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  1. Good. Nice to see you, felice. Doing great and good to see you too! Good to see you here, First. How is everything? *hugs* for the Court Flower. Great, great. how are you, Cora? Everything is going super. We've been together for a couple years now (time flies!). I find this a bit sad. The art of the handwritten note should not be forgotten. It just means more than an email or text. I love to send and receive cards. Send me your address and I'll get one mailed to you. And if you can send me one, I'd love that. Remind me where you live, 'cause if you're anywhere near Portland you should come visit!
  2. Me too, but I shall still enjoy watching you all receiving gifts and guessing in here. Such a cool idea and great people to enjoy it. *sits back with popcorn to watch the SS show*
  3. It's good to see everyone still chatting about keeping TTTNE from the neverending. I hope you all are well and happy. I simply got out of the habit of checking in here. After moving in with my sweetheart, I now have an office so my computer isn't 'at the ready' any more. Quick update: I had a major surgery in March and am now fully recovered. I recently took a nice vacation in San Miguel de Allende Mexico. I'm back to work and missing vacation time! As I was a forum 'slacker' I ended up missing the Secret Santa signup but will add a calendar reminder for next year. Hey - if anyone wants a christmas card from Oregon just PM me your address.
  4. Hallloooo TTTNE'ers
  5. Oh my gosh! I can't believe I missed signing up this year. Well, I wish you all great fun in the gift-giving and receiving. And I will lurk here and share in the joy. also, if anyone wants a Christmas card please PM me your address. happy happy! Q, aka Catelyn Stoneheart
  6. Hello, Julianne!

    Did you get my message on the phone?

    I'm back! =o)

  7. "I'd hate to be you if I were me."

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    2. Q the Cat

      Q the Cat

      SHARKNADO!!!! Tonight we saw the Ghost Shark - so hilarious. I spent more on my last trip to Costco than the special effects budget for that movie. :-)

    3. The Great Walrus

      The Great Walrus

      Well i like you better as Cat anyway. :-)

    4. Nox Irradiata

      Nox Irradiata

      Where have you been, woman? I've been missing you in EGs. :)

  8. Looking for a Season 3 party!