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  1. Good to see you again Bolded part sounds like the best possible deal And sorry to hear about all that
  2. Looks promising, thanks Don't worry, I'll send a classmate. Basically all of London? We're expected to go where the news is Sure, but who says you didn't simply plant explosives beforehand?
  3. Businesses/places are one example, yeah. Reformers isn't the best word for it but it's what comes closest to the Dutch word Literally speaking, I'm looking for people who do new stuff. It can be something like that edible water bottle someone invented to help the environment, or a new law that might pass, or a musician who uses DVD cases as instruments. Basically, as long as it's London and as long as it's new
  4. No no, it's so much more It's the station from Harry Potter. We're flying to Heathrow. Actually, I've already asked Lord Sidious this, but our objective there is to find 'reformers' or new/original concepts and initiatives. Do you know of anything (actual) that might fit this description? It can be anything. @ab aeterno If you could answer the same question
  5. Take a trip to the Netherlands to visit the exhibition, two birds, one stone Yeah, friends are fickle creatures that way. Yep, also for something school-related. I get around I'd love seeing King's Cross too, but yeah, that's impractical.
  6. Thanks! I doubt I can make it to Harry Potter world ( , it is a school project after all) but I'm planning to see Les Misérables in West End with some classmates, which is fucking awesome, and I may get to visit the Harry Potter exhibition while it's the Netherlands (Speaking of which, I have bought way too much Potter merchandise lately, and I'll probably fail to contain myself in London). I know the feeling by the way, and I'm glad that I have some trips now because it doesn't look like I'll be able to go anywhere with friends in the summer.
  7. A month, I think. There's a five-day trip to London at the end, which is motivating me to hold on until then I'm trying to go to bed on time this week though!
  8. I keep complaining to people about how tired I am, but when I'm faced with the choice of going to bed on time or dicking around on the internet for two more hours it invariably ends up being the latter.
  9. So I've heard I hope I'll like the rest too. Don't worry, book 2 is way better.
  10. In the old EU, very true, even if I'm a Traviss fan But between Clone Wars and Rebels they've been treated pretty evenhandedly for the past few years.
  11. Portugal. Haven't heard any songs except the Dutch one though, which was alright.
  12. Awesome, that's all I wanted to know. Thanks. I really need to get back into Hobb, it's already been a year since I read Fool's Errand.
  13. It's treason, then. Wouldn't we? Okay, don't give me any spoilers, but please tell me this: is it a satisfying ending? Just yes or no please Sweet Enjoy them.
  14. I've always gotten the impression that the importance of the Chiss is largely determined by whether the book you're holding was written by Zahn or not. They're not nearly as relevant as the Mandalorians in the grand scheme of things, they do indeed live pretty much in the middle of the Unknown Regions; maybe Disney has big plans for them, but it's likely that this is just Zahn talking up his own creations, which he did all the time in his post-Thrawn Trilogy SW books.
  15. Currently reading The Drawing of the Three by Stephen King. This part of the Dark Tower series is much more enjoyable than the first one, probably because the characters are way more interesting and relatable than in The Gunslinger. I'm starting to see why people love these books (or at least, this half of the series).
  16. You should have thought of that before we assumed power.
  17. Lewd means lewd I came across that in something I watched yesterday. Me and a friend of mine have been texting each other similar stuff to gross each other out, except that stuff's Pokémon-themed. It's exactly a hundred times worse.
  18. Okay I thought it would be funny to google naughty Palpatine art to share here, but suffice to say that was a mistake. I don't wish what I saw on any of you.
  19. We need the lewdness we were promised
  20. 11 AM? Sweet summer child... Today's a Monday and I just got out of bed
  21. Probably, yeah. But for now I'm going to clutch all of them as close to me as I can. Ugh, early? I thought Sith got to sleep in. They have pros and cons, I just want actual paper in my hands. I agree, that's a great system. But the only place I know of that uses it is my mom's work
  22. Logic agrees with you, but I'm too much a bibliophile to do that. I've got tons of books I know I'll probably never reread but I love having all these stacks of books to look at and browse through.
  23. Yes, this. Right now I have 250 books crammed in a cabinet that can comfortably accommodate a hundred. But I love seeing my collection grow too much to borrow books, and eBooks just don't have the same charm.
  24. Our hours of training are paying off at last.
  25. It was meant ironically, of course. And don't worry, I'm sure he'll use it as an excuse anyway.