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  1. 1. "I am Dragonbinder ... No mortal man should sound me and live ... Blood for fire, fire for blood." The instructions are branded on the horn itself. 2. Why do people always think only one dragon is going to be bound, and always think its Rhaegal? Is Viserion deaf? Vic's sample chapter shows he has 3 volunteers to blow the horn. One, two, three. In the 2nd Tyrion sample chapter, Tyrion can hear regular warhorns from where he is in the camps. I think everyone will clearly hear the sound "of a thousand wailing souls." 3. Any assault on Oldtown is going to be a disaster. The Hightowers know they're coming. Euron's infiltrators were caught, so they've lost the element of surprise. And the Ironborn are substantially weaker with the Iron Fleet (their most powerful ships) sent to Slaver's Bay. 4. Why would Euron have a Faceless Man steal a book from the citadel if he's going to attack Oldtown anyway, he could take it himself. Plus, the Faceless Men are assassins, not thieves. 5. Again, I think Moqorro is binding the horn to Daenerys. Vic won't get them either and will forced to make an alliance the normal way, with Dragonbinder as the ultimate bargaining chip. Overall, I have always thought Euron was highly overrated. That the fandom projects onto him. What makes him different from Dalton, Dagon or Balon? Dragonbinder, that's all! And that plan is going up in smoke. The dragons aren't coming. His men are going to die, he is going to lose the shields, and he is going to flee back to the Iron Islands with his tail between his legs in defeat just like every iron king before him. Then Asha is going to produce Theon, overrule the original Kingsmoot, run for queen again and win.
  2. Euron had his warlocks make him master of dragonbinder and handed it off to Victarion knowing that no matter who blows it, the dragons will go to Euron. But now Moqorro is rebinding the horn to a new master, probably Daenerys. Back in westeros he is going to lose the shield islands to the redwynes and the dragons he hoped for won't materialize. These events will eventually bring about his downfall as king.
  3. I also like the idea that the night's watch was made defend the realm from The Others but by the time they return the watch has collapsed and the kingdoms that neglected it will have to fight.
  4. I think legitimized bastards still come after the trueborn siblings.
  5. The will was made when Robb thought his little brothers were dead. Plus Jon's ASOS chapter after Stannis made his offer shows Jon feels guilty about the idea of stealing Winterfell from his trueborn siblings. Though I think he would accept the legitimization.
  6. Brandon is 9 and crippled. Rickon is 5. So I'd say Lord Protector of Winterfell and Warden of the North.
  7. What happens after Jon's death? Maybe we should at the mutiny's real world inspiration, the assassination of Julius Caesar. 1. The assassins had no plans for what to do after killing Caesar, they thought everything would go back to the way it was before. 2. They thought they would be treated as heroes and gain the thanks of a grateful roman people. They were instead labeled enemies of the state and driven from the city. 3. With Caesar's death, they hoped for the restoration of the republic, instead his murder precipitated its collapse and helped bring about the empire. On the Night's Watch side. 1. Bowen's plan doesn't appear to go beyond killing Jon. 2. It will be a slaughter. But instead of it being straight up Wildlings vs. NW, it'll be more like Wildlings/Jon's NW supporters vs. Bowen's NW supporters. 3. They think Jon's death will save the Night's Watch. Instead, his death and the battle after could very well bring about its collapse. Jon will be dead for a minute (if he is dead any longer, his body will start rotting away like Catelyn's did), Mel will use the Last Kiss to bring him back, thus fulfilling his oath to the NW by dying. This will allow him to ride south to fight the Boltons (possibly join Stannis) and claim Winterfell.