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  1. It's just impossible not to have a strong opinion about it. I'd like to discuss it with you more but I'll do that in PM. By your definition of enjoyment I wouldn't get your hopes up too much
  2. Absolutely! But I'd go in with as few expectations as you can. There's some narrative choices that are extremely bold for a Star Wars movie, and I'm pretty sure this will be the most divisive entry in the series yet. So yeah, you might love it and you might hate it, but keep an open mind
  3. Agreed, the visuals were astounding. Leia's flight through vacuum, Ahch-To, the battle on Crait... but especially Holdo's cruiser flying through Snoke's ship. That might be my favorite shot in the entire saga. In fact, I really liked the rest of the movie too. I'm not entirely used to the idea of how Luke ended up yet, but thought it was a daring creative choice. Otherwise the only thing I'm not wild about is DJ and Canto Bight. I feel like we could've skipped that without really losing anything. I do appreciate the twist that it led to: Finn and Rose failing to disable the tracker in time. That was genuinely unexpected for me, because it's not how those kinds of scenes typically go. Also, while Williams' score didn't leave much of an impression, I think this might very well be the best-acted Star Wars movie yet. I do wonder about Episode IX. There's just not a whole lot of story left. Johnson burned through so much stuff here, especially in Snoke's throne room (which I thought was a fantastic scene) that the final chapter is feeling kind of empty. No Snoke, no Big Three, not even Holdo or Phasma. But that's a problem for 2019. ETA: I just want to mention Leia's big moment, in the vacuum of space. Her using the Force and her theme music swelling up, and the way it was shot... I just thought this moment was absolutely fantastic.
  4. I just came back from The Last Jedi and... fuck. This blew me away. I had a lot of expectations but I didn't expect this. At all. Avoid spoilers for this one at all cost. I'm still letting it all sink in but right now, this one is tied with Empire for my favorite.
  5. I just watched it. Avoid spoilers AT ALL COSTS, because one this movie's main priorities is surprising you. And it did, for me at least.
  6. I'm seeing it tomorrow night. I'm trying to keep my expectations realistic, but I'm honestly just too excited after reading these mostly very positive reviews.
  7. Umbridge, Joffrey and Ramsay are almost obligatory. But the worst for me might be Kyle Haven in Robin Hobb's Liveship Traders trilogy. I don't recall him ever even physically harming people, but he's just such a gigantic, believable douchebag. I want to drag him out of the book and punch him in the nose every time he appeared. (The same goes for several Hobb characters, actually.)
  8. I was kind of worried when Mark Hamill said he initially completely disagreed with the director over what direction he was taking Luke in. But it sounds like they'll be treading new ground and doing unexpected things, which in my mind is exactly what the sequel trilogy needs. And initial reviews have been positive, so I'm very excited now
  9. I'm seeing it Wednesday evening, and I'm already as excited as a ten-year-old on his birthday. Oh, definitely. I had a great Monday for once, school was cancelled. The only time I left the house was for a brief snowball fight with my sister.
  10. We got a ton of snow for our standards today. And as usual I went from feeling all happy and Christmas-y to hating it in the space of four hours, when it turned all the streets into gray mush and caused my train to be cancelled.
  11. Belated happy birthday! And yeah, we'll see. That sounds like the start of a Christmas movie. And a happy birthday to Buckwheat too Sucks about the entity.
  12. Damn, the last one feels like it was five months ago. Yeah, last year was dull as hell. We should check if people are interested in running before declaring a moot. Plus, Sidious and I shall rule the Spampire until Darth Junior inevitably overthrows, so there's that.
  13. Saw that this morning and immediately sent a link to my sister. She's worse than me when it comes to Moana.
  14. I dunno, you and I have never really seen eye-to-eye when it comes to shows and movies, have we? I can also compromise and attend the class but sleep through it. It's a secret technique I developed last year, to great effect.
  15. My internship is done I can go back to getting enough sleep and attending/skipping classes with people who are actually within fifteen years of my age. Going to watch Moana with wine to celebrate now. Hey, we agree on something Frozen-related.