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  1. I don't know if that will be too early for me considering I am staying outside Helsinki and travelling in...but I really would like to go...
  2. Oh my goodness! I love it have you watched the Limmy's show sketch of this? Youtube it and you'll laugh even more its hilarious! !
  3. Oooh that tour sounds v interesting....
  4. I've been really really good with not doing this but it's A STRUGGLE .
  5. LOL I am I'm the EXACT same boat honestly high5 we're in this together now
  6. thank god im not alone
  7. hah aww bless them - i would probably love them to do my makeup tbh !!! and lovely - what was it like?? im having such problems with my hair lately it's growing out and i hate it
  8. happy birthday mate and have a great and awesome day
  9. Yeah I find it soooooooo intimidating hahha but I've always wanted a proper makeover
  10. How did the makeover go? Was it fun? Did you walk into a makeup shop and they did it>?? always wondered about those things..
  11. What's heavier, a kilogramme of steel, or a kilogramme of feathers?
  12. wowowow!!! amazing on all fronts!!! congrats dude
  13. i feel like our university experience was eerily similar lol. i graduated with a 2:1 after depression and no motivation only to kick myself up the butt in the last year. it felt so great so i know exactly how you're feeling and you hold on to that pride and self love because you deserve it
  14. YESSS GIRL. so proud and happy for you !!!!!!! congrats on the job thats great!!!
  15. obsessed w this french folk band