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  1. There have been three outstanding episodes in this series, with this being one of them. Brilliant. Cersei is an absolute maniac.
  2. Your feeling is incorrect, then, but thank you for taking the time to review my use of vocabulary and syntax. Allow me to assist you in checking a number of online resources. People on here - mainly book readers - are preoccupied with Kevan potentially finding his end this series, as indicated by there being so many posts in this topic alone suspecting that Varys will kill him. Why? What bearing would killing Show Kevan achieve in the eyes of the casual viewer? We book readers know the significance of it, inasmuch as recognising it as weakening the crown's position ahead of a Targaryen restoration. But to the casual show watcher who can barely remember who Kevan is, let alone recognise him as the head of House Lannister and Hand of the King, what would be so significant about killing a decidedly secondary character? Taking out Pycelle and Mace Tyrell would be more significant in that regard. If Kevan is to die in the show, having Cersei (well, the Mountain) doing it would have more poignancy.
  3. I'm not sure what the obsession is with Kevan being killed, either. He's barely made an impression on the show since the first time we saw him in season one. Killing him would be a "meh" moment in the show.
  4. The Hound and The Mountain made this an 8/10.
  5. Could he not be heading to Volantis to meet with Yara and Theon? They have the fleet Dany needs... you can envisage it now: the Slavers' siege continues well into Ep10, only for the Iron Fleet to arrive and send their ships to the bottom of Slavers' Bay.
  7. Fantastic portrayal of the character.
  8. Enter Coldhands...
  9. I gave it 9/10. There were an awful lot of elements that I liked. The last 20 minutes were near-perfection, and almost as good as Hardhome. Genuine tension and some brilliant story-telling (which after Dorne, we shouldn't take for granted any longer), and the Hodor revelation was incredibly moving. Bran's encounter with the Night's King was brilliantly done, and the Winterfell flashback to the "Hodorization" of Wyllis was brilliant, quite simply. Fascinating also to see the "birth" of the White Walkers... very much reminded me of Prometheus, with the Engineers creating the Xenomorphs as a weapon that they couldn't control. I also enjoyed Dany and Jorah's moment, whilst Kinvara's meeting with Varys and Tyrion was also executed to perfection, without heading into High Sparrow-esque monotonous soliloquies as we've seen in previous episodes. That being said, it wasn't perfect - the Littlefinger scene wasn't brilliant, and I was disappointed by the Kingsmoot, but only from the moment Euron arrived, which surprised me, as I thought I'd love the character on screen. The re-birth with the quasi-Damphair was done brilliantly, but the bit about Yara, Theon, and the old "twenty good men" adage stealing a whole fleet, and Euron saying he's going to build 1000 ships... not anytime soon, mate. And as much as I loved Arya's storyline, it's starting to drag. At first, the play idea was excellent, but it really dragged on for too long - there needs to be some kind of resolution in Braavos, and soon! This series has had a lot of stick, but for me, we're only five episodes in and it is already p*ssing over Season 2 and Season 5.
  10. poll

    Totally agreed. Getting rather boring now, isn't it?
  11. I think it's just some blood that's been smeared by a body being pulled through it...
  12. poll

    Some very very poor elements in this episode - let's not even talk about what happened in Dorne. The scenes at Castle Black were wonderfully executed, however, as was the continued Theon redemption arc. As an opening episode it did exactly what it needed to do, and checked in with most of the major players. 7/10.
  13. Loved the whole episode - from start to finish - except the ridiculous Dorne sequence. The Sand Snakes can teleport now, seemingly. I just hope that's the end of that "subplot". It's like they Ctrl-Alt-Deleted the whole of the Dorne part of season 5. What a waste of Hotah and Doran.
  14. Glad someone has mentioned this. Thought they got him spot on, though I expected him to have a bigger helmet or a hood covering his head - can't these folks realise he looks a little bit dead?! But in truth excellently done.