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  1. Not a big fan of our second round pick Juju Schuster. For god's sake draft an effing CB. We get lit in playoffs through the air year after year and we go with WR... Sure, extra offense is always good but with Brown, Bell and Bryant I'm okay with that. I know Bryant is a risk and all, but I just can't see how that merits skipping out on a CB in the first three rounds. As for James Conner, that's a cool ESPN story, and will surely merit some Sportscenter time, but I don't see that pushing us forward in the playoffs. That pick actually makes me even more sick than the second round pick. Running back? Really? Wtf?! I like the Watt pick, and that's it. Going to bed pissed off now. ETA: And the Bungals drafted Mixon!!! I'll just keep my mouth shut on that one, heh. ETA 2: Okay no I won't. Can only imagine Mexal and Nic's response if Pitt drafted him!! I say that in jest, mostly. Good for you guys. Looks like a fantastic team on paper. Should be a fun year.
  2. Yeah he's shit. Fred fucking Flinstone with a microphone.
  3. Malkin looked pretty bad last night, too. He made a noticeable amount of bad/lazy passes. Not concerned as he tore up the first round, but need more from him if we're to win 4 games in this series.
  4. Had a feeling all day we'd go LB. Wanted to see us go CB but I guess they've all been picked off the tree. We do need a LB so I'm not too upset. Watt will be loved here. Also, Cleveland had 3 first round picks? wtf? Was gonna ask if that's ever happened before but they mentioned the '13 Vikings had 3 picks in first round.
  5. Oh for fucks sake announce the damn pick already
  6. F espn for giving Garett Bolles a microphone. What a goon.
  7. That shit show in front of the net with under 3 minutes left was crazy.
  8. Nick Mr Fucking Playoff Hockey Bonino!!!!!
  9. I hate Kuznetsov forever for that goal celebration
  10. I hate when it says the pick is in and takes another 5 minutes to announce the pick.
  11. Yeah typical 'in my day' bullshit no one cares about. Having said that, if Ovi goes 10/10 on that hit that ends our playoff run.
  12. Wish Fellaini would've put some power into the headbutt. Can't stand kunny Aguero.
  13. Yeah that was ugly.
  14. Nice to see Costa put two in the net tonight. We're gonna need him to finish strong to avoid any slip-ups. Then he can go to China or France or wherever the hell he wants to go. Hazard great, as well. Interesting move to put Cesc up on wing, but I like the way it worked out. I see we haven't had a clean sheet in 11 games. That's pretty bad. When you have Hazard and crew I guess it doesn't matter. For now at least... Conte looks like a wizard in regards to his starting lineup from Saturday. Gets his two best players on the field fresh for last 30 minutes, and wins the match. Seemed pretty clear that the momentum from that win would carry over to today, with Costa and Hazard getting the start not completely gassed from a big matchup a few days before. Good test this weekend against Everton, which seems like the last chance for lost points this season. Of course I didn't think we'd lose points to CP either.
  15. Fun first round with a ton of OT. That said, no game 7's, correct? Interesting. Time for next round predictions: Preds in 6 Ducks in 6 Sens in 7 Pens in 6