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  1. Arya's scenes bored me, Tyrion's scenes added nothing, no development in the north, the faith militant are still doing whatever they choose. Worst part was the seige of Riverrun. Edmure was like a whiny tool, not clear at all why he just surrendered Riverrun once freed or why the defenders would actually listen to him surrendering after all they'd been through, Blackfish's (off screen) death was pointless and badly handled. The good part was the Hound, the BWB, and the ban on trial by combat.
  2. I think it comes from the extras on the Blu-Ray set of season 1: Robb didn't have to prove anything to the Northern Lords before they followed him. They accepted his call to arms because their lord (Ned) was held captive in King's Landing, and they then followed Robb because he was Ned's eldest son, and they proclaimed him King in the North after deciding not to follow the southerns kings. It's bloodline and birth order. Nothing to do with strength or being a cripple or not. That's not how law works. Here's a video of Robb Stark pointing out the laws of inheritance, saying that Renly is not the King because he is the youngest:
  3. The original Bran the Builder has been portrayed as a cripple, also it's actually to do with bloodline and legitimacy... and cripple or not, Bran is more powerful than anyone in the North.
  4. Why would Bran join the NW? He's the eldest surviving male Stark, so he's the legitimate King in the North. Sansa is a Stark, Jon Snow was raised to be a Stark, Rickon is a Stark, Arya is a Stark. Do you think any of them will claim that ahead of Bran? I suspect the title refers to Edmure and Theon, Edmure because of his captivity and the relevance of the Freys threatening to hang him every morning, and Theon because Yara is trying to get him to be brave again but he's still too much Reek.
  5. What is dead may never die
  6. I know technically not brother and sister and the Lannisters would approve, but after growing up brother and sister? Too weird.
  7. I saw the actual video for that a few weeks ago. Anyway, clearly, given he can use it with one hand I'm sure Ned could have.
  8. From what I understand of how they were used, and that's not extensive, they were used to break up pike formations. The long reach of their swords could brush aside the tips of the pikes and then others could follow behind them. This doesn't then preclude them from using the reach of the swords to their advantage to stab people, in fact that's very sensible, since the arc of that sword would be massive and you'd risk injuring comrades, and a pike formation is quite dense. But they are not particularly heavy and I think they could have been used more like a longsword than people generally assume. I'm a big guy (185cm) and I know I could swing a sword of 3kg around quite comfortably for a few minutes, probably more with more training and fitness!
  9. I read the article (skim-reading parts that seemed to be about the weight of the sword) and I didn't see where it said they were used a a type of lance sword. I can imagine with their reach they would be good at thrusting like a short spear but it seems like a pretty versatile weapon with good reach, no doubt a sharp cutting edge, and good concussive damage. In the hands of a skilled user no doubt it would be a very difficult sword to fight against.
  10. Agreed, looked more like something from Star Wars than a mediaeval era fantasy, but it still looked cool. Awesome, thanks for this!
  11. Not necessarily. In the late middle ages and early modern period, two handed greatswords were not unusual and could reach up to 1.8m long. Ice is clearly not 1.8m long and could definitely be used by a skilled swordsman, as we know Ned is, even if he is no Arthur Dayne.
  12. I didn't like the dual wielding in the context but I thought it was cool visually. I think it would have looked much better if Dayne had fought with a really impressive Dawn and a smallish shield (not a buckler) - actually I think they all should have had shields and because they didn't seemed more like Hollywood stuntmen- except Ned, because Ice is clearly too big to use with one hand. Where was Ice?
  13. I don't believe Bran has to be rooted in to the tree to access the 'weirnet', much less do I believe that it could not be at any other weir tree. To bring this back to the OP, given that the child of the forest tells Meera that Bran is not going to stay there forever in the show, I think this all but confirms that Bran will not have to remain under the tree and indeed, he won't.
  14. I hope he skinchanges into a dragon, picks up himself, Hodor and Meera and flies away.
  15. I think Bran will rule as eldest, until he dies. Any of his potential (but unlikely) children take precedence over Rickon.