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    I started reading after the first season of Game of Thrones, because I was so entranced by a story unafraid of killing off the "Main Character", but mainly because I couldn't wait until next season to see what happened. I ended up reading the whole series as fast as I possibly could and have been creeping on this forum since I finished to fuel my addiction. My best friend on the other hand stopped watching the T.V. show after Ned's death and refuses to even consider watching again. I was trying to convince him to give at least the show another another shot (especially because he loves every other show produced by HBO), but i realized that if Ned's death stopped him, the imminent Red Wedding would surely cause him to separate even further from the franchise. As far as I see it, it is a personal response by each person. Will I be furious if Jon is actually dead? Absolutely. Will it make me stop reading? Not even the next book takes a million years. Would I love thousands of different things to happen? Completely. The truth is that for me, short of killing off off all of the POV characters there is little GRRM can do to stop me from reading.