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  1. The Poster Below, Version Unknown +1

    A toss up between the dead Oberyn, the soon to be dead Theon, and Tyrion. TPB, like me, a few weeks after his death, is listening to Bowie regularly.  
  2. Be as unhelpful as possible, V.0001

    A vulva/vagina and breasts. And girls named Cersei. Given the sexiness of Catelyn, Ygritte and Melisandre, and the future ravishing womanhood of Sansa, is it safe to say that GRR Martin has a thing for ladies with red hair?  
  3. Be as unhelpful as possible, V.0001

    I played drums a few times at a music production course. I was pretty good, but had trouble keeping time with the floor tom. Why is The Simpsons not much good anymore?  
  4. Be as unhelpful as possible, V.0001

    House Dontos. She needs a husband who's happy getting called a fool.. If roses smelled bad, but if you put perfume on them, would they still make good Vealentine's gifts?  
  5. Be as unhelpful as possible, V.0001

    I saw Children of the Corn once. It had killer kids in it. I prefer Bloody Birthday, though. Do you reckon Lena Headey looks good with an eyepatch in the forthcoming Pride and Prejudice and Zombies film?  
  6. The Best Films of the Year - The 2015 Version

    I mentioned earlier that I may have included it, but it hasn't came out in the UK yet. From my perspective, it's not a 2015 film, because I live in the UK. Same thing with The Revenant, which I saw yesterday and loved. Wish I could add it, but it's less confusing from my own perspective if I add it to the best films list of 2017.
  7. Official Blatant but Honest Self Promotion Thread

    My Fictionaut page: My page on Cosmoetica. Needs a bit of scrolling down: I have some other online credits, and have been printed by New Voices Press a few times in anthologies and Italia magazine. I have an e-book coming out in the middle of April. After that, I muscle down to writing my sci-fi/fantasy series.    
  8. Be as unhelpful as possible, V.0001

    Dye her wig. Spartacus, Crixus, Gannicus and the Dottore (Oenomaus) face off against Jaime (in his prime), the Red Viper, the Hound and (in his prime) Robert. Who wins?  
  9. Masculinity

    Probably not.
  10. Masculinity

    Well said, Nestor. You beat me to the punch. And given that femininity is not a social construction so much as related to biological reality, that tells you everything you need to know.
  11. Masculinity

    Stego - As soon as anyone from the Left starts a discussion on masculinity, you can literally count the heartbeats before someone sticks the word 'toxic in front of the term. I wonder if someone started a discussion on Radical Feminist misandry bandying the terminology of 'toxic femininity', which given how few women actually declare themselves to be feminists, would be as wildly generalising and inaccurate, how long it would be allowed to last.
  12. Be as unhelpful as possible, V.0001

    No, he'd be his 'driver'. Would Tyrion look better if he dyed his beard?  
  13. Be as unhelpful as possible, V.0001

    Ahaaarrr, me maties, avast ye lubbers, shiver the mainmast. Aaarrrr! Is Arya a secret Goth?  
  14. Be as unhelpful as possible, V.0001

    It disappeared. Why do alligators exist on Westeros where the climate is temperate?  
  15. Underrated Actors and Actresses

    A few of his most famous poems, i.e. the ones that used to get taught at school, are sentimental doggerel, but not his finest work. Actually, Colreidge's worst was worse. Keats' worst poems are pretty terrible as well. Same as Whitman's. I'm nominating Kate Mara. She was one of the only redeeming features in the Fantastic Four reboot, even though everyone in that was miscast. I'm nominating Leslie Bibb also. Her skills as a comic actress for some reason have not gained the respect they ought to down the years, and she needs to get big roles more often. The reason I keep picking actresses is only partly because I fancy my nominees.