  2. TTTNE 469- A New Order of Imperial entanglement

    Good, I never drink tea. It just seemed like the British thing to say. My my, things are heating up now. You cannot blame the Curse for sniffer's absence. I have survived it two years in a row now. One king was absent and the other unwilling to rule, so we took the power. It is only human nature. And, of course, Sith nature.
  3. TTTNE 469- A New Order of Imperial entanglement

    Come on, you can do better than this We should totally get together and swap Sith legends over tea.
  4. TTTNE 469- A New Order of Imperial entanglement

    I heard about London too I didn't know all three of you lived there though. I'll be in London for 5 days in six weeks or so, I hope nothing else happens.
  5. Three word story (game)

    of a massive
  6. TTTNE 469- A New Order of Imperial entanglement

    You know, there wouldn't have been a Galactic Empire without Nute Gunray Is that a challenge?
  7. TTTNE 469- A New Order of Imperial entanglement

    Unless this all an act, so I can catch you all unaware when the time is right...
  8. TTTNE 469- A New Order of Imperial entanglement

    What changes? There's just extra titles. In any case, we have taken control and can do what we want. You will keep your complaints to yourself if you don't want to go down this road... Fair enough. You sound just like the type of subject we need, consider yourself hired. There's a high tea for employees every Sunday, followed by executions of infidels. Kids are invited. A threat? Don't make me send felice after you.
  9. TTTNE 469- A New Order of Imperial entanglement

    Sell yourself. What can you do for the Empire? If we emply you, what will we have that we didn't have before? Yeah, there aren't as many regulars to choose from this year Galactic Spampire, if it suits you. The previous titles are still there, it's just that we couldn't be a proper empire if we didn't have some moffs and the like. Nice
  10. TTTNE 469- A New Order of Imperial entanglement

    Henceforth the command structure of the Galactic Empire will look like this: Rulers: Lord Sidious: Sith Lord and Emperor FOMN: Sith Apprentice and Grand Vizier Council of Moffs: Ab: Grand Moff of Lewd Affairs Helena: Grand Moff of Innuendo Rhae: Grand Moff of Scandalous Behavior BB: Grand Moff of Debauchery Buckwheat: Grand Admiral of the Imperial Fleet Cora: Director Pompelmo The rest of you may apply for position as moffs, or enlist as troopers in our soon to be grand army. Disloyalty will be dealt with accordingly.
  11. TTTNE 469- A New Order of Imperial entanglement

    @Lily Valley I missed your post, tht's awesome, congratulations!
  12. TTTNE 469- A New Order of Imperial entanglement

    It'd be a first for both of us, but as they say, don't knock it till you've tried it
  13. TTTNE 469- A New Order of Imperial entanglement

    Just wait until I stab Sidious in the back. Treachery is the way of the Sith, after all.
  14. TTTNE 469- A New Order of Imperial entanglement

    Court of 2017, revised edition, WITHOUT FORMATTING: Let it be known that our court will be called the Imperial Senate To be ruled by: Lord Sidious - Dark Lord of the Sith, Imperial majesty of the Spampire and protector of hop hops Darth FOMN - Sith Apprentice, Protector of the Board, the Emperor's Hand, and secret mastermind of the whole thing The Small Council: Fragile Bird – Hand of the Spamerial King and Queen, ..... and Custodian of Kittens Ab Aeterno - Grand Moff of lewdness, anime and advisor of tech. Helenaexmachina- Grand Moff of innuendo, heathen of the north and IC (Imperial Counsel) HRH Buckwheat of Buckkeep, Princess of the Realm, Official Flower of the Spam Court, and Honorable Graduate of the University of Gralsund Eyron – Spamperial Kings Personal Ninja, Lady of Whispers, Mistress of shadows Felice - the Magnificent Comrade of Hats, Libraries and Time travel. The Spamsguard: RhaenysB of the House TTTNE, the Undecided, Princess of Sweetness, Princess of Cream Puffs, Chocolate and Fancy Flats, Khaleesi of the Great Shopping Mall , Breaker of Snooze-buttons and Protector of Puppies. HRH The Crannon Dweller, Prince of the Realm and lord commander of the Spamsguard Elizabeth – Lady of Spamsguard keeper of the blue rose crown and recipicant of the lords kiss. HK-47 – Metal being of the Spamsguard and Master of the hunt The BlackBear – Lord of the Spamsguard, Captain of all thing Hulked and Supreme Mugwump of Joss Whedon Affairs The Court Members: Lany - Spamperial Queen Dowager, High Priestess of Damn Near Everything, and Lady of Raven's Perch JQC - Student of Korriban, Guardian of the TARDIS and Queen of Arda, immortal, feared and loved. Bandito - Lord of Beards, Maester of Buckethead and Prince of innuendo. Odie - Princess of the ainchenct enchanted treasures, mistress of the hidden tombs and lady of the 10,000 silken scarfs. Bex - Wonderous Witch of healing, Keeper of the Spamerial Hound and Gaurdian of sparkles. Lady Olenna - princess of Sugarcoating didlysquat, Darth queen of chocolate cookies Quoth - Spamperial Raven, Lord of shiny things and the great plucked pecker King Tyrion – The dwarf king fair, Chieb procastinator of the oppostion Cora - Princess Pompelmo There, that's a lot less nauseating to look at. If you want a different title, you may file a formal complaint with Lord Sidious or me. Preferably Lord Sidious.
  15. TTTNE 469- A New Order of Imperial entanglement

    Hey, I'm better looking than that. We even got the people their titles the next day instead of letting them wait for a month Besides, I talked about seizing power pretty often last year, I had to follow up. Without me, there would have been no coup. You owe your power to me. Remember that. Also, I'll come back to you with the rest of my titles. Blaming your apprentice is not how our relationship works. Blame Cora if you must