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  1. Is jon snow actually religous or loyal to his heritage?

    You can have religions without institutions that have societal rules and norms, just that in a minor grade. Take paganism, for example. There is no one Pagan Celtic Church (that I know of?), but the cults of different regions have many similarities. Now, Jon himself isn't really very religious (funny, neither is Dany). I think he's like many here call a "secular Christian". Someone who doesn't go faithfully to Church except in very sacred Holy days (like Holy Week) or the occasional wedding. I wonder if this means he (and Dany?) are targeted to become for religious at some point. They both have so far witnessed very powerful magic.
  2. Does anyone else think Tyrion's storyline in ASOS is a bit...weak?

    My favorite part is when he's secretly wishing for Griff to rescue him despite he was even planning to kill him in his sleep. Oh, Tyrion...
  3. Targaryen Morality

    All nobility is entitled. Otherwise, they'd be democrats. With that being said, exist some who believe they have a duty towards their people rather than to their own interests or the interests of their kin (e.g. Tywin vs Egg). That, of course, includes the Targaryens. But I wouldn't say many of them do it for the people, but rather for their own. I think, honestly, the only one who actually believes in helping people beyond a paternalist feeling, are Egg and Young Griff (who isn't confirmed to be a Targaryen, but for the sake of discussion, let's say he is).
  4. How much of a geek is Samwell?

    He would probably be part of the school band, playing the most awkward instrument.
  5. What was the best scene from the books in your opinion?

    I know I'm biased, but I have a special love for this particular scene because of how it was written. Don't tell me that those three paragraphs didn't make you root for Griff, come on!
  6. Rhaegar wasn't polygamous, he was dumping Elia for Lyanna

    I'm sure Jon was present during the times Rhaegar was planning whatever he planned. AWOIAF seem to imply he left KL with Rhaegar when he went to the Riverlands. Some people say that Rhaegar not being romantically interested in Jon meant he didn't like him, but I disagree. Rhaegar summoned him to court and AWOIAF also implies that Jon, as well as his other two friends, were spies in court for him. I think he trusted him enough. The question isn't whether Jon will tell people about Rhaegar. He will likely do. The question is to who.
  7. Rhaegar wasn't polygamous, he was dumping Elia for Lyanna

    There is a saying here, "no dead is bad". Jon isn't completely blind about Rhaegar, though. "[E]ven Rhaegar saw that plain enough". I think this kinda implies Rhaegar was taking too time in realizing Aerys was mad, and I doubt Jon was the only one impatient about it. They couldn't just tell him to his face. I'm sure that, given the time, Jon will tell us what we don't know about Rhaegar as he, unlike Cersei or Barristan, knew him more personally than they did (but not as close as Arthur) and he will even tell us the bad things. He just, as you say, has no reason to say anything negative now as many of his friends died and he blames himself.
  8. If Joffrey tried to arrest Tywin Lannister, what would happen?

    While Ned was still a prisoner, the North still wanted some diplomacy. It wasn't until he died that they declared war. So, that's pretty much what would happen in the Westerlands. Now, who would lead them? Kevan? Probably, but I doubt he had enough power to get the Westerlands on his side against the Throne. No one in the Seven Kingdoms would want to fight on behalf of Tywin Lannister, money or not, because, secretly (or not so much), everybody wanted him dead. I think many forget that, despite all his power, Tywin was a very unpopular guy (unlike Ned). People coped with him because he had money and power, but once removed from power, who knows? Maybe some would say "good riddance!" if he died?. In any case, it all depends on whether Jaime was already in KL or not. With Tywin removed, Joffrey has all the power as no one is there to control him. He could ask for the whole Lannister house to be killed if he had wanted to. I'm sure many members of House Lannister probably expected Jaime to do something about it, Let's say Jaime arrives (already handless) and is told Tywin is arrested. Considering he can't fight and it's likely Cersei also lost any power now Tywin is gone, Jaime could take this chance to take them all to Casterly Rock and keep Tywin arrested too with the excuse of "saving House Lannister"? Back then, Jaime still wanted to take Cersei, so he could take her and Tommen home.
  9. Most Underrated Warrior

    Griff, both in the story and IRL. IRL, many* forget the guy was a more than decent warrior (as for GRRM himself) and that's probably the reason why he was chosen Hand. In the story, I like how Mace and Randyll believe Jon is the same person he was 16 years ago. Kevan was the only one who realized he had become dangerous, but he's, you know, gone now. *I will never forget this, HBO!!!
  10. Arthur Dayne

    I think there is some evidence to support that all but Jaime and Barristan side with Rhaegar (as they all seemed to have played an important part before and during the Rebellion), so wasn't much about factions. I guess that the KG didn't fully trust Jaime (or didn't want him to get involved for some reason*) and they knew Barristan would never act against Aerys. *I'd say this is because he was very young. Remember he saw many times that left him almost traumatized. Maybe the Bull thought he would go and murder the k-- oh. That's the best kind of incest(?).
  11. Red wedding and Red viper

    There is no way Oberyn didn't do it, but I have the feeling we're never going to find out he did until the books are finished and someone goes and ask GRRM himself bc the book won't tell us. I mean, Oberyn really really REALLY hated Tywin. He blamed him for everything that happened and wanted him dead and destroyed, I think Oberyn wanted first to make the mountain confess and accuse Tywin in front of everybody to humiliate him and later, to get him killed.
  12. How not to handle a meeting with Tywin.

    Well, considering I can't use the same tactic I use IRL ("she's not here, I'm her cousin"), I'd tell him I will work hard to pay in time, and how I appreciate the fact he's my lord and I have to serve him, probably as much as he had to serve Aerys.
  13. Does Varys know about Jon Snow's parentage?

    I honestly don't think he knows. Varys is not infallible as people believe he is. GRRM said Varys didn't know about Viserys' betrothal to Arianne, and I'm sure he didn't know about Quentyn being in Essos either (until he revealed himself, at least), so I'd say he's not as all-mighty as many assume. That doesn't mean he couldn't suspect, though, but I doubt it. Considering is likely he ruined Rhaegar's plans by telling Aerys to go to Harrenhall, and that's what, IMHO, caused Rhaegar to seclude himself in the very isolated ToJ, he could never figure out what Rhaegar was doing (I'm sure he did more than making Jon there) but wanted to know what it was and who was talking to and who were helping him. That probably deviated his attention from assuming Ned's bastard was actually Rhaegar's son. Also, he probably got distracted by the war and the possibility of dying, not to say that he could have been, already, plotting to put "Aegon" on the IT.
  14. Do Unsullied always train ?

    Grey Worm mentions they have a goddess exclusively for them, so, at least they do spend some time worshiping her or doing any kind of ritual related to her. Considering this goddess has many names, I'd say this is a small evidence of how they still retain their individuality. So, yes, they probably spend their days doing something else besides training and praying. They just aren't obvious about it.
  15. Harry & Sansa (Littlefinger is delusional)

    I think Baelish has no reason to lie to Sansa here. That's the plan, is just that is not the full plan here. Why don't I think he's lying? Well, for once, I would never believe any word he says, but despite all of his caution, Baelish still needs approval and validation and he can't have that for anyone as he can't trust anybody. Just like Varys had a small moment of "honesty" telling Kevan many things as he was dying, I think LF got the chance to finally say aloud "look how smart I am!" to someone. Which will eventually backfire.