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  1. Carrington Event (massive solar flare) = Internet severely crippled or eliminated along with most other high tech electronic items, possibly for a year plus. That is the extreme case, of course.
  2. I have also glanced at articles similar to these:
  3. I have a hazy recollection of an interview of Steve Jobs, the guy behind Apple. Reporter made the comment that Jobs kids must be thrilled at getting first crack at all the wondrous new tech gadgets. Job told the reporter 'no, such devices were kept very tightly restricted in his home.' When the reporter asked 'why?' Jobs response was that reliance on tech made people (like his kids) less adept at problem solving on their own. That is what I see these days: a ever growing number of people across a range of ages who cannot solve problems without their smart phone handy. Worse, most of these problems are not that difficult. A sort of 'dumbing down.' Unassisted problem solving skills are falling by the wayside. The long term results, of course, are catastrophic - potentially enough to cripple civilization. (I have a PC and a basic flip cell phone. The PC requires me to go to a specific location to use the internet. The phone was required as part of the contract I work under. It gets used maybe four or five times a month.)
  4. Ok... say the guy who mowed down the Charlottesville protesters with his car gets put on trial, convicted, and sent to prison. At the same time, the organizers of that demonstration are mostly quiet about the guy, maybe an occasional lukewarm positive statement (which, if my hazy memory serves, has already happened.) Then, said organizer takes a role in the Trump Administration, and gets the chance to whisper in Trumps ear a year or three down the road. Trump, being Trump, grants the driver a full pardon. Fallout?
  5. 'He who hunts monsters risks becoming a monster himself.' Famous quote (one variant, anyhow.) A situation often encountered in fiction and reality alike. And if you think the 'we live in interesting times' knob is set near the top of the scale, then you will probably have to reconsider that situation before the year is out. The knob goes higher. Much higher.
  6. I am less concerned about a nuclear apocalypse than about what I term the 'Crunch' - a long term energy/resource (especially potable water) crisis that is starting to come to a head. That, combined with a trend towards authoritarianism...well, the US might effectively be an autocratic/oligarchic state for a long time - as in most of the rest of the century. Trumps actions are setting the precedents that make this more likely.
  7. I have been reading through a number of articles - and the associated comments pertaining to the violence in Charlottesville. It be pretty ugly. The more rational conservative types are pushing the 'both sides are at fault' explanation very hard, apparently taking their cue from Trump. The not so rational ones...well, a meme is gaining strength that the guy who used his car as a weapon was either a 'liberal' or part of a false flag operation. I believe we can expect fringe media stories justifying this stance within a few days. All of the conservatives commenting on those threads view BLM as a straight out terrorist group. For them, its not even open for debate. The same is not true of the white supremacists, though they do (reluctantly) condemn the violence.
  8. Posters here might be going a bit too far back into the history books when it comes to accounting for the current racial lunacy. The civil rights movement was much more recent, and at least part of the time, directly opposed by those in power. Yet, ultimately, it succeeded. A warped repeat of that seems much more likely than a literal civil war.
  9. Well, it's official (or maybe not, given this administration). Trump was being 'sarcastic' when congratulating Putin for expelling the US diplomatic staff. At times, its almost like we are looking at a twisted restart of the Cold War.
  10. They're not doing an especially good job of convincing even themselves of this one.
  11. Trumps followers are spinning his 'thanking Putin' statement as a literal joke on Trumps part.
  12. You appear to be overlooking two things - 1 - First, you assume Trump is 'normal.' Trump cares nothing about party or country, only personal wealth and popularity. If he thinks it will increase his popularity, he will cut a deal of some sort with the Democratic Party...or try to. 2 - Second, you can only go so far to the right before the base rebels. That is happening NOW. I have repeatedly linked to articles here that go into the extreme flack the conservative GOP congressmen are catching in their home districts (from Republicans!) about trying to repeal the ACA. Flack right up to and including threats of physical violence. This, from Republicans, AFTER the mass shooting at the softball field.
  13. Perhaps there is hope for the ACA after all...
  14. In some cases you are right - leading questions with carefully placed factoids. In others, you are not - straight up political surveys. In both cases, the answers I wished to give were often not available. Now, how often do YOU take these polls (or whatever you choose to call them.)
  15. And again - Republican congressmen are catching major flack. I figure its only a matter of time until things reach the physical attack stage.