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  1. Yeah I won't argue that we need a guy like Reaves on the team, but I can't justify Sundqvist being a part of the trade that brings him here. I don't see how you can part ways with a young player that has a ton of potential for a bruiser that's 30 already. I just don't get it. I hope we regret this trade for many years.
  2. Can't stand this deal, man. I hate everything about it. Sending away talent for an enforcer. Fuck that.
  3. Welp Oskar Sundqvist and a first round pick dealt for a fucking 30 year old enforcer (Ryan Reaves) and a 2nd round pick. Disgusting. This is one of those moments where I think that I know absolutely nothing at all about hockey because I must be missing something, right? A 23 year old center with a ton of potential traded away (with a first round fucking pick) for a dude that's 30.
  4. Agreed. They all put on the good ole boy personality and that's boring as shit. As for Pens, gonna be interesting to see who leaves this season. As much as a playoff stud as Bonino has been the past 2 years, I think we can let him hit free agency. I hope he makes every possible dollar he can get. It's time Oskar Sundqvist gets his chance to play a role other than 10-15 games as a 4th liner. Cullen will be gone which is fine. Great 4th line center for his 2 years here, and made a shit ton of contributions, especially in the postseason. Kunitz appears to adapt to top or bottom 6. Though I think his age now has him playing on the latter, he can still go top 6 when necessary and contribute. I think he stays around another 1-2 years. Defense needs a makeover. Hope to see Daniel Sprong get solid playing time next year. Most likely will have to play bottom 6 as the top 6 is congested with wingers.
  5. And Hornqvist with the winner. How fitting.
  6. Fucking christ please end these twats tonight and be done with the country singing buffoons and catfish shit.
  7. In Nashville it has to be Rinne. I don't think they make a goalie change regardless because their backup has given up goals when they bring him in any way.
  8. Hell yes I'll never forget that. Awesome moment, just didn't have enough that year. I'll never forget Hossa slumped against the boards once the final horn went off in game 6. Huge letdown, and then the ultimate vengeance against him and the Wings the next year.
  9. To play devil's advocate, and crackpot, the last team to have a chance to repeat was the '08-'09 Red Wings. They beat us in the SCF the year before, and seemed on their way to do it again when they beat us in games 1 & 2 at home. We power back and win games 3 & 4 at home (with quite possibly my favorite Pens memory in game 4 when Jordan Staal scored a shorty to lift us over the Wings), only to get our asses beat in game 5. Guess what the score was? 5-0.... Pens go on to win games 6 & 7 to overthrow the champs and break up the repeat. Obviously I hope that doesn't happen but couldn't help noticing the similarities.
  10. Home team remains dominant. Tough break for Preds losing Ellis.
  11. Outscored 9-2 in games 3-4. Woof.
  12. Pens with some great scoring opportunities tonight. Rinne has just been better. Other than that we've been bad.
  13. Great save on Guentzel
  14. I was watching NHL Network a couple hours ago and they had Dierks Bentley on. He was explaining how he and his band chanted Murray sucks before their show the other night. Thought it was funny how he followed that with 'And I'm playing a show just outside Pittsburgh coming up in Scranton.' Lol... Dumbass clearly isn't familiar with the PA landscape as Scranton is on the other side of the state closer to Philly and New York, and surely they could care less about Pittsburgh. Also, Neal is a twat. Piss ass slashing before the puck drop.
  15. This catfish thing is a retarded spin off version of the red wings and the octopus. Whatever floats your boat I guess.