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  1. So I finished the Akira manga and uh, yeah... that was certainly something, but I'm not quite sure what. Glad I read it though, if only for the brilliant art. I loved the story too, I just can't figure out what to make of that ending (or the entire last volume).
  2. Wow, Wally! That's been a looong time, welcome back. At least it's all for a good cause
  3. It was nice, I guess? Not the world-shattering experience some made it sound ike. You are merciful, my master. I will not falter again.
  4. So how does this work exactly? When do we get to hear if we guessed the sentence right, and what people guessed for our drawings?
  5. I finally gave in. I'm sorry. Tell @ab aeterno...
  6. I liked it, but could you explain?.
  7. I'm shocked and downright appalled that you think of me that way. Getting what? The suspense is killing me.
  8. Yeah, like I said. Boring
  9. Booooooring...
  10. I mean, that all sounds lovely, but yeah I mean, we did all agree to bring back the lewdness...
  11. Why, my dear flower, only all of it
  12. Clear and concise, but I would've preferred it if you'd switched the answers around I am saying that, yes... ...but this is even better.
  13. Writing a resumé sucks as much as people always said it would. Well done. Please elaborate. You can't put all of the responsibility for lewdness at our feet. Be the change you wish to see in the world.
  14. Unless everyone collectively lost their internet connection in 2007, yeah, I doubt it.
  15. Binged through the new season of Orange is the New Black, finished Downton Abbey, started The Crown, halfway through the second season of Justified, and rewatching Legend of Korra. Busy times. I saw the movie and thought it was good, even if a little hard to connect to. Haven't seen the show yet but I think you'll like it too.
  16. I just finished it and find myself in agreement with much of what was said here. While I enjoyed watching this season a lot, there's a few glaring flaws. My biggest gripes are the Piscatella thing and the final episode, which just failed to satisfy on multiple levels. That said, can we just give Danielle Brooks an Emmy? She was so impressive here.
  17. I'm in, never played this before so let me know if I'm doing it wrong. ETA: Really though pebs, you disappoint me. Clean?
  18. You Pictionary people never give up. Fine, I'll play.
  19. I mean, you're definitely not wrong, but I was just making a joke, since it was a way more serious discussion than we usually have Those journalists looooooove talking about the job market. Of course not. If my mom asks why I'm on the internet so much, I just say I'm practicing my English here
  20. I'm learning more about the job market here than I do at school.
  21. Shame, but thanks for the heads-up I'd heard that about Seveneves but not Snow Crash.
  22. Reading Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson. The setting kind of reminds me of Blade Runner and the Acts of Caine books. Stephenson's style is sort of long-winded but engaging. I think I'll like this one, even if it'll take me some to finish it.