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  1. Jon was born a bastard and remains a bastard.

    Rhaegar legally annulled his marriage with Elia which makes a marriage with Lyanna legit, and makes Jon a royal, trueborn heir. That's the only thing I can think of.
  2. How many years have passed in the story?

    Yeah 2-3 years seems accurate. Also, nice username, you're a clever one.
  3. Video Games: Dawn of Waaaaagh!

    Got to play a couple hours of MEA last night. Made it through the initial quest. I'm still trying to get the combat down. First thing that really annoyed me is I couldn't change my shooting arm when sitting in cover. Perhaps I'm just an idiot and couldn't figure it out, but I refuse to believe that you just stick as a right handed shooter throughout the game. Trying to get the jump booster thing down. I'm fine jumping rock to rock but using it in combat is a different animal. I need some more reps to get that down. The ridiculous facial animations are apparent. It's been pointed out, and I now see it. That won't affect the way I play or view the game. Annoying yes, and that shouldn't be an issue with games in 2017, but get over it. Don't know enough about the game to comment on the story. Like I said, just a couple hours in. Seems like a game that ME players will like, just not sure if it will be a classic. Reviews would say no to that, but I'll come to my own conclusion.
  4. Isn't Negan alive in the comics still? And the comics are pretty far ahead of the show right now? If that's the case, and you're waiting for Negan to drop dead, it seems like your expectations aren't realistic.
  5. I lost my cat....inside the apartment

    Yes the holes have now been dealt with. The main hole concern was in the kitchen. That hole leads to more behind the sink. They've now all been sealed. We have him in our office where I checked a dozen times for hole and found none. It's the best room for him right now, and to get acclimated with us. It's a good size and clean so he will appreciate that. He's now wondering around in there exploring, surely looking for a place to hid, but he feels comfortable around us, which feels good. I'll keep posting regarding his progress. Thank you to everyone for your advice and well-wishes. It really means a lot that you all care, and it certainly felt good to be able to share this with people.
  6. Watcha Watching? Tell me everything.

    Yeah I was thinking the same the other night.
  7. I lost my cat....inside the apartment

    I'm happy and relieved to announce that Renly has officially been brought to safety. Last report on here was that he was now safely travelling out from underneath the dishwasher to get food, water, and litter box but only when he was in the kitchen by himself. Last Saturday my mom and dad came over and my dad, being mr macho man himself, swore to me that he could remove the dishwasher and grab that cat from its depths with ease. His heart was in the right place but I told him that we need to make sure all other escape routes from that point were covered, as I thought he had another hole back there to travel through. My dad scoped the area and declared it to be safe. I told him my skepticism, but he waved it away. Eh, waht the fuck do I know? I only live here after all. Long story short, he pulled out the washer and Renly ran away through another hole. A few minutes later we heard him running above the ceiling. My mom opened a door in our office where the furnace is located and Renly was sitting on top of the furnace. I grabbed a chair and went to pick him up and as my fingers touched his fur he took off like an effing rocket ship to a hole that led back to the ceiling. He was then gone... Throughout the past week my fiance and I have heard him scuttling about the nasty ceiling laden with drop tiles. There's an opening in one tile and I put food and water up there. He took care of business as usual. This didn't ease my mind as we live on the top floor and when I propped the tile I noticed a shit ton of openings that led to the attic. So basically that cat could be anywhere up there, and there's no way I could catch him as he has entirely more room to roam considering his size than I do. My dad actually had a brilliant idea, and left his ladder at our apartment, and told me to use his box trap that he has at our house. i got the box trap and made sure I knew how to work it. Pretty simple, and not dangerous for Renly as the door simply shuts behind the critter when it touches the step pad at the end of the cage. I put some delicious wet food at the end of the cage and placed it in the tile where I put his food before. At this point, I'm figuring this is our last idea to get him down to safety. The ceiling and attic is the fucking abyss, and he's a scared kitten that isn't used to human contact. Well, I put the trap in the ceiling and about 3 hours later I heard a bang. I went to look, heart hammering the whole way down the hallway, knowing if I heard him scramming than the trap had botched the hit. I didn't hear anything... I put the ladder up and moved the tile, and saw that the door to the trap had closed. I moved the towel off the top of the trap and saw our little buddy sitting in there. He was scared, but was there, and was not hurt. I pulled the cage down and took him into the office and got a look at him in the light. Once again, reassured that he was nervous, but not hurt at all. I can't even begin to explain the amount of joy and relief I felt that I got him down. I was nervous that I'd never see him again, or he'd get into trouble and not make it. I opened the trap into a large cat carrier that has a blanket and food in it. He crawled right into it. I'm going to let him sleep in there tonight. I am sealing up every single hole in this decrepit apartment so he can't get away again. Whew.... Once again, I feel absolutely relieved...
  8. Football - Leicester's Shakespearean Tragedy

    I don't wanna hear the commentators talk anymore about how tough Walters is after he flails to the ground when Cahill touches him. Costa needs to calm the fuck down. This is getting heated.
  9. Watcha Watching? Tell me everything.

    Progressing through The 100 nicely. Second season is more impressive than the first. I've fallen out of touch with the Magicians the last 3 weeks. Need to get back on that.
  10. NHL 2016 - The Kids Are Alright

    Blanked by the Flyers... Woof.
  11. Video Games: Next Stop... Andromeda

    How in the world you could be an employee/reviewer of a major video game site and never play one of the biggest franchises of the past decade is beyond me. And then you play the brand new game without at least jumping into the first game just to get an idea seems moronic. I hope he had a miserable time.
  12. Watcha Watching? Tell me everything.

    Yep I'm into it right now.
  13. If anyone wants to gag turn on NFL Insiders. They're in a fricking war room and there's a "Schefter Cam" in the corner of the screen watching Schefter talk on the phone.
  14. Looks like the this is all set up to make a play for Romo in Houston. Fair point. He was a monster for a couple seasons, especially the SB year. That just faded out very quickly. I'd be intrigued if Cousins went to SF. Doesn't look like he'll get his wish though.
  15. Ha yeah you're probably right. It's deals like Woods that makes me glad that we're dormant on FA. Bouye and Calais Campbell to the Jags. If I knew nothing about football and looked at this team's Madden player ratings I'd say they should make it to the Super Bowl.