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  1. Harsh second card on Walker. I don't agree with it. Commentators saying that the backwards glance he gave sold them on giving the card. Guess the premeditated look makes it a little worse. Collapsing to the ground was unnecessary.
  2. Yeah Kane had the most scoring chances, but I think Christensen was their most dangerous player. The free kick he had into our box at the end of first half went untouched somehow. He had a number of other crosses that could've had a better result for Spurs, and Dele was kept in check. The defense did its job. Batshuayi did his best to undo that.
  3. Unfucking believable... bats with an absolute heart crushing own goal. And Alonso Saves the day!! Crazy end to the game.
  4. Laughing at ramos's reaction to Suarez dive. Can't decide which one of those two I hate more.
  5. Yeah I didn't see it either so I can't comment on it other than generally speaking about refs and how butt hurt they get about shit like that.
  6. Can't think of a worse way to start the season. I'm in Hawaiian time now so only saw the second half. Good control by Chelsea in desperation mode but not enough to come back. Morata played well in his debut off the bench. He seems to play well with his head. Luiz was ever the wild man. Nice goal to pull within one. His long balls kill me sometimes. Saw the clip of Cahill and the red card. Lunges in with spikes exposed so I can't complain about it. Can't complain about cesc's second yellow leading to red. That's a foul. However, I hear the first yellow was because he was mocking the ref by applauding? Those guys have god compexes. In every sport. Can't stand that shit. Need hazard back asap, and need some consistency on defense. Terrible off set pieces. I'd like to see Christensen start. Wouldn't mind Cahill staying on the bench. Didn't see much of rudiger in second half so can't comment.
  7. My vote is for Monday 8/21 or the day after. I'll make any date work.
  8. I'm in for B if there's room. I prefer snake draft.
  9. Joined. Thanks for keeping this running, Manhole. Looking forward to the start of the season.
  10. Yeah I saw that Monaco said that Mendy would be the last to leave this summer. Hard to weigh those words. I don't think Mbappe has to be in any hurry to leave being 18, though I'd think he'd start to question staying at Monaco another second with 3 contributors leaving for other squads this summer.
  11. Diego is sure as gone. Seems likely that he'll go back to Atletico. I guess they'll just loan him out till January since they have the transfer ban till then. Last I read the sides are squabbling about the price. He seems like a guy that the teammates love, but has to be a pain in the ass from a manager's perspective. Would've answered earlier but the board shits itself when the tv show comes on every year.
  12. I'm two episodes into Big Little Lies. It has my attention, but it's waning. Only a 7 episode mini series so I should finish it.
  13. Looks like Mendy is going to City for 52 mill. Danilo appears to be on his way too. Monaco have been gutted this summer.
  14. Yeah I agree on the CFs. I know Morata may look like the second option with all the Lukaku talk and his move to MU, but I think we're better off with him. I think the Sandro whispers died once Bonucci left. Side note on Lukaku: he scored a nice goal against MC from a sharp angle tonight. Looks like he and Rashford could be quite the duo on the top line. Yeah I think all 3 teams have to be happy with what they got thus far. Throw City and Tottenham in there and I think this coming PL season could be a slugfest.
  15. Started Big Little Lies. Seems like your typical affluent ritzy Northern Cali neighborhood where the injustice gets brought to light. Hopefully there's something that distinguishes it. It's HBO, so that's a start.