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  1. A duology I think. It's broken a lot of records !!
  2. I would have been more than happy with one more short season or a few more episodes to flesh things out more.
  3. My parents visited the museum I volunteer at where there's currently a games exhibition and me and my dad played Senet, the ancient egyptian board game and it was hilarious lol. Loved it.
  4. It's restrictive RIGHT NOW though. Claire will fight against that, we know it. And she'll become a surgeon and Frank was an excellent father to Brienne (a daughter) and likely encouraged her strongly to be a historian so we know he's not a bad man that hates women. That doesn't mean 40s America isn't going to be restrictive and challenging for Claire. Yes, she's less at risk of a random sword wielding man trying to rape her, but she has plenty of challenges and more in her life without Jamie.
  5. Yeah. Let's not forget the significance of Claire not wanting to be touched by the look alike of the man who raped her husband, her surrogate child and attempted to rape her on occasion. Frank isn't JUST Frank anymore.
  6. I like the 1948 parts! How it shows that claire's life in the 40s is more restrictive than her life 200 years prior! And her struggle to acclimate to her new role as wife to a professor in 1940s America and what that entails is really interesting and highlights the role of women in periods of history and how societal progression isn't a straight linear line from ''non progressive'' to ''progressive'' from the history to the future. As with what's happening in the world right now - we know this. And I think it's a a clever and bold move to show both of the character's survival after losing the other and to keep them apart for awhile.
  7. That scene was genuinely horrifying. And I agree about the lack of jump scares - I don't think there were a huge amount! and I don't mind the horror movie cliche's because this movie seemed absolutely self aware of them.
  8. You know what, this was always my problem with the novel. And I think the film tackled this excellently. I wasn't absolutely terrified of Pennywise nor did I get the impression he was some great ancient elemental creature as old as the universe itself but It did seem like a very, very old and horrifying demon like creature in the film. And I really liked the way Pennywise was handled. I liked that they almost made him, at the end, seem kind of pathetic when the children are no longer conquered by their fears. I thought that was a nice touch because without fear Pennywise (as a minor demon thing, though old and scary) isn't really that significant which is the best way to approach this concept of the embodiment of fear, whereas if he's some huge Old One creature like you say) it makes it a bit too ridiculous.
  9. And you know what, I think Bill Skarsgard did a bloody excellent job! Any actor would find that task daunting (following Tim Curry's footsteps) but I'm trying not to compare them too much and Bill's Pennywise worked incredibly well for this film. He wasn't nightmare fuel for adults but he was unsettling and despite what some people say I think his appearance is incredibly memorable. Love the little nuances and quirks he had like the gangly gait and the constant dribble across his massive bottom lip.
  10. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm really pleased they chose to just pick the children's section of the novel and i'm already excited for the sequel. I'm also incredibly pleased that this wasn't trying to be a ridiculously terrifying horror film. It was basically a kids hero adventure film with horrific moments and I think that worked really, really well. All of the 'Fears' that Pennywise transformed into were all things that would realistically terrify children, especially these children and that was handled really well.
  11. Haha yes! Well ''put down Targaryen'' did work on a few occasions at least
  12. yes that's a good one!!! wish we knew more about her.
  13. aye im working class from a rural area, definitely for equal opportunities for all despite wealth
  14. I want to find some way of ensuring women had equal opportunity in education as men. An equal amount of female authors, inventers and scientists right from the start ...we would be in genuine space by now tbh