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  1. The question (sort of) remains: Would the governor of Arizona be able to appoint McCain's temporary stand in quickly enough to save tax reform? As in before Jones takes office? Hmmm...didn't I read somewhere about another deathly ill republican senator??? Additional note, should something happen to McCain or this other republican Senator (am I remembering this correctly? curious) how long before the conservative media starts spewing tales of conspiracy and assassination? (Ideally with photo's of Clinton near the scene clutching an appropriate weapon)
  2. Came across this: To me, it has a 'whistling past the graveyard' type feel. Morbid, ugly question.... Suppose McCain dies or slides into a coma in the next few days, rendering him unable to vote on the tax bill? What does the GOP leadership do then? Wait for a replacement? Or proceed and take a chance?
  3. Ok, people, turn a few pages ahead in the script. Vote tallies indicate a Jones victory. Governor and GOP step in, scream 'VOTER FRAUD!' and invalidate the election, ignoring pesky legalities, and tolerating no inquiries whatsoever. Their actions are later fully supported by the Trump crews voting commission. Got that?
  4. Looks like we get to avoid a repeat of Charlottesville next year. Permits denied for a 2018 'Unite the Right' rally on the grounds it endangers public safety. I figure it'll be challenged in court...and denounced by the likes of Fox News.
  5. Jones +1. Followed by immediate demands for a recount. During the recount, a pile of ballots for Moore mysteriously appears, enough to give him a borderline victory. Democrats call fowl, but Trumps new Voter Fraud crew calls those claims overblown.
  6. Seems quite a few republicans have severe doubts or qualms about the tax plan: I find myself wondering if it might not be 'accidently-on purpose' sabotaged on some technicality or other rather than brought up for a vote.
  7. Those behind Trumps decision to acknowledge Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel. A collection of mega-donors, lobbyists, and (Christian) religious fanatics.’s-jerusalem-move/ar-BBGmRPG?li=BBnbcA1&ocid=msnclassic To me, next logical step for this alliance is to get a major middle eastern war going, with direct US military involvement. Something that can be hawked as a 'Crusade against Islamic demons' and tied directly into the various endtimes prophecies. War, after all, is a real moneymaker for some. Imagine the likes of say, Fox News, continually broadcasting the 'need for all true Christians' to support this war, and stopping just short of advocating lynch mobs for those who say the war would be a waste.
  8. You do realize this is very close to evangelical Christian end-times theology, right? Gog and Magog, massive armies clashing, that sort of thing?
  9. Prediction of sorts for the next couple of nasty hurricanes. Conservatives will, of course, vehemently deny that man made climate change is real. However, they will insist - loudly insist - that 'evil liberal scientists' are creating and controlling these storms.
  10. Well, if it is hope you seek... Much of those efforts appear to be focused in India, which corporate industrialization appears to have transformed into a sort of polluted hell-scape. Necessity drives those efforts - necessity being the 'mother of invention and all. There are similar schemes afoot from the younger generations to at least reduce the pollution problem with the oceans. one of several similar articles: These things take time, apparently a lost concept in this age of Attention Deficit Disorder and instant access to everything. So, yes, there is (some) hope on that front. But it'll rarely make headlines.
  11. From the bits that trickle to me, the situation does not seem unique to Alaska. (Gets into boring national level union stuff that has a sideways effect on contractors like me.) The people actually sorting, transporting, and delivering the mail know what they're doing. The bureaucracy above that level...I sometimes think a frontal lobotomy is part of the upper level training process.
  12. Do remember that Trump's heroes, such as they are, tend to be dictators. Spies and secret police come with the territory. Wait until he executive orders himself a first cousin of the Sedition Act.
  13. Can't say much about the bureaucracy in general. Can say a little about the one I work for - USPS. Ok, delivering mail is the core function of USPS. Requires sorting, clerks, carriers, people to answer questions. These days, we peons doing that are reminded pretty much daily that USPS is strapped for cash. Yet, despite that, there is a sizable, deeply entrenched, and mostly completely clueless bureaucracy above our level. Occasionally, they issue bizarre edicts which *hamper* mail delivery. On occasion, this bureaucracy will spew forth somebody with a bizarre title that is not relevant to the core mission. A couple times, these clueless souls were made acting postmasters (their stints were short and disastrous) where I'm at. I suppose other parallels can be made as well. More than once, multiple boarders here have complained about a mythical malevolent bureaucratic infestation of the University system. Any reason to think the federal government is any different?
  14. An interesting perspective from a corporate type that does benefit from the tax bill. From his POV, given the hard (literally) limitations of his business, its 'nice,' but nowhere nice enough to warrant the kind of expansion republicans project. Given the situation (business), I can't say I blame him, either. That said, Facebook and elsewhere, I have run across a few folks running preliminary calculations on their taxes under the new legislation. (One of them linked to a tax calculator I lost track of.) For some people, in...'certain circumstances,' the bill is a bit of a least initially.
  15. I should have been clearer. Even with the money influx, the republican party still has the potential to lose big in the midterms - as in both houses - if the Democratic Party displays something resembling competence.