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  1. Looks like Kenedy is heading to New Castle on loan. Thoughts are this will open up room for Palmieri to come over from Roma. Don't know much about the guy. Looks like he'll be backing up Alonso who's been pretty decent this year. The fixtures are about to be crowded again with CL in a couple weeks so hopefully he can contribute. I was reading good stuff about him. Looks like he gets up the field well in the left back role. The Dzeko portion of the swap is looking promising as well. He killed us in the CL group stage this year. Not sure how much he expects to play considering we have Morata, and will have to sit out the CL, but he has to be better than Michy.
  2. I have to give the worst fanbase to Philly. My fellow co-workers in Philly only pop in to say high when their team wins. I'll even try to have a normal conversation with them about sports and they always turn the attention back to what's going on in Philly, and how this is the year! Earlier this year I complimented the Eagles team and how dominant they were. All I got back were 'Steelers suck' yada yada. It's like they physically can't muster a compliment to another sports franchise outside Philly. I saw @Nictarion's nomination. Nic, I'll have to gift you a Pittsburgh Steelers chapstick to wipe that chapped ass with!
  3. @polishgenius That's bush league by Neymar. Wonder how long till Cavani is out of there. Would imagine this power struggle will result with someone leaving, and it won't be Neymar.
  4. Chelsea made a struggle out of Norwich. Championship team takes them to a replay and then shootout to decide the winner. We hardly did much to get out of our rut as we let up the equalizer 3 minutes into stoppage time. Morata's nightmare continues. Had a chance to score the winner in extra time and played it right to the keeper. He follows that up a couple minutes later with a dive in the 18, gets a yellow, argues with the ref and gets a second yellow. I'll take the win but god damn it was ugly. Gonna be a rough second half of the season I think.
  5. Disappointed beyond belief. Steelers D got run the fuck over again by Fournette. The Ben pick was lucky, the Ben fumble was Big Stupid holding onto the ball too long. Some dumb as shit 4th down calls by Pitt. The fourth down toss play had me screaming like a banshee. The onside kick with over 2 mins left to play and two TOs left had me raging. Pretty much all the TD receptions were awesome catches, but the run D was AWFUL. Deserved to lose. Good luck to Jax.
  6. Chelsea are turning the ball over at an unbelievable rate right now. Especially from Hazard. Cahill is having a mess of a time trying to keep up with Vardy. ETA: And on cue, Cahill goes down with a hammy.
  7. @Nictarion Haven't seen 12YaS or Silence, but have seen Requiem for a Dream, and agree. Great film, but my psyche can do without seeing that again. God damn depressing as hell. Finally saw Fantastic Beasts the other night. It was enjoyable but nothing more than that. A solid 7 if I had to put a numerical grade on it. The cast was likable enough. Colin Farrell was good, but wish he was in it more, and Redmayne is solid. Depp playing Grindelwald seems contrived. Wish they could've found someone else, but that was a small sample size for him so I'll hold off on anymore judgment. Overall, happy that the franchise found a breath of life to continue on. Yates, Kloves, Heyman and Rowling should be able to make it interesting and unique enough for the rest of the series (I hope).
  8. It's a great show. I bought the first couple eps of S2 on Prime ($2.99 per ep I think) and then Prime magically offered the rest of the season to me for $1. Needless to say I bought it. Who's the better brooder: Holden or Jon Snow?
  9. Watched S2E11, Here there be dragons, of The Expanse last night. Thought it was one of the best eps thus far. Looking forward to the final two.
  10. I think it's pretty obvious that a lot of people at Chelsea don't think Michy is worth a damn. Didn't Conte put Willian in for Morata when he went down against City? The only time you see him come in anymore is during a League Cup match (besides CL against Atleti, will give credit there). Michy can capitalize on a free ball 5 feet in front of the net but that's about all he's good for. Can't say much more about Morata right now, though.
  11. Saw Hell or High Water a couple days ago. Been meaning to watch it for some time. I enjoyed it. Jeff Bridges is perfect in that role. Ben Foster and Chris Pine were good as well. Thought the exchange between Pine and Bridges at the end was the best part.
  12. Pretty ironic, that. Saw some highlights from the Atleti game on ESPN FC. Diego scores, and Diego pisses off the opponent. God, I miss that. As much as I couldn't stand him towards the end, he is missed...
  13. Yeah I was figuring about the same for Fiennes. Him around the time of Enemy at the Gate and Shakespeare in Love would be perfect for the character in my mind. Of course thats about 20 or so years old now.
  14. Late on the Harrison stuff but find myself indifferent on the matter. We weren't playing him, he gets released, gets picked up by the Pats, he'll let the Pats know everything he can about our O (not like they need the help), and he may make a couple plays against us if we happen to meet in the AFC Champ game. Am I missing anything? A lot of people here up in arms over it and I could care less. The legacy stuff is annoying too. Thinking back on his playing time with Pit I'll surely think about him in his prime and the pick 6 against Zona in the SB, not him being picked up by the Pats after we cut him at 39 years old.
  15. I agree with the McGowan nomination for Geralt. Perfect look, physique, and growl of a voice for the character. Is Joseph Fiennes too old to play Dandelion?