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  1. LMAO. i have to admit, as an aspiring historian, i'm quite intrigued by this ''4000 bc'' clothing
  2. Same here. As soon as I saw Christopher I was howling. What a load of wanky, rich nonsense. Doesn't matter how much loose cotton he wears or how long his hair grows he'll still be a pretentious twatnugget
  3. I don't have any days! I'm having an existential crisis! I don't have any days!!! I was sure I've had at least a few days sprinkled here and there amongst the crushing void. My life is a total of zero days! BIG MOOD BIG MOOD
  4. Thank you so much for listening!! Have some university work I'm handing in this week that I've been working on but will be hoping to upload another episode in the middle of January. On Irish banshees!!
  5. Feel proud instead <3
  6. I don' want to wait for another season!!!! I love this show I want more now!!!
  7. You have to accept that you will be sexualised from a young age. You'll also be punished for that. But your actual sexual desire/sexuality/sexual expression will be seen as something grotesque and vulgar.
  8. I'll admit - I got a bit irritated with the article and didn't read that far to see the under 10% figure. I think it's still complicated and like I said I would absolutely never force a sexuality on anyone else or tell them who they are or how they feel. I still think part of the problem described in think the article stems from both biphobia and homophobia though. But I'll have o actually read the whole thing and think about it more...
  9. And mostly straight??? Just seems like bisexual to me or somewhere in that realm and it's internalised biphobia to want to get as far away from that label as you can.
  10. Well that would include me in a way... Women who like men but who have never had sex with a man are allowed to call themselves straight or are assumed to be heterosexual so why can't I as a woman who has never had sex with a woman call myself bisexual, you know? I DON'T want to enforce a sexuality on anyone. However - I do think that part of the anxiety and reluctance to call oneself bisexual comes from misrepresentation of what bisexuality even is. "Not gay enough to be bisexual" - an idea that bisexuality is a 50/50 split. When it's not. Why DO we have to put percentages on everything, you know? I don't think bisexual even has to describe a gender binary. It's just a weird, messy strange territory between gay and straight and I think it needs to be widened and developed. I hate the 50/50 split idea. But I do think there is so much stigma around bisexuality and that feeds into this idea of people NOT wanting to be associated with it. If you're bisexual - you're greedy, you can't choose, you're a slut - all sorts of nasty shit. And people internalise that. It's easier sometimes to pretend you're not bisexual. To not have to deal with those nasty preconceptions.
  11. This article kind of annoys me because again it just seems pretty biphobic to me. People don't want to call themselves bisexual because it' themselves gay sounding even themselveoohugh being bisexual is pretty nuanced and doesnt mean a 50/50 split of attraction. It's these stigma's run being bisexual that adds to this problem of people feeling other and outsiders.
  12. I haven' played the DLC's yet either...
  13. 3 is absolutely brilliant. I really love it.
  14. No way ...Yen ftw!!!
  15. I will