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  1. The Show hasn't done anything to remotely whitewash Dany. Rather they have added numerous scenes that do nothing but make her look worse than she does in the books. Nor have they added any new noble traits that she doesn't have in the books. Frankly, Stannis received better PR changes than her. How they dropped many of his more negative attributes or actions such as his constant complaining or abandonment of Robert. Furthermore, they added in that whole sympathetic relationship between him in Shireen that doesn't exist in the slightest in the books.
  2. For example, Selmy was his father's heir before joining the KG yet when Joffrey released him from his vows it wasn't expect he was going to take over the lordship over House Selmy. Instead, any lands he would have would have been granted by Joffrey.
  3. IIRC, Robert and Ned were just visiting Jon Arryn rather than them still living there.
  4. How was Renly practically a stereotypical dandy besides the fact that he liked nice clothes? Something that was hardly unique to him as even Tywin made sure he dressed fancy and so forth.
  5. To be fair, the weakness of House Tully in the main series likely comes in part that their experienced lord, Hoster, is bedridden with sickness for most of the series. While, Blackfish has been away living in the Vale for most of the time between Robert's Rebellion to the War of the Five Kings. Edmure might be enduring, noble, and honorable lord however he isn't a hard enough lord as needed to protect the Riverlands the same as his father and uncle might have been if they had been able to take command of the Riverlords from the start.
  6. Because the age people are talking about him being too young and inexperienced to handle Dragonstone is immediately after Robert's Rebellion when he was still under 10. Meanwhile, at the time he crowns himself he is 21 thus older than both Robert and Ned during the Rebellion. He can hold Storm's End while being under 10 as the land is secure enough to rely a castellan to act as regent until he comes of age.
  7. Well if you want a lot of rebellions and other conflicts with your nobles. Under feudalism it was important for the king to have good relationship with their lords.
  8. How is Ned being named Hand an insult to Stannis and not in weird petty entitled Stannis sense?
  9. Yeah, none of that gives any support for why Robert should appoint him Hand.
  10. He most likely didn't like LF over him owning brothels and Robert likely wouldn't have done shit to LF even if Stannis asked it.
  11. No, if Robert somehow had even less brains than he would have made Stannis his Hand. Stannis would make a fucking awful Hand. The Hand has three major duties for the king 1) Act as his emissary to the different nobles of the realm, 2) Act as the first among equals within the Small Council, and 3) Act of the chief advisor for the King. Meanwhile, Stannis 1) dislikes and is in turned disliked by most of the nobles of the realm, 2) dislikes and is in turned disliked by most of the Small Council, and 3) Fights with king over various stupid and petty issues. Stannis offers no benefits to himself being named king that almost any other important lord couldn't do better.
  12. Goes against what custom? Custom would have been Stannis receiving nothing as what was entitled to him. Yet, Martin refers to the acts as part of Robert's careless generosity while mentioning how Robert could kept them all for himself and his sons. edit: Also Stannis isn't older than Robert.
  13. Yeah, Stannis being better than Joffrey and Euron. How Renly, Robb, and Balon were all dead at that time. While Aegon and Dany weren't contacted by anyone from the Wall. Not to mention, he is the only with a witch talking about the importance up North. Yeah, Robert totally abandoned him in his generously giving Stannis both lands and titles he had no inherent right to besides from Robert's generosity.
  14. Why should Renly rush into battle when he could just wait and allow his enemies bleed each other for him at no cost to himself? Also why should Renly ignore it when one of his enemies appears to have made a mistake?
  15. Do we ever see Renly kissing Robert's ass? Instead, he seems to have little problem pointing out his flaws. Nor does Renly ever show any sign of being afraid of either Robert or Stannis. Stannis was the one that attacked and then threatened him first. Stannis was hardly talking to anyone either about his plans. Nothing Renly was given was at Stannis's expense as nothing he was given was ever Stannis's. You mean like how Stannis decides to take the easy way out and not warn Robert about the incest? There isn't any evidence that Renly was played by the Tyrells.