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  1. So Areo Hotah, who`s basically the size of a wardrobe, gets killed by one stab in the back. Meanwhile Arya survives multiple stabs in the abdomen...
  2. We aren`t given a single sign that Jon feels guilty about doing it. Truth be told it may be because the show is so poorly written and the creators don`t really care about this stuff. Bran had no idea what he was doing? It`s okay then. Because usually in life you can get away with being impatient and doing something that you have no idea about. It would be like if I went into the Oval Office, pressed the Red Button starting a nuclear war and then saying that I had no idea what the Red Button does. Bran should have figured in all his wisdom that there`s a good reason why the 3ER only let`s him see visions when he`s there to assist him.
  3. So... Hanging a 12 year old boy, or whatever age Olly was, is called justice... Whipping out an entire specie and pretty much taking away Hodor`s entire life, just because you are impatient is also cool , because, you know, it`s Bran and he has to show us the ToJ scene, Tyrion being responsible for the death of thousands to make sure that his family remains in power is also cool, because, you know, he`s Tyrion, he drinks and he knows stuff. But Dany burning the men who threatened to rape and kill her... how dare she?
  4. The only thing I liked about the episode was Walder Frey`s return. David Bradley does an amazing job as Late Lord Walder.
  5. Preston has an entire episode talking whether or not Euron=Daario. His "out of the box" thinking never seizes to amaze me.
  6. He should have been at the tower, even in the show. If you pause this video at 1:05 you`ll see (look at the left page) that Hightower is mentioned dying there with his brothers Dayne and Whent. Not the first time the show contradicts itself.
  7. Still better than what we`ve got this episode.
  8. Suddenly I`m even more excited about season 4