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  1. Ooh I shall look into this! Interesting link! ! My podcast has just reached 1000+ downloads via the libsyn website and I am SO pleased!
  2. I believe it's a purely folkloric creature which may even exist in the realm of ancestral memory connected to other hominids that we, homo sapiens used to live alongside. You can make the claim that it's not 100% impossible about every cryptid and folkloric creature which must make them very attractive to some people. You can say that mermaids, selkies, pixies and fairies *could* exist. That it's not 100% impossible. But does that mean that it's likely they do? Not really. I think it's incredibly unlikely that such a creature (sasquatch) exists. It's similar to many folkloric creatures that exist in a number of cultures. The idea of there being a secretive species of creatures relatively close to human is an interesting's just...not at all likely. Urban myths have taken the place of folklore that had always been important to human beings and society. That's all this is, I believe, modern day fairy tales and folkore.
  3. Ask me again next year LMAO
  4. I've been on local radio today! I have an excuse for missing it!
  5. That's an interesting idea...about it getting less painful and I suppose I've never even tried once. & Thank you Yeah I absolutely 100% hear what you're saying. And actually for the first time in my life I'm moving in all the right directions. I'm getting great grades in my Masters degree, I'm working on a podcast in my free time, I'm learning to drive and I'm volunteering and taking part in lots of museum & heritage stuff for work and so everything else is going really well and my life (other than living with my parents and not exceed exercising as much as I'd like) is good! Ooh...typing it out like that make me now feel a bit better about myself anyway LOL. And I definitely need to get into Yoga...definitely something on my list to finally give a go... Maybe I should just try and ask someone out just for the anecdote for this thread even if it doesn' work out lol so I have more to add to this thread other than the same self conscious shit I've been posting here since I was 20 years old. Thanks all! Given me a bit to think about...& feeling quite hopeful and happy in general with the other areas of my life. Just need the confidence to ask someone out!!! Gonna watch lots of scenes from rom coms where they get people to do that lmao
  6. Oh see the thing with me is I was a gigantic loser in school, ugly and awkward and unsure of everything and a huge nerd & everyone knew it LOL. I don't think I've ever grown out of some of that mindset even though I'm 24 next month, pretty good socially & have lots of very nice friends and am reasonably likeable as a person because I'm friendly with LOTS of interests but I absolutely can't view myself as someone who anyone could be physically attracted to and that's my biggest dumb hurdle & I know it's stupid but body dysmorphia sucks and why I feel bad for guys having to be socialised to make the first move even though that's really unfair but I'm part of the problem because I never have done. I think I'm probably reaching the point when I'll have to soon though. How many more years am I going to make myself weight lmao I don' even necessarily want to date anyone i quite like being a lone wolf in some ways but to date & hookup with people when I'm still in my 20s and APPARENTLY in my prime would be nice :| :|
  7. I'm petrified of indicating interest. I mean it doesn't happen all the time but every now and again over the years I've liked someone or fancied someone and just haven' told them at all because I'm not my best self yet. Like I keep telling myself if I lose another stone in weight or move out of my parents house or pass my driving test then I'll try and date but sometimes I worry I'm always shifting the goal posts in some ways & I'll never be an idealised version of myself and the version of myself I am right now is actually pretty cool these days. Who knows. Thanks lol
  8. Oh I haven't said anything like that lol. Too nervous. Especially when he goes on about girls a lot when I'm right there so I'm thinking it's like a subtle not so subtle way of saying he's not interested. Which is cool! Im not pining tbh. We are working on a museum project together and we all hang out and go to the pub a lot and tbh I'm just really happy to hang out like that and actually socialise a bit - it's really nice so Im fine with it really. I do think if I were to move out of this county I'd tell him right before I go though because I'm a coward LOL
  9. Thanks for the nice words ! Appreciate it
  10. Oh gosh sorry guys LOL Actually my life is going pretty well & lots of cool stuff is happening. I was drunk and feeling sorry for myself and living in a rural area and not in a city anymore makes me sad and bored a lot but when I can drive & finish my masters I'll be trying to move up country anyway! Preferably a city LOL
  11. I think that's a good attitude and most of the time I'm absolutely 100% the same way and fine with it. Guess I'm just feeling a bit weird today becase I'be been ill so it' the first time I've left the house in 2 weeks and feeling a bit weird socially. But my degree and work opportunities seem to be pretty good right now and soon to be pasing my driving test & then the world is my oyster!!! Maybe thank you x
  12. Thank you i know I'll be embarrassed about these posts when I wake up but right now I'm just going to feel sorry for myself because I'm the most stable and happy (in other ways) ibe been in awhile but I'm just HOPELESS with romance stuff and think it's about time I ran away to the woods and set up a cottage as some xrazy recluse witch except that wouldn't help because in every other area of my life I'm doing pretty OK ugh I hate being a corporeal being I'm going to become a weird asexual blob creature which is HOW EVERYONE SEES ME ANYWAY lmfao
  13. Well there' a certain cornew of a road on my walk home which smell DISGUSTING it just be some sort of plant an it' HIDEOUS I just walked past it jus now HORRID
  14. I'm 24 next month ffs