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  1. Stannis's Decision to have Renly killed (long post).

    I still consider it one of the Baratheon brothers' greatest follies that they decided to take care of each other first before going against KL. Stannis may have felt the need to take care of a Usurper claiming his throne, but he did it at the expense of his ability to take care of the Usurper actually sitting on his throne... especially when he lost the Tyrells (which might have happened anyway I suppose, unless he let Renly become king). And Renly... I still have no idea what Renly really hoped to accomplish. He probably had more plans for the coronation ball than he did for battle. I'm re-reading ACOK, and I'll be getting to this part soon enough, so I can remind myself of the reasons they never behaved sensibly (I'm recalling that Stannis targeted Renly because of the "King's Blood" in Edric Storm and his own stubbornness, but I'm forgetting what Renly was doing twiddling his thumbs instead of marching on KL and why they didn't try a different approach). I would agree with the original post that Stannis gave Renly a fair offer and simply did what he had to do.