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  1. US Politics - Trump - Making America Grate!

    I like Paul Joseph Watson, but in general I don't trust Infowars any more than The Young Turks, though TYT is becoming more desperate. Alex Jones is either a loon, or he's pretending to be one. Originally, I was one of the first on Twitter to investigate Pizzagate, though I dismissed it fairly quickly because there was no substantial evidence. Jones did some real damage to the credibility of the Podesta Leaks dissemination cause, with his rants about Satanic child sacrifice in the name of the Luciferians.
  2. US Politics - Trump - Making America Grate!

    Of course KellyAnne Conway lied, but this doesn't act in mitigation of the preposterous level of lying the Left controlled media have been constantly engaged in on behalf of their State/Media Collective paymasters, and especially now that a new establishment has come in. Plus, there's this from Hillary's second Goldman Sachs speech. I suggest people read it the whole way through. And you have to look at their missile program, because why do they continue to develop intercontinental ballistic missiles that work on miniaturizing warheads if they don't have some intention of being prepared at least to hold out the threat over their neighbors and beyond. So this is, I mean, you know, if you had an arms expert here, he or she would go into great detail about how difficult it is to find all of the production, to control all of the production that Iranians keeping saying they have a Fatwa against nuclear weapons. And the problem with that is even if you were to believe it, and there are some very skeptical, smart people who do believe it, who believe that the Fatwa is legitimate, it doesn't go on to say, and we will not construct the pieces to give us the nuclear capacity whenever we choose to assemble them. It just says, no, we will not build nuclear weapons. So it's a wicked problem, as we like to say, because Iran is not only troubling because of its nuclear program, although that's the foremost threat, it's the primary conductor and exporter of terrorism. I mean, if you had a big map here behind us, literally from North America to Southeast Asia, there are so many thoughts, so many bombs, so many arrests that are all traced back to the Iranian revolutionary guard, and their constant efforts to sell (inaudible). And we have a lot of friends around the world, even people who say, look, I need their oil, I need their gas, I don't particularly trust them or like them, but I'm going to do business with them, besides that's an American problem, that's Israeli's problem, it's a Middle Eastern problem. It's not. They want (inaudible), they want as broad a span of control as they can have, so even if a miracle were to happen and we came up with a verifiable nuclear deal, there would still be problems that Iran is projecting and causing around the world that had real consequences for our friends and ourselves. I mean, they did hire, you know, they did hire that gunman to kill the Saudi ambassador, and people thought that was so outrageous. It was made up. We're sitting around the situation room saying, let's think of something really bad about the Iranians, like you had to think of something, and, okay, let's make up a story that they sent agents to Mexico to hire a drug cartel enforcer and fortunately they were led to somebody who was a double agent working for the drug administration -- the Drug Enforcement Administration in the United States, so we were able to capture the guy when he came to Texas to transfer the money, but they were going to kill the ambassador from Saudi Arabia in Washington, and the plan was to get him when he was at a public place, a big restaurant some of you may know, Cafe Milano. I mean, absurd. And we had -- the guy, once he was caught, gave names and dates and money transfers and all the rest, but people kind of shrugged it off like, oh, that's so ridiculous. Who would do that? The Iranians, they do it all the time. So yeah, trust but verify and then verify again, again and again. We have to figure out some modus vivendi with them but not at the risk of putting ourselves and others under their thumb. Does this sound like someone who's been publicly honest about her own culpability re her Iranian dealings, or the true state of affairs in the Middle East to anyone?
  3. US Politics - Trump - Making America Grate!

    They probably did. Do you want Megyn Kelly on the channel while we're at it? At least she isn't Conservative.
  4. US Politics - Trump - Making America Grate!

    No, actually I admit that I nade a mistake. It was a while back I read the speech in question, and I was getting confused between a participant and what she replied to him. It seems for a while as if she concurs with his opinion, before she admits she's dubious about the process of putting through a law facilitating miltary control of crisis zones. I admit my error. I just found the speech. PS - I am not a disinformation agent. I am neither Alex Jones or an employee of CNN.
  5. US Politics - Trump - Making America Grate!

    I am trying to find the transcripts of the speeches. I read them fully before the election, and she definitely did say what I said she did. She meant it specifically in relation to expeditious measures in dealing with crisis zones, though the question has to be asked upon what level the State feels it most expeditious to put martial law into practice. It sets a dangerous precedent. And you know it won't be easy for me to find a transcript of the speeches, because I'd have to go over months of updates on Wikileaks in order to find the links. The excerpts found via a Google search are woefully inadequate.
  6. US Politics - Trump - Making America Grate!

    I haven't cited conspiracy theories. No one disputed the veracity of Wikileaks. The Left merely indulged in a spot of conspiracy theorising of their own in claiming Russia were behind the hacks.
  7. US Politics - Trump - Making America Grate!

    If people want to discuss anti Constitutionality, where was the Left Wing concern over Hillary wishing it were easier to implement martial law at a moment's notice, by overturning the posse comitatus, in one of her Goldman Sachs speeches? Or even bothering to marvel in horror at what was disclosed in the Podesta Leaks? That's right. A plague of crickets.
  8. US Politics - Trump - Making America Grate!

    I disagree with Trump. Of course, the courts should have a right to try to overrule him. I am questioining the selectivity of the outrage, and whether any protest whatosever would have been made by the corrupted nainstream media, if this Order was being put through by the same Dems establishment that drew the list of dubious countries up.
  9. US Politics - Trump - Making America Grate!

    Now, if people ask my personal opinion, I myself disagree with the travel ban. But it doesn't worry me, either. My impression, as a European, is that obtaining a Visa in America involves more rigorous procedures than are in place in most of Europe, which is why Europe has been subjected for years to so many terrorist attacks. My opinion is that the outrage over the Order is selective, and that Trump is probably under the impression that he has to be seen to be doing something to mollify his voters, in reponse to the demonstrable failure of bordoral measures elsewhere in the West.
  10. US Politics - Trump - Making America Grate!

    They acquiesced, apparently. Those same courts remember their paymasters. So too does most of the Western media.
  11. US Politics - Trump - Making America Grate!

    Had Obama disobeyed the Constitution when he passed a six month ban on two separate occasions on people coming in from Iraq?
  12. US Politics - Trump - Making America Grate!

    Does anybody care that this Order was actually drawn up by the Obama administration, and that heavier bans were implemented by Obama? Do they care that almost all of the countries on the travel suspension list have permanent bans on Israelis, ot that Kuwait has recently put forth a ban on five different muslim nations that are also known exporters of terrorists? Would they care if this temporary travel suspension was being put forward by Hillary? I answer 'no' to all.
  13. US Politics: Papers, Please

    They are fetishists of cartoon frogs, but many non Alt Righters use the frogs ironically. Hope that has cleared things up.
  14. US Politics: Papers, Please

    At least you've recognised the existence of his prior revolutions. Many people don't, and it's in order to distance themselves from recognition that one has been conducted in America ever since the election, though the current one is rooted in desperation and will ultimately fail.
  15. US Politics: Papers, Please

    I don't like the Alt Right either, but they've been lumped in with a 4chan crowd that is mostly made up of anti SJW trolls who like to run parody accounts on Twitter. The guy who spammed them with interracial porn is Sargon of Akkad. He's someone I have immense respect for. I've heard a number of the Left describe him as an Alt Righter also. He is actually centre-left.