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  1. Similar frustration. Thought Pens would end it tonight. Gonna have to go to Philly again unfortunately.
  2. I get the gripe. His reaction was funny.
  3. @Joe Pesci How effing sick are you of this Invincible song? God damn. Great stuff from Murray and crew.
  4. All the points have been made by now. Agree with the thoughts on Jesus. The dude that is preaching peace is now conspiring against their leader whom is preaching peace. Hmm I like JDM and Negan's character. Would love to have a beer with him. I'm cool with him staying on board as this new change of scene for him will probably make him an antihero like someone else said. I think Carl's dream with Negan in it is more likely to happen opposed to Negan spending the rest of his life in a cell. Anyone wanna take bets on how many episodes we get next season with long conversations with Negan in the cell? An over/under? Daryl plays easy street while Negan is in cell? A 'break Negan out of the cell' episode happens? They pointed out the huge walker horde in the distance multiple times this episode so I'm wondering if that'll play a part next season. We're gonna need some more insight into the helicopter as well. No clear enemy/antagonist next season besides the whole Maggie/Rick thing. Curious to see what happens. As always, I'll keep watching.
  5. Just started S3 of Mr. Robot. Awesome fucking show.
  6. Saw Deadpool and loved it. Such a witty smart-ass. Very enjoyable. Watched Dunkirk last week. Maybe I was a little too drunk or had false expectations, but I thought it was going to be more Saving Private Ryan-esque. Wasn't prepared for all the air and sea battle. Still liked it overall.
  7. Hopefully we bounce back today. Frustrating game the other night. No suspension on the Giroux hit which I'm indifferent with. Seen worse this postseason, yet there's intent on Giroux's part to propel himself into Letang which I didn't see/missed while watching the other night. Yeah, Crosby initiated the hit that propelled Giroux but you an clearly see him look behind, see a Pens players, and launch himself into him. Oh well. Letang came back so not too fussed about it.
  8. Fuck Boston is tough. The favorites are dominating thus far.
  9. What an ass beating.
  10. The Malkin goal was brilliant. Giving it to the Flyers right now. Murray had some big saves, too.
  11. i never played Morrowind so can't comment there. Got a 360 and Oblivion was one of the first games I got next to Gears. Had a blast with Oblivion. If I somehow had a time log that recorded the days, hours, minutes, and seconds I put into every game I ever played I can guarantee Oblivion would be in my top ten. The bugs created some funny situations in combat, but I think it made the game unique. One of my favorite quests of all time is an Oblivion classic, Whodunnit? I agree that while Skyrim was gorgeous to look at, the gameplay, quests, voice acting, is stale. This also hit me while playing Fallout 4. Same ole shit. Seems like a Bethesda issue.
  12. Just googled Kovalchuk and see what you mean. Questionable considering he's 34 now. Haven't seen him play in forever. Not sure what he has left.
  13. Predictions: Pens in 5 Bruins in 6 Caps in 7 Lightning in 6 Preds in 5 Knights in 6 Ducks in 7 Jets in 5 Possible upset: Jackets over Caps. Don't think that would be the biggest upset ever but considering the expectations on the Caps every year it would be noteworthy.
  14. Indeed. Gotta figure we played each other in the playoffs 3 times in 5 years roughly so it was a lot of the same players with a lot of hatred towards each other. It climaxed in the 2012 playoffs, and we weren't on the good end of it.
  15. 45 goals in 4 games, and an insane amount of penalty minutes . Not a good result for us, though. And yeah, Neal is very hatable when he's not on your team Giroux sneakily gets over 100 points this year. I wasn't aware. I think William Karlsson should be a nominee as well. League leader in +/-, and 43 goals in a surprise season. Never cracked 30 points before this year. Hall's season has been noteworthy with the point streaks, and have been able to see him play against the Pens since we're in same division. Gonna go with Hall for my pick. Dynamic player and he carries the team. 40 point drop off in points from Hall to the next leading scorer. Mackinnon had a great season but has the support of Rantanen and Landeskog. Not the most iron clad reasoning but I'll go with that.