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  1. Dunno if I want to read the books now then LOL because I thought the witcher 3 was truly truly phenomenal
  2. I'm honestly so excited for this. Spent the better half of this year playing Witcher 3 - now need to play the first two LOL and read the books.
  3. Thanks so much for listening !!! I really appreciate it Yes I have been worried about the music but I was worried it would sound terrible with just me talking lol like even less professional but a lot of people have said similar things so next episode (on banshees BTW ) I will try no or v little music.
  4. Hi guys! I realise this is very cheeky to post here but considering I've been visiting this website for years I'm hoping at least a few of you would be interested in giving my new podcast a listen! The first episode is introductions and The Cornish Pixie. It's going to be a monthly podcast focusing on the various myths, legends and folkloric creatures of the 6 Celtic Natons of Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Cornwall, Isle of Man and Brittany. I just set up a website for it here: And I made a twitter and Facebook for it under The Celtic Myths and Legends Podcast. It's really just for fun and it's too niche for me to expect it to be hugely popular but I would really love to share these amazing myths, legends and creatures with as many people as possible and considering this is a website centred around a fantasy series I figured quite a few of you may enjoy myths and legends!!! I would really appreciate if anyone could chuck a like at the Facebook or Twitter and give the episode a listen. It's only 16 mins long Let me know what you think! Thanks so much
  5. I never usually feel that way about people so it was also nice to have someone external actually validate like "yes this person fancied you" lmao otherwise I'm hopeless
  6. I hope it doesn't sting - I'm usually good at distancing myself romantically from people once I know there's no chance/no point and I've luckily never been hurt from that but yeah I'm definitely seeing it as a win win as a friend On the other hand a customer came in and I was actually blushing just talking to him an thought I'm going a bit mad as he wasn't like Hollywood hot but I thought he was cute and we were just talking about spaceballs and galaxy quest!! And even the girl on till next to me joked "that was literally your future husband wow I could feel it I almost told him to ask for your number" and apparantly I'm so starved of attention I've been thinking about this 5 min encounter all day such is my life
  7. I really want "I spent taxpayer money on a green tea frappe!" on a T-shirt, maybe a badge or a bumper sticker for when I finally pass my driving test
  8. well...i don't think he fancies me at all and just sees me as a friend so that's okay i guess lmao i like him as a person a lot anyway he's really funny so it is what it is
  9. Thank you very much! I appreciate it! I'l need it
  10. Thank you!! Appreciate it
  11. Update! ITunes have approved my podcast so you can now find it on there!!!
  12. What a cracking sho
  13. A continuation of the last thread which reached 400+ posts here. To continue on the theme of Claire and Frank being unhappy in their marriage. Yes. they were. But I suppose you have to think of the good things that would stop them from separating as well. Name, Brianna. Frank can't have children and he already dearly loves Brianna and is firmly her father. Why would he leave Claire when he has Brianna? It's the late 40s, early 50s and not 2017. Also, Frank knows that Claire is ON HER OWN. Yes, she's a self sufficient and intelligent woman, fiercely so. But she's also lost, no longer comfortable in this ''time'' and has no friends and family and a young child to raise.
  14. I meant constantly last night for 30 min but yeah I've had it LOADS of times - too many to count and the last was only a few months ago if that. Scares me every single time I'll never get used to it
  15. Gosh this is so weird I logged in today with the intention of finding this thread and it was already on the first page... Anyway copy and pasting this from my Facebook status but... I've had such a weird night...think I must have fallen asleep before 9pm - I only went upstairs to have a quick lie down after my meal lol - woke up around 2.30am pretty awake but disorientated and in my clothes from yesterday - got settled again and went back to sleep and had constant sleep paralysis for what felt like 30 mins or more - first one I thought was a dream because I felt 2 pairs of hands poking me and pressing down hard on my stomach - 'woke up' and was fine with no lingering pain (obviously) and then constantly one after another I got sleep paralysis after sleep paralysis this time the one I'm used to (still scares me every time though) when it feels like my whole body is being jolted and shaken around. Then I had a dream I tried to get out of bed to turn the light on to stop the paralysis (never happens with light on) and it was so scary I couldn't walk and it felt like this awful weight was pulling me to the floor and my vision was going black - and I couldn't raise my hand to turn the light on it wasn't working and I was pulled to the floor...until I woke up again in my head and this time turned the light on straight away....then I sort of doze off and have super vivid scary dreams for a few hours and now then I wake up at 7.30am totally awake and wondering what the hell to do at this time (8am now) What a weird night and I'm wide awake but also don't feel quite real and my body feels exhausted...
  16. I suppose not much - just be a bit awkward when we see each other. But I think I'm just about over caring about the awkwardness - Ive put off doing way too many things already in my life just because it'd be a bit awkward or I was a bit nervous and I need to stop doing that!!
  17. Okay it's settled then I'm gonna have to ask HIM out...which I've never done before so much so I've had a few crushes in the past and just...done absolutely nothing about it then felt sad...don't wanna keep doing that See not good for anybody - these rules when it comes to dating!
  18. Yeah but that is why I'm confused lol - because you are the type of person that is making it NOT acceptable - by saying if a girl did that you'd think she was crazy. If people stopped believing in silly nonsense like that then we WOULD live in that nice world...
  19. LOL. Well, as much as I'd love the powers of a dark sorceress I don't possess them quite yet
  20. You just said you'd lose interest in any woman that asked you out because she's apparantly crazy... Do which one is it wanting women to initiate more or not? V confusing.
  21. You can also find it on soundcloud Again sorry to be so cheeky and post it here but I hope it may be some of your cup of tea I'm going to attempt to publish it on iTunes too
  22. I don't get it at all either... It's B.S for both men and women, this scenario. Woman asks man out, then suddenly he's not interested because it's a game? And she's what...easy? I dunno... Or Man has to worry about being the pursuer and asking the woman's dumb - why do there have to be these stupid arbitrary rules
  23. also - i am mentally ill. fine with it now - it is what it is. i look after myself. but sucks to be me, i guess - for not having a neurotypical brain lol. crazy girls get a bad rep.
  24. thankfully i don't think he's anything like that not interested in people who play games; and you call the women crazy...
  25. Some days I'm super confident and all like I'M CUTE AS HECK but more often than not I think I'm a hideous monster and if I asked anyone out theyd be horrified LOL and I know that's stupid !! I have no idea if he even fancies me tho haha. WHAT ARE THE SIGNS we get along really well but I get along really well with a lot of people lol.