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  1. Heal The Incredibles Hurt Ratatouille
  2. I picked up Les Misérables again. The writing is mostly very pretty, but spending fifty pages describing the battle of Waterloo when it's pretty much completely irrelevant to the rest of the story is a tad overzealous. I also finished Morning Star. This might be my favorite book in the Red Rising trilogy; the action and characters worked better for me than before. While I'm not really a fan of all of the choices the author made near the end, he's fantastic at creating those 'oh-shit-all-hope-is-lost' moments.
  3. Stover's The Acts of Caine.
  4. Oh, I misread your first post then. But cool! Awesome! Just last week me and a friend recorded ourselves singing the entirety of Red and Black. We were drunk and it sounds absolutely horrendous, though
  5. Heal The Incredibles Hurt Ratatouille
  6. Sweet What topic is it?
  7. Heal The Incredibles Hurt Ratatouille
  8. Heal The Incredibles Hurt Ratatouille It has been established long ago that Rhae's taste is questionable at best
  9. Heal The Incredibles Hurt Up Up never did that much for me either, beyond the first ten minutes.
  10. My phone died yesterday, so now I'm on my old one, and it's full of cringy pictures of me when I was 15. I wish I could go back in time and tell myself to get a haircut.
  11. Heal The Incredibles Hurt Finding Dory
  12. Haven't seen it in ages, but I remember from my childhood that I got bored pretty quickly watching Ratatouille The Incredibles, OTOH, I was capable of watching on repeat.
  13. Heal The Incredibles Hurt Ratatouille
  14. Heal The Incredibles Hurt Monsters University Toy Story - 5 A Bug's Life - 6 Toy Story 2 - 6 Monsters, Inc - 6 Finding Nemo - 6 The Incredibles - 8 (+) Cars - 5 Ratatouille - 7 (+) WALL*E - 5 Up - 7 Toy Story 3 - 6 Cars 2 - 2 Brave - 2 (-) Monsters University - 3 (-) Inside Out - 6 The Good Dinosaur - 3 Finding Dory - 5 Cars 3 - 2 Coco - 5
  15. Heal The Incredibles Hurt Finding Dory
  16. She's breaking your will so that you will be easier to overthrow. Don't let her get to you.
  17. I'm so curious about this, and so glad it's nearly here. The theme music has been stuck in my head for hours now.
  18. I like both the Pixar and actors/actresses idea. Anyone have a preference?
  19. And also match well with your Sith aesthetic.
  20. Any ideas for a new elimination game?
  21. Same, I think this was my fourth and I still forget that this is part of the game.
  22. Heal Mulan Hurt Belle ETA: Including ab Belle - 8 -- Mulan - 23 ++ Elsa - 25
  23. Maybe in a Shining-themed one. I doubt I'd be great at them either, but it sounds like a fun thing to do with friends.
  24. Hurt Belle Heal Elsa
  25. Sure! You get locked in a room for a time and have to solve clues and riddles to get out. I might do one with co-workers next month, it sounds pretty cool.