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  1. Halfway through season 2 of My Dad Wrote a Porno and it really is hysterical
  2. Mirrormask anyone? I only watched it once but it seemed interesting Corpse Bride, Coraline and similar films
  3. Well there ya go Yep. I didnt wanna list all the Ghibli's but they're all so wonderful. There' a version with a tangerine dream OST and one with goldsmith - the goldsmith film is the better one absolutely. It's a great fantasy film. One of my favourite films it's just gorgeous. Film isn't great. Love the books. Ooh of course can't believe I forgot clash of the titans and Jason and the argonauts and sinbad. I can agree with all these assessments.
  4. Company of Wolves is an adaptation of the Angela Carter short story which is part of her fairy tales collection ; The Bloody Chamber Cracking stuff Surprise you havent said beasts of the southern wild!!! (Unless you did lol I think I missed a page in my excitement)
  5. People are SO NASTY and SNOBBISH about this genre but there are SO MANY WONDERFUL AND FANTASTIC MOVIES that deserve praise and love!!! I have way more on the tip of my tongue sorry I'm on mobile didnt mean to spam I just LOVE this topic!!!!
  6. LA BELLE ET LA BÊTE one of my favourite movies, Company of Wolves (fairy tale horror) ahhhhhh I LOVE THIS TOPIC and I posted a similar one to a movie group a few months back which garnered some good discussion but I left the group because of drama and it's closed (facebook) so don't know if I can access it again Anyway A MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH, Wings of Desire, Ghost and Mrs. Muir, Juliet of the Spirits
  7. 80's fantasy movies are just the best and my favourites Labyrinth, Legend, Neverending Story, Princess Bride, Dark Crystal, Willow, Ladyhawke And then of course Pan's Labyrinth I LOVE Stardust, Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, My Neighbour Totoro, Cat Returns, (basically all Ghibli) and gonna reiterate everyone mentioning Hellboy
  8. Great list and Legend is genuinely a Fantastic movie. Depends which version you watch (I love them both) but the Goldsmith score and UK cut is absolutely BRILLIANT fantasy. I have nothing but love for Legend
  9. I'd try not to put it off too long lest it becomes a monstrous big thing in your head but fair play! Best of luck for when you do!
  10. I wouldnt be too quick with the bravo's - this is me at beak performance, the rest of the time I'm just winging it
  11. Honestly...what IS that??
  12. Just quoting to say I'm 100% here for this whole comment and love it.
  13. I don't know - this seems a bit dodgy to me. To put the onus on the "victim" (if you will) to contact and reach out to the person who made them uncomfortable and to make themselves vulnerable a second time doesn't sound like a good idea in cases like this.
  14. I feel like the OP was an academic piece of work he wanted written free of charge *really makes you think emoji*
  15. Go for it