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  1. Bran, the King in the North?

    Did anyone else notice in the last episode of season 3 of the show that it was explicitly stated that Bran will stop the Others? While I'm hesitant to base my opinions on the show, given that the writers of the show know much more about how the books will end than us, could it be a hint that Bran will become the most important character in the series, defeating or being instrumental in defeating the Others and perhaps rebuilding the Wall if it indeed ends up broken? I've always wondered how what the writers know about the future of the series influences what they reveal. Needless to say, I doubt the person who will stop the Others is going to be stuck under a tree for the rest of his life.
  2. Quentyn possibly alive?

    I actually posted a month ago about how Quentyn is one of the most underrated characters on this forum. All I'm saying is that if Quentyn had actually tamed the dragon, as he seemed to be doing, everyone would be saying how he had balls of steel and was the man. As it is, he is a "mud man", without a gift for anything in particular but a strong sense of duty to his house and his region. He's basically a Dornish Ned Stark... Ned wasn't handsome, wasn't a brilliant warrior, wasn't particularly popular with ladies, but he was loyal to his house and the North, and he was conscientious of his duty to the North. Quentyn gets a lot of stick he doesn't deserve and for that reason alone I want him to be alive.
  3. Quentyn possibly alive?

    I really hope that Quentyn is alive, but I'm fairly sure I've seen it said that GRRM has confirmed that he died, and this is important for Dany's "sun setting in the east" prophecy, though it irks me to no end that Quentyn dies essentially for the fulfilment of the propechy and Dany. On the other hand, the points made in the OP are very interesting, and Quentyn would have a few drops of Targ blood.
  4. Bran, the King in the North?

    You're assuming that Manderly wants to rule the north via Rickon in some kind of 'kingmaker' situation. I'm not ruling it out and it's a plausible theory, but, "the North remembers" and even Manderly's granddaughter, Wylla, knows the debt of gratitude that the Manderlys owe the Starks. There is nothing about Wyman in the novels so far to make me think that he has any desire to power play or to orchestrate things behind the scenes - rather he lives to revenge himself upon the Boltons and Freys and to eat. Rickon may be a useful figurehead for the North to rally around, but do you think that Rickon, Wyman and then, perhaps more importantly, Davos are going to keep Bran's survival a secret? Do you think that Davos wouldn't at least tell Stannis? By Jove! Do you think that once Rickon is known to be alive, people are not going to question whether Bran lived as well and whether Theon 'Turncloak' was lying about them both? What about Sam the Slayer? I, like many others, have yet to see a convincing argument that Bran will have to stay in the cave, and if he doesn't have to, I've yet to see a compelling argument why he would stay in the cave. And when he leaves the cave I suspect that he'll make at least one visit to Winterfell.
  5. Bran, the King in the North?

    I agree, GRRM obviously has been influenced by a lot of things, but I really don't see him basically copying Norse mythology. But it's an interesting and new theory, BrosBeforeSnows. I can't remember the thread but a girl was getting very tedious about Bran going down a dark path due to her theory that the CotF were evil and using blood magic. It wasn't so much her argument that was annoying, it was how she was presenting her opinion as fact that was. I'm glad no one has done that on this thread.
  6. Bran, the King in the North?

    Then Bran is the King in the North!
  7. Bran, the King in the North?

    It may not have been Jeyne... see various conspiracy theories.
  8. Bran, the King in the North?

    As if being paralysed from waist down isn't bad enough, eh ;)?
  9. Bran, the King in the North?

    Yep, I mean be mentioned in songs and poems and tales, be remembered and revered for his swordsmanship as Barristan the Bold and Ser Arthur Dayne, the Sword of the Morning. Childhood dreams and wishes don't just evaporate; sometimes you grow up and realise they are unrealistic or impractical, sometimes you actually realise that they are really dumb. Other times, you follow them. For sure, Bran might be thinking about other things, and in fact, he comes to accept that he won't walk again, but do you really think he doesn't want to be a great hero any more, do you really think he wouldn't want the use of his legs and to be a knight any more? I think Bran sees his old dreams as impossible and puts them to one side... but now he has the power to be in the stories and be remembered for ever and ever, he has the power to be the one who helped defeat the others, who rebuilt the Wall and Winterfell. What boy wouldn't want that? What boy wouldn't want to ride dragons? Damn it! I'm 25 and want to ride dragons! Yes, fighting great battles and being a knight isn't the only way to be a hero, but you ask a boy of about 11/12 what he wants to be, The Sword of the Morning or Baelor the Blessed, what do you think they'd chose :P?
  10. Bran, the King in the North?

    But why would Bran stay under the tree if he can fly dragons and see the world? He was a boy that dreamed of joining the Kingsguard and being a famous knight. He's not going to become famous while sat underground, becoming part of a tree. His powers give him a chance to realise his dreams at least partially and be the hero he wanted to be, so I don't think he's going to stay under the tree. I mean, even now, he's exploring the cave through Hodor - admittedly he can potentially see much of the world from under the tree, but it's not the same and it doesn't strike me as a kid who wants to stay in a cave for the rest of his long, long life.
  11. Bran, the King in the North?

    I've no idea what women like, and I deeply suspect neither do they.
  12. Bran, the King in the North?

    Wow! I hadn't seen that! It's actually my sincerest hope that Bran becomes King in the North and marries Daenerys of the Six Kingdoms and the rule the whole thing jointly, with a Stark successor. And if Bran regains the use of his lower body all the better.
  13. Bran, the King in the North?

    Yeah I had a quick google search after I wrote it, so that was lazy of me not to do it before. I read that they can have erections but most of them don't have any sensation in their penis. It's possible I guess.
  14. Bran, the King in the North?

    As much as I love Bran and am pinning my hopes of a Stark revival on him, he's not the person to rebuild the human race... I'm not entirely sure he'll be having much sex unless they have some kind of viagra.
  15. Bran, the King in the North?

    Bran and Daenerys would therefore make the perfect childless couple then?