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  1. Finally watched Split. Some interesting concepts there. Think some of it is a bit iffy in terms of being a bit problematic but I also liked how weird and creative it was in terms of concept. McAvoy is fucking excellent as always
  2. Min - I think you're so cool. I really do think you're awesome. I totally understand where you're coming from enjoying the will-they-wont-they part. A lot of the time it is the best bit, the most exciting. But is it worth it with some people? With this He's an asshole, look at how he treats his girlfriend. He could just...not be in a relationship but he is. And he's disrespecting her all the time. He's doing the same thing to you. And can I say that there's a huge amount of middle ground between marriage and this asshole. There really is. I think keep it a friendly-ish work relationship and cut the rest. He isn't worth it. Don't do extra work for him - that makes him sound lazy and incompetent. You don't want someone like that. Begging emotional labour from you all the time just for a few flirts. You're awesome - you can do so much better. same here. I have way too much stuff to do at the moment. 2 jobs (well...1 and a half I guess), volunteering project at museum, working on MA, learning to drive, trying to squeeze in trips to see friends and family in between all this when I can. 1 or 2 days a week would just be suffocating to me. I like my own space too much. I sometimes worry about that because I think it'd be fun to start a relationship but for now I'm totally okay with my own company. Would be nice to date a BIT tho. But I just wouldn't wanna give away too much of my time every week.
  3. I've been listening to Malambo No. 1 on repeat for the better part of two days! Tell me what you're feeding your ears!!
  4. Aww I love Sophie Turner as well.
  5. A continuation of the last thread which reached 400+ posts here. To continue on the theme of Claire and Frank being unhappy in their marriage. Yes. they were. But I suppose you have to think of the good things that would stop them from separating as well. Name, Brianna. Frank can't have children and he already dearly loves Brianna and is firmly her father. Why would he leave Claire when he has Brianna? It's the late 40s, early 50s and not 2017. Also, Frank knows that Claire is ON HER OWN. Yes, she's a self sufficient and intelligent woman, fiercely so. But she's also lost, no longer comfortable in this ''time'' and has no friends and family and a young child to raise.
  6. Been listening to My Dad Wrote A Porno which is absolutely hysterical
  7. I actually like Briana''s actress! Eeveryone is so mean about her but I thought she was good and had great chemistry with Catriona!
  8. Been listening to the new Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile album and also the new Beck and Robert Plant
  9. I keep doing it but only for like an hour or less at a time. I do find it difficult to wake up. Not having any depressive thoughts at all. In fact I havent really had any in ages I'm just so low energy all the time
  10. Thanks - will look into that. I lay down for an hour today at like 4pm just because I wanted to be warm and comfy. I went and lay in bed cwtched up in my quilt. Is that bad? I had no depressive thoughts with it just tired and wanted to be warm and comfy
  11. No he was okay I'm just being nitpicky. That scene was fantastic. I GASPED when I saw Rachel. But I don't see why he would know that he's not exactly a good people person lol
  12. I def am anemic and B-12 deficient and don't do enough to help myself
  13. to you all
  14. HAHAHAAHA. STILL PROBABLY RELEVANT "No Blade Runner No _____" Deal? Anal? Long romantic walks on the beach??
  15. Can I just say how much I fucking LOVED the Vegas sequence. I've been playing fallout new Vegas nonstop recently and I had SUCH a weird moment in the theater where I briefly felt I was watching a new Vegas movie. Haha I LOVED it.
  16. I didn't mind the city and I liked that it was a brave move not to try to make the city a character like it was in the first film. There was other ground to cover here. I think it looked like 30 years after the original would. A higher population and larger but much the same. That isn't a bad thing.
  17. I'm starting to absolutely love him
  18. Okay well. In light of the dissapointing box office money...I feel it is my duty to explain a little bit more in detail with no spoilers. The plot is relatively simple; you have a Blade Runner who retires leftover replicants (Nexus 8 models) with open life spans. He's called in to a particular case to find a VERY special replicant. This film, much like the original, deals with the theme of what makes us human? What is the difference between a replicant and a human? It also tackles modern day fears of Internet pornification, the future of apps and lonliness. It isn't just a film vaguely set in the same universe as Blade Runner with a few easter eggs like I expected - it's a direct continuation of the original story. It asks more questions than it answers - much like the original and there are some absolutely fantastic cracking performances and characters. It's going to be a cult favourite. I know it is. There's plenty of characters for future best of lists. It looks AMAZING. The soundtrack is solid. I loved it. I'm going to hopefully watch it again tomorrow. I needed a few days to process. PLEASE go and watch it.
  19. It's definitely a good TV show to rewatch.
  20. It was a genuine sequel to the original. Not just a film set in the same universe -it was a continuation of the story from the first which I thought worked really well.
  21. Actually yeah - I liked him more in the prequel short. I did love his scene with Ford though with the lighting - very reminiscent of the first movie. And Ford's performance was excellent.
  22. I thought Leto's character could have been played by someone else and better. One of the few things that didn't bother me but I thought could have been different. Would have been a great role for a not well known actor to shine. But then again Joi and Luv fulfilled that.
  23. I've written a bit more in the Spoiler thread. I want to watch it again before I try and attempt a coherent review here. Suffice to say I thought it was excellent and a more than worthy sequel.
  24. It's great rewatching because knowing certain things makes you take in particular interactions between characters very differently. I love it.
  25. You're in your 20's. Still very young. Where do you live? With parents? If so you can still do lots of things. Go back to school - do distance learning. Volunteer somewhere to build up CV etc. What's your situation if you don't mind me asking? It isn't hopeless