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  1. I agree Perkin Warbeck seems to be the best inspiration for Aegon (fake or not; I think he is fake).
  2. I think this confuses cause and effect. I think the cold is coming because the others are coming, not the other way around. I've just gone through the first page of posts but no one has mentioned the overall re-awakening of magic all over the world-the dragons, the others, the increased potency and ease of production of wildfire, melisandre's increased powers (she remarks on this), the revival from death of dondarrion and catelyn (and soon Jon Snow, I'll wager), probably a few things I can't remember (the fire magicians in Qarth may be another one). I think the return of the others and the overall revival of magic and the supernatural is either some grand cycle (like an ice-age level climate cycle, but including magic) or the result of the breach of some kind of pact, presumably by, or at least involving, the Starks, and probably involving human sacrifice. I'd never thought of it before but I like the proposition that the Starks had secretly continued blood sacrifice to the weirwoods to keep the pact, but the simultaneous death of Rickard and Brandon meant the secret wasn't passed to Ned and the tradition stopped, and the magical universe has been gradually wobbling out of equilibrium ever since, eventually resulting in the various magical and supernatural manifestations we see in the books. The union of ice and fire in Jon Snow (assuming r + l = j, which I do) may also be the catalyst.
  3. no one's mentioning the biggest clue supporting the op's idea: the dwarves engaged in some kind of humiliating and sadistic entertainment. and I know we're not supposed to mix book and show stuff (though I've never understood why, or how we are supposed to ignore things that happen in the show that may shed light on what's going to happen in the books) but, my wife said she heard something to the effect that cersei and euron will hook up/marry this season. yes, I know euron supposedly has sent victarion to bring back Dany for Euron, but we know to a near certainty it's not going to play out that way. so if euron uses marriage to make an alliance, cersei's the obvious - really the only - candidate, since euron has already attacked the reach (presumably eliminating the other candidate, Margery Tyrell. not only is there no female character in the north and the riverlands who provides a good candidate, but those are much more the ironborn's traditional enemies and victims and less likely to be interested or desirable as alliance partners. OTOH the other clues and the general vibe seem to fit Melisandre much better. and if she gets banished from the wall as in (sorry) the show, euron, as a kind of magic-using, semi-sorcerer-king, seems a good candidate for a place for her to land.
  4. I just read the first and last pages, so maybe it was already mentioned, but the best evidence for Jon and Arya getting together is the GRRM letter to his publisher setting out the broad plot points, before he even wrote the first book. Arya and Jon hooking up based on the revelation Jon isn't her brother was part of the plan from the beginning. That said, my tentative prediction is that GRRM abandons that idea, and Arya ends up having a role somewhere in the neighborhood of a combination of Bloodraven and Varys, a hand/master of whisperers/J. Edgar Hoover/head of MI5 type of character; head of internal security for the Jon Snow/Targaryen/Stark regime; the Lavrenty Beria of westeros.
  5. I like it. I think the interaction of skinchanging/warging and dragons will be important. Bran is told he will fly after all. That could be literal.
  6. I think there's something more to it. something having to do with the supernatural interaction of ice and fire, Valyrians and Starks, others and COTF, whatever the magical/supernatural mystery connection is that underlies the background plot of the books. in other words, westeros was somehow warded against valyrians/dragons or something like that. remember, of the many mysteries in asoiaf, perhaps THE mystery, is why now? why now, after however many thousands of years, have the others arisen to again invade the realms of men? what is it that was previously keeping them down/out/asleep, and what has changed, gone out of balance to wake them? It must have something to do with dragons, Valyrians, Targaryens, Starks, COTF, some interaction of them.
  7. works for me. the only issue to me is whether Jaime is the better candidate. I guess the only thing that makes Jaime a worse candidate is that he is the best candidate; i.e., in a certain sense, the most obvious. I will say that I would put some money on the proposition that it is either Jaime or Arya that kills Cersei.
  8. I think she's on her way home after killing Raff in the mercy sample chapter. she will not complete her fm training, she will not retain any ability to change her face, and the fm will not send her on any further missions. She will not be no one. She will return to being Arya of house Stark. I don't know if she will leave the FM or they will kick her out; or whether they will let her go her way peacefully, or she will be looking over her shoulder for the rest of her life. My guess is that she leaves, and they let her go in peace. and, I predict the next time we see arya after the mercy chapter is in westeros. there could be a transitional chapter where she has some kind of confrontation with the kindly man and/or finds a ship to take her to westeros, but I think it's more likely she just appears at some dramatic moment, perhaps cutting walder frey's throat or leading a pack of wolves with Nymeria in an attack on some Frey soldiers.
  9. Seems pretty clear it's a fortified compound that doesn't qualify as a proper castle. a relatively small fortified building or cluster of buildings.
  10. I've wondered if she's still alive, because she's never mentioned as being dead. I think there's a reference to various unidentified women and children being taken to the dreadfort but no reference to Nan, IIRC. I doubt there's anything mystical or supernatural about her, she's just a repository for folk knowledge of the old north. I do hope she reappears and plays some helpful role at some point though.
  11. funny. I saw something else, on fb I think, where someone claimed to have lip-read Lyanna to have said his name is .
  12. yep. there are orange trees in big pots at the Chateau de Versaiiles outside Paris for example.
  13. yeah. what they did with the show is mash/transposition from the novels
  14. I agree. I don't understand the complaints. we don't hear anything about catelyn's body for several chapters after the rw, and LS is revealed in the epilogue. in the book we're allowed to believe she's completely dead for half the book. if they're doing it right we don't see LS until the last episode of season 4.
  15. same here. hadn't read fantasy or sci fi since high school. thought it was too low-brow. started GOT Oct 2012 because I was/am thinking about writing a historical novel, and I wanted to see how a successful popular novel (that's kind of like a historical novel) was written. boom. totally hooked. read all 5 books in a about 3 weeks. it did not even occur to me until I was near the end of DWD that the series wasn't finished!! re-read again in March. I'm obsessed. i'm still hoping wow comes out by xmas 2013. please GRRM, write write write.