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  1. Entertaining episode. Things that I noticed: 1.) Who needs ammo? 2.) Enough time passes by for Judith to age a year or so but not enough time for Maggie to show a baby bump 3.) Zombies move at a snails pace but keep up with Daryl on a motorcycle 4.) Rick has pinpoint accuracy until Negan is lying on the ground and can't hit shit 5.) Rick expects Negan to walk outside the Sanctuary when they arrive, but there's no one with a rifle posted up to put one between his eyes Overall I enjoyed the episode, but those are the things that eat at me. /Complaining.
  2. Nevermind I obviously missed a Burfict incident... He kicked our fullback like a child.... Wish they'd suspend him for the rest of the year. In a vacuum the play wasn't that bad but the guy clearly can't comprehend playing like a professional. Effing Bungals.
  3. Yeah fuck Mitchell. Can't stand him.
  4. 4th down and Andy throws the ball away. Yikes. Soft division this year. Happy we made it out of the game without Burfict killing any of our star players.
  5. Watched the first ep of Mindhunters. The serial killer stuff intrigues me so I'll keep watching. So far so good. Third ep of Curb was good as well. I don't think it's possible for me to ever hate an episode of Curb. Possibly a couple season 5 eps that aren't up to par, but not too many. I can see the Fatwa stuff starting to get old but we'll see how heavily it's involved the rest of the season.
  6. Finished it last night. Enjoyed it. Is this series a 1 season deal or is there plans for a second? Need to watch the film next.
  7. Was only able to catch the highlights of Chelsea/Roma. Shame we gave up a 2 goal lead, but I'll accept a point considering how hot Roma got. We're lucky we grabbed a point after the second Dzeko goal. Saw Azpi get beat on the first and third goal which is uncharacteristic of him. Brilliant goal by Luiz and Hazard. Nice to see Morata back on the pitch. Sitting on top of group C by 2 points so not terribly upset with the draw. Should grab another 3 against Qarabag, and hopefully grab 3 points against Roma or Atleti to advance.
  8. Mike Mitchell is easily my least favorite Steeler. He's lucky he didn't get flagged on that helmet to helmet hit. Complete deuche.
  9. Haha yeah it's great. Telling everyone off and throwing money at them lol.
  10. Nat is awesome. Larry's cousin (his name is slipping my mind) has a couple solid episodes. I think the actor's name is Richard Kind. The ep where his wife tries to sell the hats and shirts is classic. He's also in one of my favorite eps of the series, the Black Swan. ETA: Cousin Andy. According to imdb he's in 4 eps. He's also in the Smoking Jacket.
  11. Almost done with the second season of Reign. I wouldn't have thought this show would've kept my attention through near 40 episodes when we started watching, but it has a draw about it. Halfway through Suburra. Enjoying the hell out of that show. I'm not a big subtitle guy; just too much reading, less watching for my taste. This show is so good I don't even notice the subtitles. First two episodes of Curb have been great. I enjoyed the second one more. Anytime Funkhouser gets on screen it's gold. "Give it to the Big Funk." This leads me to ask who is the best recurring Curb character? I'm gonna give it to Funk man with a slight edge over Richard Lewis. Can't go wrong with Leon and Danson, as well.
  12. Watched the first ep. I'm digging it.
  13. 7 picks between Ben and Dalton for me today.
  14. Nhl or Rocket League. I need some mindless entertainment after this smackdown. And that Fournette run just cost me my work fantasy league this week. Fucking brilliant.
  15. Yeah this is a shit game. About to turn on the xbox.