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  1. Hmm...maybe a good thing? Or perhaps not awful?
  2. I tell people: 'these are the good old days.'
  3. I guess this puts the 'function' in 'dysfunctional.' Conservative types are screaming 'Deep State' in the comments:
  4. Change a few minor details and that could almost be one of my posts on this site from 2007. There were quite a few people here who flat out refused to believe how severe that fiasco was until everything blew up. There were posters here ardently supporting what looked like blatant financial fraud on a gargantuan scale.
  5. USPS Contractor here with a rural route. Tips as such? Doesn't happen. Plates of goodies left for me in mailboxes during the holidaze? Yes, though not often - 3-4 times is about it. Two or three times a year, somebody will hand me a ten-spot for lunch. Now, Pizza Delivery on the other hand...I literally built my house on the tips from running pizzas around in rectangles.
  6. I have worked with several people who were on Medicaid. They did so because the checks were insufficient to live off of. However, they also could not make much without threatening their benefits.
  7. Perhaps his seat is poachable.
  8. No spoiler. What is with these quotes and codes, anyhow? That said, we have yet another retiring republican congressman - a minor bit player from SC named Gowdy. Have to wonder if his seat is poachable....
  9. I would argue there is a strong element of desperation to the GOP's actions. Demographically, even in the medium term ( three or four presidential elections), they're screwed if they stick to their current model. By tying themselves to Trump, and more importantly Trumps base, they are tied to a group that is shrinking. Eventually, even gerrymandering and voter suppression won't suffice to keep them in power. That said, I figure we are looking at a realignment of a sort not seen in fifty years. Dust settles, the US will still be a two party system... party representing the corporate world, from executives to Walmart Wage Slaves, generally pro business and anti-union, but throwing oddball bones out now and again to keep the serfs pacified; ...the other a party of 'those at the bottom,' including minorities, and a fair number of the more ethical business types. I expect this transformation to take a decade or two.
  10. This sounds like something the 'Left' would dream up. But, its the Trump crew, and given his love of authoritarian strongmen, I have to wonder if there isn't a great big internal security component as well:
  11. Working on my model railroad. Although...I do rely heavily on EBAY. Without EBAY, still possible, but I'd be digging through funky catalogs for parts.
  12. Yes. The fossil fuels industry is, and will continue, to fight 'green energy' any way they can. (Witness Trump's policies and decrees). Eventually, though, a tipping point gets reached, and then things get interesting. Might be more than a few billionaire types going bust before the dust settles.
  13. I've said it many times before, I'll say it again: We are in the early stages of multiple large scale crises that will reshape our society at a fundamental level. Energy: Current civilization is *almost* totally dependent on fossil fuels, which are finite. Most projections I have seen call for 'serious trouble circa 2020 - 2050 with these fuels. (aside from coal, which may last another couple hundred years) The oil/tar sands, fracking, and changeover to natural gas bought us a few decades. Wind and solar are wonderful, but even combined and scaled up, they're not even close to full replacement. Even with nuke plants, we won't be able to keep things 'as is.' Water: the aquifers underneath the Midwest are strained - to put it politely. That's prime farm country, Add in pesticides and other chemicals, what you end up with is less 'food' and more 'food like substances.' A crash of some sort here, resulting in severe shortages or even famine, is somewhere between possible and probable. I also note that potable water is becoming a major global issue. Climate Change: Most of the articles I have read say that an increase in ocean level of well over a meter by centuries end. That works out to around 1/3rd of a meter (a foot or so) within the next couple decades, which is a disaster for low lying coastal areas. Erosion. Flooding. I see all this resulting in a sort of semi-perpetual 'state of emergency,' entire states and regions spending months or years under...authoritarian rule where many normal laws are set aside. I see an emptying of rural suburbs and smaller towns (something going on NOW). I see wave upon wave of opportunists, from individuals to small companies to large corporations cashing in on this mess, often making matters worse. I do see the situation improving a great deal towards the end of the century, but the society that emerges will be different from ours. More restrictive. Energy conscious to a extreme degree. Socially stratified, maybe.
  14. Ok, people, another Trump tell-all book is due to hit the shelves in a week. Think Trump will try to suppress this one as well? (though his attempts at suppression had the opposite effect)
  15. For what little it may be worth, folks are out drumming up support for DACA. Just fielded a call from one of them, had me leave a message with Murkowski's office.