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  1. I know technically not brother and sister and the Lannisters would approve, but after growing up brother and sister? Too weird.
  2. Dayne dual wielding

    I saw the actual video for that a few weeks ago. Anyway, clearly, given he can use it with one hand I'm sure Ned could have.
  3. Dayne dual wielding

    From what I understand of how they were used, and that's not extensive, they were used to break up pike formations. The long reach of their swords could brush aside the tips of the pikes and then others could follow behind them. This doesn't then preclude them from using the reach of the swords to their advantage to stab people, in fact that's very sensible, since the arc of that sword would be massive and you'd risk injuring comrades, and a pike formation is quite dense. But they are not particularly heavy and I think they could have been used more like a longsword than people generally assume. I'm a big guy (185cm) and I know I could swing a sword of 3kg around quite comfortably for a few minutes, probably more with more training and fitness!
  4. Dayne dual wielding

    I read the article (skim-reading parts that seemed to be about the weight of the sword) and I didn't see where it said they were used a a type of lance sword. I can imagine with their reach they would be good at thrusting like a short spear but it seems like a pretty versatile weapon with good reach, no doubt a sharp cutting edge, and good concussive damage. In the hands of a skilled user no doubt it would be a very difficult sword to fight against.
  5. Dayne dual wielding

    Agreed, looked more like something from Star Wars than a mediaeval era fantasy, but it still looked cool. Awesome, thanks for this!
  6. Dayne dual wielding

    Not necessarily. In the late middle ages and early modern period, two handed greatswords were not unusual and could reach up to 1.8m long. Ice is clearly not 1.8m long and could definitely be used by a skilled swordsman, as we know Ned is, even if he is no Arthur Dayne.
  7. Dayne dual wielding

    I didn't like the dual wielding in the context but I thought it was cool visually. I think it would have looked much better if Dayne had fought with a really impressive Dawn and a smallish shield (not a buckler) - actually I think they all should have had shields and because they didn't seemed more like Hollywood stuntmen- except Ned, because Ice is clearly too big to use with one hand. Where was Ice?
  8. Bran rooted to the spot? (GoT Season 6 spoilers)

    I don't believe Bran has to be rooted in to the tree to access the 'weirnet', much less do I believe that it could not be at any other weir tree. To bring this back to the OP, given that the child of the forest tells Meera that Bran is not going to stay there forever in the show, I think this all but confirms that Bran will not have to remain under the tree and indeed, he won't.
  9. Bran rooted to the spot? (GoT Season 6 spoilers)

    I hope he skinchanges intoa dragon, picks up himself, Hodor and Meera and flies away.
  10. Bran rooted to the spot? (GoT Season 6 spoilers)

    I think Bran will rule as eldest, until he dies. Any of his potential (but unlikely) children take precedence over Rickon.
  11. Bran rooted to the spot? (GoT Season 6 spoilers)

    Me neither but many people seem to do. Given the show is reviving Jon and we're going to see the Tower of Joy where I suspect it will confirm R+L=J, I suspect also it is giving us a glimpse into Bran's future and he will not stay under this tree, at least not yet.
  12. There are two opposing sides it seems, on the one hand that Bran doesn't need to be under the tree, on the other hand, that Bran is going to stay under the tree for the rest of his life. Given that the textual evidence is inconclusive and people can and do draw different conclusions from Bran's personality, his circumstances et al, how much stock can we place in the TV show when the child of the forest (I'm not sure she's been given a name) explicitly tells Meera "he's not going to stay here forever"? I know the show diverges quite considerably in certain aspects, and the plot lines are seriously muddled, but the show seems to be heading in the same overall direction. So does this new bit of information shed light on Bran's future after training or do people think it's irrelevant because it's in the show or do people think I'm misinterpreting what was said?
  13. You're entitled to your own opinion but I don't think it was luck that Doran managed to rumble Arianne's plot, imprison the SSs, get a SS on the small council and have Myrcella as a hostage. He might be marrying his kids to people, but that was a crucial aspect of diplomacy, so why do you knock it? Had Quentin succeeded, Dorne would be in a very strong position. He is a lot of talk, very little action, but, to quote Plato "wise people speak when they have something to say, fools speak when they have to say something."
  14. Doran in the books: smart, consistently under-estimated yet actually knows exactly what is going on, lets people think that he's useless but is actually in complete control. Doran in the show: stupid, naive, does not even control his guard. Another male character ruined while they go out of their way to make Cersei and Cat Stark more likeable and relatable..
  15. Rickon Stark.........

    Agreed there is no "solid" evidence either way, I suspect that is as much as we can agree on about this. You can call your speculation circumstantial evidence, if you like, but I will still consider my appraisal of Bran's personality with greater weight than the circumstantial evidence you have given, i.e. he's there now so why do anything else, which I do not find very compelling. He was 57/58, we know this because we know the circumstances of him taking the black, as a result of having a Blackfre pretender executed after Maekar I's death in 233. BR was born in 175. I'm not sure what the weirstorage and weirplayer aspects are (do you mean the memories of the trees and the 'playback' of said memories? If that is the case, then it's not that I have ignored these aspects, but given that Bran does not have roots growing through him, then I don't agree that it is necessary for anyone to be 'plugged in' to the weirwood to access these, just having the ability and the weirwood paste to unlock that, and the training to use it, is my impression of how it works. Since there is not enough information given in the books as to how it works, I've not addressed it because I don't know enough about it. Also, it might even be the case that Bran is a lot more powerful than BR, so maybe it is necessary for BR to be 'plugged in' but we've seen with Bran he does not need to be. Since there is not enough information on this, I don't want to weigh in with a firm opinion, and I can only repeat my impression that it is not necessary forBranto be 'plugged in' based on the visions he saw. Given that BR was known as having 'a thousand eyes and one' well before he joined the NW let alone found himself under a tree, I think it possible that BR was able to use his abilities as well as more conventional means (informants), to give the impression of knowing everything. It's known that House Blackwood worships the Old Gods and have one of the only weirwood trees south of the Neck. Agreed, taken by itself, if one Greenseer is stuck in a tree, it would be reasonable to assume that it is necessary and that the other Greenseer will not leave. Except it's possible (I think implied) that BR was able to use his powers before and had a long, healthy and active life before joining the NW and becoming one with the tree. In which case, is it really necessary to be under the tree? A further question for you: is it necessary to be under that specific tree? I think not. Just because you say he will become a rootball does not mean he will become a rootball. If Bran does leave the cave, for example with Summer, Hodor, Meera and maybe Jojen, he could earn fame, glory and honour by warging the dragons, playing an instrumental role in defeating the others, restoring order and peace to the North. He could rebuild Winterfell. He could be famous for being just and good. Just because he is a cripple it does not mean he can't do anything. Granted it is unlikely he will never father children but people are not cut from succession due to an inability to father children. Most people don't know he is alive, but Theon, Rickon, Ramsey, Davos andOsha alldo. If Rickon is found on Skagos and is shown to be alive, do you really think people will not ask after Bran? Do you think Rickon would lie about his brother? Do you think Davos, a man of principle, would either lie about Bran or fail to inform Stannis the Mannis, who will do the right thing even if it's not the best thing?