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  1. That sucks, Buck. Assuming the new Pauls will have actual personalities, sure, count me in I'm about to watch the new episode, I want to know what all the fuss is about.
  2. We had 25-7C on some days, it's perfect for lounging by the pool I think Ari Millen's not that bad. Paul looks nice but his personality never did much for me The show isn't perfect, but overall, yeah, love it. Strange that I only have two episodes to go until it's over
  3. It was very nice, though as I said the weather was mostly either about 15 degrees above what I can tolerate, or rainy. Had a good time with all the great food, caf├ęs and the three-season binge-watch of Friends that my sister and I went on though Sweet. Season 3 is generally considered to be slightly weaker, but I loved season 4 and am digging season 5 too. But you really can't go wrong with these characters either way
  4. Ye gods, four new pages since I left? Shame, shame, shame... I'm home now, and not looking forward to getting back into work and school at all. Well, I can't help it that they're so comfortable. 'He was seduced by the dark side of the Force...' is about to get a whole meaning. Cool that you got to meet her! Thanks for the warning, I'm definitely staying away now. Me! I'm just about to watch the third-to-last episode.
  5. A moment of silence for Rhaenys and her apartment. Oh I feel you (except for the mascara and bra part). I'm really not used to French temperatures, in the south at least. In the Netherlands we rejoice if it's 27 degrees at noon, here it's 27 degrees at midnight, and usually 10 more by day. I generally don't fall asleep before three in the morning because we Dutch are used to nothing. It's still great to be here of course, if only for the pounds I'm losing in sweat.
  6. It was interesting but not hot at all, so I guess I'm pretty sure now. Nice new avatar. Oh, sweet summer child...
  7. No, this was a reaction to the fact that you offered your services So of course I'll gladly accept. Hi! How are you? Have you read Saga Vol. 7 yet? A man can learn. I did kiss a girl for the first time last week, even if she was a lesbian
  8. If it's Helena, I'm cool with it.
  9. I already do, my contacts are expensive as hell. Thanks! The only downside is that I can't keep up with GOT here, or Orphan Black.
  10. Poor Rhae Many hugs to you. France is nice. And hot. Very, very hot. Soon I will have a new teacher, one far younger and far less pregnant...
  11. Thanks for hosting! Loved seeing the results. I was pretty proud of how he turned out I was wondering the same thing Btw, I totally called Buck on the Tatiana sentence coming from you Also, Rhae, your drawing of the karaoke night looks pretty damn slick.
  12. Of course, that's our right now. I think we're pretty similar in that regard then. I'm not that worried about diseases, but I can't picture myself having sex with someone I just met. Part of it is probably that I'm still not very experienced in that regard. That's a shame. Curious though, how are things between you and the entity now? Also, it's Emperor Bamm Bamm now.
  13. I don't think either of us is interested in a long-distance thing. Thanks though Part of me would like that, but the rest of me knows I'll just end up dramatically pining away in a corner after the one night is done because I get attached too easily.
  14. I met this really great guy on Monday (had a good time with him) but he's moving to bloody Australia for a year just when I come back from France. Typical. On the plus side I'm almost completely out now, and am planning to tell the last unaware family members and friends when I get back, so that's pretty nice.
  15. I liked the episode too. I'm off to France for three weeks on Friday morning, so I probably won't be around much.
  16. Bring it, peasants!
  17. Summer drought?
  18. Decent music doesn't really sound like a terrible punishment though. Maybe all the Jedi music from Star Wars? Good to hear, Rhae.
  19. Very understandable, my master. Cool Good to hear that you found an apartment too. Did you find one that met all your requirements or did you compromise in the end?
  20. Hope so too, where are you going?
  21. I'm a big Sam fan but it's hard to disagree with you guys Btw, are we not doing spoiler tags anymore? Not everyone here watches the show, and even if they do they might not have caught the episode right away.
  22. I almost forgot that the premiere was today, but once I re-watched the season 6 finale as preparation I was excited as hell again. The hype is back, and I rather liked the new episode too.
  23. I'm sorry, Wally My condolences.
  24. Awesome idea Cat! S6E10 might be my favorite episode of the entire show, I'll have to rewatch it too before season 7 starts.