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  1. We have not met the Sea lord yet, I here he reminds people of Kieth Richards.
  2. Her last name is essentially Other, she is a possible daughter of Dragons, she is associated with the Daughter of Dusk, Lights seem to glow brighter when she is around. Just more symbolism and juxtaposing. Not a significant character, daughter of Dusk will probably not have a major role either. If Dany pops in for a visit maybe they meet for a second who knows. Maybe Johnny Depp plays a role
  3. So they flipped the region from the GNC to the GVC? Well here is hoping they find the correct region this time.
  4. Depends on the fans, and a lot of times it's more like topics than theories, or questions. R+L=J was probably the most talked about and most famous, seems to have slowed down for some reason more recently. But there are a lot of theories that are popular, some proven, some not proven, some dispelled. Coldhands? Jojen paste? Almost anything about Dawn or the Daynes, FAegon real or fake? Ummm Septa Lemore is Ashara Dayne, the GNC was popular for a long time, don't see much talk about it anymore, and Tyrion is a Targ, that's still under a decent amount of debate. Everyone has their own sort of thing they are interested in but I guess R+L=J is probably the crown prince of theories from the board, been at the top longer than just about anything else. It was like a community theory that started I want to say in the late 90's, maybe 2000 I think by an editor and fans took it from there. There is like a 4 year window where it started popping up and growing. Still not officially proven which is why it's still pinned. It may not officially be proven for a little bit yet, if ever you never know with Martin. Some say official some not, depends who you ask. There are some solid theories, some bad theories and a whole lot of tinfoil out there.
  5. I see, well I don't find it to compelling either way. You gotta a rose which is sometimes blue but not always in the examples, and you got bards in the examples so music/story/song also can be associated with the rose? Along with the use of a trinity, 3 parts? Bards? Music? Rose? Sounds like a possible association to a song. Must be 1979 Bette Middler Song called the Rose, and everyone knows it. You can get the full Lyrics anywhere really. But a sample of roses associated with Songs. It's actually a pretty good match but maybe the song is associated to something else in the series. Just a guess. When the night has been too lonely and the road has been too long And you think that love is only for the lucky and the strong Just remember in the winter, far beneath the bitter snow Lies the seed, that with the sun's love in the spring becomes the rose. Anyway it's good to see some of the old regulars, hope you all are doing well, happy new year to the Scoobs. No blues in the song, but lots of duality.
  6. Nor would Arya have been in a bad place? Her father too last I checked. I did not know he was just Sansa's father. I gotta be honest denial is not a great response. I did not say I was a half or a whole, I said she had as much right and that at no point was stated that this was Sansa's role to do. I believe Both Arya and Sansa spent time with the Hound as well. Arya was with Tywin and Sansa with Cersei at one point. I think both will be associated with his fall but Arya will probably do the deed, she didn't go faceless for nothing. I do find it interesting certain fans often separate the sisters, as if they were not sisters. Same blood flows through their hearts. Someone actually just forgot that Ned had two daughters, both in the same place during the betrayal. Both there at his death. I would not say Arya's journey has been free of Danger or suffering. Can't believe some people would actually forget Neds words about his own daughters. Oh well. I like the theory, I know it's been around awhile, it's good theory, not perfect but none of them are. I think I could probably be counted as a whole if the basic conclusion is Arya sticks LF with the pointy end. I think the complexity of it will involve both sisters though.
  7. Hmmm Blue rose = treachery. So Beal not symbolized by a rose, betrays a host and either runs away with or kidnaps a Blue rose symbolized by the blue rose he left in exchange for her and is thus treacherous? The Blue Bard who is black mailed and tortured is not actually symbolized by a rose but a bard much like Beal, and Marg is pretty clearly symbolic of a rose is being framed and thus the two of them symbolize treachery, not Cersei the person doing it? Cause Marg and the Bard are actually innocent here. LF nice catch, is also pretty clearly the manipulator around the Winterfell rose which is Sansa. The Bard is a scum bag but not guilty of what he is framed for. That was "Beal"ish as you put it. The Bard was once again blackmailed and he is not symbolic of blue rose and neither is LF. So, so far in two of these cases the Roses are innocent, so are the bards. Loras the Blue rose at the tourney, gave a rose to Sansa, he was guilty of sort of cheating in a Joust, there is actually no rule against what he did, so. Jeyne Poole, sort of rose of Winterfell, she is marked by Blue, her house colors. Mance well his big color was really Red or Red and black. Jeyne a victim of Blackmail, torture, rape and countless abuse is symbolic of Blue rose treachery? And Mance Bard is also part of that treachery to rescue her? So the tretchery is not placed on the Lannisters or the Boltons, but on the victim and the person or persons who try and rescue her? Maybe from a Cersei or Bolton perspective but I think most people would say Jeyne is very much innocent. Like if someone like Cersei had blue rose symbolism that might be a good way of saying it symbolizes treachery. But a constant case of at least 6 examples being innocent, blackmailed, abused and framed seems to indicate that treachery should probably be placed on the ones causing the problem. Not to mention while their are a few examples of blue rose symbolism, there is a shit ton of treachery and the blue roses are not always to be found. In fact it's rare. You could have someone holding a blue rose be very bad and manipulative, and someone symbolized by it be innocent, and you can have a whole lot of bad going on and no blue rose to be found, which probably suggest that the symbolism may not be what you think it is. Interesting idea though. It's tougher when you don't actually have the whole story. Generally it's just the use of the unity of opposition as related to cyclical nature. You know that saying, "History does not repeat but it often rhymes?" Kind of like that. You know you can dip your toe in the same spot of a river, on the same day at the same time every year, but you will never step in the same water again. Parallels? Yes. Similarities? Yes. But also flow and change. Personally I would say the symbolism is to inconstant in terms of a literary device to identify it as treachery. While there is treachery in these sort of rhyming situations there are also other consistent patterns as well. I would say the treachery is being placed in the wrong spot. Or at least at times it is. Each one of those stories had similar themes, but they are also all different as well. Probably tells you something about the past and foreshadows something yet to happen. Jeyne is a good example she might be blue but she is not exactly a winter rose. And her story is not the same as Marg, Lyanna, Sansa, some similarities but it's not all same. Similarities also help you identify what is different.
  8. Whoever said Killing LF was Sansa's role? Maybe it is and maybe it isn't, but as far as I can tell LF hurt all the Starks. LF has been nicer to Sansa than almost anyone else, though he has his reasons and is using her. But he still rescued her, he still set her up in the Vail, she is in a rather safe place for the most part right now and more content than she has been in years. While all part of his manipulations she is still in a better place than she was and that is do to him. Any Stark has a right to go after him, just as any Stark has a right to go after the Boltons. Did Sansa get to off Joff? Did Tyrion? I would say Sansa had a right there, and she unknowingly took part in it, but she sure didn't take him out. Stannis may or may not wax the Boltons, remains to be seen for book readers. Why possibly him and not Jeyne or Theon, or Jon, or Arya? Or maybe one of them and not another. Will Loras get vengeance for Renly? Maybe, but probably not. Martin does not generally right that way, and on occasion he gives you that one moment but he is not a big payback guy more like justice can come to anyone and sometimes it does not come at all. Fans do not get to decide a characters role as much as we sometimes would like too or hope too. Arya has the skill and temperament to take someone out, but currently lack the proximity to effect LF or anyone like WF, LF, Cersei etc... Though that may change, Martin did not make her a faceless assassin for no reason. He did give her the tools to be lethal if need be and these tools seem to relate more to her future than her present which like many Characters is simply a training period. He is giving them tools they need for the future and it seems unlikely he made her Faceless because it would somehow be useful against the Others. Pretty sure the zombies don't care what she looks like or her name. So she is probably going to wax some asses and maybe cause some political turmoil, she can also frame plenty of people given her talents. If she nails LF good for her, I don't see a debate in the books between her and Sansa of "no it was my turn to kill someone, or i'll flip you for it." Heck maybe Sansa plots with her, we shall see. Foreshadowing seems decent with Arya though.
  9. And Bloomberg was worried about Coke and Pepsi. I know it's sad.
  10. I know, it broke my heart too, it's butter flavoring. They even give you access to it now it's practically a fountain beverage. Salts real though, so not all bad. It's super fine too, it's the powdered sugar of salts. You don't want to know what that cheese like substance is they put on Nachos. I am guessing it's not good for us, I could be wrong, I have had all three and I am not dead yet, so could be super healthy. Don't get me started on fried breads, I mean if it's a bread am I suppose to put butter on it? Like Butter on donuts just feels wrong. But if I deep fry the butter, that's a thing. If I deep fry it can I then have it with the donuts? Deep frying seems to solve a lot of problems. Like Corn dogs. Someone found a way to answer the age old question, how can I make corn bread and hot dogs work? Deep fry it. It's really a miracle of modern science. You can pretty much fry anything and it will taste better, and deep frying is frying on steroids, so you know it's extra good. Popcorn is essentially fried, so what happens if we deep fry it? I don't know but it seems like a project that should be attempted. For science of course, this is all about discovery.
  11. Thanks a lot. My grizzly past once again comes back to haunt me. Corns evil, y'all know it, you don't want to admit it but you know it. Although Corn pops are pretty good, and everyone loves popcorn. Though they are both bad for you. Especially popcorn with loads of fake butter and salt. Then again really it's the fake butter and salt that's bad for you. Corn has a power of us, we know it, it's our golden master. Anyone who has ever walked into a movie theater knows this. As soon as you walk in the theater and that smell hits you it's over, you end up spending more on popcorn than the damn tickets. You don't go for the small bag either, oh noooooooo! You go for the tub, the small bag is just there to make you feel bad about yourself. And you get your giant tub of popcorn, and you go take your seat and you are grateful you just paid $20 Bucks for .15 worth of food. Might as well attach two straps to damn thing so we can wrap it around our heads like a damn feed bag for horses. Hell one little kernel falls onto your shirt, some crumbs, and you are picking them off your shirt and shoving then into your mouth like the planet suddenly ran out of popcorn and this is the last chance you will ever have to eat it because you can't buy it at the local grocery store, except in the giant chip isle where it comes in all shapes and sizes. Corn is evil, it controls us and uses us. Stay away from corn, it's evil I tell you, evil. In truth OP there is a lot of corn in the series, and there is symbolism involved there like the Corn King (Sacred King) and John Barleycorn, multiple uses as a literary device. There are several topics discussing it, though not to often these days. You can go down several paths with it, the harvest, rituals, mythology, sacrifice, Solar deities (Yes solar is tied sun deities). I would not get to into hidden messages and codes so much, and focus more on symbolism, allusion, mythology, a general focus on literary devices tends to serve readers better. Don't take the little joke I did about corn as an insult, I have a long history on this board involving corn, so it's kind of a running joke.
  12. It's not hard for a Warg to move from an animal body to his own. If that is in fact what happens. I don't see it being a big stretch for him. But technically, if Jon's body dies, then he goes on to a second life Ghost, that's what it is called after all. If his body is revived via the last kiss ritual which is actually a standard ritual for red priests. And Mel of course could have a vision saying last kiss him or some thing. If Jon then leaves his second life and returns to his old revived body Jon would not be returning to his 1st life, he would be leaving his second life, for a third life. I don't think it would be accidental with Jon in terms of Mel, I would think the Wildlings who have the numbers would want Jon burned and have some sort of old god ceremony. After he is revived Jon will be part Zombie and part fire. So a zombie that craves cooked human flesh rather than raw. So Jon will then have Shireen roasted and he will then eat BBQ Shireen. Num Num Num. Stannis will freak out kill Mel catch on fire and fall off the wall on the wrong side and come back and Ice Zombie, opposite of Jon, then Jon and Stannis will have a war. Stannis won't actually know he has changed after all Stannis is a very cold person and already has blue eyes, he will just get hyped up about surviving the fall think he actually is the Prince that was promised and can survive anything. Eventually the Others show up and are going to be like who are you. Stannis will respond he is the prince that was promised. At which point a battle erupts which turns into a giant snowball fight, ice vs. ice which becomes really confusing for the others as they think they are under friendly fire the whole time and not sure where to throw. At this point Stannis will declare victory, say he has done more than Robert now by defeating the Others, and kills himself so he can join Proudwing and Shireen in the after life and escape his wife.
  13. Well I didn't say Jon would go with her, I left his options rather open, weather it was death, the way, maybe they both vanish, it's a tough call. Would he go with her? That all depends on the story, lets say they did hook up, and there is a love story aspect. Then yeah maybe, he enjoyed his time with the Wildlings and he may wish for a simpler life at this point, again it was mostly speculation on Dany and I left Jon in the category of many options. You know the watch, the north, even KL, but I don't see that idea thrilling him that much. I would think the vanishing option is possible but I tend to think for Martin it would leave to many options open, a lot of his story falls apart if Dany vanishes like slavery and possibly Tyrion on the throne. They both need some power baking them, to maintain new policy, especially slavery. I was thinking rather than having to show step by step what happens after the fact, that the presence of Her or her and Jon perhaps with the Dothraki wandering as I pointed out, that the idea sort of speaks for itself. You know they are there and can maintain policy. If one or both vanish a lot of ideas fall apart and it kind becomes meaningless, the slavery plot means nothing and is likely to fall apart without her. Westeros would also lose stability right after gaining it during a very crucial period. I like Tyrion but I do not see him having the support to maintain the 7 Kingdoms. I don't see Westeros dividing and everyone going backwards. I don't expect Martin to give many answers in the end, but I expect a little direction. I do expect you would be able to see a general direction of where things could go. Rather than chaos, after chaos. The end of the Maiden and Lion story also went out of it's way to point out the missing child and what happens without that. Things fall apart, I don't expect harmony or some perfect society, but just some idea of where things in the world could go. Like what would CHK slavery from suddenly rising back up with Dany, or what would happen in Westeros to prevent yet more civil wars from suddenly popping up in power struggles. If her and Jon are off the table it sort of falls apart and becomes somewhat meaningless. I feel like post long night you do need some stability left on the field for both Westeros and Essos. I can't see him saying Tyrion took power, and the world found balance and everyone loved him. I expect it would look like lots of work ahead in recovery and rebuilding and you need a little muscle out there to make sure things progress rather than fall apart yet again.
  14. I am just going to address the Dany stuff as it's a Dany topic, and it's speculative. So a friend of mine and fellow poster here sometimes always had this idea that if Dany does not die and that's up for debate, that she thinks Dany would not stay to rule at least not in the traditional sense of Westeros. Maybe she appoints someone like Tyrion or maybe she just vanishes with possible Jon like Nettles and Daemon. Witch got me to thinking is there any possible foreshadowing to this. Now I think you can make an argument that Dany and the future of the story will have some parallels to the Dance, though I don't think it's how many people imagine with Aegon. But rather we will see another battle over the Gods eye. Both Daemon and Dany have a brother named Viserys though you could say they were opposites. So if Dany were to Vanish I think she would actually be returning to the great grass sea, to the Dothraki. Not like the end of Dance, but she may return to them. Dany has two interesting aspects in her dreams that may point to this. One is the barefoot girl running in the grass. We see this imagery repeated when Dany is with the Dothraki early in thrones. Barefoot walking in the grass and mud and letting it squish between her feet. We see this happen again in Dance when she returns to the Dothraki sea and is walking through it barefoot. I guess the next part is not really dream related but ties to her being a Dragon. In the history of Dragons, it's not really considered a good thing for them to be chained down. We read about this with the Dragon Pit of KL, and saw it with her own Dragons in Meereen when they were in the make shift Dragon pit which is really a reflection of Dany's story in Meereen. She did not exactly like ruling or politics, she was happiest in the Dothraki sea. As a character Dany has spent most of her life as a nomad wandering from place to place. I don't think she would even like KL. While she is groomed to rule, that does not mean Martin plans for her to rule in a conventional way, Dany has been anything but conventional. Similar to her time with the Dothraki, Jon's time with the Wildlings nomadic army was an enjoyable time for him and the girl he was with was kissed by fire. Again this could be foreshadowing a parallel. In truth Dany wandering around Essos with a Dothraki army going from town to town, would be a more effective way to ensure slavery remained gone. While she could always journey to Westeros to check up on things from time to time. I think once she leaves Meereen she will place someone in charge there and I think if she leaves Westeros it will mirror that. I think Tyrion sits the throne in the end, not only is he good at politics and has a strong understanding of Westrosi culture, but he enjoys it to an extent that neither she or Jon does. If I had to guess I think Dany leaves, maybe Jon goes with her, maybe he is dead, maybe he stays behind, maybe he reforms the watch, or rules the north. But her, I think she leaves, I think her home is where her heart is and that is actually out on those plains. I think being chained to one city would mirror the dragons, it would be bad for her, she is better in the wild and on the move. I actually like the idea better than sitting on the Iron throne, she is a nomad, and nomads got to move around. I also don't think she would want a child of hers raised in KL, I think the Dothraki culture minus slavery appeals to her, and she does not need slaves to have followers, she is pretty much the most famous person of her generation.
  15. Hey LML, been awhile, watching your video, about an hour in. I am going to give my take on some things, and try to go from there if work stays calm for a bit. Not been calm, not in the least. So this is what I see within the parallels of the Empire of the dawn, sometimes things are not always what they appear, some things may seem obvious and sometimes not so much. I know you are a big fan of the Ouroboros, so that is sort of how I am going to do this, weather someone wants to call it Ouroboros, Sun and Moon, Juxtaposed, alchemist transformation, yin yang dichotomy, whatever, doesn't matter, it's all pretty much the same. This is going to be a really weird starting point but it's important for understanding that period, at least I think. You sort of have like 2 1/2 elements, Ice, Fire, and Water. Water never gets enough credit, yet we know it is a Magic in the world, and just kind of gets overlooked, not by everyone but you know what I mean. Now I know you did a whole video on the ancient Iron Born, and that sort of led me down this path. I am going to start with Thrones because Thrones is like the gift that keeps on giving. Sun, moon and water, or Fire, Ice, and water, does not matter. Pretty much interchangeable. So you take the Ouroboros as a primary symbol. I know I don't need to explain that to you, there it is all done. So there is this idea of Dany and the Amethyst Empress, is that right? Sort of probably. But the real questions for me is did this sort of parallel happen? Is it the same story? Sort of, and this is where that alchemic transformation meets a parallel, and this happens a lot. Now Martin tends to base these transformations off character choices. He throws in the law of untended consequences, boons and busts and non factors all play role. "And so it begins, no and now it ends". Similar to an Ouroboros the end is the beginning and the beginning is the end, and it was this line and water, and that video you did on the Iron born and the water dragon, and my own stuff and poetry and all kinds of things that led me to this next line, not from the books. So Martin loves poetry and he has talked about that. "In my end is my beginning" T.S Eliot, the Four Quartets. So this in turn led me to something else. A fountain. Just real quick I know your probably wondering how this will connect, it's gonna connect, it will get there. It's like Martin sometimes it takes for ever but it gets there. So this fountain is in the UK, and it's called the river. There is a quote from Burnt Norton which is one of the Four quartets. The opening is marked by two Epigraphs from Heraclitus, and what did he believe in? He believed in the unity of opposition. Sun meets moon gets a child, or something depends on the situation. Also just like the head and tail of the Ouroboros. Or as I call it sun and moon. Or Maiden and Lion. Getting interesting yet? This took work to piece together, and it will tie to the empire of the dawn. Now this fountain the River, it has multiple parts too it. So at the base, flanking the steps are the guardians, and the guardians look almost identical to a pair of Sphinxes. So you go up the steps and you see these two Obelisks that flank the fountain, and these look just like two towers and the towers have lights on the top and between them is the fountain, similar to the twins. Then in the middle you have the beautiful fountain wihch has two children facing each other, the youth a boy and girl. Then the top part of the fountain has a women, laying in it, The River. Now she is called the river because she is based off another fountain in Ireland. Now the Irish being Irish gave this fountain a nickname, the Floozie in the Jacuzzi. It's actually the Anna Livia monument. And this monument is the personification of the River Liffey, or Life. How does it connect? Do you remember when you all first met Dany? What was she doing? Getting ready to get in her Jacuzzi. In fact if you look closely, Dany takes an ton of baths in the series, she has her own Bathtub when she rides with the Dothraki. In fact Martin even put her in a fountain in Kings, and I believe again later in the series. Or it was similar to a fountain, not a tub but a viewing pool or close to that. Though she does take note of a fountain. And of course the biggest clue is Dorne and her connection to it and the Water gardens built for Daenerys, full of fountains. The Womb of the world, a classic symbol of life. Water a classic symbol of life, the moon heavily connected to water. This is all her symbolism pre pyre, and of course she spends most of the book pregnant. So she is often called the Moon of Drogo's life, and she calls him her sun and stars. So we get some maiden and lion here, but the gender is inverted. Of course Drogo is actually tied to a lion, a white lion and he gives the skin to Dany. Lions are very important. So with the Dothraki we get the slavery, and slavery is a continued theme in the series and we see it in the empire of the dawn. Martin has kept this a consistent theme on the shifting sands of time in this series. So the sun and Moon are going to have kid. But not like the God Emperor who road around in a pearl and seems to be connected to water, and he had his son the pearl emperor. And in the series pearls are identified as children or a symbol of life and of course connected to water. No her sun was to be this great warrior conqueror and probably slaver, you know Dothraki. So as you go along there is a betrayal, Mirri and what else? Blood magic, the Blood betrayal. Is it the same? No, but similar. The Bloodstone Emperor. What is a bloodstone? I know you know this. It's a Heliotrope, signified meaning? Sun Turn. We have a sun. So we can suspect that the Empress probably had moon symbolism. He kills her out of greed, and it may have involved blood magic as you point out. And something probably turned in their symbolism. So essentially we have similar circumstances and the same symbolism. But he takes her life here and I suspect alchemic transformation into the moon. Now he killed her over greed and Dany killed Drogo over her love for him. Two very different motivations here and circumstances. She was not after his life, she did not want him to die. Now another thing about the Dothraki is that when they die they believe they go to the stars. They become them, and you did touch on this, and they are sort of based off Asians, loosely. We know they came out of that land. And of course the slavery theme, and they have their ties to the others, with the grasses, I know you touched on this as well, the red grass and the ghost grass. But also the Milk men and Ghost Grass and the Others are often described very similarly, and the milk men as we know have water in their veins. I would also mention the tall theme with them, because the Others were described as tall, and the Ghost Grass is described as tall, and you have that people in the Empire the tall men I think you said. But I think we do see a condensed version of this, with Dany and Drogo. Except it's inverted. Here she does no die, though she does Transform, into the sun and Martin carefully selects a stone for her after this, her fire opal, opals are often connected to moons but not this type, this one is connected to fire. With the transformation Which I feel is more like swallowed or absorbed. Of course Drogo and the Bloodstone Emperor are tied to slavery, while Dany and Moons are all about freeing slaves. The Moon singers of Braavos did what? Led the slaves to freedom. So we have this Moon that absorbed the sun but at her nature is still a moon. Still the mother, still takes baths, and I know everyone takes a bath, most people, but in the books by comparison she baths a lot, Martin makes a point of her connection to water in many ways. Essentially Martin flipped the script. In my opinion to undo what was done, after all what was Azur missing? The child. That is what the story tells us. Will it go there? I don't know but you get the general idea. Now here are some supporting ideas to all that. Take the stories of the Night Fort, you know how you talk about Azur and all his names and maybe they were one person, like Dany and all her titles and names. Now imagine the stories of the night fort mostly relate to one person. Originally I thought this person was a Lannister, but chances are he was a Casterly. Now the same idea you have been covering and the same idea I just presented you with we get it again. Oh and if you already did this in the video cause I have not finished it yet I am going to feel like and idiot. So with the Night fort we get a bunch of these little pieces of history. Now I know I have talked about this before but lets say they are the same person. Or most of them are about the same person. So I think it starts with the rat cook and the Andal king, so either Tywell of the Rock or Oswell of the vale. Sun and Moon, Lion or Leo and of course the vale the Moon. What if it is not one or the other but both. What if they are both Casterly's. So Tywell is fed Oswell. I think we get a hint to this in the name Craster, who is tied to the Others. We literally have a sun swallowing a moon. And with Azur we know he is connected to a lion as well. Though he kills the lion. So maybe he goes off the deep end and you get, Mad Axe, the Axe being a symbol of the Andals. Then you get Danny Flint, his very own Danny. We know the Night's King sacrificed to the Others. So maybe he sacrificed her, and we get this curse of the Andals. And then you get the thing that came in the Night. And you know how the story goes about the Night's King. Which leads to another type of Transformation. Corruption, like we see with the Bloodemperor. So when it comes to magic it's not about the magic being good or bad, but the person. And I think that has a lot to do with Assahi and Valyria. Asshai having possibly been the breaking of the world moment and Valyria having the Doom. We see with the Valyrian's they may have started off one way but they ended up much like what we here from the bloodstone Emperor. Same with the Night's King probably, he became corrupted, and someone had to stop them. Like Braavos is hinted at as having something to do with the doom, the freed slaves. But I think you see it with the results of the cities, Asshai and it's poison water, Valyria and the boiling see or whatever they call it now, and think that is really important to note that the corruption of water is really bad. Asshai looks like a fire that has gone out, and Valyria looks like a fire that lost control. Now I suspect that when Valyria went to war with the Rhoyne and we got Nymeria, there is some sort of parallel to the Night's King history. Here we have not fire vs. Ice but vs. water, which I think probably has a strong connection to Yi Ti. And of course we get this great ocean migration which we also probably get with Dany. Though again the circumstances appear to be inverted. And of course the sun makes it's great appearance in Dorne. And I think the Dothraki are tied to most of this going back to Yi Ti, they may have been good people, then later slavers, like we see with the Lamb men and Valyria, and maybe back to good. But clearly tied to the sun and some great warrior to make the milk men shake that they followed, they may have followed the original Azur, and got corrupted by slavery later and maybe they get brought back. I know you have heard a lot of this from me before, and touch on a lot of this but I thought I would give you some of the differences I see with the parallels, the stuff on the river and the statues, water (which has always been part 3 of sun and moon) the Casterly's and transformation, magical, symbolism, and how corruption plays it's hand, and choice. Could it happen again in the future? Sure I suspect it will, but Martin flips the script a lot and he gives a lot of similarities without making it to much alike. He juxtaposes a lot and uses morality to flip some stuff around the choices they make. So this is basically where I see the symbolism and the parallels appearing in the past and present and possibly future. We may see something with the two wanna be Valyrians in the books. If you know which two characters I am talking about, when I say Wanna be Valyrians you get the idea, and water and sun will play its hand with symbolism there. On a slight side note I suspect we get another one eyed Dragon, and think somewhere in all this it's part of the History. A parallel to the battle over the Gods eye with I think Dany as sort of Daemon who you know had a good brother named Visarys who was king, and 3 marriages, and I suspect a one eyed Dragon like Aemond, maybe not, and that will end up leading to a sort of Ned Stark in the sack of KL moment. Or maybe Tyrion or Jaime riding in there, something like that. We have talked about another Trident battle and horned lords and suns and moons that swallow each other which of course is a Tyrion quote. I think we might even get another jumping dragon moment though that does not feel like Dany's wheel house. Maybe someone like Jon. But yeah that's about all I got, I don't know if I can add to anything else, but I will finishing watching. I like it so far, but you know me I have this sort of particular way I see the books. It's not to be critical or right or wrong, it's just you know, talking about opinions of the books we all gotta them. See I think Yi Ti has a strong tie to water, and I think maybe Asshai did or fire there or even ice, but when the two sides met it was similar to the doom. That this is where the world breaking took place. So yeah I think that is about it. I mean like if the Lion of Night, seems like it's wrong the symbolism of the Lion, it should be light, but the the male and female seem inverted here, sort of like Dany became inverted and the night's king may be inverted. A lion of night and a maiden of light. But then you get a guy like Jon the White Wolf, cats and dogs, opposite, but both LC's and one tends to be very good and the other has a really bad history. Now if you look at the Eliot quote "In my end, is my beginning" something went wrong. It was her end and her begining, unity of opposition sun and moon. But no child. And that is a both a boon and bust, what corrupted this? Blood magic. So you have different people and different motivations but you can see where the problem is going back to the bloodemperor, with the corruption of blood magic. So fire needs to meet ice, and you need a child. Will it happen? Again I don't know, it's been a sort of a perpetual cycle. You see it with the Night's King story and with the Bloodemperor and with the waking of the dragons. But it could set up a fix or a cancellation of something. Two forces may off set but that kind of goes away from the unity of opposition which is why I suspect a child. Okay so yeah that's it.