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  1. Nice first post OP. I thought it was well put together. No stupidity or ignorance detected. So I'd like to point out that when Dany has her little conversation with Quaithe, she gives Quaithe an instinctive, certain answer to the question of who she is "the blood of the dragon". People ignore that. I think in that sentence lies the key to explain the lemon tree memory inconsistency. No R+L=D, baby-swap, lived inDorne-gate required. Recall this passage from AGOT Dany III Her blood, even before the dragon was hatched, was all over the dragon. She's blood of the dragon. And what is the thing about blood magic we are told time and again? So Dany knows instinctively that she is blood OF the dragon, the dragon has HER blood all over it. Ergo, she was the blood sacrifice. Hold up... you're thinking... Dany isn't dead! The answer is she USED to be. AA should be REborn right? Death is seriously messed up North of the wall... and south... well why couldn't it be too? So the question is, one more what so the dragon can have three heads? There were two things done so far at that point, what's the third thing that Rhaegar needed for that third head of the dragon? The answer is "lives of the blood of the dragon". Egg sacrificed himself at Summerhall. Then Rhaegar was born. Rhaegar lived to fulfill prophesy, then died at the trident. Then Dany was born. So that's two deaths so far and the blood that was all over the dragon was identified by her as her own. Rhaegar named the tower, the tower of joy. For Dany, the house with the red door (also known as - from her ADWD dream - the tall stone house with the red door) was the place she was happiest. When Dany has her fever dream when she runs up to the house with the red door, flings open the door and runs inside. LOOK WHO IS IN DA HOUSE The house with the red door is a past life memory from when she used to be Rhaegar. As Rhaegar, she blood sacrificed her/himself to pay for another dragon life. Now she's back again to hatch dragons and get her reward. I don't know why everyone gets so hung up on Dany being in Dorne. Dany wasn't in Dorne at all Rhaegar was in Dorne a lot. No logistical hoops required. I really think it took specific blood to hatch dragons. Not just any king would do. Something is special about their blood... otherwise wouldn't everyone have figured out how to hatch dragons by now besides a few rare and select Targs? Here's where we sometimes get to an unsettling part for some readers. "she's a guy reincarnated as a girl? really?" is kind of the reaction. (Or do people just like having R+L=D for love of debate??? idk) To those reactions, here's Maester Aemon to drop the mic. edit: for giggles here's a bonus theory - dragon binder worked by killing the blower, but the "kiss" ceremony to bring someone back to life had its origin in Valyria, where they knew that people that died and were incinerated came back, because death was out of whack, so they used that to their advantage and used up a life in order to bind themselves to a dragon in a second life. Sure maybe they lost a bit of who they were along the way, like Dondarrion has, but hey... they got to enslave a dragon. So that was too big a perk to resist. Note I say enslave. I don't think GRRM calls the horn dragonBINDER for nothing. GRRM has history of hiding secrets right in the simple play on words... tears of lys = lysa's weapon, and of course Season 6's...
  2. Replied to an older comment with that has more upvotes on the thread and added the link to this ^^^^ specific post above so hopefully that makes it more visible.
  3. Thanks for the correction, fixed post above. :)
  4. Interesting. One thing that makes me think Melissandre is glamoring herself is that the other shadowbinders seen in the story wear red laquer masks: ADWD The merchant's man (Quentyn I) ACOK Daenerys I Add to the fact all priests and priestesses are bought as slaves, and all slaves are tattooed, doesn't this point to the fact that Melissandre should have a tattoo on her face we are not seeing? From the viewpoint of trying to build a possible timeline or history that fits in with the narrative: Considering Shiera Seastar would likely have left King's Landing once Bloodraven was imprisoned by Maekar, and perhaps gone to the free city of Lys where her mother was from, she must have known the Golden Company and any survivors from the Blackfyre rebellion may have been around in the same free cities. I can see why she would have kept the truth of who she was from any children she may have had since they would probably have seen Sheira Seastar as an enemy, or a way to make Bloodraven pay for the failed rebellion. All speculation of course, but history wise that may work. So just reviewing the numbers... and rambling up a brainstorm... Wiki says Maekar I reigned 221 to 233 AL. So Bloodraven was imprisoned around 221, released to the night's watch at 233. So Sheira would have had to have been pregnant before 221, unless one of the two were sneaking out of the cells of the Red Keep... which wouldn't surprise me. XD However I think the prison hanky panky is extremely unlikely because I doubt Maekar was OK with sorcery in general, since he wasn't OK with Bloodraven. Shiera probably had to leave in 221. The war of Ninepenny Kings is estimated at 235 AL, since that happened in the free cities, if Shiera got caught up in it with her child she had with Bloodraven around 221, then that would be a theortical guess of around 13-14 years of age that the child (Mel) may have been sold off at auction. edit: So wrong!!! War of ninepenny kings was at 259 AL, so never mind. :D Thanks History of Westeros for the correction. Interesting how the history fits in with a decent (speculative) motive and story for Shiera to be where she had to be to end up with Mel being sold into slavery. Now I'm just wondering if there's anything as to why Tyrion was reading about the sisters being sold into slavery. Could there have been two children? Certainly if only Mel was bought the other is most likely long dead by now. Don't recall any sort of twin or sister allusions in the books though, so I'm guessing no. Honestly, I've been playing a game of mix and match the reborn historical figures, since I think reincarnation plays a big part in the story, and I think Shiera is Tyrion. Reads a lot, well educated, sense of humor, mismatched eyes, pale blond hair, and in Shiera's lifetime - neeever wanted to be married. If Sheira could see the future, maybe she saw a future as Tyrion and wanted none of it. She may have been helping Bloodraven's in his work as hand of the king too. And now a recent shared experience with being a slave. Destiny perhaps? Yes I know how crackpot that sounds. Tyrion as Mel's reborn mother. Oddly entertaining in my head.
  5. Cracking some pots to make some sweet sweet theory jam! Yum!