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  1. It's not Alys Karstark, either

    I read this particular visin in relation to what it accomplishes in regards to the narrative within the context in which it is given: as an extra push contributing to drive Jon into the particular course of action that he took, ie. sending Mance to Arya's rescue. The recurrent notion that prophesies/visions may be true in a very different way than what their interpreters perceive is, then, once again demonstrated by the "grey girl" not being Arya. Besides that, frankly, I don't see anything interesting in "revealing", a book or two later, that, "remember Mel's grey girl on dying horse vision? well, turns out that it was Lyanna a couple of decades earlier / Arya a good few months later / X character in a totally irrelevant context/timeline". Adding such a complication without payoff whatsoever is not something I would expect a professional writer to do. ------- Regarding the timeline:
  2. If Joffrey tried to arrest Tywin Lannister, what would happen?

    Nap time for Joff.
  3. It's not Alys Karstark, either

    Not like this though. Remember, when in Catelyn's POV we got info about Jon Arryn having arranged his son to be fostered with Stannis, revealing a motive and thus pointing to Lysa as an alternative suspect for his murderer? (In Cat's discussion with Walder Frey, of all people). There, the author deliberately drew attention to the passed info, using a dialogue of the style "Are you sure you're sure? -I'm fucking sure, what of it". That's entirely different to using some (overly) vague reference to a geographic discrepancy, as suggested in this thread, one that no character seems to ever question, only us clever readers, which, if true, would create bigger and way more noticeable discrepancy in the timeline. (I don't intend to get into Winds of Winter released content here, but everyone who has read Mercy will know of the timeline problem.) Arya has her own story, and her story requires her to deal with a lot of stuff before getting anywhere close to Jon. As she's a main character, showing all that in a short passing note and fast track her into the northern storyline after a couple of chapters, simply won't do.
  4. It's not Alys Karstark, either

    Those implications are the very reason why it doesn't make narrative sense. That particular storyline in ADWD is not about Alys or any other girl, and it's not even about Arya herself; it's about the effect it all has on Jon Snow, who's the central character of the storyline. And it reached its climax at the end with his death, so any additional complication (aside from the ones that are already built up and pending, like the clusterfuck that's bound to happen at the Wall as the aftermath of the mutiny would be one deviation too much and with no true payoff. That's my opinion.
  5. It's not Alys Karstark, either

    Eh, I'll be the boring one here and suggest that simply, most likely, Martin's orientation skills suck. That, or he didn't bother to really look at the map.
  6. Jon was born a bastard and remains a bastard.

    Et alors?
  7. The Most Intelligent Pre-Teen?

    Thanks! Nothing against Shireen, I actually quite like her, but I have the strong suspicion that the bolded claim is a show-only invention. But, since I could be wrong, can you please direct me to the book quotes that could provide evidence to this assertion?
  8. The Most Intelligent Pre-Teen?

    Random acts of kindness may not wash away the bad deeds, but the specific acts of kindness towards random people negate, by proof by contradiction, the assertion that she lacks empathy. This is not to say that you should like her, though, but simply, that the specific argument is invalid.
  9. The Most Intelligent Pre-Teen?

    I agree that, to some extent, the younger characters' story arcs suffer from the elimination of the 5 year gap. However, to the topic at hand, it is not important whether Arya learns what she learns in perhaps too short of a time, but the fact that she, indeed, has learnt it. Which is treated as non-existent by many, when it shouldn't because like it or not it's in the text.
  10. "Moral ambiguity" is overrated and overestimated

    No, it is not overrated/overestimated. It's simply misunderstood, taken into the exact same absolutes as is the good/evil dichotomy: it's usually understood as a uniform "grey" governing all aspects of a human character/personality/emotional world.
  11. The Most Intelligent Pre-Teen?

    True, but nevertheless, being good at accents is a talent that's not much to do with intelligence. The ability to learn, though, is an indication of it and it's really amazing that in Arya's case it is simply handwaved as if there was *nothing* in the books about it. While headcanons about, i.e., Shireen's or other tertiary characters' *assumed* intellectual exploits are stated as if they were textual facts. (Blame the show, for Shireen, but then again, people here should know better.)
  12. The Most Intelligent Pre-Teen?

    A few remarks: Shireen never taught Davos to read. Maester Pylos did. Sweetrobin knows what he knows about people waiting for him to die, because his mother told him so. It's not a deduction he made by himself. Succession is, by a very fair assumption, all that Frey children have been hearing about since the day they were born. And watching their mouth would be a *must*, taking into account what Merret narrates in his epilogue. So, not a sign of great intelligence, really. (PS: Sansa learns the same lessons very quickly once she has to, but she's still not held in high regard concerning her intelligence by many people...) Why is it that Arya is never given credit for the five languages (besides westerosi: high valyrian, braavosi, pentosi, lyseni and the commerce tongue) that she speaks, while a similar feat usually grants Missandei one of the top spots in such lists? Given, also, that Arya learns the four of them in a ridiculously short amount of time.
  13. What does House Royce remember?

    It's ironic. They wrote down what they meant to remember, but they forgot how to read the damned runes. Seriously though, I suppose they remember their First Men heritage.
  14. Why do people want Aegon to be real?

    Personally, I think that Aegon's story will be way more interesting if both we readers, as well as in-story characters, including Aegon himself, never find out whether he's authentic, or Blackfyre, or a Pisswater boy.
  15. Who is the True Targaryen Heir?

    I was thinking more between Dany and Aegon. If/when Jon's parentage is publically revealed and, subsequently, if/when he ever sits the throne, I somehow don't think that it will come as the conclusion to a conflict between Targaryen claimants.