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  1. U.S. Politics: From Russia, With Love

    As was noted in comments elsewhere, breaking up the court, even if legally possible, still leaves the individual judges in federal office. Hence, same judgments, different courts. Also, from comments elsewhere, what most conservatives fail to grasp in their rants about 'liberal judges' is that judges rule on points of law ('is this legal') not political bias. Law 'trumps' bias. Hence, in theory, even conservative justices might agree, at least in part, with some of these decisions. Where it gets scary are the conservative commenters calling for what amounts to flat out suppression of both the media and the courts.
  2. U.S. Politics: From Russia, With Love

    At best, this is shaky speculation. At worst, it veers dangerously close to 'fake news.'
  3. U.S. Politics: From Russia, With Love

    Well, ignoring what a significant percentage of the populace is saying is one way to make loosing elections a near certainty. Especially, since the spurned group account for a major share of younger voters - future of the country and all that. People who see the democratic (and republican) parties for the shams they are. Sanders movement did not come out of nowhere. It is not going to quietly fade away, and the pro corporate interests in both parties cannot accept the basic message these people are pushing.
  4. U.S. Politics: From Russia, With Love

    Still more woes at FOX. FOX fans in the comments section are blaming 'liberals' (as they were with O-Reilly,) going so far as to cite 'leaked emails.) That this was self inflicted, stemming from internal culture, is something they cannot accept.
  5. U.S. Politics: From Russia, With Love

    Ok, why are we recycling political thread titles? That said, for whatever reason, it falls to me to post this gem; To me, neither of these people looks especially upstanding. Hannity might be able to make a legit case against her - emphasis on the 'might.'
  6. given that its Trump, I have to wonder if we might not end up with a budget catastrophe by accident over this: Many of the commenters are saying Trump really should get 'cash in advance' from Mexico to pay for the wall, if he wants it that badly.
  7. Is Revolution The Only Viable Solution?

    There are external factors that might make many people believe the choice comes down to 'authoritarianism' or 'anarchy.' Things like the energy crisis, increasingly severe fresh water shortages, and economic security. You could even toss in perceived threats to ones religion/culture (refugees of different religions.) All these factors are going to get worse in coming decades. Many folks might prefer the 'iron hand' approach that guarantees energy, water, and whatnot to a perceived free-for-all.
  8. Well, since you asked...until the recent attacks in Syria and Afghanistan, I was noting a steady trickle of disillusioned Trump supporters - and not just the 'anybody but Hillary' crowd. The health care fiasco *really* ticked a lot of people off. Others are wondering why there is not even a hint of the promised jobs materializing in their areas, though they're not quite to the 'blame Trump' stage. People like you make occasional reference to conservative 'cult' mentality. People do de-convert from cults, but its a long, slow process, a bit at a time. Much the same is going on with some Trump supporters (I spent years posting at a Christian debate site, and watched multiple on-line deconversions, btw). From the comments, barring something dramatic (like a 'popular' war or just maybe his 'Hire American' executive order), I see Trumps overall approval rating trending steadily downhill, along with a continual gradual erosion of his base.
  9. You appear to have forgotten the buffoon elected into the Oval Office. That too, was considered a long shot by the conventional rulebook - right up until it happened. Now, go drag out the *other* rulebook
  10. This could get interesting:
  11. Apparently, the boarders here inexplicably missed this latest Trump masterpiece: Parts of this don't seem utterly disastrous, though I do wonder about 'secret wavers.'
  12. Alas, this particular quasi-relative is married with five children, ages ranging from a few months to nine. He tried hiring on at Wal*mart as a security guard but got screwed over by management. He tried to get on with the state troopers, but that failed due to budget cuts and bureaucratic incompetence (he was told directly contradictory things at different times). Right now, he's making a few bucks above the minimum at Home Depot. For his efforts, he got made 'shift leader,' more responsibility, but no corresponding increase in pay. The wife is preoccupied with kids and college. Its not that he wants to rejoin the military - he prefers being close to his family - its that option just offers the best compensation.
  13. Anecdotal, but... I have several younger 'quasi relatives' who spent time in the military. Tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, in a so called 'support' capacity. Yesterday, one of these quasi-relatives, out of the service for four or five years now, and irked with being stuck in a series of low paying jobs, announced at the Easter get-together that his plans to re-enlist got a bonus from Trump's policies - apparently, that got made a great deal easier. He has a series of tests and physical qualifications to pass, and then he is supposedly back in harness by the end of the summer. Word from the military people he is dealing with is the US will likely be at war by years end. For what little it may be worth.
  14. Change the names (and the motivation) and this seems almost like a repeat from a few years ago:
  15. Yet there are limits. Once again, my Facebook has been filling up with right wing conspiracy tripe articles. However, when I read through the comments, I see something that was absent from such pieces a year ago: criticism and condemnation. The comments hostile to the articles points often outnumber the supportive ones.