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  1. Hi guys! I realise this is very cheeky to post here but considering I've been visiting this website for years I'm hoping at least a few of you would be interested in giving my new podcast a listen! The first episode is introductions and The Cornish Pixie. It's going to be a monthly podcast focusing on the various myths, legends and folkloric creatures of the 6 Celtic Natons of Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Cornwall, Isle of Man and Brittany. I just set up a website for it here: And I made a twitter and Facebook for it under The Celtic Myths and Legends Podcast. It's really just for fun and it's too niche for me to expect it to be hugely popular but I would really love to share these amazing myths, legends and creatures with as many people as possible and considering this is a website centred around a fantasy series I figured quite a few of you may enjoy myths and legends!!! I would really appreciate if anyone could chuck a like at the Facebook or Twitter and give the episode a listen. It's only 16 mins long Let me know what you think! Thanks so much
  2. Anything else I should mention about the Mabinogion in my next three episodes that I didn't cover in the second episode?? I'll be covering branches One, Three and Four next.
  3. Feeling like death warmed up and realising I'm aging after this monster hangover today. I drank 7 pints of cider and then basically got 2 hours sleep, turned up to work (only a 3.5 hour shift) and then proceeded to be sick 3 times. This is why I NEVER drink before work usually and will serve as a reminder to never do it again LMAO. It's 6.30pm and I'm still feeling like utter trash. When I was 19 I could do this all the bloody time.
  4. I will read them because I really want to watch the show! Am hearing good things!
  5. I' joking I'll read it all I'll just have to buy the last part. Cnt believe it took me so long to read this I LOVE IT
  6. Well MY BOOK says FOUR parts so that is all I'm reading for the moment
  7. Well I'm reading hitchikers guide to the galaxy: a trilogy in four parts atm so I have to say Heart of Gold. Also Serenity and Millennium Falcon
  8. I mean, the whole Dark Ages thing is pretty misleading to begin with, no? I'm pretty sure the terminology came from art history really. And apparently the art of the middle ages after the fall of the Roman empire being seen as more ''dark'' in themes but I think this term has been very misleading for a number of years and it's why I haven't read dark ages in an academic work in any of my studies over the last few years. So if there never was this super big bad ~dark age~ in the middle ages, why would there be one now. there might be a shitty decade, or two, or a few. But ages? Hundreds of years of shit? Nah. I'm more optimistic than that.
  9. The medieval period hasn't been called the dark ages for awhile, right? I think we're realising more and more that there is so much history we have lost and that there perhaps wasn't this ''dark age''
  10. There's a club if you'd like to go...
  11. The answer is 42
  12. I had music playing throughout but very quietly so it wouldn't overpower my voice and I wanted a few cool sounding tunes at specific times like evil sounding music when Efnysien is mentioned but to be fair it was midnight when I was adding the music in and I was super tired so it might not have quite worked how I wanted it to. Oh well onwards and upwards it's all early days yet
  13. So about the music...was it better in the second episode because I know that was a bit of a problem for a few people in episode 1 as it was quite a bit louder and at times overpowering - did it sound better in episode 2 or is it still something that isnt working so well?
  14. Well I AM Cornish...:P
  15. Oh thank you so much!! it was the Sioned Davies translation and she has an excellent introduction as well!! I'm glad you enjoyed them both! Looks like Banshees will be my 6th episode after the 3 Mabinogion ones left to come but I've already recorded about 20 minutes. I'm going to find LOTS of cool things to talk about for that episode and I'm very excited! Thank you so much!!!
  16. Hey guys just thought I would quote to let you know that episode 2 is now up if you wanted to listen! I'e used music again (I'm sorry lol) but tried to make it a LOT quieter so hopefully it isn't so distracting and it' more of a storytelling type of episode!!!
  17. Thank you and apart from a few poorly pronounced Welsh names it's in English!
  18. Also not to be a TOTAL nag but if anyone is on iTunes or apple if you could leave me any ratings/reviews on there that would be SO awesome and I would appreciate it soooo much!!!
  19. Tbh I'm doing my MA in Celtic Studies and I honestly don' care if this isn't at all historically accurate - it looks well fun
  20. And I've watched a couple episodes of that Netflix show. Really enjoyed it. Gosh I'd love to have my own TV show on day on Celtic myths/history hahaha one day maybe.
  21. That' what I like about Vikings (and Black Sails) personally as it' quite cheeky and not at all pretending to be totally historically accurate or a pure adaption of one piece of literature but a miss of everything. Very interesting way to do it. I have touched on this cross polination type thing in my banshees episode when I briefly discuss funerary practises across various cultures having similar aspects!
  22. Yeah I think it will be better to mix up the kind of topics I talk about otherwise it might get a bit monotonous! And it was a real treat to essentially just talk and not have to check any notes. That' brilliant about Ivar - I'm watching Vikings at the moment (love it lol) and I know briefly what happens to some of the characters in history/myth but I'd really love to read those sagas at some point as well. And LOL!!!! Well I was being cheeky there and it was all in good fun !!! Not meaning to insult
  23. Up on iTunes now as well!
  24. Episode 2 focuses on the Second Branch of the Mabinogion (The oldest prose tales in Britain) Welsh medieval mythic tales. Expect Giants, Princesses and magical cauldrons!
  25. Thank you!!! Episode two is now uploaded to the website and you can also listen to it via the souncloud . Hopefully itunes is to follow...I'm assuming as soon as it is uploaded to the libsyn website it gets uploaded there but no sign of it thus far...