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  1. Happy birthdays, ab and Lady O!
  2. This made me panic and wonder if I'd completely forgotten Mother's Day. But I looked it up and the Dutch Mother's Day isn't until May, fortunately
  3. The Tarzan soundtrack is fucking awesome.
  4. We had snow this weekend too, but it was gone before I could have a snowball fight. I guess there's a bread shortage or something in the UK?
  5. Disney song sounds good, we could also do the best non-Oscar winning actors and actresses thing that ab suggested last time.
  6. When I look outside, it's been clear blue skies and a bright sun for a week straight now. And then you step outside and you're assaulted by arctic temperatures the likes of which we didn't even have in December or January, like some weather god is fucking with you.
  7. Yeah, my feelings exactly. But I'm fine with moving on to a different subject.
  8. Happy birthday, Lord Sidious! At least getting old is better than the alternative I just realized I haven't read a new Robin Hobb book in almost two years, which is criminal. So I'm finally picking up Golden Fool.
  9. Heal The Incredibles Hurt Ratatouille
  10. Heal The Incredibles Hurt that disease-carrying chef
  11. Heal The Incredibles Hurt Ratatouille
  12. I picked up Les Misérables again. The writing is mostly very pretty, but spending fifty pages describing the battle of Waterloo when it's pretty much completely irrelevant to the rest of the story is a tad overzealous. I also finished Morning Star. This might be my favorite book in the Red Rising trilogy; the action and characters worked better for me than before. While I'm not really a fan of all of the choices the author made near the end, he's fantastic at creating those 'oh-shit-all-hope-is-lost' moments.
  13. Stover's The Acts of Caine.
  14. Oh, I misread your first post then. But cool! Awesome! Just last week me and a friend recorded ourselves singing the entirety of Red and Black. We were drunk and it sounds absolutely horrendous, though
  15. Heal The Incredibles Hurt Ratatouille