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  1. What's up guys ? Happy 200th to Heresy, I had to pop back in for this Fantastic essays btw, the wheel of time one in particular has gone right up my flagpole, I am saluting that one for sure. This is something I've been saying for years. Whatever the circumstances, when humans gained the ability to access the weirnet the nature of that "godhead" changed. Why? Because:
  2. If you hadn't gotten it by three words into the article, the link to a story about George Lucas being murdered by sand people should have been a bit of a clue.
  3. Why do you have to be like that ? You couldn't just read what I posted and disagree with it, you had to make a personal attack. Why? You think there is some metric for measuring tension? Or a quantitative method to determine levels of boring? Our life experiences are different and therefore we view different situations as tense or boring accordingly. Obviously anything I post about a TV show or movie is subjective and only my opinion, unless I were to point out a technical flaw or continuity error.
  4. BE & BB are set in the real world and feature realistic characters doing shit that real bad people do. GoT is set in a fantasy world with dragons and snow demons and features unrealistic characters doing cartoonishly horrendous shit to each other. In other words, BB (and that of it's ilk) are about two steps away from being documentaries, thrones is never in any danger of that.
  5. If I watched every episode of the shows listed above, I would kill myself. Thrones combines a bleak, moral world view with thrilling entertainment and cinematic television. Homeland is boring, House of Cards is a freaking remake, Boardwalk Empire is relentlessly depressing, as is Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead. I haven't seen MM or OITNB so I won't comment but I'm thinking "feelgood" probably doesn't describe them. I'm sorry but I can only handle so much TV that shows us how shit the world is.
  6. X Files has a special place in my heart, it was my first fandom. It has some epic flaws but it will always be the show that made me proud to be a nerd.
  7. Oh I'm definitely watching, never a question for me. I love the show and I hate some of the stuff they have done. I love the books and hate some of the stuff in them as well. The fact is that GoT is still head and shoulders above most of the shite on TV and had it not overstepped the books and found itself writing it's own source material then it would comfortably sit after Firefly and before The X Files in my all-time top three. That said, it is still in my top five and is by far the most ambitious thing anyone has ever tried to put on TV.
  8. So many gripes about the ring !!! Aristotle was apparently correct, a probable impossibility is preferable to an improbable possibility.
  9. I'd never really thought about that, I most likely have a pretty much full-powered Nilf decked just never played them. Always found I had no problems with NR as long as I kept my deck small (I said DECK, stop smirking) then I always got a good draw, don't get me wrong, till I'd finished Skellige I would still lose the odd match here and there but I would never lose two in a row, odds of a great draw were too high. I always found the best way to beat the Nilf's (and pretty much any other deck tbh) is to let them beat themselves, you give them just enough rope to hang themselves where they think they are far enough in front that they pass then for, maybe for 2-3 cards you can win the round. 1-0 right, the opposition now has to win this round, I don't so I can make him play everything he's got and with good NR draw I've got him on toast decoy. Even if I lose this round, I can do so in a way that cripples him for round 3. edit just thinking know, "dude, that's because he's playing a Nilf deck like a human, not the shitty AI in the game" hahaha
  10. Too much luck involved with the monster deck for me, if all your best pull cards are in your initial draw, you are basically boned. Tbh, I haven't played the DLC myself. Online gwent wouldn't work exactly as it is but I'm remembering the bug-fighting (insectrons) from Rogue Galaxy. They had a great feature where your buddy could load their mem card into slot 2 and you could battle your bugs. Something like that might work, ie it's local player but your friends can play with their own gwent deck registered against their psn/xboxlive id. That might be do-able.
  11. fml, now all I want to see is a cheesy, 80's cartoon-style remake of GoT...
  12. Please never say that on tumblr... #Brantaur
  13. The only thing about the Nilfi deck is that it doesn't have those add cards that the NR does and as a result, has a lower potential force score. Also, if you run into a really powerful monsters deck, the leader card is totally useless. With my deck, I tend to use round 1 to acquire cards (while still doing enough to win the round) and pull as many as poss from the CPU. They will then almost certainly throw the second round, leaving me with 150-200 force strength for the final round. Either way though, if you win it doesn't really matter how you did it I haven't lost yet with my Scoia deck either and that is purely because the ability to choose to play second puts you at an advantage almost immediately. They need to put in an online Gwent mode, imo. That would rock.
  14. Indeed and Bran is unlikely to get the use of his legs back but in terms of general principles, in 1000 years could the people of westeros not tell the story of the broken prince who replaced his useless legs with weirwood ?
  15. I found that a full-powered Northern Realms deck with all the add cards, all the spies, two decoys, one commander's horn (plus Dandelion), the 7-rank, neutral front-burner (Villentretenmerth) and your leader set to "clear all weather effects" is unbeatable. The key is playing with the minimum number of cards you need so as you always get a good draw at the start of a game. I average about 100 points in a fully-fought round and i can whip that out twice in a match. The draw card (siege line, medic) that pulls a previously used card from your discards is a vital key, it can allow you to play an ungodly amount of spies in one round. Against a Nilf deck, I reckon I played every spy in the game in one round. The other advantage to NR is getting a card back after a round win, so vital. My highest single round score is 209 but I reckon I could break 300 with the right draw and opponent.