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  1. The final! France - Portugal

    Portugal have basically done against France what Greece did against Portugal when Portugal really had a first class national team. Mind, France mugged Italy in a similar manner in the final the last time they won it also. Things tend to swing about.
  2. Am not really surprised at this. France have simply had no luck.
  3. This has penalties written all over it. How much closer can France continue to get?
  4. The final! France - Portugal

    Bit of a damp squib so far. Can't really blame Portugal to mainly play defensively since the loss of their main player, but France are not attacking with much incisiveness and I wouldn't be surprised if there's no goals in the second half.
  5. The final! France - Portugal

    They'll be looking to the fact they have a really good keeper, but yeah, I suspect Ronaldo's absence has deflated action from the match.
  6. The final! France - Portugal

    I agree with the previous comments. I want Ronnie to continue playing, so he can be embarrased fair and square.
  7. And it's now imminent in starting. Come on France! Strike a blow for fluid football here.
  8. Tried to commiserate with my German Twitter pal, but she wasn't having it. Told me she quit watching the match because she was too depressed once the penalty went in, and wished me 'good night'. Oh, dear. Hope she's feeling better. At the moment, I do wish I were French, though. They pretty much have this in the bag.
  9. Someone else has already pointed this out, but it would be ironic if Portugal somehow mugged a win during the final, the same as Greece did all those years ago against a more deserving side, considering Greece did it against Portugal. Let's hope for the sake of football France get the win.
  10. Griezmann has been terrific.
  11. Since the second goal I will admit that Germany are looking very ctrestfallen and jaded. I wouldn't be surprised if France get another goal.
  12. If that goal were not so well worked, I'd say that France were fluking this.
  13. I wouldn't know, really. I reckon it would be both energising and relaxing if they prepared for each match while listening to Future Days.
  14. Very ironic in any case. Schweinsteigers been, apart from Neuer, the best German player on the pitch.
  15. I don't think Shweinsteiger intended it. I t looked like he was trying to swerve out the way.