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  1. One of my old class mates from college who I was never especially close to but we did chat every now and again since college ended and I've always been quite fond of her just came out to me as trans and I feel quite honoured actually that she would chose to share this information with me and of course it wouldn't leave my personal chat with her but I just feel happy that I am seen as a trustworthy person to someone I was never close to in college but always did quite like. And I'm happy for her as well of course and I hope I can be a friend to her when and if she needs it
  2. Are people still rating others out of ten for their appearence? Gross
  3. glad to hear your daughter is safe This is so scary
  4. That's awesome!
  5. Lol good! And yeah I am also volunteering in a museum and I'm getting so anxious there recently I don't like how I look at all in what I'm wearing I'm so uncomfortable and I'm worried that if I get a proper adult job somewhere I'm gonna not be who I want to be lOL but I know I've gotta suck that up I guess
  6. @Lily Valley - Not sure what insight I have really! But as a 23 year old woman, not straight and partial to androgyny I am constantly frustrated with templates for women and how we are supposed to look. I am always trying to change "my look" and it's an ever shifting process. These days I'm into looking like a shining elf LMAO I take enough selfies but it's all part of the fun of documenting looks. I do worry sometimes that I look straight. I don't want to. I dont want to look like a straight woman. And I realise that's a sort of luxury on my part, even though where I live is not the most absolutely accepting of places. I don't really know how I want to present; if I was being myself MOST of the time, had lots of skills in making costumes and makeup and had plenty of money I would basically look how i imagine a movie set woods witch; couture dark sorceress, elven princess would look HAHAH. Sorry not trying to seem like I'm taking the piss. How I look to the outside world is something I think about a lot and anyone who follows me on facebook or instagram will be all too unfortunately aware of that hahahahahhaha. I just want to look like a shining queer pixie but I'm pretty happy with my makeup-less semi androgynous look half of the time A cute cool looking girl who was sat wit some dude caught eyes with me and smiled at me yesterday in a cafe and I was totally flustered and thinking about it for half of the day LMAO God sorry to go on suffice to say that @Weeping Sore like Lily said it's frustrating and difficult to find a womans look to connect to but . I'm lucky at the moment because I work in a record and DVD shop where I can shave all my hair off and get a thousand tattoos and it wouldn't matter but I'm constantly worrying about getting a "real job" and having to look boring and just not how I want to
  7. So even his relative I saying he would have thought he didn't do enough so I don't know why you're having such a problem with people in this thread saying the same, often at the same time as explaining that they feel sympathy for him. Eta: Adding this because I dnt want to look like I'm trying to score Internet points - this story is too important anf devastating for that. I'm just saying that you can have sympathy for someone and their situation and understand why they did what the did and still criticise them. He just isn't above criticism.
  8. Yeah I don't think I'm a perfect super hero and I don't think the author is the epitome of evil but he was complicit and he isn't above criticism. And I'm sorry but I don't know if I'm willing to accept the "you don't understand the culture" when talking about this specific story because calling this any other name than slavery doesn't change that it was slavery.
  9. Totally agree.
  10. I don't know what my reaction says about me but it made me very uncomfortable and angry and I'm angry on behalf of eudocia and I'm angry at the author and I'm angry at his mother and his grandfather and everyone involved in keeping this woman in forced servitude for basically her whole life. she never had sex, she nevery had a romantic relationship, she had no friends outside of the family, she was abused for decades and decades where she didn't have a real bed. And then the author, who as well meaning as he might have been, didn't write this until years after her death, the obituary which would hve been an ideal time to bring out the story or at least parts of it and then didn't even think when he finally after half a decade bothered to bring her ashes home in a little plastic box was SHOCKED that people actually cared about her. Even tho Her entire adult life was spent in slavery she was a person with an identity outside of that family and of course she could have peple who would love and miss and care about her It's just made me so uncomfortable
  11. I mean okay then??
  12. Don't turn yourself into some despicable characters from a fantasy epic. View your situation in reality. You're a dude who is struggling with university work, depression and burnouts and maintaining relationships with others. That's it. It's no small thing and it's not insignificant but you're not some machiavellian villain in a gothic horror story, ya know???
  13. Yeah but you see its a vicious cycle - you can't say you want to wait until you're totally mentally healthy and together to build relationships because when you're miserable youre a bother because being alone and having no relationships around you will just make you more miserable. Better to have a friend who's a bit of an arse sometimes but who genuinely cares than no friend at all. And I only meant your choice of words saying her 'outburst' (probably just a statement really itsnt it unless she screamed unexpectedly) was 'fake' (how do you know she didn't mean it, you can't read others thoughts) and 'far fetched' are kind of harsh to both yourself and her. Have a bit more faith in people and yourself I'm sorry you got into a fight with tour mother but that doesn't mean you're a terrible person who causes misery and should be avoided at all costs Honestly trust me when I say that the less lonely and isolated you are, no matter HOW introverted you tell yourself you are, the less you will feel these things. Having friends isn't going to miraculously cure all depression but it's going to make you feel a hell of a lot better I totally TOTALLY understand feeling like you're a bother to people but your choice of language and the way you're explaining everything is so so negative that it's going to be hard to change anything unless you change little things like that. Yeah that's what I was getting at. I know you say this because of your negative view of YOURSELF but it's still harsh on her and arrogant to assume you know someone's mind more than they know their own. Gwt out of the habit of attributing thoughts and emotions to other people as difficult as that is and worry about your own. Because you'll NEVER be able to read minds so don't assume you can
  14. LMAO tell the people what the know
  15. I think you need to stop being so hard on her...and yourself lol. What if It wasn't fake and she genuinely was happy to have someone to talk to? You can't help who you naturally click and get on with. I mean what do YOU want to do? If you want to try and make a friend then it seems she's open to it and I think that could be helpful to you. It might just be as simple as that Also I'm sorry youre dealing with depression and burnouts and uni stress. It sucks majorly and hang in there