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  1. US Politics: The Transition Continues

    The cries of 'reverse racism' are indeed absurd, because it is simple racism. Hiring people of a certain colour purely so as not to hire other people of a colour less favoured is pure and simple racial prejudice.
  2. US Politics: Hindsight on 2020

    I am not a white supremacist. I am a cultural preservationist. I believe that the majority of any constitutionally established country in the world deserves to remain a majority, no matter what colour they happen to be. This is the opposite of racism. You would never believe how many people there are among the Left who I have come across on social media alone, never mind in Germany's Green Party or in the Cultural Marxist halls of Swedish government, who openly celebrate the fact that white people are doomed to be a global minority, even in their own countries, well within the next twenty or thirty years.
  3. US Politics: Hindsight on 2020

    Then why not check out Wikipedia? Surely you can't accuse the increasingly Left censored Wikipedia of having any anti black racist bias. One should note that I am not trying to demonise black people. I blame white liberals for the crime rates. Complete denial of reality makes no problem go away, and the Dems have driven blacks in America into a system of voluntary ghettoisation for the most part with their low expectations of anyone who isn't themselves, and their desire to exploit black people in particular as a voting bloc. You have read the Podesta leaks, and the Dems' own views on black people? Well, they massively bear out everything I've just said.
  4. US Politics: Hindsight on 2020

    I suppose you're going to say that these officially documented figures are conspiracy stuff as well?
  5. US Politics: Hindsight on 2020

    Re BLM - It's a known fact that white people are far more likely statistically to be attacked or killed by black people than the other way around, and especially in racially motivated attacks. It's a known fact that white people are actually more likely to be on the receiving end of police brutality or a shooting by police than black people. This is supported by all statistics. Black people are far, far more likely to get attacked or killed by other black people than by white people. With a 13 percent population representation, the black communities of America account for 80 percent of all crime. As uncomfortable as it is to admit it, this again is a much verified fact. Every single one of the black people killed in self defense by both white and black cops during the last few years, who's been used as a martyr by BLM in order to justify riots, and attacks on whites, and murders of cops of either colour, has been an armed criminal. BLM is a domestic terrorist organisation, not a civil rights movement, and it is indeed a racist supremacist one into the bargain. But when you have a movement whose main funder and organiser is George Soros, you can't expect it to be good for anything apart from inciting hatred. And white people in America, the same as Europe, are not a status quo.
  6. US Politics: Hindsight on 2020

    The birther thing was actually started within the Dems camp. This is public knowledge. They believed that if the Republicans picked up on it, it might discredit them. However, Obama himself admitted once in a speech he never knew was being recorded that he was born in Kenya. It is available on Youtube. Here: And as a reminder, a person not born in America cannot be President of the United States.
  7. US Politics returns: the post-Election thread

    It's important to realise also that one does not have to be Jewish to lament the Nazis, any more than one has to be black to lament the KKK. People are too scared to recognise the fact, in spite of many European politicians admitting to implementing it and desiring its fulfilment, that the EU is currently mainly motivated in pushing through the culturally and demographically genocidal Coudenhove-Kalergi plan: a plan which has been guided by decades of educative and instititutional conditioning by the ideologues of the Frankfurt School. And both these things are great evils, the same as related Communism or Fascism are. And one doesn't have to be a non Jew to deplore them. Many libertarian Jews regard these things as extreme Zionist supremacism and deplore globalism while supporting Israel. I myself am a supporter of Israel. I belong to the online movement Bluehand. About maybe a third of us are Jewish. All of us hate Soros and the Rothschilds independently of our religion or lack of religion. The majority of us are pro Israel. The anti semitism argument the Far Left comes up with regularly whenever globalism is mentioned, while at the same time openly hating the Israelis, is just a cheap and hypocritical means of shutting down debate.
  8. US Politics returns: the post-Election thread

    I made a perfectly astute point. Every person on here, it seems to me, is merely working from assumption, instead of evidence, who is knocking Trump supporters. Your comment on Independents was a perflectly valid one, but I picked it out to make a joke. Every shred of evidence concerning the provenance of the riots is being ignored by the Left on this thread merely because the sites and videos pointing it out tend to be Right Wing ones, or at least independent of the Left and critical of the Democratic establishment. So the evidence gets rejected. But we know for a fact from the Podesta leaks that there has been phenomenal collusion between the Democrats and most of the mainstream media, to the point where they aren't even news channels but simply propaganda carriers. And people here are far more likely to give credit to propaganda vehicles like Mother Jones in spite of these vehicles for dissemination of political viewpoints being objectively far, far more partisan that the Right Wing ones which - by sheer necessity of circumstance - are the only ones likely to carry any news. And I say this as a centre-right social libertarian. I myself don't trust the Alt-Right. People of my ilk tend to see them as the Right Wing version of honest and passionate enough but otherwise just useful idiots
  9. US Politics returns: the post-Election thread

    Are you sure you never found that mentioned on a site run by the Far Left?
  10. US Politics returns: the post-Election thread

    I already told you. The proof is all over the Internet.
  11. US Politics returns: the post-Election thread

    It's common knowledge. You can do research on it anywhere. There's proof of all of this not just in Wikileaks also but in the recent hack of Soros' personal database. Plus there's footage all over Youtube and Photographs proving this as well. There's even an undercover video of one of the rioters asmitting they were paid 320 dollars for it. You realise there is a very good reason why Asia, half of Europe and Russia wants this very evil individual dead?
  12. US Politics returns: the post-Election thread

    A number of arrested protestors have admitted it. There are videos on this including caught in the action footage all over Youtube. Soros was hacked recently and what was already known by very easy supposition was verified, by proof preparation for this via his Open Society Foundation. A vast number of the protestors, who we also know have been handed out instructions for conduct, have been photographed coming in on busses owned by the Open Society Foundation. Soros is the main funder and runner of Black Lives Matter, who have been conducting manifold hate crimes in the riots against whites. Wikileaks disclosed a Craigslist ad that proves Soros was recruiting these animals as a default in case Hillary did not get in months before the election result. And he' not only owns the Democrats, and this was already known but has been proven all over the Podesta leaks, but has pulled this same shit before in three separate countries in Europe successfully. He is an internationally wanted terrorist.
  13. US Politics returns: the post-Election thread

    I find it incredibly telling that no one feels compelled to broach the subject of Soros' Purple Revolution: with his thousands of bussed in anarchists (and we have this verified), intent on interfering against the processing of the outcome of the vote, by causing widescale violence and destruction of public property across the major cities of America. Seems very selective to me. As does the denial that Soros pulled this shit in three countries, most famously Ukraine, in Europe before and managed in doing so to overrule with waves of paid Communist thugs a globalist-unpopular vote. PS - Before Bannon is brought up further, the majority of the Right seem happy that he wasn't made Chief of Staff, including myself, because the majority of people who voted for Trump are actually socially liberal. They were mostly the same people who felt colossally betrayed after voting Soros puppet Obama in. Bannon is an idiot, and Trump has displayed that he is far more moderate than the bought off media made him out to be by not making Bannon his Chief of Staff.
  14. To Hell With you 2016!!!

    It's been a great year in terms of re-establishment of the spirit of Western anti-globalist democracy. There were the triumphs of Brexit and the recent election. It's been an abomibable year in terms of constant Far Left intolerance and violence and Islamic terrorism. And it's been a terrible year for music, with both Bowie and Prince dying among others, and a host of other beloved celebrities. It's been a bad year all round, except for the first two things mentioned in my post, so it's at least been a year that hasn't had non stop disastrous news.
  15. US Elections: Day dawns on Trump.

    Plus, the women who made accusations against Trump only at the most convenient period were overwhelmingly affiliated with the Dems via the Clinton Foundation, and broke their stories to Dem owned media. Plus, there are emails pretty much attesting to the fact Podesta and Co were planning something like this, if need be, as a slander strategy as far ago as March.